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Last Updated:
Sunday, November 19, 2006 08:51:24 PM

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Who or What is "Pindar"?
by Wes Penre, November 19, 2006

Last Updated: Sunday, November 19, 2006 08:51:24 PM

Wes Penre
Wes Penre


eo Lyon Zagami was, until recently, a high level member of the Italian Illuminati, a 33rd degree freemason, a true insider and a high-member of the infamous Freemasonic P2 Lodge. He was the "prince", prepared to take over after the older Illuminati "king", Licio Gelli. He is of Illuminati aristocrat bloodline and therefore involved in the Illuminati Order since childhood.

Zagami's initiation into the Secret Order of Saint Benedict
Zagami's initiation into the Secret Order of Saint Benedict


However, Leo decided he'd had enough of all the evil he was exposed to, and a part of, and the horrifying Satanic, black magic rituals, mind control and torture that was going on inside the lodges, behind closed doors. So he left everything and fled to Norway, where he is currently residing. Since he left, he's been harassed and tortured and had his life threatened. He realized that the only way to hopefully stay alive is to expose to the world what he knows and make himself known. History shows that this is one of the best ways to survive, although nothing is for certain. Leo quickly started a website, The Illuminati Journal, where he reveals the secrets to the world, one by one. I strongly advise you to check it out and download it to your computer, in case they decide to silence him for good, and his website will be shut down. There is a lot of extremely important information there, and much of it can't be found anywhere else. Leo has also been a guest several times at Greg Szymanski's radio show.

I have had the privilege to communicate with Leo, and among other things I asked him what he knew about Pindar. There have been rumors in circulation in books[1} and on the Internet, that Pindar should be the head of the Illuminati on Planet Earth, and perhaps even a full blooded Draco alien from the lower 4th dimension. This is what Zagami has to say about Pindar:

"The most important military citadel in central London - and arguably in Britain - is PINDAR, a bunker built beneath the Ministry of Defence on Whitehall. Its construction, which took ten years and reportedly cost 126.3 million, finally came to a conclusion in 1994, but PINDAR became operational two years earlier, in 1992.1 The high cost became the subject of some controversy in the early 1990s. Much of the cost overrun was related to the facility's computer equipment, which proved extremely difficult to install due to the very limited degree of physical access to the site.

PINDAR's main function is to serve as a crisis management and communications centre, principally between the MOD headquarters and the actual centre of military operations, the Permanent Joint Headquarters in Northwood. It is reported to be connected to Downing Street via tunnels under Whitehall. Although it has been rumoured that it connects to some secret underground transport system, Armed Forces Minister Jeremy Hanley told the House of Commons on 29 April 1994 that "the facility is not connected to any transport system." Although PINDAR is very definitely not open to the public, it has had some very limited public exposure. This came in the 2003 BBC documentary on the Iraq conflict, Fighting the War, in which BBC cameras were allowed into the facility to film a small part of a teleconference between ministers and military commanders.

in the photo Whitehall MoD HQ's


Government documents, released to the Public Records Office under the 30 year secrecy rule, revealed that an office in Whitehall, London was a central co-ordination hub for UFO reports coming in from military bases around the UK...well thats the official version obviously dear friends and the readers of my web site who follow my work should know very well by now who are these so called UFO's and thats simply evil Jinn (Demons) used by the ruling western elite of the illuminati to manipulate millions of ignorants into deception and Mind Control.

They even said that in Room 801 of the MoD's Metropole Building, an old prestigious hotel near to MoD Main Building, reports of unexplained fast moving radar "blips" were collated from military air traffic controllers at major RAF bases.

However, quite bizarrely, Room 801 lives on in a song by Dorset Progressive Rockers Galahad who also named their website after the top secret UFO research office in Whitehall , and that actualy proves how easy it is to brainwash millions of western people into this false alien mith created by the satanic illuminati to cover up their dirty operations, especialy when sensitive info starts spreading about their military plans...

So forget Pindar the Lizard King going around as Grand Master of the illuminati, thats just a PSYOP cover up operation to make you more confused and focus on Pindar the secret military bunker the illuminati want to use instead when the time comes to preserve the satanic power of the New world Order. So even when the big cities like London are no longer safe and even radioactive, the Vatican illuminati will still be in full control of the show with places like Pindar.

And yes if disaster happens in London Prince Charles is also gonna be a key member of the illuminati Knights of Malta Pindar military elite, but thats only because he is the son of the Queen and a puppet in the hands of the Vatican satanic illuminati and their blackmail game dictated by Rome and the Jerusalem Mafia in any case, so no Lizard King dont worry, eventually just a corrupt aristocrat.

The solution to all this global chaos , is to immediately reform worldwide all the intelligence services in the hands of the evil illuminati and push for the immediate birth of an indipendent Investigative commission dedicated to disclose publicly all the secrets of the various Puppet Masters working for this idiotic show.

So the solution is still open and possible for mankind but time is starting to run out , and if Royal Families like the one in England tollerate satan in their military and intelligence HQ's they will eventualy perish with satan when the time comes, no matter how good and modern is their bunker God will destroy them and send them were they belong and thats HELL."


[1]I think it started with one of David Icke's books; could have been "The Biggest Secret" if I remember correctly. Icke was throwing out this question in the book, more or less asking the readers, if anyone knew who Pindar is. David had received some information that Pindar could be the Illuminati Grand Master.


Source: Correspondence with Leo Zagami

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