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Thursday, June 08, 2006

According to Researcher Jared Israel, Vatican And Hitler Worked Together
by Greg Szymanski, June 07, 2006

Last Updated: Thursday, June 08, 2006 05:38:56 AM


Although the Vatican openly claims Nazism was the antithesis of the Catholic Church, strong evidence claims it was nothing but double talk. Most Italians are wise to the Vatican's lying ways, saying La vita e' una fregatura. But sadly most Americans remain in the dark due to infiltrated media.

Greg Szymanski
Greg Szymanski


he hypocrisy and outright lies coming from the Vatican are enough to make you want to spit on St. Peter's Square while saying in Italian "La vita e' una fregatura!"

The English translation and real meaning of these words cannot be made literally, as it takes an understanding of the Italian culture to fully comprehend the true meaning. It really means a man's life is literally stolen right before his very eyes by the deceit of the rich and powerful.

In other words, it's a way of saying don't believe a word coming out of the halls of power, including Rome and Washington. It's a way of acknowledging, the common man is wise to the dirty tricks of the elite even if it appears there is nothing that can be done about it.

Although the Italians have fallen to Illuminati and Vatican double talk, at least most of the commoners know the truth as more than 60 per cent of the money earned in Italy remains under the table in an outward sign of defiance.

But here in America it's a different story, most people blindly following the government's lead, following the lead of a corrupted U.S. government firmly in the pocket of the Vatican and without question taking its Illuminati marching orders from Rome.

And to fully understand how Americans are being duped requires a thorough reading of the Bible as well as thorough look at history. Although too vast a subject to cover completely in this short article, the only way to defeat a gigantic beast like the Vatican is to devour it one small bite at a time, of course, devouring it before it devours you.

With that in mind, it is best to look at an article provided by Jared Israel posted April 22, 2005, entitled Did the Catholic Church help German Nazism? The article is a must read, especially for people who espouse solely to the proposition that Zionism is at the root of the New World Order.

Although the Vatican openly claims Nazism was the antithesis of the Catholic Church, according to Israel's article evidence shows that:

A) The Catholic Church hierarchy - especially Eugenio Pacelli, before and after he became Pope Pius XII - aided the Nazis. Indeed, Pacelli and the Church played a central role in making Hitler the dictator of Germany.

B) The Catholic Church was active in Nazi movements outside Germany, especially in the Baltic region and in the Balkans, where the Church helped run the Nazi puppet State of Croatia. After the war, the Vatican sheltered Croatian Nazi war criminals.

C) Although at Yad Vashem, Pope John Paul II described the Nazis as having "a Godless ideology," this is not how the Nazis presented themselves or how the Catholic Church described the Nazis when they were in power.

The German Catholic Church's Centre Party (Zentrum) did clash with the Nazis in the 1920s, but as Hitler wrote (see quote below) their quarrel was over politics, not Catholic religious teachings, let alone belief in god. I can find no record from the period of Nazi rule of the Catholic Church attacking the Nazis as atheists, perhaps because they weren't. The Nazis themselves claimed they were fighting against atheism, specifically Bolshevist atheism, which they charged was a Jewish-created movement.  In attacking the Jews, the Nazis routinely employed Christian symbolism and traditional Christian antisemitic arguments, with which Europeans were familiar. 

On 23 March 1933, the Nazi government put forward the Enabling act, which would allow Hitler to create new laws without parliamentary approval.  This was after the Nazi-staged Reichstag fire; after the banning of the huge Communist party and subsequent arrest of thousands of communists and other anti-Nazis; and amidst a campaign of violent antisemitism. To become law, the Enabling act needed a 2/3 parliamentary vote. Before the vote, Hitler addressed the Reichstag (parliament) saying:

"While the Government is determined to carry through the political and moral purging of our public life, it is creating and insuring prerequisites for a truly religious life. The Government sees in both [Catholic and Protestant] Christian confessions the most important factors for the maintenance of our folkdom. It will respect agreements concluded between them and the States. However, it respects that its work will meet with a similar appreciation. The Government will treat all other denominations with equal objective justice. It can never condone, though, that belonging to a certain denomination or to a certain race might be regarded as a license to commit or tolerate crimes. The Government will devote its care to the sincere living together of

Church and State." (My emphasis - Jared Israel)--- http://tinyurl.com/g8gh3 

The Social Democrats fiercely opposed the Enabling act.  Hitler needed a 2/3 majority, so the balance lay with Zentrum, the Catholic Center Party.  Zentrum leader Monsignor Ludwig Kaas, a close friend and advisor to Eugenio Pacelli, the future Pope Pius XII, addressed the Reichstag. Far from attacking the Enabling act, or disputing Hitler's claim that Nazism was based on Christianity, Kaas called for a 'yes' vote. The Zentrum faction did vote 'yes,' and the act became law. According to National Catholic Reporter correspondent John Allen, a liberal Catholic and student of Vatican history (he has written a biography of Joseph Ratzinger):

In order to fully understand the double talk coming out Rome before, during and after World War II, the following article and photo montage are provided by Israel who encourages readers to pass on the link so others can absorb portions of history purposefully kept from Americans.


According to Israel, "The Pictures Accuse: The Catholic Church and Nazism in Germany and Croatia."


Go to http://emperors-clothes.com/vatican/cpix.htm#advent  for entire story and photos.

For more informative articles, go to www.arcticbeacon.com

Greg Szymanski Greg also has his own daily show on the Republic Broadcast Network. Go to www.rbnlive.com Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at www.LewisNews.com. He also writes for American Free Press and has his own site www.arcticbeacon.com

Listen to my Radio Broadcast live Monday night at 8pm Pacific time on LewisNews, returning Jan. 1 2006 Radio http://webs.lewisnews.com/radio/index.htm. Greg is also regular on Rense.com the first Thursday of every month at 9-10 pm pacific time.

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