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Last Updated:
Monday, October 30, 2006 05:52:09 AM

Monday, October 30, 2006

Confession No.18: Hitler, Like Bush, Loyal to the Vatican
by Greg Szymanski, Oct 29, 2006

Last Updated: Monday, October 30, 2006 05:52:09 AM


Although hidden by the scholars, Hitler's own words show the Third Reich was organized like the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church, using Jesuit spiritual exercises.

Greg Szymanski


ertain things in history get lost in the shuffle like Adolph Hitler's loyalty to the Vatican and his eternal gratitude paid to the duplicitous Jesuit Order.


Let there be no mistake about it, Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity after slaughtering millions of the Vatican's enemies.


Hitler served the Catholic Church faithfully and he wasn't afraid or ashamed in admitting his endless devotion to the Society of Jesus as well as never ending devotion to the two Popes who brought him to power, Pius XI and Pius XII.


If there be any doubt about Hitler's close ties to the Jesuits, Listen to his own words as recorded in 1939 by Hermann Rauschning, former national-socialist chief of the Danzig government:


"I learned much from the Order of the Jesuits," said Hitler. "Until now there has never been anything more grandiose, on the earth, than the hierarchical organization of the Catholic Church. I transferred much of this organization into my own (Nazi) party. In my Burgs of the Order, we will raise up a youth that will make the world tremble�"


According to Raushning, Hitler then stopped his speech, abruptly saying: "I can't say anymore."


However, after the war, Walter Schellenberg, former of chief of German counter-espionage, finished Hitler's speech, confirming Hitler's strong behind the scenes ties to the Vatican and the Jesuit Order.


"The S.S. organization has been constituted by Himmler according to the principles of the Jesuit Order. Their regulations and the spiritual exercises prescribed by Ignatius of Loyola were the model Himmler tried to copy exactly.


"Himmler's title as supreme chief of the S.S. was to be the equivalent to the Jesuit General and the whole structure and direction was a close imitation of the Catholic Church's hierarchical order.


And French writer Frederic Hoffet in 1948 wrote:


"Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler and most of the members of the party's old guard were Catholics. It was not by accident that because of its chief's religion, the Nationalist-Socialist government was the most Catholic Germany ever had�This kinship between socialism and Catholicism is most striking if we study closely the propaganda methods and the interior organization of the party.


"On that subject, nothing is more instructive than Joseph Goebbel's works. He had been brought up in a Jesuit college and was a seminarist before devoting himself to literature and politics�Every page, every line of his writings recall the teaching of his masters; so he stresses obedience�the contempt for truth."


"Some lies are as useful as bread," Goebbel's once proclaimed, taking his words from extracts of Ignatius of Loyola's writings.


As quoted by Edmund Paris in his final 1975 work, the Secret History of the Jesuits, another well-informed insider of the pact between Berlin and the Holy See , Franz von Papen, was even more explicit when he said:


"The Third Reich is the first world power which not only acknowledges but also puts into practice the high principles of the papacy."


And what essentially was put into practice was 25 million victims of concentration camps, the official figure once released by the United Nations.   But do such barbaric acts belong to the past?


By no means, barbarianism continues today as evidenced by the U.S. government's illegal invasion in the Middle East as well as its own siege on U.S citizens by advancing a bogus war on terror.


And if one looks closely, President George W. Bush has the same look, feel and rhetoric of a modern day Hitler. In fact, he can be looked at as the Vatican's new boy on the block or its Americana version of Hitler as he  pushes his fascist-war mongering agenda on the people of the United States and the people of the world.


Why else were diplomatic relations restored with the Vatican by President Reagan after more than 150 years when U.S officials realized the Vatican and the Jesuits were behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln?


No one can argue that all the signs of the Third Reich are creeping into American society, including imperialistic invasions of foreign countries, the passage of the Patriot Act, the erosion of the U.S. Constitution and the erosion of the American economic base.


"And you can bet that the Vatican and the Jesuit Order are behind everything," said Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins. "This is their final crusade and they will use the might of the U.S. military to destroy the Muslims while then our army will be sacrificed like Hitler's as we will then be invaded by the Chinese-Soviet front.


"You must understand their final goal is to destroy Christianity, the Muslims and the Jews, making way for a one world government and one world religion with total loyalty top the Pope who will again reside in Jerusalem."


Not only does the U.S government appear to be on an uncontrolled killing spree with the blessings of the Vatican, these following words did not come from a speaker in the middle ages but from a 20 th century Vatican official, Cardinal Lepicier, known as a notorious Jesuit follower and New World Order advocate:


"If someone professes publicly to be a heretic or tries to pervert others, by his speech or example, he can not only be excommunicated but also justly killed."


And what these words amount to is a justification by the papacy to kill anyone who does not follow the Pope's supposed holy rule. But what it really means is anyone who stands up against Satanism and the New World Order should be killed and has the Pope's hidden blessing.  


So what happens to those who oppose the Vatican and Jesuit stranglehold on most religions and governments of the world, as they work together with intelligence operatives of the CIA, Mossad and KGB, to name only a few?


Of course, many have been assassinated like Lincoln and former President Kennedy, But even Popes who have resisted, like Pope Clement XIV and Pope John Paul I, have felt the wrath of the evil Jesuits.


For example, Pope Clement XIV, who in 1758 was finally going to honor the request of several large nations wanting the Jesuits removed, was poisoned to death as many of the European head officials attributed the killing to the Jesuits.


One official at the time said: "The Jesuits, in principle at least, were no more; but Clement XIV knew very well that, by signing their death warrant, he was signing his own as well."


Pope Clement before his death was quoted as saying regarding the banishment of the Jesuit Order: "This suppression is done at last and I am not sorry about it. I would do it again if it was not done already; but this suppression will kill me.


Mush has been said and written about the Jesuits over the centuries and facts don't lie. Without going into a historic litany of countries that banished the Jesuits for their evil-doings, at last count historians have counted more than 56 major banishments.


And a huge question looms, a question and answer that could ultimately decide whether America survives or not? Will there be a 57 th and will it occur here?

Greg also has his own daily show on the Genesis Communications Network. Go to www.gcnlive.com Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at www.LewisNews.com. He also writes for his own site www.arcticbeacon.com

Listen to my Radio Broadcast live Monday night at 8pm Pacific time on LewisNews, returning Jan. 1 2006 Radio http://webs.lewisnews.com/radio/index.htm. Greg is also regular on Rense.com the first Thursday of every month at 9-10 pm pacific time.


Source: http://arcticbeacon.com/29-Oct-2006.html

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