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Establishing Your Multi-Dimensional Truth
by Jelaila Starr, Jan 20, 2005

As we move further along the path of ascension, we find that more and more individuals, or groups of individuals hailing from other parts of the cosmos are contacting us. With all the confusion and frustration being created by trying to sift through the ever-increasing amounts of conflicting information they share, I felt it was time to write an article to assist you in figuring what's real and what isn't. In other words, how to establish your multi-dimensional truth.

What is multi-dimensional truth and how does it differ from 3D truth, the kind we know and understand?

In our society we have been taught to see truth from the 3rd dimensional perspective. In other words, truth was based on evidence and facts that gather through our five senses. But as we move into this new millennium and through the twelve octaves or overtones of the 4th dimension and up into the 5th dimension, we are presented with the opportunity and challenge to embrace truth based on the facts of events and the individual perspectives of those events in all the dimensions. In other words, we are asked to learn how to establish truth multi-dimensionally so that we can see the "bigger picture" which will keep us from becoming stuck in judgment and blame.

Multi-dimensional truth simply means truth that involves the realities of those existing on worlds and in dimensions other than ours. These people have their own experiences just like us and their own individual realities as well as a collective reality, also just like us. We live on earth and overall we have a collective consciousness of what our world is about, but we also have our own individual realities as well. It is said that we are holographic, that our world is holographic and when we look at it like I just described, we can see how that could be true. Each of our individual worlds is a hologram and our hologram contains our individual truth. All of our individual worlds make up the collective hologram we call the reality of our world and our world truth. I believe it is the same on other dimensions with the Beings or people who live in those worlds. And just as we have formed opinions of our reality and what lies beyond it, so have they and those opinions and holograms are what they are sharing with us.

What purpose does it serve on the ascension path?

I believe that this new challenge is behind much of the confusion, frustration and fear that many are experiencing now in attempting to establish what is true and what it not. This can be corroborated by the increasing amount of channeled material that is being put before us, and the many various perspectives and beliefs that information contains. If you spend any time just researching the online information you can quickly become overwhelmed and frustrated from the amount of viewpoints put forth by the various groups sharing their version of truth. And that is just what I see happening to many people today.

But isn't this just a part of the times in which we live? If it is true that we are ascending into a new level of consciousness, doesn't it make sense that we would encounter those Beings who live in the dimensions through which we are traveling? And wouldn't it make sense that they would try to connect with us and tell us their stories complete with all the, feuds, squabbles, judgments, agendas triumphs and joys in each? I think so. I feel it is all part of stepping into the galactic community. First we hear them and soon, as we move up through the octaves of 4D into the octaves of 5D, we will begin to see them as well. So, to me it is like taking baby steps. But once again, this new interaction with races from other worlds and their subsequent sharing of their reality with us requires a new way of looking at truth-a multi-dimensional way.

How do we use multi-dimensional truth?

So we see that each individual living on every world in every dimension has a personal truth. And each collective group of individuals has a collective truth. If we can begin to view the channeled material being given to us from that perspective then we can begin to understand how to perceive multi-dimensional truth. In other words, all creation, all holograms are truth to those that create them. Your life is your truth and my life is mine. What is painful for me might be joyful for you and vice versa. But there are things that we both feel are painful and things that we both feel are joyful. But once again, what we collectively agree is joyful to us and humans might be painful to another species…and each is accurate in their perception. Neither is right or wrong, they are just different ways of experiencing the same thing. Let me give you an example.

The knowledge that is part of the 9th dimensional perception is different in some ways than the knowledge that is part of the 3rd dimensional perception. Let's take the idea of light and dark. On our dimension (a 3rd dimensional reality) Light is seen as good and dark is seen as bad. Light is joy and bliss and Dark is pain and suffering. But on the 9th dimension Light and Dark do not have these labels. They are seen more like chocolate and vanilla ice cream, just different expressions of All That Is, each expressing a different version of creation. Neither is good or bad, both just are. There is no negative judgment placed on either one. On the 9th dimension Light and Dark are both acknowledged as having a balanced and imbalanced side. In others words, the Light has a Dark side and the Dark has a Light side. So the overall difference in the truth about Light and Dark in regards to the 3rd dimension and 9th dimensional perspectives is that on one there is a negative judgment of one of the polarities and on the other there is not. But perspectives on Light and Dark are truth.

Multi-dimensional truth is a concept that once embraced and understood enables us to look at each piece of channeled information and then place it in its proper perspective. By doing so we no longer find ourselves caught up in the frustration and confusion created by trying to understand these off-world offerings from a strictly 3D point of view using the 3D way of establishing truth. We no longer have a need to see them as a "right" or "wrong" but as point of view which we may share or not share, or we may find that we share part of their viewpoint, but not all of it.

Our ability to understand truth gets tested over and over with the result being that many of us are slipping further and further into the abyss of confusion and fear not knowing what to believe or in whom to place our trust. It is becoming a dilemma of epic proportions and driving many of us into constant states of low-level panic, stress and anger.

But there is a way out. There is a way to establish your truth, to understand how all the pieces of information coming to the planet from the higher realms and from the uncovering of hidden truths in our own worlds fit together into the bigger cosmic and universal picture. There is a way to be at peace and ride the information wave, taking in and discarding pieces, interpreting and placing pieces into the giant universal puzzle of multi-dimensional realities in which we actually live. And just like a 3D puzzle, which we are in the process of putting together, we can enjoy the mystery of wondering how it will look when it is all done. There is no need to in any way be upset because one cannot see the "whole picture" yet, or know where every piece fits or does not fit at any given time.

Thanks to the patient training by my guides on the Nibiruan Council, I was taught how to establish multi-dimensional truth. They provided me with precise instruction of how to interpret the data, placing the pieces in the puzzle, and finding peace, excitement and understanding in the process. Now I want to pass that knowledge on to you.

How do we establish multi-dimensional truth?

Step 1. Take the information you are reading and view it like you would if you were reading information given to you by two friends sharing their views of the same topic. Remember that each person will present his/her version of the truth based real facts and perceived ideas along with subjective experience as is their right.

Step 2. Remain open to the information in dispute. In other words, don't agree with one over the other, instead, remain open to the idea that other information is needed to corroborate both views. (using the analogy above, keep playing with the different pieces seeing what part of the puzzle of the bigger picture may or may not be on each piece, without judgment or fear).

Most importantly, remember that each version is the truth for that person and that is okay. As I mentioned earlier, multi-dimensional truth is factual and subjective therefore it is based not only on the facts of actual events that occurred, but also on the feelings and perceptions of the individuals involved in or observing the events as well.

What one group loves another group fears, but for both the truth is determined by their beliefs. This does not make them wrong or right. Multi-dimensional truth is not about wrong or right, it is about individual and group perceptions based on their individual and group experiences. If we can grasp this concept, we will be able to take advantage of all the information being given to us from our galactic and cosmic neighbors. We will be able to see the bigger picture and see how the galactic neighborhood really looks. There are disputes, alliances, peace, war, love, hate, justice and injustice just like on earth.

There is also the possibility of hidden agendas behind apparent perspectives where a group within a civilization may wish to influence us as new neighbors in the galactic community for their own purposes. This is similar to you moving into a new neighborhood here on earth and a new neighbor grabs your ear to give you a story to influence your ideas about another person or family in the neighborhood, not for the purpose of truth but for that individual's own agenda. The only difference between you and I and this example is that the new neighbors are contacting us before we even move in! To take one group's side over another is to pass judgment, get stuck in it, and play god and will can us off on the wrong foot as new galactic citizens by immediately drawing us into conflicts that we don't need the pain of being involved in.

We are the newcomers to the neighborhood. Many of our neighbors are visiting us now, telling us of their issues with others including the management team that maintains our galaxy. To get caught up in their disputes and conflicts taking sides does not allow us to enter the community as a neutral new member and as a result, we will open ourselves to attack from the groups we are indirectly opposing. It is like moving into a new neighborhood and having one of our neighbors begin shooting at us because they realize we have already taken sides with another neighbor against them. And we did this via telephone communication with our future neighbor. This is why understanding multi-dimensional truth is so important. We cannot begin to embrace multi-dimensionality and our new galactic community until we learn to see all sides of an issue. This brings us to my next point.

What tools do we need to establish our multi-dimensional truth?

Going a step further, how do we determine what all the sides of an issue are and further more, how do we find the integration point, the point of no blame?

The answers to this question are intuition and research. I have discussed this in the article, Establishing Your Truth, and it bears repeating again.

Intuition is how you receive information from your guides and higher self/soul regarding the information in question. How you feel about something is very much a key to knowing how to form an opinion about it. Intuition is half of the process known as discernment, but only half. The other half is research.

Research is how you determine why you know what you know and how you prove what you know to be your truth.

What benefits can we derive from multi-dimensional truth?

By using the technique of multi-dimensional truth instead of just 3D truth, we rid ourselves of the fear and confusion that comes from trying to determine what is really happening in the cosmos and what our part, both individually and collectively, is to be. We find ourselves at peace because we see the "bigger picture" and therefore, don't get pulled into the dramas that are playing out all around us. We see the puzzle and play with the pieces to see what they are and where they go-maybe they don't fit in the puzzle at all! Establishing your truth multi-dimensionally places you in the position of a creator god or goddess who sees all sides and remains compassionate unconditionally loving, and neutral. And isn't that what we say we want to be?

In closing, this was meant to be a time of great enlightenment; not a time of confusion, panic, stress and fear. Knowing how to establish multi-dimensional truth is the key, and the tool to taking advantage of all the good things this new knowledge has to offer us.

In service to all,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council

© Copyright Illuminati News, http://www.illuminati-news.com. Permission to re-send, post and place on web sites for non-commercial purposes, and if shown with no alterations or additions. Excerpts from the article are allowed, as long as they do not distort the concept of the same article. This notice must accompany all reposting.

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