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Last Updated:
Sunday, November 12, 2006 11:11:22 AM

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Kidnapping of Johnny Gosch - Proof of Pedophilia in High Places
by Chris Carota, Nov 06, 2006

Last Updated: Sunday, November 12, 2006 11:11:22 AM

Johnny Gosch


he Gosch story has always been a keystone to my research, unlocking the doors of corruption in all levels of government through publicly recorded scandals with a deadly consistency. I first became aware of the Johnny Gosch story through an interview of Senator John DeCamp by Alex Jones (MP3). John spoke about his book "The Franklin Cover-up", specifically the testimony and confessions of Paul Bonnaci, a kidnapped child who was used as a drug mule and forced prostitution. Bonnaci claimed to have helped Republican King kidnap other children, one of whom was Johnny Gosch. He claimed that they watched him for weeks before they grabbed him on his paper route one morning.

When I watched the documentary "Conspiracy of Silence", it was truly a breaking point for my psyche and for my preconceived ideas of what was possible, morally possible, in this world. The events described by Bonnaci of the snuff film made at the Bohemian grove gave me nightmares and basically put me in shock. Then I began to research the black budget, Project Paperclip, Skull and Bones, SRA, the Gehlen Organization, The Bohemian Grove, MK-Ultra, and the Dissociative Identity Disorder. The theme that unified them was ritual abuse, forced prostitution or violent sexual abuse and exploitation of children (usually male), the systematic use of sexual deviants and serial killers to perform these tasks, the use of illegal drugs and sex acts for blackmail, complicity and secrecy, and the continual involvement of military and national security state personnel.

Considering that the Gosch case had gotten so much attention, and considering that the Franklin banking and child prostitution case had been exposed, and a major republican politicians accused and even sent to jail, there remains a historic public record that can act as a doorway into the realm of serial killers, Satanists, and Nazis used by elements of the US Government.

When the Jeff Gannon Story broke n 2004, a gay prostitute with a mysterious background working for the Bush administration, I immediately thought that it made complete sense for Johnny Gosch to have ended up as Jeff Gannon. If one researches mind control, one sees that the victim must be systematically abused and traumatized as a child so as to cause the dissociation necessary for creating the "alter" or alternate personality. In addition to electroshock therapy, the CIA has used criminal deviants, serial killers and multi-generational incestuous families as a means of performing the preparation of a suitable mind control slave. After the victim has been continually disassociated, they can then be programmed for various tasks and remain completely unaware that they are being manipulated or used by their controllers.

So to me, the fact that a gay prostitute was being used in the white house as a press correspondent was a side issue. The truth is most likely that Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch, and that after being kidnapped and abused by the King's republican prostitution ring, he was then used as a candidate for government mind control, kept as a sex slave and operative, and intentionally placed into his position in the white house for this reason. Recent interviews with Senator DeCamp and Noreen Gosch hint that Jeff Gannon is aware of his past and has attempted to contact his mother.

The important point however, is that all these scandals are on the public record, and that if someone start putting the pieces together, it becomes obvious that the US government has been infiltrated by a criminal, fascist and Luciferian element who has no qualms about using any means necessary to maintain secrecy and control. I think the main reason that people have no researched this or talked about it more in the mainstream is that, as I mentioned above, the information itself is extremely traumatizing to the researcher, and would be even more so to the general public. It seems completely at odds with everything we think we know, and so it can be hidden in plain view.

Anyway, this subject is so important to understanding the second half of the twentieth century that I have devoted three volumes of the Induction series to the subject. The first is "Black Ops", on nazi infiltration, the national security state, and government drug running. The second is on "Mind Control" and deals with MK-ultra and CIA mind control experiments. The final volume is called "Ritual Sacrifice", which covers Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), paedophilia in the church, and secret societies such as the Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones and the Illuminati.

Definitely some dark stuff, that's why I've been saving it up till now. But with the Gosch story again in the news, I think its time to start releasing this material and talking about the child abuse, mind control and Nazis within our government. It is certainly rearing its ugly head through the war on terror, and it can help connect the new world order with the now. For example, I believe that the Nazis were intentionally moved to the US so as to create the cold war and split the world into capitalist and communist.... or should I say despotism and dictatorship...

The point is, its all connected, and even though its easier to talk about current war on terror, or the establishment of the federal reserve, or the first and second World War... but between the end of the last great war, and up until 911, there is a vast, dark underbelly of government which must be exposed to the light of day. The question is, are we ready for what we might find? I still ask myself this question all the time since finding out about what happened to Johnny Gosch, and although the answers may scare me, it's the question that drives me.


For scary answers, listen to the following...

Daniel Sheehan - Origins of US intelligence


Source: http://www.conspiracyresearch.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=10652&st=0&p=14483&#entry14483

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