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Last Updated:
Wednesday, September 06, 2006 04:59:57 AM

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Anti-Social Policies: Baby Snatcher Blair
by Hazel W.M. McKinlay, Sep 05, 2006

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 06, 2006 04:59:57 AM

Hazel W.M. McKinlay


f you are on a low income, a teenage single parent or deprived in any way, the State wants to raise your kids as they see fit. They intend to detect anti-social indicators, pre-birth, and categorise your unborn foetus as a menace. Thereafter, your conduct will be monitored. There is no evidence that disadvantaged children have a greater propensity for hooliganism than those from a stable nuclear family. It’s random. I know perfectly well adjusted youngsters with alcoholic parents and although it may not be an ideal lifestyle, they would rather remain at home, than stay in foster care.

Families predicted at risk by the Prime Minister may be given support, but refusal will lead to court action and withdrawal of benefits, causing more hardship. Bad babies will be added to a data base. This policy has been devised by “sexperts” to make it easier for social services to seize victims for real abuse in the care system, based on the flimsiest of pretexts. The paedophiles in power want your kids! That is why five year olds are receiving explicit sex lessons at school, when there is no necessity for it. If that does not illustrate how domestic politics is dictated by perverts, what will?

Tony Blair - Baby Snatcher
Tony Blair - Baby Snatcher


Parents are not at fault, the government is and while voters assume New Labour has lost the plot, they are actually implementing the ‘Protocols of Zion’ to the letter, by dismantling the family and debilitating the youths. Behavioural problems generally manifest after the administration of toxic vaccinations in the first year of infancy. Attention deficit disorder and autism are the most common symptoms, but vaccine damage also causes juvenile delinquency in later years, or even senility in old age. An increasing number of serious ailments can be directly attributed to immunisations.

Other factors such as inadequate education, unemployment and discontent might contribute to criminality and the belligerence of bored youngsters, but the State is not addressing these issues. Councils are exacerbating them by cutting crucial funding for public facilities and permitting the private sector to encroach on recreation spaces. They offer neighbourhoods ‘solutions’ in curfews, dispersal zones, stop and search, on the spot fines, anti-social behaviour orders and incarceration. The devil makes work for idle hands and he is on a recruitment drive, with Mr. Blair’s assistance.

His proposal for early intervention in so-called dysfunctional families is tantamount to blackmail. Conform, or be sanctioned! Vulnerable people are being threatened with destitution, or losing the right to keep their own offspring. Nanny Blair said, “The child must be defended.” Would you trust a man whose job entails murdering and maiming children to defend yours? It is imperative for parents to protect their family from this legislation, which legitimises State kidnapping. It is not the place of sleazy politicians to instruct us how to live, when most of them are compromised miscreants.


Source: Correspondence with author

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