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Why Are We Fighting Each Other Because of Belief Systems When the Enemy Is Still the Same?
by Wes Penre, July 2, 2004

Wes PenreWho am I? Am I a servant of Satan, a saint, or a mental case? Hopefully time will show I am neither of it. I am just an ordinary person doing my best to expose the evil of this world so we ALL can benefit from an environment free from anxiety, threats, fear and terror.

I understand that people belong to different belief systems, whether they are political, religious or something else. To me that is perfectly fine. The last thing I want to do is to enforce a belief system on anybody. Therefore I donít push the Christian religion, Islam, Catholicism, The Republican Party, their opponents or whatever. If I did, I would limit myself and would only communicate to a certain group of people. My purpose is, and has always been, to communicate to as many as possible, no matter what we believe in. Only then can we reach somewhere. We are all humans, with human feelings, needs, desires etc., no matter what we look like or what we believe in. No one stands above anybody else; we just have different talents, purposes and opportunities. We all have the chance to put our two cents toward a better world, though. And that is all we need to do to make a change. It is only if we do nothing that things will continue downhill. I hate no one, because I know better than that. I donít even hate the Illuminati. My hope is that through my webpage and this E-book I can wake people up to the reality we live in, so we can cut the chains by making spiritual decisions.

Sorry to say, too many people canít think in this direction. What I am trying to do is to expose the lies and reveal the truth as I have come to know it. If that includes writing something negatively about certain religions and political systems, so be it. The sad part is that if I for example write about something that in one way or the other is a contradiction to the Bible, I get tons of letters from Christians, saying I am a Satanist and they donít want to have anything to do with me, throwing out everything else Iím saying through the window. Same thing goes with Muslims, Catholics and others. Those people are so stuck in their dogmas that they canít see the solution. No matter belief systems or political systems, letís concentrate on the REAL agenda, to expose the REAL enemy, and maybe we would stand a chance. This works, only because it doesnít matter what we believe in Ė the Enemy is still the same. So instead of helping the Illuminati even more to win this war, with us fighting internally, how about accepting our differences and gather together in a joined effort to expose them?

My purpose is to bring light to what is going on and offer a SPIRITUAL solution to the problem. I am not saying I have all the solutions, but I have one that works for me, so maybe it does for some other people too. If not, at least everyone can start looking for their own solutions AFTER they are aware of what is happening in this world.

"Liberty can not be preserved without general knowledge among people."
(August 1765) John Adams







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