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Last Updated:
Friday, September 29, 2006 07:01:27 PM

Friday, September 29, 2006

The Party of Global Change...or Else
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Sep 29, 2006

Last Updated: Friday, September 29, 2006 07:01:27 PM

Hazel W.M. McKinlay
Illuminati News Guest Writer


ony Blair got a standing ovation from the party faithful of fawning sycophants before he even spoke in his farewell speech at the Labour Party Conference. He said nothing of substance but, “thank-you, thank-you and thanks again” and then went on to brag about his achievements as leader. Self praise is no praise. The only remark he made about his morose successor Gordon Brown was, that he is remarkable. Blair was not about to let historical facts get in the way, as he absolved himself of all blame for the rising tide of resentment in the Middle East.

Osama bin Laden is now superfluous as the mastermind of Islamic terror, because leaked reports show that war in Iraq provides the new impetus. Bin Laden can be killed off, although he died several years ago. Terrorists are allegedly crawling out of the woodwork, bombing their way to paradise and all due to the policies of our government. This will make the next false-flag more plausible. People will point accusing fingers at Blair who will declare, “mistakes have been made” and the military offensive is inadequate. We must send more troops!

There will be a crackdown on civil liberties. Retina scanners and fingerprinting will be hurriedly introduced. Biometric I.D’s will get rushed into production and everyone will be screened in public places. Police will get larger, more visible guns. They can’t take any chances with all these furious Muslims running around, looking to avenge their beleaguered homelands! Dawn raids will increase against “extremist bullies” and pre-emptive nuclear strikes will commence against countries whose central bank is not yet controlled by the House of Rothschild.

Jacob Rothschild (b. 1936)  Gordon Brown (b. 1951)
Jacob Rothschild to the left (b. 1936) and Gordon Brown to the right (b. 1951)

Jacob Rothschild’s friend, Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer, IMF Chairman, member of the Bilderberg Group and the Queen's Privy Council, who gave the Bank of England independence and sold half of the country’s gold reserves, made a rousing speech at the Party Conference. He said he is not embarrassed to be Scottish, but after hearing him advocate globalisation and the ‘War on Terror’ I am. Brown promised to be a servant of the people, who were protesting outside. He wants to win the battle of ideas in the modern world.

The Chancellor’s ideas are borrowed from Tony Blair who must have been impressed by Brown’s endorsement of his policies, and even more so when Gordon said he regretted their lovers-tiffs. Brown wants ‘Britishness’ imbued into foreigners with citizenship ceremonies, especially for young people. He wants to get tough on them and make sure they attend school (boot camp) from the age of three up until they are eighteen years old. Brown wants all children challenged and they must respect and obey his rigid rules and volunteer to serve the country.

The issues raised were identical to every manifesto I can remember, the NHS, law and order, education, education, education… they always need reformed. New Labour wants to renew politics and the way the country is governed, in fact, Brown wants to lead the World. He said, “We have climbed mountains” but there are bigger ones to climb in the Hindu Kush and his moral compass will show the way. There will be no safe haven in Iraq or Afghanistan for anyone, and nobody can be neutral or anti-American in this fight. Global co-operation is the key.

John Reid (b. 1947


Brown says, “Labour must have a soul” so they will need to buy it back from Lord Levy, with interest. The ‘Google Generation’ has a personal responsibility to change their attitude and that of the community, with a common standard of decency, so he will enforce strict measures against anti-social behaviour. We must support the police and armed forces and detention without charge, beyond the present twenty-eight days. Parliament should make the difficult decisions on matters of peace and war, but he will listen to the people, unless they object to his proposals.

John Reid tried to outdo fellow Scot Gordon Brown, who is accused of being humourless, by making his speech a stand-up comedy routine. No-one is laughing. He said, “there will be no ‘no-go’ areas for any of our people, who can say what they like, where they like” unless they criticise Israel, are Islamic or voice their concerns in the exclusion zone around Parliament. It is one law for politicians and another for us. Roving consultant Bill Clinton summed up whole charade in his address by saying, “Labours coming to power was good for the entire world.”


Source: Correspondence with author

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