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Last Updated:
Monday, October 02, 2006 07:08:05 PM

Monday, October 02, 2006

Depression Screening – A Cruel Fraud; Exposing “National Depression Screening Day”
 by Mary Collins

Last Updated: Monday, October 02, 2006 07:08:05 PM



hy is Depression Screening a fraud?

Too many people have been screened and labeled with a false diagnosis (1). Far too many have died from the use of psychiatric drugs which were prescribed after they agreed to be screened. Antidepressant drugs carry FDA-mandated warnings stating that taking them could cause increased suicidal thinking and behavior (2). Many psychiatric drugs are known to cause violence, hallucinations, addiction, heart attacks and sudden death. (3)

And yet, thousands of people do not know these facts. They have been deceived so well, convinced by a billion-dollar marketing campaign that feelings equal disease and that psychiatric treatment helps. This October 5th is National Depression Screening Day, an event concocted by psychiatric interests and drug companies to find more customers for their drugs.

Richard Hughes and Robert Brewin, authors of The Tranquilizing of America, warned that although psychotropic drugs may appear to 'take the edge off' anxiety, pain, and stress, they also take the edge off life itself...these pills not only numb the pain but numb the whole mind. In fact close study reveals that none of them can cure anything and all have side effects, some horrific. Yet due to their addictive and psychotropic properties, many believe that they cannot deal with life without them.

When people are screened for depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, or any other psychiatric disorder, they are being given a false diagnosis. These “disorders”, more than 350 of them, are cataloged in a book crafted and published by the American Psychiatric Association, the Diagnostic Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders.

This psychiatric “billing bible” has been widely discredited by the field of Medicine. These “disorders” are not discovered or researched from proven facts, tests, or any scientific data; they are simply voted on by psychiatrists and then used to label those who answered questions a certain way on fraudulent screening tests.

On May 11, 2006, Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD was interviewed by Pam Killeen from the Crusader (4). Dr. Whitaker stated, “Psychiatry is not science; it’s observations of human behavior, without any scientific backup. For example, diagnosing someone with a ‘chemical imbalance’ is a fabricated diagnosis. They have no evidence whatsoever of any chemical imbalance.
They can’t measure it; they can’t find it. So, there’s no chemical imbalance that’s measurable.”

Dr. Whitaker also said, referring to the list of “mental disorders”, “...psychiatric evaluations aren’t based on science – period! They’re just made up, and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual is growing with more and more fabricated ‘mental illnesses’. Pretty soon, we’re not going to find a normal person anywhere in the country…unless they’re drugged.”

The dictionary defines depression as “sadness; gloom; dejection”. It is an emotion, a feeling, not a disease. Psychiatry has preyed upon people’s emotions, turning these feelings into a fabricated illness to get more people into profitable psychiatric treatment.

Depression is really only a symptom of a physical disease or some other condition, such as loss of a loved one, brain tumor, vitamin deficiency (5). People who submit to screening on Oct. 5th are taking a great risk because they are not being tested by medical doctors for any possible physical condition or genuine disease that could contribute to certain behavior. Depression is listed as one of the symptoms of several physical diseases or conditions. Someone who is screened and told (fraudulently) that their symptoms are caused by a depression “disorder” are not then likely to seek out true medical care. This could prove very dangerous since an undiscovered physical disease left unhandled could be fatal.

Screening = a clever, fraudulent scheme for marketing drugs

People who are opposed to mental health screening are outraged because the survey used in screening has been written by psychiatrists with financial ties to drug companies, thus creating a booming psychiatry-pharmaceutical industry. Signs of Suicide, a similar program to TeenScreen has been developed and promoted by a corporation called Screening for Mental Health (SMH), Inc. On this site http://www.signsofsuicide.org/ is evidence that pharmaceutical companies have given MILLIONS in grants to the SMH in order to forward the program testing of adults and children for suicide risks, depression, eating disorders, alcoholism in schools, colleges, and the workplace, and the military.

Pharmaceutical companies want to support screening programs because they stand to make Billions on the sale of drugs to the people who will be screened. Eli Lilly alone poured in $2,157,925.00 (amongst others) into Screening for Mental Health Inc. from 2001 to 2004.

Good News for Depression

The good news about help for depression has been hidden. Without support of the billion-dollar psycho-pharmaceutical industry, the facts on depression are not written on the front pages of the news, or on TV. People should be informed of the very successful and scientific methods that are being used now to help people with these problems.

In Dr. Whitaker’s aforementioned interview with Pam Killeen, she asked this very direct question: “If a patient suffering with a mental illness comes to see you, what type of improvements could they experience?”

Dr. Whitaker: “In my practice, we see a lot of people who see their energy levels increase, or their happiness ratio increase, when they get healthier. Just increasing and improving health will do wonders for the majority of people who have been labeled as being mentally ill. This goes for people who are experiencing fatigue, who may be depressed. Very often, we find that they have hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, or lack exercise. We help them solve these areas of depletion in their lives. We help them increase the quality of their lives and they feel better. We see it all the time. I have had nearly 40,000 people come through my clinic, and I have never started anyone on an antidepressant medication.”

There is growing opposition to mental health screening and all the groups involved with this fraud. One of these speaking out against the crimes committed from this method is Ms. Theresa Rhoades. She created an online petition after her daughter was screened and then falsely diagnosed with “mental disorders” without her knowledge. It is addressed to School Board Members and State and Federal Legislators. You can read and sign it at http://www.petitiononline.com/TScreen/petition.html.

Mary Collins is a 72-year-old grandmother living in New Hampshire. She attained a BA in English Literature with a minor in History in 1954 from Millsap's College in Jackson, Mississippi and was involved in education for over 20 years. You can contact her here: marycollins_16_2@rushpost.com

Footnotes and References:

(1) Edmund Drummond, M.D., “The complete guide to psychiatric drugs, (John Wiley and Sons, Inc. NY, 2000) pp15-16 as quoted in “Does mental illness really exist” by Lawrence Stevens

(2) Dear Healthcare Professional: Important Prescribing Information [for Paxil]. By John E. Kraus, M.D., GlaxoSmithKline, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 2006 - available at www.fda.gov.

(3) Prescription Drugs —
The Reason behind the Madness
By Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D.
Health and Healing: Tomorrow's Medicine Today November, 1999

(4) CRUSADOR ENTERPRISES, www.HealthLiesExposed.com.

(5) The website for the American Psychiatric Association states the following “Also, a medical condition (e.g., a brain tumor or vitamin deficiency) can cause depression, so it is important to be evaluated...to rule out general medical causes”.
Mary Collins
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