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Last Updated:
Friday, July 21, 2006 06:52:12 AM

Friday, July 21, 2006, 2006

Freemasonry in the Bible
HonestJohn's TruthSite, July 20, 2006

Last Updated: Friday, July 21, 2006 06:52:12 AM


The `Holy` Bible tells us about freemasonry, in BIG BOLD LETTERS TOO and it just seems to miss peoples` attention....


he facts that Joseph, Jesus` father was a master of the `craft`, implies he was a freemason, not a carpenter, and that his `craft` was `witch` craft! Jesus would have followed this tradition, as goes on today, and became a `master` of the `craft` too, (master being a position on the freemasonic `structure`!) and we know of the Legendary `miracles`(spells)  Jesus carried out, but look at these FACTS stated below, from the `HOLY BIBLE`...
"The Hebrews were instructed by Moses to `kill a lamb` and `coat the sides and tops of their doorframes with the blood` of the lamb"!


"God told Moses the laws that were to be applied to the people. There were twelve tribes of Israel, and altars were arranged to signify this".
"Tower of Babel (Genesis 11):
A temple-tower was to be built, rising high to the skies, to demonstrate mankind's power".
"The requirements for altars, incense, and offerings were described to Moses by God".
"As part of the contract with God , Abraham was to circumcise every male (cutting off the foreskin of the penis) [Genesis 17: 10-12] on the eighth day after birth".
TEST OF ABRAHAM (Genesis 22): "Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac, and Abraham was willing to carry out God's wishes. God stopped him from killing Isaac, and Abraham sacrificed a ram to God".

Joseph, 17, was given a "richly ornamented (i.e., bright-colored) robe" (Genesis 37:3) "In Egypt, Joseph became a great leader there by telling the fortunes of several men and eventually the Pharoah. Reading the Pharaoh's dream, he predicted 7 years of harvest followed by 7 years of famine".
(sacrificing a lamb and using its blood as `magic` to ward off anyone or anything is `Black Magic`!!  `Altars` and `incense`  are used in occult/freemasonic ritual and ceremony! Towers are `phallic` symbols worshipped by freemasons! Eight (8) is a magical number in freemasonry, as in the `eigth day after birth`the removal of the foreskin is in `offering` to God!  So many references to `sacrificing` in such a small amount of the literature available!! How has nobody noticed?? Receiving a `robe` of many colours (colours have magical properties too!) is another part of initiation in freemasonry, as is the requirement of learning one form of `divination` or `fortune telling`!! And becoming `famed` and `wealthy` is the goal of ALL freemasons as per the `A`. `A`. moniker found throughout their teachings! Definition shown on previous pages.)
And get a load of the FREEMASONIC SYMBOLISM in the DVD COVER OF `JOSEPH` and his `AMAZING TECHNI-COLOURED DREAMCOAT`!!! The `triangle` or `pyramid` symbolises man, and the key to most `occult` symbolism which is made up of multiples of `triangles`! The `pyramid` is also the `structure` of freemasonry and signifies `spirituality` at the top, and a `firm base` on the ground, or in the `physical` plane!
`Triangles` also signifies the trinity (triangulation) of the `Father` the `Son` and the Holy `Spirit`, and the `Son` is actually `symbolic` of the `Sun` which is the God of freemasons!! `Horus` in a previous guise was `Jesus` to the multitudes, though is actually `SATAN` in the eyes of freemasons! Horus is where the word `Horizon` comes from. It is the cycle of the Sun through our experience, on a yearly basis! 
The Sun is at its weakest (or dying) at or about 21/22 December, (Christ-mass) a very fortunate term for those who sell us goods to give as gifts in offering of SATAN, (and it makes businesses (freemasons) rich, and always at COST to the consumer/follower!!) and is at its strongest again at `Easter`, when the Sun/Son is said to have `risen from the dead`! Perfectly in accordance with the `Jesus` story, which was preceded by the , `Horus` story, and before that in the `Tammuz` story!  Check it all out!!
You`ll notice the `ever-present` symbolism of the `serpent` throughout the Bible, symbolising the snake of freemasonry that coils itself around the heart of the `enlightened` or `illuminated`! Illuminated, illuminati, etc. comes from the `Bringer of light` who is `Lucifer`!! He was/is guardian of the tree of knowledge, as stated in the Bible, and was the one who `corrupted` the soul of man! Through freemasonry He is still `corrupting` as is evident in our `leaders` of late!
(The freemasonic teachings show us that the `Hebrew language/alphabet is the Key to understanding the `codes` hidden in the Bible, using the `capitalised` letters which symbolise `spiritual` meanings, not literal ones! As do the ancient Egyptian `heiroglyphs`! Another name for `SATAN` is The `heiro-phant` as shown in Tarot, so the `glyphs` are the original `symbols` of Satanism, or `freemasonry`!) Egyptian deities and Gods are mentioned repeatedly through out freemasonic rituals and ceremonies, and were the builders of our `great pyramids`!!
THE PICTURES OF ALL THESE ICONS, WITH THEIR RESPECTIVE `VIRGIN` MOTHERS ARE ALL IDENTICAL! (As I have shown you on previous pages) notice the `serpent`?? The Serpent, or `REPTILE` is shown on the lower of the planet, the `false` icon at the top, this is symbolic of `as above, so below`!!
The original name of `Jacob` which means to `grasp at the heels` (to bite the ankles?? As a snake does!!) was changed, according to the Bible, to `Israel` which means, `he who fights/struggles with God` The Jewish community is plagued with `FREEMASONS` hence why `Israel` can be seen as an `evil` force at present! Just look at the latest headlines on www.davidicke.com and you will see exactly what I mean!!
Oh and by the way the `Star of David` is actually the `star of SATAN`! (TWO TRI-ANGLES, one pointing up, the other pointing down! `AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, SYMBOLOGY AGAIN!)The Jews/freemasons of the world are the evil ones, as shown above, should you care to see it??  If I am `anti-semitic` for saying this, what does that make Jews who have been lying to us since time began??? For your information, I am not `racist` I DONT LIKE `ANY` FREEMASONS, no matter their heritage!!
The `Triads` of China are the same `freemasonic` society, hence why so much `CONTROL` is used to `oppress` the Chinese people!! The same will be evident in Russia, and ALL other countries who have `governing`, or `controlling` force! 
This is a very small section taken from the `Mystical Quabalah` A JEWISH TRADITION, and `THE BOOK` of freemasonry: "The closing clause of the Lords` Prayer is pure Quabalism, `MALKUTH`  The Kingdom, `HOD` The Power, and  `Netzach` The Glory, form the basal `tri-angle` of the TREE OF LIFE, with Yesod the Foundation, or Receptacle of Influences, as the central point. Whoever formulated this `prayer` knew their Quabalah"!

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