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Last Updated:
Friday, December 01, 2006 02:40:40 AM

Friday, December 01, 2006

Pedophile And Human Trafficking Ring Takes More Than 100,000 Children A Year
by Greg Szymanski, November 23, 2006

Last Updated: Friday, December 01, 2006 02:40:40 AM


Noreen Gosch, mother whose son was kidnapped in 1982, can't understand why authorities including Bush White House not interested in finding her son after "big time" evidence surfaced three months ago.

Greg Szymanski
Greg Szymanski


he has received death threats. She has been ridiculed and abused by authorities. And she has been laughed at by some mainstream media outlets, treating her story like a dog and pony show.


Noreen Gosch of Des Moines, IA., feels more like an outcast or common criminal instead of loving parent, trying to locate her missing son, Johnny, mysteriously kidnapped on Sept. 5, 1982.


And Gosch is not afraid to publicly say her son became an unwilling victim in a huge child and human trafficking ring, taking more than 100,000 children a year.


Noreen Gosch
Noreen Gosch


She is also not afraid to sadly admit -- although it hurts -- that her son has become just another young face put on a milk carton, a face she has seen only in her dreams for more than 20 years as all leads have taken her down the proverbial dead end street.


But then in August, out of the blue, Gosch received what she claims to be an important lead in the case, a package arriving on her doorstep, strangely arriving on her birthday.


"On my birthday," said Gosch in a message posted on a web site she since started, "I received a package with the following pictures inside.   The first photo is of my son Johnny, shortly after he was kidnapped on Sept. 5th, 1982. He was still wearing the clothing he had on the day he was taken. He is bound and gagged."


Since the photo of her kidnapped son arrived, other photos and information started pouring in, including more photos of her young son along with photos of other alleged kidnapped children.


Although some of the photos have been identified as coming from an "exclusive members only" porno site and some of the other children have been identified by their families, Gosch remains perplexed at the lack of interest by law enforcement and the hush-hush attitude taken by legislators, including the Bush White House.


"There is something we can all do to help plead the cause of protecting innocent children," said Gosch in and October plea to officials.


"Please send letters to President Bush, and e-mails to Vice President Cheney and your State Senators, Representatives and Governors at the following addresses, asking that 'jacobstales' and other pedophilia websites like it be investigated.


"Tell them that you do not understand why a website with pictures of a kidnapped child (Johnny Gosch) has not been investigated and continues to be allowed to promote pedophilia. Please spread the word and get as many people as you can to write as we join together to try to make a difference! When you write, please provide them with your name and address and tell them you look forward to their response."


As officials turn a blind-eye to the Gosch case, she is also concerned about a particular Florida detective who has taken a special interest in the case, but for what she suspects are other reasons then finding her son.


On Oct. 19 she wrote:


"The detective from Florida has once again tried to convince the public that Johnny was not in the photo of the three boys, who were bound and gagged on a bed. We had this photo on my website for a time. Three weeks ago. we were contacted by the parents of two of the boys. We have verified that the children were missing /abducted and have removed that photo by request of the parents. We also have an eye witness who identified all three boys,(including Johnny) the communication was made possible by the attorney representing the witness. From the moment I received the photos I stated that it was my intent to try and locate the parents to bring some peace to them. We have done that and we are now concentrating on resolving the origin of Johnny's photos. The other parents do not want further press coverage at this time in their lives so we are respecting their wishes.


"Yesterday, the Greta show on Fox TV called me to discuss the current photos on my website of Johnny and the latest from the Florida detective. Greta show said "there is a different bedspread in one photo of Johnny than the other and that constituted a discrepancy." I did suggest that the young woman speaking to me, consult a dictionary and look up the word discrepancy. I then explained that pedophiles always take many photos of their victims, changing backgrounds, poses, clothing or not and buy/sell them just like people do with baseball cards. But there is certainly no discrepancy.


"I declined to appear on Greta's show last night, I believe the intent was to make a "dog and pony show" out of this situation. She had the Florida detective on who still made his claims that the photo was not Johnny. He still cannot find his files, folders or any information, because it was kept on index (recipe) cards. He also stated that he responded to an anonymous note, then a phone call from a 40 year old man who claimed he was the boy in the photo and it was not Johnny. How can he make a determination with just a phone call. That 40 yr. old man could be anyone making a call. Why is the public to believe any of this is accurate?


"This Florida detective has such an "unusual interest" in Johnny and this case, it makes me wonder WHY. Pedophiles are a reality... they are doing business as usual... but the recent media attention to a "kidnapped boy from WEST DES MOINES IOWA ending up on a pedophile website is publicity I am sure they did not want and are eager to see this come to an end. So here comes the Florida detective with his recipe cards to do just that.... try to put an end to it. It only took them a few days to come up with this after the second photo of Johnny was posted on my website. Is anyone else noticing the timing of these statements coming out of Florida?"


Recently, the mother of another missing boy pictured in a photo with Johnny, Patricia Johnson-Holm, appeared on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, telling the same nightmarish story as Gosch, indicating she has run into a brick wall when trying   to get at the truth behind the photos and the whereabouts of her son, David, kidnapped in 1985.


Gosch makes reference to Johnson-Holm's on her web site, saying:


"From the day I posted the photo of the three boys the following has taken place (See photos at her website at www.johnnygosch.com


"I received emails from people saying I shouldn't have placed this photo on my website because it was disturbing. Then shortly after the middle boy was identified but no info could be released due to the parent not wanting publicity. I received emails telling me "YOU HAD BETTER POST WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS BOYS IDENTITY..... ASAP OR YOU WILL LOSE ALL CREDIBILITY".   In other words a threat.


"Approximately three weeks later, the mother of the boy in the middle did reconsider and wanted to tell her story.    We placed a few paragraphs of information about David Johnson on the site.


"Since that date, I have received a number of emails from people who seem to have issues concerning Patricia Johnson Holm.   I have received threatening email and  written attacks directed towards me.


"My intent from the moment I received the photos was to identify the photos of the boys, who were found on a pedophile web site,    perhaps some people have lost sight of that part of this tragedy.  We have received more photos of unidentified boys which have been turned over to the National Center For Missing Children for comparison in their database of missing children.    Human trafficking is a huge problem, nearly 100,000 children yearly are trafficked.   It is still my mission to continue protecting children and gaining information on the hundreds of children who are unidentified to date.   


"If anyone has any issues concerning Patricia or her son, it would be best if you contact her directly as she would be better able to answer your questions. Her email address is: ruprose2002a@yahoo.com"


Recently, Gosch has consented to appear on the Investigative Journal after the Thanksgiving holiday, but asked if a matter could be cleared up concerning a prior report appearing in the Arctic Beacon.


"I am sorry I haven't gotten back to you.   I had hurt my back at work and not been able to do much emailing or anything else.     I did get a print out of an interview or recap of an interview with Patricia Johnson, regarding her son and some information on Johnny," wrote Gosch, concerning the possibility of Jeff Gannon being her son, Johnny.


"There were a few errors in the report that I did want to talk to you about.  It concerned Jeff Gannon.... there was a reference that I was "Unable to get a court order for a DNA test on Gannon".    That is not correct, I did not ever seek a court order.     If at some point you could correct that statement I would appreciate it.  


"I am not sure where that came from but Jeff Gannon is a very vindictive person and I do not want any back lash from him, I am sure you understand. He sits and waits for his next "15 minutes of fame in the limelight" and it matters not to him... at who's expense it might be.   


"When were you thinking of for an interview.   I would be happy to schedule one with you.    Please let me know some times so I can work around my job schedule."


Concerning the connection between the Gosch and Holm's boys revealed through the photo of the two lying next to one another bound anf gagged on a bed, Gosch said the same Florida detective tried to publicly discredit their identities on a recent mainstream television show.


"Three weeks ago, we made contact with Patricia Johnson Holm," said Gosch on her web site on Oct. 24, "the mother of one of the boys in the photo which had been brought to my door.


"At that time she did not want additional publicity. Since that time she has seen the interview the Florida Detective did with Fox TV/Greta Show and is shocked that the detective is again trying to discredit the photo and both of our sons. She has now reconsidered and is willing to share her story and the photo.


"David Johnson is the boy in the middle in the photo of the three boys. The boy on the left is another boy from the Seattle area and the boy on the right is my son Johnny Gosch (see photo on her website)."


 Besides the "bad wrap" given to Gosch and Holm and the Fox/Greta Show, when the photos surfaced two months ago, others in the mainstream picked-up her story, treating it cautiously and with a tone of skepticism.


However, a Sept. 22 Des Moines Register story, seems to give Gosch the benefit of the doubt, something other mainstream outlets haven't done.


Here is a part of the Register article which also can be found in its entirety on Gosch's web site. However, the paper refused to print the photos of the boys, saying it "was not clear where the images came from."


"She made news around the globe, telling how photos arrived on her doorstep in late August � 24 years after her son Johnny disappeared. Some doubted Noreen Gosch's claims that the photos included images of her long-lost 12-year-old after a Florida investigator publicly debunked her theory last week. But that investigator now admits that the Hillsborough County, Fla., sheriff's office cannot find any evidence proving the photos were actually from a case he worked in 1979, as he recalled.


"It's been like searching for a needle in a haystack," former detective Nelson Zalva said Thursday. "We're talking cases that were kept on index cards here." Zalva said he wished any of the youths in the photos or the anonymous person who originally tipped police to his years-old investigation would step forward to help prove the photos predated Johnny Gosch's disappearance. Noreen Gosch, meanwhile, was back on the offensive with authorities this week, urging police to explore any and all leads related to the photos. Among them:


Gosch said � and police have confirmed � that the photos she received were posted for some time on a Web site, www.jacobstale.com, that features scantily clad adolescent boys. Gosch said as far as she knows, neither state nor federal authorities were investigating the site's origins or questioning its creator, even though it appears the site caters to pedophiles. (Some of the photos that Gosch believed to be of her son have since been removed.)


� Jim Rothstein, a former New York police detective who has helped Gosch follow leads, said they have been in contact with an Illinois woman who claims to have been a victim in the same sex ring with Johnny Gosch and who positively identified the former newspaper carrier in the pictures. Rothstein said the Springfield, Ill., woman's story is similar to other reports he heard about a sex ring operating out of Chicago, and her story deserves investigating.


Gosch said she also received a photograph of a man that others have claimed was one of the "perpetrators who molested her son." She said she wants authorities to investigate the photograph's origins. Even so, she would not say how the photo came into her possession.


The digitally reproduced photos sent to Gosch and several people close to the case the weekend of Aug. 27 generated a surge of public interest and a range of claims by individuals who purported to know what happened to the paperboy whose face became synonymous with child abductions in the 1980s. Gosch said it's important police look into all allegations, regardless of how strange they might seem.  


"People get real caught up in what I say, but I think maybe they've forgotten what's like to be me," she said. "I really thought the police would jump into this with both feet, but they haven't. "Here you have a kidnapped child on a pedophilia Web site. ... C'mon, boys, let's get busy."


Besides the negativity and threats, Gosch added that she has received an "overwhelming amount of support" from Americans who are encouraging her never to stop searching for the truth even if it leads to the doorstep of the White House.


"Thank you for all of the loyal people who visit my site and have taken the time to write very kind, encouraging emails to me, said Gosch. "The pain a parent goes through when a child is taken is unthinkable. If they did this to my son and me... they can do it to anyone's child."

Greg also has his own daily show on the Genesis Communications Network. Go to www.gcnlive.com Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at www.LewisNews.com. He also writes for his own site www.arcticbeacon.com

Listen to my Radio Broadcast live Monday night at 8pm Pacific time on LewisNews, returning Jan. 1 2006 Radio http://webs.lewisnews.com/radio/index.htm. Greg is also regular on Rense.com the first Thursday of every month at 9-10 pm pacific time.


Source: http://arcticbeacon.com/23-Nov-2006.html

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