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What is the Purpose of Religion and

by Frater RAH
(Posted here: Oct 28, 2005)

DisciplineThe purpose of religion and society is to wedge a wall between man and God, to cut him off from himself and cut him off from God. Religion aims at making a person spiritually ill. How do they do this? By turning individuals against themselves and souring their energies.

The young are taught obedience and other forms of enslavement that their spiritual energy may be killed. They becomes docile and controllable. They are taught not to explore themselves and others lest they discover their own way of thinking and what brings a lasting happiness. They are taught that rebellion is the sign of an evil person, rather than the mark of one who's spirit has become powerful. They are taught to never invoke one's soul into their body and mind through masturbation to gain spiritual strength, rather they are told it is a "sin" that his or her energies may remain stagnant and putrefy creating morbid mental and spiritual states. The intelligence and mental fire of every person is destroyed through this teaching of filth.

They are forced to waste their mental energies on learning how to make, of all things... money. They are taught how to suffer when alone that they may not find themselves, but rather, flee themselves endless. All in society is based upon running from oneself, stuffing the emptiness believed to exist within with entertain, and others. They are taught to live in a fantasy world based upon enlarging the image of themselves and having "purpose" to avoid the "awful" reality, which is that one's purpose is to be themselves living at full capacity. No one is told that there is no such thing as miracles or the supernatural outside of one's own mind. They are taught to seek their happiness and heaven in some "afterlife" rather than seeking it here and now. This is accomplished by constantly reinforcing the false notion that there is something wrong with each person, they are taught to despise themselves- "original sin" is one form of this. They are never taught how to love themselves, but rather their ego with a false love of constantly trying to form it larger and larger either in egomania to hide from the inner hell that society and religion has imposed upon them, or through "stability" in a "successful" life of being a sheep who believes as they are told.

The religious are taught that happiness is to be found in helping one's "fellow man" rather than themselves. While they are busy with others they neglect themselves and are filled with the shaky foundation of a temporary refuge which crumbles with age that only they can give, a refuge from the problem they originally created to make humanity unhappy! Instead of discovering oneself, one is taught they must create themselves. This false self covers the true self and causes the unfortunate individual to become more and more afraid of himself as he is, that what little comfort he has found in his created personality has afforded him -giving up his freedom for acceptance to the ego which has enslaved him. He has not tasted the joys of his true self and seeks to complete himself with position, relationship, wealth and security. Not that these things are inherently negative... but they must not become more than accompaniments to the foundation one has upon themselves, rather than a cover to keep the personality up and running.

One must discover for themselves how to create their own world to live in, rather that live upon the thoughts and Enlighteneddreams of society or religion. This is too much responsibility for most, and thus they choose a life that has already been laid down. A slavery. One's own world can be as hellish or as heavenly as one makes it, each event and situation may be taken as one wishes, an opportunity for spiritual growth or an opportunity for pain or for pleasure.

The profane man's life is based upon building an ego and then an empire to support his ego containing the various foods of the ego, such as fame, reputation, family, religion, wealth and so on. The spiritual man's life is based upon discovering himself and standing alone as a pinnacle to the heavens. Though he may have the company of others, he does not forget who he is and where he is traveling... to infinity and beyond. He is in the place within himself where no one can enter but alone.

One can only find themselves and God in their own nothingness. Religion teaches man to find his happiness in others rather than looking within and being suffient to themselves. He is taught that God is only present with the good and that he is absent from the evil. But this is not so, for God is not only the good but also the evil, and what lies beyond the two which are only seen as such by the most ignorant of individuals. Does the sun shine upon the good or the evil? The sun shines upon all, good and evil. All things have their life and their support, even their very existence in and of God.

The truth of the matter is that there is no "afterlife" as envisioned by the masses, the afterlife is but a union with the whole. But to convince man of these illusions that he may be turned into a unit of society to support the leaders, he is driven without his inherent happiness of his soul, where he cannot see and live in the whole here and now.

To start on the path back to who one is and where one is heading, the conscience must be killed and the self must be accepted and loved unconditionally. As it is, not in its "ideal" state. One is already perfect as is life, when it is followed as it is without trying to change the natural flow of things. By seeking that which you want you deny yourself that which belongs to you. Mind cannot differentiate between reality and fantasy. Fulfill something in the mind it shall not be fulfilled in the physical plane. Life gives to a man when he is prepared and ready for what it wishes to give and to show him, not when he believes it will make him happy. One must already be happy with what he has, and content with it, to receive more.

Chained with $$Money is one of the foods of the ego, for it makes a man feel secure outside of himself. It makes a man feel larger the more money he receives. It is used to hoard rather than share, it is the replacement of real objects and staples. While wealth is important for a stable life one's energies must not be wasted upon it. The man who has been conditioned by society will find it difficult to make easy money in life, while the hypocrite priest and politician will take that of others. The true path to wealth is in creating a discipline in others which leads to acquiring wealth through position.

One's own work leads to work in others through example and through this wealth returns. A man who passes laws will receive wealth by those who want those laws passed. A man who disciplines others will receive wealth from those he disciplines. Control of desires and control of ambitions of others leads to earthly wealth. This is exploited by the evil man.

All authority be it political or religious is based upon falsehoods and lies. Every man is but his own master and has no right to interfere in the lives of others, nor to claim his truth is even understandable by others. No truth can be communicated through words, truth can only be experienced and each man's truth is but his own. To believe in the words of one who claims to be the voice of god is to believe in the words of something that does not manifest itself directly, and is thus but a passing thought based on a lie.

The only true authority is one's own soul ruling one's mind and thoughts.

The only true religion is love, first of oneself then of others.

Society imposes false dreams, ideologies and motives in those it has enslaved. It teaches men and women to reject being such and seek out the roles of each other, and to suffer when not fulfilling such. This is the beginning a weakened society which cannot and will not fight back against those who have enslaved it. Those who are unable to love themselves, who have not dissolved their ego by just being themselves, are easily tricked, misguided and made as slaves to serve the system of living which has been imposed upon them.

Children are taught that selfishness is evil. Selfishness is but a misunderstood strength. Only when you have become overflowing with what you have given to yourself can you give to others. The selfish man cannot be controlled by religion, women nor law. The selfish man puts his own survival first in all things, and only then can help others to survive by teaching them likewise."

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