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Monday, July 31, 2006

The Graveyard and Vampire Madness
by T. Stokes, Lecturer in Paranormal Studies

Last Updated: Monday, July 31, 2006 05:11:03 AM


(Taken from;  “An Exorcists' Chronicles”),

* Skull and bones rite.

* Biblical references

* Illuminati rites

* Photos

St Mary’s Church in Walthamstow


 only found out through a strange collection of circumstances an event of peculiar horror, which the Christian church did its utmost to keep secret.

ST Mary’s church in Walthamstow,  England,  dates  back to the time of William the Conqueror, and is a popular landmark within the east end conservation zone and this area, once considered “Kray country” where the gangsters were allowed to hold sway for so long, and this  was the venue for a  tragic set of circumstances, some thirty years ago.

My initial interest was drawn by an old antique dealer friend who while getting ready very early one morning just after dawn, for an antique fair, happened to notice three senior churchmen in the ancient graveyard of the Norman Church of St Mary, just  opposite, enrobed in all their finery, conducting what she said looked like a cleansing ritual, with lots of holy water, splashed on a particular grave, she knew no more except to add, one person was the Bishop, who although  gossip said  was  quite ill, had still turned out, in the very early hours for what exactly? Suddenly my curiosity was awake.

I questioned Brenda, a friend who did an early morning cleaning job, if she saw anything unusual as she went through the churchyard, and also the lady who opened up the local G Ps surgery, and a night worker who came that way home, but it was the local paper delivery boy, who drove a very hard bargain demanding two bounties, and a mars chocolate bar, for his information,  as all  gave pieces to the stories jigsaw.

It had turned out, that the caretaker to the church and its attached primary school, discovered a tomb had been desecrated and the body in a ragged shroud, discarded nearby, with the head missing.

Dennis Wheatley (1897-1977)
Dennis Wheatley (1897-1977)


The head turned up later in the grounds of a local school jammed onto some railings with a “Woodbine” cigarette between the teeth.  Once it became known that I was knowledgeable on these matters and was asking questions, the headmaster and the old church cannon, invited me along and pressed me for some sort of an explanation, without sharing with me any details they knew. I said the police must be informed as it was not as they assumed, a sick mindless prank, but something a lot more sinister. I also said the most expert man to bring in, as Dennis Wheatley, one of the wartime adviser on occult matters to Winston Churchill, had recently died, was the occult writer and broadcaster Eric Maple,  both requests were flatly refused, as they said it had to be hushed up.

Sometimes these seemingly random interferences with tombs and such like are a way of gaining rank in left hand path groupings.

The usual church celebrations at Christmas kept everyone occupied, and then the awful news that the ex policeman who was now caretaker, had been acting out of his normal calm persona. This had caused some concern and the news that he had discharged himself from hospital with depression against doctors advice, and in a frenzy killed his wife before ending his own life in the school hall, was a terrible shock to us all.

At Christmas mass we were all forbidden to discuss it, which angered some parishioners, who wanted an explanation as to some strange goings on, and the epidemic of deep depression that was affecting so many of the Church regulars.

The connection between the two events, if there are any,  will never be known  without the clergy coming clean. The idea  that parishioners were urged to tell their thoughts in the confessional to the clergy, but they would do no such thing in return, was some how unpalatable. People wanted answers.

We were told at Christmas, “if you do not like it, attend another church”, and many started at St. Peters in the forest. Never the less, the deaths of a fine old couple is hard enough. But remember exhibition of any behaviour patterns out of the ordinary, can be a sign of possession.

The idea behind the desecrated tomb is twofold;  one theory is that of the biblical  story of the witch of Endor, in which one bible version  has it that the witch asks for a slain centurion with the throat and larynx intact, to be brought to the king,  and the spirit commanded back into the body to answer the kings question, “who will win the battle” this is a well known sorcerers technique to find who will win horse races, football matches, stocks and share movements and political elections etc.

And part of this is the promise that so no one else can ever disturb the soul again, the head is separated from the body and always put somewhere separate.

It is now common knowledge that George Bush is a “Skull and Bones“ member, and this is one of the secret rites of the Illuminati.[1]

In these cases a neglected source of high quality information is always the grave diggers, and these lads for a few lunchtime beers came up trumps.

According to them there had been a spate of “oddbods” browsing the graves at odd times, not the usual genealogical or family types, and the lads were questioned on whether any of the cemetery workers who had worked near where the grave was desecrated had any strange dreams afterwards, or woke in the morning with any strange bodily markings.

Similar tales surfaced from the cemetery at the other end of the borough.  One lad said no one had asked him anything so he said nothing, but blood on the grave was obviously from several recently slain cats, thrown into nearby undergrowth, alongside, and this is perhaps one key to this, a short sharpened wooden stake.

Eliphas Levi (1810-1875)
Eliphas Levi (1810-1875)

Occult expert Eliphas Levi said of this:

When the rite is done and the head separated, promise must be made that it will never happen again, and a piece of hawthorn sapling pushed through the corpses heart centre” 

Shortly after I was summoned to the school and the headmaster told me if I persisted in asking questions my children would be asked to leave the school, he told me in a very disturbed manner that he knew I was one day a week, a voluntary counsellor and psychotherapist who had been assisting many non-Christian folk(!), and rumour had it I attended spiritualist meetings!

I only placated him by a large donation to school funds, which he insisted he would decide on how it was spent.

He then lectured me and seemed more concerned with the value of secrecy than the welfare of the involved families. 

I was indeed a multi-cultural counsellor and part time psycho-therapist and a member  of a local spiritual healing team, where many non spiritualists would come in, which was nice, to be able to give non judgemental comfort and succour.

Over time a community heals, but stories still circulate. And beneath the surface, there is still much emotional scar tissue over the madness and rumours of church yard vampirism there was that Christmas.


[1] The story goes that George W Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, together with fellow Skull & Bones members dug up the grave of the Indian Apache Chief Geronimo, separated his head from the body and brought it to the Skull & Bones Headquarters at Yale University, where it is still supposed to be located. There are lots of such macabre things going on within the left hand path of the occult. Wes Penre, www.illuminati-news.com.

Source: Email from Author

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Monday, July 31, 2006 05:11:03 AM

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