Amazing UFO Footage, Phoenix
from Brian,, June 6, 2005
(Posted here by Wes Penre, June 10, 2005)

 Click here to view the full video (12mg MPG)

We taped quite possibly the clearest and most amazing sequence of strange lights in the skies above Arizona on Sunday night at 10pm...  We were going to the local Walmart (blarg) to do some browsing of Chinese goods and to the right in the sky above the mountain appeared a huge formation of lights... So we decided to stop and try to get them on video.. just as we though we were too late the large light reappeared and soon others started appead `46 it ... then something amazing happened ... other lights started flying down from the sky and joining the formation of lights ... it was simply amazing to witness and even more amazing is that this has finally been caught on video ... the video was jawdropping and the objects are so clearly taped that its just a miracle that it was caught ... the camera was on the tripod during the first few seconds of taping and it caught the lights appearing and flying down perfectly.. I decided to turn on the higher zoom on the camera so I removed it from the tripod and changed settings and began taping again ... this time I was zoomed closer to the objects and they started flying back up in the sky and disappearing.... it was all caught on tape and this time NOBODY can ever say that flares are all that are flying up around here in phoenix Arizona.. - Brian/

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