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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Life And Death in the Hand of Princess Diana
The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times
by T. Stokes, Lecturer in Paranormal Studies

Last Updated: Monday, July 10, 2006 08:22:50 PM

Princess Diana (1961-1997)


 fresh appraisal from her hand-print.

* With previously unshown data concerning;

* Was it murder?

* If so by whom?

* What was to be gained?

On August 31st 2005, which was the eighth anniversary of Diana’s death, the major questions still have not been answered, in fact the public now believe overwhelmingly  that the biggest conspiracy theory, is the establishment view she was not murdered at all.

Queen Victoria was a big believer in the idea that the British were one of the lost tribes of Israel, and that the royal family was descended from the royal Jewish house of David. The College of Heralds has traced Prince Charles as the 145th in direct descent from king David, the other bloodline being from Diana.

Poet and mystic William Blake covered this in his work, and that London was to be the New Jerusalem, as predicted in the book of revelations.

Blake’s words of 100 years ago still ring with a deep resonance:

“Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
till we have built Jerusalem,
in England’s green and pleasant land.”

One of the major prophecies covers the rebuilding of the temple in the New Jerusalem, and the Millennium Dome could be viewed by occultists as the temple of this New Jerusalem, which would herald in the new age.

Tony Blair
Tony Blair (b. 1953)


Tony Blair is also a believer, and this is partly why he agreed to the Dome, and the war on Iraq, before even becoming Prime Minister.

In fact intercepted intelligence traffic suggests he actually became Prime Minister to bring this about. Remember the word “minister” means priest and prime minister means chief priest, which is the role he sees for himself, but this can no longer be viewed as a “green and pleasant land”, as the agenda is now very different,

Tellingly, “puppet” Tony Blair’ has no British nationals among his main financial backers.

 One aspect of the agenda is that Charles will never be King.

There has long been a Jewish connection to the royal family, and although prince Charles, who is head of the Church of England, yet strangely was circumcised by the London Jewish communities Mohel, Dr. Jacob Snowman.

Princess Diana refused to have her sons similarly sexually mutilated, bringing her onto a collision course with vested control interests. The queen at one point said, “there are powers at work in this country of which we know nothing”.

What and who were those powers and of what agenda?

Sorting the miles of often deliberate disinformation in the public realm is a difficult task, but in any crime, and this was a crime, always ask, “Who gained from this”.

Publisher Robert Maxwell told me of his contacts in the Jewish underground at his beautiful home at Headingham hall, and his information has recently been confirmed by Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard that the “British and American spyware computer system installations, are penetrated from top to bottom”, and these were the very words said to me on the subject.

Ariel Sharon is on record as saying, we the Jews control America” and of course  Britain is in the shadow of both.

But did these power blocks have much choice?

Not according to double agent, society osteopath and occult healer Stephen ward, who helped Winston Churchill with both his painting and his alcoholism. His murder was to silence what he

knew of Churchill’s part in the agenda in, and after, the real reasons for Britain’s involvement in W.W.II, and details behind the Profumo affair.

Oliver North (b. 1943)


The father of Diana’s new love, Mohammed Al-fayed was said to have gained his money with Adnam Kashoggi in arms dealing to Arab countries, along lines of U.S agent Oliver North. This alone, apart from Diana, would make his son Dodi, a Zionist target, particularly as he is part of the Saudi royal family.

Tiny Rowland, who was a listed M.I.6 asset, was due to buy Harrods store when he was pipped at the post by Al-fayed. Remember Harrods was bombed in 1983 by a two man communist cell working with the I.R.A.

The Kremlin links to Irish republicans is a fact little known by American/Irish sympathisers, who in the main are very anti-communist.

The “Semtex H” explosives were specially prepared without the customary smell to fool sniffer dogs, this was according to Mossad operatives, only in supplies to Russian and polish activists.

When an intelligence body carries out an assassination, the training received by operatives leaves characteristic hallmarks called “tells” and Diana’s are definitely not consistent with a British establishment killing, although, with someone so prominent, this would theoretically be farmed out to foreign nationals anyway.

In any examination we have to find a pattern. The first in this pattern was the death in a car crash of Princess Grace of Monaco, there were many similarities here, and the motor crash killing of Prince Sultan Bin Faisal Bin Turki Bin Abdullah, in fact 3 members of the same Saudi royal family died in one week. Although M.I.6 have a proposal document for the suggested motor crash method of killing Serb leader Slobodan Milosevic, rather than put him on trial, internal sources say no officially sanctioned killings have been issued since colonel Gaddafi in 1995.

Even in the early sixties when private money was offered to finance the killing of Kim Philby in Moscow, by a well known British patriot circus owner in a covert “black bag “ job, he was threatened with prosecution, and that his circus licence would be revoked, yet it is known that Israel has killed many British citizens in Britain since W.W.II, as confirmed by Menachin Begin, who even tried to bomb the fifties German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, killing a disposal expert and wounding others.

Part of this murdered list as supplied by intelligence contacts at the Jerusalem heritage centre:

* Lawrence of Arabia, who like Dr. David Kelly was used as a conduit for sending false information to the Arabs, [and incidentally both knew they would be killed,]

* Gerald Bull of supergun fame who dealt with Arabs,

* Jonathan Moyes who was in a deal to convert U.S civilian helicopters from Chile to armed copters for Iraq.

* Armaments expert M.P. Stephen Milligan,

* W.P.C Yvonne Fletcher is also on the list.

* and a much loved British actress, (see testimonies of Ethel Rosenberg, Mossad operatives Ari-Ben Manashe, Jonathan Pollard and Soviet naval attaché Yevgeny Ivanov.) and U.S.Ambassador John Gunther-Dean

Those in the establishment who claim the death of Diana and Dodi were just down to mass incompetence on a huge scale are stretching belief just too far.

So who gained from Diana’s death? There is only one group who would not like to see Diana with a Muslim, and the future kings of Britain brought up as Muslims.

Diana is the name of the moon goddess, in numerology, the theological number science behind the Bible, Koran and Upanishads, the name Diana adds to the moon’s number, which is a 2. Her title “Lady Di” is also a 2.

She was born in the sign of cancer which is ruled by the moon; in fact a close study of her life reveals the moon playing a major role in all her big life events, particularly the lunar eclipses at her marriage, birth of William, divorce and death.

The underpass where the car crash happened, “The Pont de Lalma” which also reduces to a 2 vibration, is itself on the same site as an ancient Diana temple, where human sacrifices occurred.

Her death was on the eve of the Oslo Conference, in which 100 countries would discuss a land mine ban, she was about to appear in a documentary on the drug embargo which killed 750,000 Iraqi children.

Diana who was age 20 at her marriage, and Charles were rumoured by footmen to have been instigated and pressured into the relationship, by the Queen mother and Lady Fermoy, for their own purposes, and I have held back here from much information supplied in the main from Soviet bloc sources, and Israeli contacts.

Diana told me that although she had been hurt and exposed by a fake psychic, Fergie had been very hurt and upset by one.

Handprint of Princess Diana

The handprint, ( see illustration above ) shows her intuition to be remarkable, and she was aware of the moons affect on her destiny, and she knew she would not have a long life. She said she lived each day as if it was her last, she had a deep need to love and be loved, but for herself, not as a trophy, and knew time was running out for her goal achievement.

So, it was predicable that of several high risk moon periods she would meet her end on 31 Aug. 1997, whose hidden numbers translate to 4+8+8 which finally reduces to the moons vibration number 2.

Incidentally, the name Diana Spencer has 12 letters in her name, and carries the same vibration as the 12 of the “hanged man in the tarot pack”, showing the ultimate self sacrifice, only one is an even number, 11 are odd numbers, showing her fate itself to be odd, the number 11 reduces to a 2 number, as does the “House of Windsor”

“H.R.H. the Duke of Edinburgh” and “H.R.H queen Elizabeth”, “Sir Winston Churchill”  and “William Blake” so also the “New Jerusalem” showing definite karmic linkage for a common agenda.

Tony Blair must have been aware of this, as those occultists around him chose his re-election date as 5-5-05.

Strangely the date of the reprisal bombing in London, was July 7th 2005 or 7-7-7

Very telling, as 7 is the next in the number series after the 2, Arab revenge maybe?

But the difference between the numbers of influence 5 and 7 leaves again the 2 vibration.

The success of Diana in highlighting wrong use of land mines, meant her next cause, highlighting Israel’s criminal acts especially in Palestine, with a personal visit for peace, would seal her fate.

Her astrological chart for January, holds the shape of the star of David, Westminster Abbey is also a 2 vibration, and 2000 mourners were inside for the funeral.

Incidentally Palestine also reduces to a 38=11=2 the same moon vibration, showing goal compatibility and a big coming success here.

Diana’s hand (see illustration above) and this is the first time I have shown this print because the confidentiality of the psychic is no different to that of the confessional box or the psychiatrist’s couch, we see an intuitive and anxious personality, yet is ambitious and focused, so is there any indication of her death?

“Well only indications”. With any forensic examination of a hand-print there is the danger of ”fitting things in retrospectively”. So to amplify data we can superimpose the death horoscope chart onto the crossing lines of fate and head, and use this as a traditional mandala for focus, meditation and concentration, and to dowse the central cross, using for her,  a moonstone on an 11 inch new thread, for information gathering; the central pole must align with the hands fate line, under the Saturn finger, her Saturn signs are very strong indeed, and remember Saturn and Pluto are the signposts of death.


The last son of the man with the prophets name will bring Diana to her day of rest
at a distance they wandering frenetic in grief delivering a great people from ruin”

These words are still the best, the last son of the man with the prophets name, can only be Dodi, last son of Mohammed, and the theory’s of ruin and sacrifice may be closest to those of Alice Bailey.


Just as a life chart can give details of the person, so a death horoscope can give information on the new life in the next world, and of other lives lived, particularly when aligned, and superimposed over the handprint.

I call this retroscoping, and to dowse assisted by coloured paper cones is an exercise in chakric amplification, I call at my lectures, funnelling.

The occult expert “Cheiro” says of the significance of the 11 vibration which has here been reduced to the 2 and I quote:

“This is an ominous number to occultists, it gives warning of hidden dangers, trial and treachery from others, its symbols are a clenched fist, ( aggression )  and a lion muzzled ( symbol of Britain with no voice,  and corresponds to number 11 of the tarot pack)  this also shows a person who will contend against great difficulties, and corresponds to the I-Ching sign for coming conflict."

Several Astrologers did give the warnings in Diana’s chart, alas I was not one of them.

The information about how this happened, is of more interest than why or who.

Try experimenting with thread at home for your own results.

“happy palmistry” hands read by post or email at.palmist@fsmail.net

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