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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sceptics Exposed As Fraudulent
by T. Stokes, Lecturer in Paranormal Studies

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 05, 2006 04:18:14 AM



 confess I am very sceptical, about sceptics.

  Because most have never studied the subject, to be sceptical means you have to know what you are sceptical about, instead, this often means something needs explaining to you, who should actually be open minded, as most scepticism is a mask for ignorance, or another agenda.

While moderate scepticism is a healthy and normal reaction, a new breed of British sceptics such as the disturbed Susan Blackmore and manic Richard Wiseman are entrenched in Denialism, and like the pope claim an Infallibility in what they teach.

This can be a recognised mental disorder and is part of the “Pathological scepticism constellation”.

Their often confused explanations of paranormal happenings are less feasible in logic than the happenings themselves.

This is because to obtain research funding means you first have to reach the conclusions of the grants givers, in other words the answers are first on the test sheet and you have to provide the questions.

The children’s conjurer James Randi is a case in point, with his constant attacks on alternative medicine and the paranormal, even when proved wrong does not admit so.

This idea that a person with some accreditation in one area qualifies him to speak in another field, has made fools of many psychologists who speak out of their depth on psychic subjects.

James Randi’s views on Homeopathy are only eclipsed by the remarks of buffoon astronomer Patrick Moore on Astrology, and are a case in point.

There have been attacks in the press of late on several of the psychic worlds top performers, these people were tested by scientists, and assumed genuine and given the green light, yet are now attacked on a regular basis as fraudulent by sceptics and denialists.

Yet it is true that the realm of the supernatural is as genuinely ridden with fakes, quacks and the deluded, as psychology and allopathic medicine, probably more so.

Scientists are in the very worst categories here, where there is more fraud than in any other arena of life.

They are more guilty of observer bias, filtered statements, using spurious facts, altering data, twisting statistics and using only positive study reports than in any other aspect of junk science, and such tricks as conducting an experiment 20 times to document the result of just one test are common place.

A favourite trick to skew statistics is to ask the question;

“ do you believe in the paranormal “?

Surveys average out at between 63% and 75% in favour, but if the question is asked:

“ do you believe in the paranormal, e g lock Ness monsters and father Christmas “?

Answers drop drastically to  7% to 10% in favour.

The full question is rarely shown in full.

Another trick is “the aunt Sally” this was pulled beautifully by New Labour to appease British Muslims that there was no torture at Guantanamo bay, photos were shown in a down market daily newspaper in Britain showing proof of definite torture,

Yet these were quickly disproved as fake- thus also condemning as fake all future news and photos.

I also know from my time in both psychic testing, alternative medicine and adult education that the professors practise of asking for student work on a topic, then masking up and passing the students written work as their own is common place..

* The biggest break through in recent years the cloning of Dolly the sheep, by Prof. Ian Wilmott, is the subject of a court inquiry, and has been accused of stealing the work of several other experts.

* The South Korean world expert on stem cell science, Hwang Woo-Suk admitted today Dec.22 2005 he had stolen information then made up stories on a major breakthrough.

* Top British psychiatrist Raj Persaud is presently under scrutiny for plagiarising from colleagues papers and studies.

* Dr. John Sudbo faked up 38 key cancer research papers, and fooled the Lancet, B.M.J. and the New England Medical journal, the report in the newspapers of July 3 2006 said it was pressure from the sponsors that pushed him over the edge.

* Soviet archive photographs, seen alongside Red Cross pictures, and R.A.M.C photo’s cast doubt on the official version of German gas ovens, and how many actually died in there in W.W.II

* Professor Roy meadows, a senior British scientist with his now discredited

“meadows law” which said the chances of 2 cot deaths in one family being accidental was a shocking 73 million to one.

* The British government scientists now admit they lied, and that “gulf war syndrome” does exist, and in all probability is from banned chemicals used in its weaponry.

The spurious research is often sold in industrial espionage to other cronies, companies or research groups, and this applies to all areas of the scientific community, but particularly in the Pharmaceutical world, in fact the man who tried to whistle-blow and stop the Thalidomide pharmaceutical tragedy, the Australian academic Bill McBride was hounded out as a liar, similar to Britain’s case of Britain’s Roger Lacy, who early on warned of the coming B.S.E crisis and was ridiculed, then hunted out of his job.

One of the results of the discrediting of science is that 60% of our school-children now question its relevancy as a subject, as doctors and scientists opinions can so easily be bought for all colours of the rainbow.

A philosopher once said; “once people believe in nothing, they can  believe in anything” and the non-belief constellations that make up scepticism, have become a belief system of their own

 The unnamed soldier who told of the suspicious deaths of recruits at Deepcut army barracks, and the postmen who told of the racial and sexual bullying in the Royal Mail, and the whistle blowers on corruption and harassment in the N.H.S

 also suffered extreme personal hardships.

Because of the rule that only positive reporting is published on the sciences.

Vested interests rule current scientific theory, drug companies will have many doctors on the payroll who will put their pay packet before the welfare of patients,

 The list of drugs with harmful side effects is as wide as Cherie Blair’s mouth.

Why we need teams of beagle dogs wired into masks smoking 350 cigarettes each day to observe nicotine poisoning is beyond me, and this test has been done regularly in laboratories around Britain for 35 years.

 If the research grants stopped so would the abuse, but the scientific community is generally without morals, even germ warfare establishments where experiments have escaped into the wider community such as in the A.I.Ds virus case and similar, have ruthlessly covered up their mistakes.

The hugely rich and influential Rockefella Organisation,  is perhaps best known for owning Standard oil, and its international financing and money supply empire, they also have multi-national drug organisations under the umbrella shared with the Rothschild family, these are perhaps the worlds most morally bankrupt industries, with links to the arms multi nationals.

Rothschild’s bank financed Britain’s wars with Germany in both world wars.

 Not only loaning monies at huge interest rates but, taking back the monies for arms sales, and for medical supplies.

They were part of a monetary supply apparatus that also funded the Third Reich, (now known as the E.E.C )

I once witnessed an interview with a long term senior Rockefella secretary, and was in shock for weeks over what I heard,.

In the U S A alone 180,000 deaths each year from misdiagnosed prescription drugs, and 1;5 million Americans hospitalised in 1978 from misdiagnosed pharmaceutical drugs, and 30% of those suffered further effects from those drugs.

The scientists tell us that mercury amalgam fillings are safe, and we need chlorine and fluoride in our drinking water, but these 3 substances are among the most toxic on the planet.

Yet a study of 1600 scientists beliefs in America in 21 top Universities by researcher Elaine Howard-Ecklund, revealed that scientists over whelmingly followed the New age beliefs that;

“ Old ways no longer worked”

“ trying to instil guilt over a mans death on a cross was usually counter-productive”

“ no religious body should have revenge at its dogma base”

“ no wars for religion “

“ more spirituality, less religion”

So if scientists are not, anti-paranormal or alternative medicines why do they appear to be so in studies ?

And if this was their collective mind set, why do many accept funding from extremist Christian groups etc ?

Watch for junk science in Allopathic Medicine. The supernatural, health and diet, psychology, Politics, and news programmes in particular, and if a sceptic blasts your beliefs-

Ask him to prove the paranormal does NOT exist.

Further reading New Dawn magazine –Health section.

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Prof. Brian Josephson  see works of.

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Yours T Stokes paranormal studies tutor copyright 2005

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006 04:18:14 AM

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