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Last Updated:
Thursday, December 07, 2006 03:56:35 AM

Thursday, December 03, 2006

Who Really Controls America?
by Jim Kirwan, Dec 03, 2006

Last Updated: Thursday, December 07, 2006 03:56:35 AM

Skull & Bones Logo

ubject: Response: Corporate owned media + an in depth look at who controls and influences America.
Thanks Very Much Michael...just a couple of points:
First, I'm not a writer either, I'm just a word-slinger with some points to make. Since you were good enough to send me the lists you've discovered, perhaps you also discovered the "others" that are not necessarily Jews, but who have contributed vastly to the death and destruction of the-world-as-we-know-it?
I'm referring to Skull & Bones, to the Illuminati, and to a whole host of semi-secret organizations like CFR and the Bilderbergers along with smaller and more powerful 'family' groupings. Altogether these tend to be Organizations that don't usually break the plane of ordinary visibility.
The point here is that there are a lot of bastards and not all of them are Jews. (In the same way that there are good people in every race, just as there are dirtbags in every race, religion, or gender). This, to answer your original question, is why I do NOT blame ALL the JEWS: quite simply because the Jews who did and do contribute to the corporate capitalistic coup that already has happened ~ are in no way the whole problem, as I see it.
Here's an invaluable bit of background information about this war for the world that we've been losing for a very long time. These two men (Alex Jones and Jeff Rense) are not saints or sages, but they have become very adept at seeing the invisible writing buried within the criminality and posturing today as well as many of the webs that fill our daily lives with cul-de-sacs and dead-end-efforts that tend to sap enthusiasm. This view was possible because they watched this cancer grow from the inside-out (as did I) - and each of us took a great many mental (& physical) notes. . .
Jeff Rense joins Alex Jones to go in depth on a plethora of fascinating subjects, including television mind control, the cultural warping of the next generation, video games, who really controls the global elite and more.
kirwan ~
----- Original Message (edited) -----
From: Michael
To: kirwanstudios@sbcglobal.net
Sent: Saturday, December 02, 2006 
Subject: Re: Corporate owned media ???
Some good points to consider. Here's a somewhat dated but informative list of CEOs of the American entertainment industry and major news media, etc.  This list demonstrates the enormous percentage of Zionists in key positions in America. (See also: Neal Gablers landmark book: "How The Jews Invented Hollywood.")  Second, here is a list of politicos, advisors, and think tankers affiliated with the Clinton-Gore administration. 
Next is a list of the members of PNAC which was/is the group which drafted the current foreign policy of the Bush regime's neocon "25 year war" leading to the Balkanization of the Middle East following a "Pearl Harbor like incident"....(911).
Take the time to note the EXTREME percentage of people of Jewish ethnicity in all of these lists..  This takeover of our nation began with the Federal Reserve Act of 1912, coinciding with the advent of motion picture media and is now in full control of our economy, our media, and if you research who is responsible for the compilation of the text books for grades 1thru PHD in this nation you will find, once again, a disproportionate number of the same controllers.
Project for the New American Century - SourceWatch
Who Runs the Media?
(There are only about 12 million Jews on the planet - out of over 6 billion people.  Their success and control is unparalleled and unmatched in history by any other minority group. If the following lists reflected Catholics or people of Irish extraction, it would be termed  'politically-correct' to publish them and no one would object.)
The Golden Age Of Hollywood
Universal -- Carl Laemmle, Jesse Lasky
Paramount - Adolph Zukor, Marcus Loew, Barney Balaban; much later, in the 1970s, Robert Evans. Bought by Charles Bluhdorn in 1960s
Twentieth Century Fox - William Fox (originally Fuchs), Sol Brill,
Joseph Schenck, (and Daryl F. Zanuck). Bought by
Marvin Davis in 1970s
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM, part of Loew's Inc.) Louis B. Mayer,
Samuel Goldwyn (originally: Shmuel Goldfisz), Nicholas Schenck,
Irving Thalberg (the model for F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Last Tycoon), 
Dore Schary; earlier, Marcus Loew; 1970s: Frank Rosenfelt
Warner Brothers - Harry, Sam, Albert, and Jack; Norman Katz
Columbia - Harry and Jack Cohn (At Harry's death, Columbia merged with Screen Gems, headed by Leo Jaffe, Abe and Stanley
Schneider, and Mike Francovich); Daniel Melnick
RKO - in early years, financially controlled by the Lehman Brothers, Jewish bankers. Later headed by Arnold Grant (Goldstein), one time head of Board of Directors. (Also chairman of the Anti-Defamation League and the Joint Defense Appeal of the American Jewish Committee). Later controlled by non-Jew Howard Hughes
United Artists - [None of the original founders -- the biggest attractions in the early film industry who sought freedom from the exploitive hegemony of other film companies -- were Jewish: director D. W. Griffith, actress Mary Pickford, and actors Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, and William S. Hart. But it was arranged tha Jewish businessmen Hiram Abrams and B. P. Schulberg "would run the company, receiving 20 percent of the profits."
[WHITFIELD, 1997, p. 191] Facing economic difficulties, in 1924 D. W. Griffith pulled out of leadership of United Artists. The new (Jewish) Chairman of the Board became Joseph Schenck. Samuel  Goldwyn joined U.A. as a distributor, "but here too his personality proved too dominant, and he bought his partners [the above-mentioned  actors] out." [BERMANT, C., 1977, p. 93] In later years, Jewish U.A. heads included Al Lichtman, Samuel Goldwyn, and Alexander Korda. Arthur Krim and Robert Benjamin later took over power; still later Krim, Benjamin, William Bernstein, Mike Medavoy, and Eric Pleskar branched out to form Orion Pictures.
Other prominent Jewish executives at various smaller studios over the years have included Victor Carter (chairman of Republic Pictures), William Chaikin (president of Avco Embassy Pictures), Bernard Donnenfeld (president of the Filmmakers Group), and Paul Heller and Fred Weintraub (heads of Sequoia Pictures), among others.
(Again, read Neal Gabler's brilliant 'How The Jews Invented Hollywood')
Now, A More Current List Of Mass Media Controllers And Owners
"in the beginning" - Cohn, fox, laemmle, mayer, warner bros..zukor) "the motion picture moguls"
1. Time-Warner, AOL, CNN - Gerald Levin
2. Warner Music, Universal Studios - Edgar Bronfman (also Seagrams alcohol)
3. Time Warner Publishing - Norman Pearlstein
4. ABC Disney, Miramax Touchstone, etc. Bob &Harvey Weinstein
5. Viacom - Sumner Redstone (Murray Rothstein), Leslie Moonvies, et al.
6. Paramount - Sherry Lansing
7. USA Network - Barry Diller
8. Fox - Rupert Murdoch
9. Speilberg......no first name neccessary (just like Striesand...)
10. Columbia Pictures - Amy Pascal
11. Early ABC - L Goldenson
12. Early NBC - David Sarnoff & R. Sarnoff
13. Early CBC - W. Paley & L. Tisch
14. A.P. Wireservice - M.Silverman
15. NY Times & Wall St. Journal & Washington Post AND MANY OTHERS - Sulzberger & Graham families
16. Chairman And CEO of DOW JONES & Co. - Peter Kahn
17. Vanity Fair and many publications - Si & Donald Newhouse
18. Do a Google search: "Who Runs The Porn Industry" for a real eye opener
Now, here is the near contemporary political aspect....
Zionist Links - Clinton-Gore
The following list does not include positions at lower staff level
Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State
Robert Rubin, Secretary of the Treasury
William Cohen, Secretary of Defense
Dan Glickman, Secretary of Agriculture
George Tenet, CIA Chief
Samuel Berger, Head National Security Council
Evelyn Lieberman, Deputy Chief of Staff
Stuart Eizenstat, Under Secretary of State
Charlene Barshefsky, U.S. Trade Representative
Susan Thomases, Aide to First Lady
Joel Klein, Assistant Attorney General
Gene Sperling, National Economic Council
Ira Magaziner, National Health Care
Peter Tarnoff, Deputy Secretary of State
Alice Rivlin, Ecomomic Advisory
Janet Yellen, Chairwoman, National Economic Council
Rahm Emanue, Policy Advisor
Doug Sosnik, Counsel to President
Jim Steinberg, Deputy to National Security Chief
Jay Footlik, Special Liason to Jewish Community (no other group has a special liason).
Robert Nash, Personnel Chief
Jane Sherburne, President's Lawyer
Mark Penn, Asia Expert to NEC
Sandy Kristoff, Health Care Chief
Robert Boorstin, Communications Aide
Keith Boykin, Communications Aide
Jeff Eller Special Assistant to Clinton
Tom Epstein, Health Care Adviser
Judith Feder, National Security Council
Richard Feinberg, Assistant Secretary Veterans
Hershel Gober, Food and Drug Administration
Steve Kessler, White House Counsel
Ron Klein, Assistant Secretary Education
Madeleine Kunin, Communications Aide
David Kusnet, Dept. AIDS Program
Margaret Hamburg, Dir. Press Conferences
Many Grunwald, Liason to Jewish Leaders
Karen Adler, Dir. State Dept. Policy
Samuel Lewis, National Security Council
Stanley Ross, National Security Council
Dan Schifter, Director Peace Corps.
Eli Segal, Deputy Chief of Staff
Alan Greenspan, Chairman of Federal Reserve Bank
Robert Weiner, Drug Policy Coordinator
Jack Lew, Deputy Director Management and Budget
James P. Rubin, Under Secretary of State
David Lipton, Under Secretary of The Treasury
Lanny P. Breuer, Special Counsel to The President
Richard Holbrooke, Special Representative to NATO
Kenneth Apfel, Chief of Social Security
Joel Klein, Deputy Whlte Honse Counsel
Sidney Blumenthal, Special Advisor to First Lady
David Kessler, Chief of Food & Drug Administration
Seth Waxman, Acting Solicitor General
Mark Penn, Presidential Pollster
Dennis Ross, Special Middle East Representative
Howard Shapiro, General Counsel for the FBI
Lanny Davis, White House Special Counsel
Sally Katzen, Secretary of Management and Budget
Kathleen Koch, Heads FBI Equal Opportunity Office
John Podesta, Deputy Chief of Staff
Alan Blinder, Vice Chairman of Federal Reserve
Janet Yellen, Heads Council of Economlc Advisors
Ron Klain, Chief of Staff for Al Gore

Partial List Of Recent/Current Jewish US Ambassadors

GERMANY: Ambassador John C. Kornblum. Germany has long been seen as an adversary of the Jews. Thus a Jewish Ambassador places them under direct Jewish pressure.
FRANCE: Ambassador Felix Rohatyn. Rohatyn is a former partner in the Jewish Lazard Freres investment bank. In September the French oil company, "Total," invested $2 billion in the production of oil in Iran. Rohatyn is seeking to Veto this project due to Israel's hostility toward Iran. Rohatyn said; "Globalization doesn't carry a threat, but it carries discipline."
POLAND: Ambassador Daniel Fried. Chester Grabowski, editor of "The Polish Post Eagle", and others urged Clinton to name a Polish American. This plea was ignored. There has never been a Jewish ambassador to Poland before as Jews hold an animosity toward Poles. This is considered as a gross insult. Regardless, Fried jokingly said: "I will now have to brush up on their language."
DENMARK: Ambassador Edward E. Elson. Dr. Fields attended Marist High School in Atlanta with the Elson brothers. He learned that their family made a fortune in the textile business and are big contributors to the Democratic Party.
HUNGARY: Ambassador Donald M. Blinken. This country has long been considered "anti-Semitic". Budapest has the largest Jewish population in Europe, some 125,000 Jews, only exceeded by Paris. Thus Blinken can protect their financial interests.
RUMANIA: Ambassador Alfred H. Moses. At one time Romania was ruled by an all Jewish Communist Party under Anna Pauka. Romania is closely allied with Israel. Six members of the Rumanian Senate, three of them priests, objected to Clinton's 1994 appointment of Moses stating that he was closely connected to the fallen Communist Ceausescu regime.
BELGIUM: Ambassador Alan J. Blinken. Antwerp, Belgium is the diamond capital of the world next to Tel Aviv. The diamond business is totally Jew-controlled. Blinken is in a position to further protect their interests. He is related to the Blinken ambassador to Hungary.
BELARUS: Ambassador Kenneth S. Yalowitz. Belarus is located between Poland and Russia. It once had a huge Jewish population.. They still have interests there.
SOUTH AFRICA: Ambassador James A. Joseph. The Jewish Oppenheimer family controls this gold mining capital of the world. The Jewish-run South African Communist Party and the ANC now control the government and loyally do the bidding of the gold interests.
INDIA: Ambassador Frank G. Wisner. This economic powerhouse has long sided with Israel against Muslims, yet needs more Zionist control
TURKEY: Ambassador Marc Grossman. "Kemalist" Turkey is the only Middle East border country with a military alliance with Israel. They pose a threat to Syria and Iraq over long simmering border disputes. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a secret Jewish infiltrator! This explains the alliance between the Ataturk-influenced military regime in Turkey and the criminal state of Israel! This also explains the opposition of the "kémalian" junta against the renaissance of Islam amongst the Muslim people of Turkey! About the jew Ataturk: visit the jewish home page "Famous Jews".
NEW ZEALAND: Ambassador Josiah H. Beeman
EGYPT: Ambassador Daniel C. Kurtzer. Egypt is the recipient of the second largest amount of US foreign aid. (This is to "buy off" Israel's southern front. Any hostility toward Israel would end the aid.)
SWEDEN: Ambassador Thomas L. Siebert
MEXICO: Ambassador Edward Gabriel
SINGAPORE: Ambassador Timothy A. Chorba
ZAMBIA: Ambassador Arlene Render
BRAZIL: Ambassador Melvyn Levitsky. This is South America's largest country and economic powerhouse. Jews have huge investments here.
BOLIVIA: Ambassador Curt W. Kamman. This is another mineral rich country; copper, magnesium, lead, etc.
MEXICO: Ambassador Jeffrey Davidow. Davidow was formerly Assistant Secy. Of State for South America under Albright. Mexico sends the US more immigrants and trade than any other nation.
CANADA: Ambassador Gordon Giffin. 
CUBA: US Interest Head, Michael G. Kozak. One would think that this nation would have a Spanish Catholic "Interest Chief" instead of a Jew???
NORWAY: Ambassador David B. Hermelin. Hermelin is a Michigan multi-millionaire real estate developer and president of the World Jewish ORT Union. He owns Palace Sports and Entertainment, "The Palace" of Auburn Hills and the "Pine Knob Music Theater".
SWITZERLAND: Ambassador Madeleine M. Kunin. Kunin is the former Democratic governor of Vermont. Her four children attended a Hebrew school. The New York Times of Oct. 4, 1997 says she, "doggedly pursues the Swiss on the issue of gold for holocaust survivors."
Jewish Members of the 105th Congress
(SOURCE: B´NAI B'RITH - homepage)
U.S. Senate (10% 0f the total Senate)
Senator Party/State E-mail
Sen Ron Wyden (D-OR) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
U.S. House of Representatives
(6% of the total House)
Member Party/State E-mail
Hon.Gary Ackerman (D-NY) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
Hon.Howard Berman (D-CA) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
Hon.Bob Filner (D-CA) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
Hon.Barney Frank* (D-MA) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
Hon.Martin Frost (D-TX) FROST@HR.HOUSE.GOV
Hon.Sam Gejdenson (D-CT) BOZRAH@HR.HOUSE.GOV
Hon.Ben Gilman (R-NY) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
Hon.Sander Levin (D-MI) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
Hon.Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) NADLER@HR.HOUSE.GOV
Hon.Steve Rothman (D-NJ) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
Hon.Bernie Sanders (I-VT) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
Hon.Steve Schiff (R-NM) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
Hon.Charles Schumer (D-NY) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
Hon.Brad Sherman (D-CA) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
Hon.Norman Sisisky (D-VA) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
Hon.Henry Waxman (D-CA) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
Hon.Robert Wexler (D-FL) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
Hon.Sidney Yates (D-IL) NO eMail address AVAILABLE
(*The homosexual "Hon" Jewish Barney Frank (Democrat Rep. from Massachusetts) receives considerable attention from the media. He has been a constant supporter of the Clinton administration.)

The first half of the following list consists of media magnates, the second half are financial Wall Street king-pins. The following list of Jewish CEO's reveals that Jews really do control the US media.
NAME ------ Company ------- (business)
RICHARD BERNSTEIN, CEO, Western Publishing. (children's books)
STUART BLOOMBERG, American Broadcasting Company (Head of Entertainment Division).
MARTIN S. DAVIS, CEO, Paramount Communications. (communications)
BARRY DILLER, CEO, 20th Century Fox. (movies)
MICHAEL D. EISNER, CEO, Walt Disney Co. (Cartoons)
STEVEN FRIEDMAN, NBC (Executive Producer Nightly News). Hired may 1990 for NBC by gentile-owned General Electric Company.
LEONARD HARRY GOLDENSON, CEO, ABC up to 1985.(Capital Cities ABC TV) Current CEO is Thomas Murphy - but with same Jewish management
KATHERINE MEYER GRAHAM, CEO, Newsweek, Washington Post. (news publishing) Daughter of Eugene Meyer.
PETER GUBER, CEO, Columbia Pictures. 1989. Bought by SONY, (movies) Guber replaced Kaufman as CEO.
PETER KALIKOW, CEO, New York Post. (Real estate devloper).
PETER R. KANN, CEO,Dow Jones, Wall St Journal, Barrons (financial publishing)
VICTOR A. KAUFMAN, CEO, Columbia Pictures. (movies)
CHARLES KOPPELMAN, CEO, EMI Records (publishing)
GARY HERSH, CEO, Capitol Records (publishing)
GERALD LEVIN, co-CEO, Time/Warner Communications. (news publishing)
ROBERT MAXWELL aka Ludvik Hoch, CEO, Daily News. (news publishing)
RON NESSEN, CEO, MBS. (Mutual Broadcasting System).
SAMUEL NEWHOUSE, CEO, Random House, (Advanced Publications, Newhouse Broadcasting, (CTV), New Yorker, Vogue, Mademoiselle, Glamour, Vanity Fair, HQ, Bride's, Gentleman's Quarterly, Self, House & Garden. Newspapers & magsazines).
MICHAEL OVITZ, CEO, Media magnate.
WILLIAM S. PALEY, CEO, CBS (broadcasting) founder of CBS. 1927. 1983 Partially retired.
SUMNER M. REDSTONE, Viacom MTV Nickelodeon QVC. CEO.(broadcasting)
STEVEN J. ROSS, co-CEO, Time/Warner Communications. (news publishing)
JEFF SAGANSKY, CBS (Head Entertainment Division).
DAVID SARNOFF, RCA-NBC (head entertainment div).
ROBERT SARNOFF, CEO, RCA NBC (son of D. Sarnoff). RCA and NBC were bought by G.E. in 1986 but Jewish management still remains.
MICHAEL P. SCHULHOF, Sony. Vice chairman. (communications)
RICHARD SNYDER, CEO, Simon & Schuster. (publishing)
LEONARD STERN, CEO, Vilage Voice, Hartz pets supply (news publishing)
ROBERT STRAUSS, Large investor, President Bush's Moscow ambassador.
ARTHUR OCHS SULZBERGER, New York Times, Family Circle, McCall's, (publishing) M. Frankel, J. Lelyveld, J. Rosenthal - all Jews.
BRANDON TARTIKOFF, CEO, Paramount pictures. Chairman. (movies)
LAWRENCE A. TISCH, CEO, CBS (TV, theaters, hotels, insurance). followed William S. Paley son of Russian jews in 1983.
LEW WASSERMAN, CEO, MCA Inc. since 1991. (communications) MCA was bought by SONY - but Wasserman is still CEO.
MORTIMER ZUCKERMAN, CEO, US News and World Report, DAILY NEWS. (news publishing).
The following is a list of Jews or Jewish families who control the financial markets. Note that the Jewish book "The Jewish Almanac", Bantam Books, 1980, p.58, under the title "The Jewish Underworld: American Jewish Gangsters", writes:
"It would not be an exaggeration to say that Jewish mafioso influence on organized crime in the United States during the 1920´s and 1930´s rivaled, if not exceeded, that of their Italian Mafia counterparts."
The following list of names was primarily compiled from the book "The New Crowd: The changing of the Jewish Guard on Wall Street" by Jewish authors Ehrlich and Rehfeld.
"The older Jewish generation of "German" Jews were called 'Our Crowd' (some of these 'German' Jews were already firmly established before the American Civil War! But many became prominent just after the Civil War - many of these Jews profited heavily from the slave trade in the Americas)".
These family names included:
Goldman; Sachs; Warburg; Schiff; Loeb; Alfred Ochs (NY Times 1848 etc.) ; Seligman - Hellman (Wells Fargo & Lehman) ; Ochs (of Tennessee); Alfred Huger Moses (a southerner Jew); Adolph Lewisohn; John Loeb; Stone; Hamill; Hentz; Sidney James Weinberg; Frank Atschul; Arthur Levitt Sr.; I.W. Harper (bourbon); Jesselman; Ullman; Robert; Berhard; Phillips; Englehard; Margarate; Ryan (daughter of Otto Kahn); Lee Radziwill ;
Names of the 'newer' Jewish generation of "Eastern European" Jews called 'The New Crowd' are given below. They migrated to the US in 2 major exoduses: 1) in the early 1900's, 2) just after WWII and 3) after the collapse of the Soviet Bloc (these particular Eastern Jews are not mentioned in the book and are not officially 'new crowd' Jews - although they come from the same origins).
Charles Bluhdorn (Gulf & Western); Sanford I. Weill (American Express, Travellers Group, Shearson-Lehman); Peter Cohen; Arm and Hammer (baking soda tycoon); Felix Rohaytn (panderer and political/economic deal maker); Alan Greenburg; Ira Harris (Wall Street swindler); Meyer (the 'French' Jew); Bruce Wasserstein; Jerome Kohlberg; Joseph Flom; Martin Lipton; T. Boone Pickens; Carl I Cahn; Henry Kravis; Saul Steinberg; Lewis Glucksman; Ivan Boesky; Martin Siegal; Michael Milken; Belzbergs ('Canadian' Jews); James Wolfensohn ('Australian' Jews); Schroder (London merchant bankers); Carl Mueller; Jon Rotensreich; Lewis Ranieri; Edmond Safra (International banker and 'Lebanese' Jew); Pritzker; Crown; Martin Siegel; Jerome Kohlberg; Henry Kravis; George Roberts; Fred Joseph; Michael Milken; I.W. 'Tubby' Burnham; Robert Maxwell (aka Ludwig Hoch 'Czech' Jew - later masqueraded as an 'English' Jew); Marty Lipton ('poison pill'); Donald Drapkin; Lord Weidenfeld (an 'English nobleman' jew); Alfred Kingsley; Ronald Perelman; Sir James Goldsmith (another 'English nobleman' Jew); Erwin Jacobs; Bernard Baruch (a lone wolf Wall Street thug); Samuel Bronfman (Seagrams empire); David Sarnoff (RCA Records); Marshall Cogan; Arthur Carter; I.W. Burnham; Roger Berlind; Muriel Siebert (the first established Jewish female Wall Street thug); Meshulam Riklis (an Israeli Jew); Martin Davis; Merv Adelson (Lorimar); Eli Broad; Oscar Wyatt Sr.; Sol Linowitz; Rabbi David Gordis (yes rabbis are thugs with kosher seals of approval!); Robert Freeman; Tim Tabor; Martin Siegal; Richard Wigton; Victor & Steve Posner (Russian Jews); Jacques Bemberg (another dopple-ganging Jew); Baron Harry Openheimer (South African diamonds); Alvin Einbender; Jerome Kohlberg (LBO leveraged buy outs - a Jewish corporate raider and thug); Lewis Rudin; Irving Shapiro (former DuPont & 'Industrial Policy Group' thug); Roone Arledge; Clay Felker; Shulman; Max Frankel (NY Times Editor) Joyce Purnick & Paul Marks - (Jewish Eugenic Schemers)

CLICK HERE To See The Zionist Jewish Influence Among The Authors Of PNAC - Policy For A New American Century


Source: http://www.rense.com/general74/controls.htm

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