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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Satanic Sexual Abuse
by T. Stokes, Lecturer in Paranormal Studies

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 06, 2006 05:36:47 AM


y the very nature of articles such as this, informants and sources have to be protected, and as a rule their identities withheld.

But so important did the main source for this article believe this information to be, that he was willing to risk identification to put the information into the public domain, and allowed me to question several other contacts.

In the early seventies I worked in London helping young offenders with their community service; often these youngsters would not be able to get a job for various reasons, and would on occasion get into trouble with the police.

You may already be familiar with the 1987 Cleveland and later Orkney child abuse scandals, among several others, where a group of social workers concocted or exaggerated stories in the Scottish Orkney islands of Satanic sexual abuse, and broke up whole families in the process. In fact there are listed no less than 80 of these Satanic investigations world wide, during a very narrow time frame, and usually were instigated by extremist Christian sects such as the Evangelicals.

At no time were real experts involved, e g demonologists or satanic defectors, just social workers and religious cultists.

Even the Catholic Church had to hold the secret “Operation Templeman”, in which to scan trainee priests to route out disturbed sexual predators.

This teenage lad when I first met him for his community service, had been picked up for shoplifting some food in a London supermarket, and when the police searched him back at the police station, he had strange bodily markings consistent with a ritual whipping.

This lad was living in a children’s home near to Hampstead Heath, and he was small for his age and with a large appealing mop of blonde curly hair, he would slowly loiter about on the Heath, and when approached by gay men to purchase his services, would give a signal to several other teenagers hiding in the bushes who would rush out and rough up the man and take his money, This was a popular pastime and was called in the local children’s homes “poof bashing”.

Now this lad said that among the regulars on the Heath were some well known personalities in politics and show business.

A detective whom I discussed this case with some years ago said: “politics is not a family oriented profession, it is more suited to a single mans lifestyle, which is why it appeals to so many gays”.

New Labour is by and large a gay party, priority is given to gay job seekers, children adopters and party activists.

The news that certain names are to be deemed politically incorrect such as the term “ homosexual” and “housewife” and that “bride and groom” are no longer to represent male and female, and all TV advertisements are to be monitored for racism content.

This all the while that the Hollywood hate filled anti-German films made during W.W.II are shown every afternoon on British T V, predictably showing the evil Germans losing out to the victorious “all-lies”. Surely now we should put all those racist films into the dustbin of history.

John Prescott (b. 1938)


The spate of recent newspaper articles making fun of deputy leader John Prescott have come from the Blairite centre and are designed to discredit him. Downing St bodyguards are always a good information source, and have said that a private investigator was digging the dubious sexual past history of those at the pinnacle of New Labour, and allegedly paid for by John Prescott, and has said that he believes that Gordon Brown married late in life only to make himself more credible, and that Brown was a rival with Mandelsohn for the attentions of Tony Blair.

If a man is open with his sexuality, I do not see a problem, but so many of the recent changes we have seen in the law have been anti-family and heterophobic in nature. And how many others have married to hide up their past, and become more appealing as family men?

The chief psychiatrist at Utah state prison and an expert on ritual abuse, both satanic Christian and Jewish, claims that over 40,000 mainly children each year are murdered in these enactments.

This took me back to the young lad who told me similar stories all those years ago about boys being abused by political figures who met on Hampstead Heath, and it is strange how the same names come up again and again. I would agree that a persons sexuality is their own, except where children or vulnerable adults are concerned.

The Kincora Boys home in Ireland (do a net search) was not only run as a pleasure centre for politicians, but our M.I.5 allowed this to go on, while watching and blackmailing top I.R.A. figures to talk peace.

But how much of this child abuse is Satanic in origin?

This is often just part of the trappings and only rarely is the cause religious in nature. But various perversions are used to gain access to abnormal mental depths, and often used with drugs to heighten awareness. These depths can, if used consistently, centre the power, but in an unbalanced way, and give unusual artistic ability and even  clairvoyance. This is why so many male actors artists and mediums are gay.

Further reading:

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A study in tragedy- The Orkney abuse scandal by P. Richards

Source: Correspondence with author

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Last Updated:
Wednesday, September 06, 2006 05:36:47 AM

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