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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Good News! Why the Media Embraced "9-11 Truth"
by Dr. Henry Makow, Sept 08, 2006

Last Updated: Saturday, September 09, 2006 10:00:53 AM

Dr. Henry Makow
Dr. Henry Makow


ast week TIME Magazine and The Washington Post ran almost balanced and sympathetic stories about "the 9-11 Truth Movement."

These publications define reality for millions of unsuspecting Americans. Why would they legitimize a conspiracy view that implicates their owners, the Illuminati central bankers? Why would they publicize discrepancies that they have been covering up for five years?

Imagine you're in a meeting with the central bankers who control the American mass media and government. You're the successor of PR whiz Edward Bernays.

Time cover


"Edward," they say, "the matrix is starting to unravel. A third of Americans believe their government was responsible for 9-11. Damn the Internet! What are we going to do?"

If I were Bernays, I would reply: "Depends if you're planning another false flag terrorist event, martial law and an attack on Iran. If so, I would continue to ignore and marginalize this movement. You don’t want to give them a huge boost in credibility at this time."

"Eddie," they reply, "it's too late for all that nasty stuff. Nobody that matters believes in the terror threat any more. Israel got a bloody nose in Lebanon and can't attack Iran. The military has its hands full in Iraq. The generals are in revolt. Plus the Internet is full of stories blaming the Mossad and Israel. Anti Semitism is on the rise. "

"Don't panic boys," I tell them. "I have the answer. What we need is a "Time-Out" to restore everybody's faith in the system. We need a return to the Democratic Party, a return to the sanity of the Carter or Clinton eras, a break from those mean ugly corrupt Republicans."

"How do we do that?" the bankers ask.

Edward Bernays (1891-1995)
Edward Bernays


"Think Daniel Ellsberg and The Pentagon Papers. Think Michael Moore and "Farhenheit 911" We need to shift responsibility for 9-11 onto Dubya's shoulders and away from Silverstein and the Mossad, the neo-cons and us. We need to reposition the 9-11 Truth-ers in the mold of the 1960's anti-war movement and focus everyone on hating the 'government.' Then we'll elect Democrats in November and [New Mexico Governor]Bill Richardson, or someone like him, in 2008. It will be a time of renewal, a kinder gentler fascism. We'll have time to plan the next step."

"Where do we begin?"

"Why not do a TIME cover story on those kids that made the Internet movie "Loose Change"? They don’t mention the dancing laughing Mossad agents with explosives in their van who were arrested 'documenting the event' , do they? Portray the kids as participating in the "great American tradition of self reliance and non conformist anti authoritarian dissent. They're fighting the power." [exact words TIME uses] Maybe we could bring Bob Dylan in on this."

"Eddie, this is dangerous. That film shows that Larry [Silverstein] ordered the demolition of WTC 7 the same day. Are Americans so stupid as to believe that this 47-storey building was wired for demolition, and WTC–1 and WTC-2 weren't? Surely they'll figure out that all three were demolished and a plane was supposed to hit WTC-7. We'll all be hung for mass murder."

"Guys. Don’t worry. The people believe what they're told not what their own eyes or common sense tells them. We won’t mention WTC-7 in the article. We'll just focus on a couple of points and have our paid flunkies, I mean 'experts' refute them.  It'll be our experts and against theirs and the people will be confused. They'll blame Dubya and think the media is objective and doing its job."

"Is one story enough?"

"Put another one in The Washington Post focused on David Ray Griffin. We'll call it something like  "The Disbelievers." Mention the Mossad a couple of times in passing but not the German Intelligence (BND) Report that says the Mossad organized the whole event (with Bush's foreknowledge.) The important thing is to emphasize that the 'government' did this. It was an "inside job." Dubya will take the fall in the public's mind."


At the risk of sounding optimistic, the mainstream coverage of the 9-11 Truth movement may indicate that we will not have an Iran attack and another false-flag terrorist event soon. I think the bankers are scared they are losing control of the American mind. Dubya has been very useful to them but it's time for him to go.

The only danger is that he and Cheney will do something desperate to hold on to power beyond their second term. But, without the cooperation of the media, they can't succeed.  I think they know it and will take their money and exit gracefully.

For once, I am making a prediction that I hope will be correct!

Source: http://www.savethemales.ca/001728.html

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Last Updated:
Saturday, September 09, 2006 10:00:53 AM

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