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Friday, June 09, 2006

When The Illuminati Says Look Down, Look Up To Saturn For Radiation Shower That May Kill Billions
by Greg Szymanski, June 019, 2006

Last Updated: Friday, June 09, 2006 05:48:29 AM


The Cassini Project is not fiction, as NASA has spacecraft orbiting the gaseous planet loaded with 72 pounds of plutonium ready to rock the heavens, rearrange the solar system and destroy planet Earth.

Greg Szymanski
Greg Szymanski


hile the enemy within has Americans looking for nuclear and biological attacks coming from Al Qaeda, the real attack may really be coming from a spacecraft now orbiting Saturn.


As out of this world as it sounds, The New World Order NASA minions are "creating a new star using a plutonium bomb" with plans to hit Saturn with such force that the heavens will be rocked and the earth will be showered with radiation, wiping out life as we know it with one wild, magnanimous scientific brush stroke.


Sound outlandish and impossible? Sound like a science fiction movie?


But nothing is out of the realm of possibility for the evil Illuminati since their global plan, documented in numerous writings, include wiping out approximately 80 per cent of the world's population.


And what better way to create a rapture or great chastisement then by blowing up a gas giant like Saturn with 72 pounds of plutonium, create a new star and then heat-up the new star's moon, Titan, making it habitable by 2033 for guess who?


Yes, if you guessed Lucifer's followers, the Illuminati, then you guessed right.


And if you wondered if the project really exists then you guessed right again since it exists under the name of NASA's Cassini Project. To make matters even worse, the name Cassini is taken from a Jesuit-trained Italian astronomer named Cassini, giving researchers and historians another clue as to who really are the spiritual controllers of the New World Order.


Further, the project has been named the Lucifer Project since the intent of those behind it is to name the new star created from the plutonium explosion on Saturn, Lucifer. Also, an article at www.rinf.com without an author's name attached asked, "Why is creating a star from one of our gaseous giants commonly known as the "Lucifer Project"?


The potential star's name was first dubbed "Lucifer" by A.C. Clarke in his novel "2010".  Lucifer is less of an actual deity and more of a concept representative of several ideas here. Lucifer, literally "light-bearer", represents rebellion, claiming god-ship, bringing enlightenment, and mastering knowledge.  Lucifer is a symbol of casting off the overlord and trusting the light from within, the concept of breaking out of the subservient shell of "God's dominion" and claiming the universe as one's own to conquer. 20 21   


In general, the Luciferian message could be:


 "I am tired of worshipping a fairy-tale 'God' and leaving the future to the whim of idiots and fanatics.  I will take the reins of the world into my own hands and guide it as I wish, as I may, as other will allow me to.  I will set myself as a god.  With the advantage of superior knowledge and the latest technology at my fingertips, I will rule as I see just.  You may claim godship also and join me, or try to create the world in your own image.  All you need to do is realize that you are also worthy and then attain the knowledge  I have gained.  If you will not realize and accept that you are a godlike creator then I have no pity for you and I will continue to dominate you until you come into the light."


As related to a Saturn Ignition, the message could be:  "Let's see if we can ignite something really big, like a planet!  Let's see if any 'god' stops us!  We will be recognized as gods within our own circles if we succeed!"      "Luciferian "spirituality" doesn't rely on stripping man of his nature, but rather embraces his nature and his potential (godhood)." 21


"I [Lucifer] am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. I am Life, and the giver of Life, yet therefore is the knowledge of me the knowledge of death..."   -Aleister Crowley, The Book of the Law. 21


The article then when on to document scientific evidence about NASA's Galileo and Cassini projects from key research by Jacco van der Worp, a Netherlands physicist, and former NASA Consultant, Richard C. Hoagland.


The following is the basis of the Cassini and Galileo missions as presented by RINF.com:


The Cassini spacecraft is currently orbiting Saturn, but is likely to be sent into Saturn July of 2008.  This report was written with the assumption that NASA will end Cassini's mission the same way they ended Galileo's by plunging it into the planet.  The polar orbits that are currently

scheduled allow an impact with Saturn on July 7 and approximately every week thereafter. The Cassini project is to be concluded no sooner than July 1.  The Cassini Spacecraft is powered by two different means, its thrust propellant, used for trajectory adjustments, and its main power supply for running instruments.  The latter is 238Pu, or Plutonium-238.  This 238Pu is what is known as a radioisotope, or radioactive isotope, which becomes physically hot from its own radioactive decay.  This heat is converted into electricity by a thermoelectric converter.  At time of takeoff the spacecraft contained more than 72 lbs. of Plutonium-238 dioxide fuel within (216) 1 inch diameter x 1-1/2 inch long cylindrical pellets.  Each pellet has about 1/3 lb. of plutonium dioxide fuel, most of which is plutonium-238 and a small amount being oxygen by mass.  In addition, there are some minor amounts of 238Pu for other heater areas. The pellets are divided into three even groups of 72, each group within one RTG (Radioisotope Thermo-electric Generator).




NASA has crashed a plutonium-carrying RTG into a similar atmosphere before which may have resulted in an explosion the size of Earth's diameter near the equator of Jupiter as observed by many and imaged by Olivier Meeckers of  Belgium on October 19, 2003.  Space.com carried the story "Mystery Spot on Jupiter Baffles Astronomers."  The craft, Galileo, entered into Jupiter near its equator very close to where the "mystery spot" later developed (Diagram A).  It is possible that if the explosion were larger or deeper, Jupiter could have reached ignition.  The fact remains that a very suspicious bruise appeared on Jupiter 28 days after Galileo made its plunge there.  It is important to mention that it is rare for a comet or meteor to impact Jupiter at the equator so it is unlikely this was the cause.


Besides providing scientific facts and mentioning the author of the RINF.com story was first alerted to Cassini by two obscure paragraphs in William Cooper's book, Behold a Pale Horse, the article presents a timeline of events, including speculations and conjecture uncovered about the real purpose of the project:


1945 (July)-- we ignite our first atom bomb


1950  -- a team is assembled to study how this new technology can be used to create a star.  Some of the world's best scientists work on it secretly.  This group is the "JASON Group" within the "JASON Society", a think tank of geniuses that work full time to solve many major science problems.


1968 - Arthur C. Clarke promotes the "Lucifer Project" in books and movies entitled 2001 and 2010, using Saturn initially, but is later told to use Jupiter.  (Once something spectacular occurs in a movie, it takes on a non-real possibility) 1972 - William Cooper sees or hears of the "Lucifer Project" during his time with the U.S. Naval Intelligence Briefing Team. 1983 - An unnamed craft or "lost" craft is secretly sent on a course to nudge a comet currently on a near collision course with Jupiter to a direct collision course with Jupiter. 1989 - Galileo is launched with two secret missions: 1) Collect information about the interior of gas giants using data from an upcoming comet collision with Jupiter (SL-9).  2) Impact Jupiter to ignite it, or if that fails, to collect more information about the interior by igniting as far beneath the atmosphere as possible, thereby bringing the interior to the surface. 1990 - William Cooper exposes the reality of the "Lucifer Project" in his book "Behold, A Pale Horse". 1991 - Galileo's main antenna supposedly deploys incorrectly.  In reality, the antenna is fine and is being used to send the prime data to a few elite "higher-ups".


1994 - Someone "in the know" helps Shoemaker spot the comet and the proper viewing is set up with Hubble and Galileo, etc.  The high quality Galileo-SL-9 imagery and data is kept from the general public. 1994 - Data collected from the SL-9 collision is used to tweak the specifications of the Cassini RTG setup in order to improve the odds of a Saturn ignition.


1997 - Shoemaker is killed in a car crash in Australia.  I am not aware of any evidence of foul play. 1997- Cassini is launched for Saturn with a tremendous load of Pu-238 dioxide (72 lbs!), many times the amount actually needed to run the craft's instruments. 2003 - NASA scientists decide to plunge Galileo into Jupiter after claiming there is no other logical option after initially implying that the craft would be sent to deep space, crashed into a moon, or left in orbit. 2003 (July) Geographer, J.C. Goliathan publishes a report stating that a nuclear reaction is slightly possible if Galileo goes into Jupiter. 25 2003 (early Sept) Physicist, Jacco van der Worp publishes a report warning of what could happen if Galileo plunges into Jupiter citing Goliathan's report and actually crunching the numbers to prove it.  Jacco sites the low probability, but believes the risk is high enough to warrant a warning.


2003 (Sept. 21) Galileo dives into Jupiter at the equator.  As was likely expected, nothing happens.  Then 4 weeks later: 2003 (Oct. 19) Olivier Meeckers images a "mystery spot" the size of Earth with a streak trailing away near the equator of Jupiter.  All other professional telescopes ignore the spot! 2003 (late Oct.) Richard C. Hoagland publishes a report detailing the entire amazing scenario showing that the "mystery spot" is most likely Galileo's plutonium that had drifted down 700 miles into Jupiter at 1 mph for most of the trip!  2004- Cassini arrives at Saturn to study the system.  The start of attempt #2. 2005 (early) - Cassini-launched Huygens probe studies Titan in depth revealing its primordial earthlike attributes.


2008 (early July to late July) - Cassini plunges into a polar region of Saturn in order to increase acceleration of gravity before impact (Saturn is very oblate).  This will give the pellets a head start and a much greater penetration depth than if the equator were used.  Also the polar region is less likely to have a storm brewing.  A few days later, or maybe weeks later, the plutonium pellets reach crush depth and implode 15-25% of the way to the center of Saturn and igniting it entirely into a star.  NASA does not have to officially deny responsibility because the question is never asked of them "Did Cassini cause this?" just as they were never questioned about the mystery Jupiter spot at the point where Galileo went in.             The trick has been all along how to get the pellets in deep enough for a significant disturbance to occur.  Saturn allows this with much less density than Jupiter and less of a radius to start with especially going into Saturn at its pole where the radius is 10% less than Saturn at the equator.  Jupiter may have been a hopeful first try and more of a test or precursor to Saturn.  Even A.C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick originally envisioned Saturn as the best candidate.  Another thing to note is that a Saturn ignition is much safer for Earth than a Jupiter ignition as far as ejecta disturbing our atmosphere.  The amount of ionized hydrogen that reaches us from Saturn will be a fraction of that from a Jupiter ignition, but still risky .  I estimate the mass of ionized hydrogen intercepted by the Earth to average  .015 kg/m2/day for every square meter of the Earth for about two weeks and traveling at high speeds. During the last couple days heavier elements will reach the Earth in smaller quantities. 2008 (late July) - The new star is named, possibly Lucifer, or a derivative of that.  The "sign from the heavens" is used to ordain a great world leader, or a leader who had just taken power prior to the event.


2008 (Jul/Aug/Sept) - After a few weeks of 24/7 talk of the implications, causes, effects, etc. of the new star, Earth begins to get showered with the ejecta from Saturn.  The shower lasts 2 to 3 weeks and includes some heavier elements towards the end.  This directly or indirectly kills millions of people and animals on Earth - a great boost for population control.  Those "in the know" hide out in underground cities and bunkers for several weeks to several months until Earth's ozone shell has recovered. 2009 - The new world reality sets in.  After coping with the effects of the event, the survivors find that having a second sun is novel. Earth is completely changed, all infrastructures, political structures, and religions are thrust into chaos.  The strongest surviving military force soon takes control of the Earth. 2010 - A call goes up to investigate and explore the new system of Saturn/Titan. 365/24/7 time and unlimited resources go into the new international venture.  Terra-forming plans start on a grand scale.


2033 - Humans set foot on an earthlike Titan.

- - - - -

For the entire article, go to http://www.rinf.com/news/nov05/lucifer-project.html

Greg Szymanski Greg also has his own daily show on the Republic Broadcast Network. Go to www.rbnlive.com Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at www.LewisNews.com. He also writes for American Free Press and has his own site www.arcticbeacon.com

Listen to my Radio Broadcast live Monday night at 8pm Pacific time on LewisNews, returning Jan. 1 2006 Radio http://webs.lewisnews.com/radio/index.htm. Greg is also regular on Rense.com the first Thursday of every month at 9-10 pm pacific time.

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Source: http://arcticbeacon.com/9-June-2006.html
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