Christian Encounter With "Alien/Demon"
by Roger (with permission)
(Posted here by Wes Penre, May 4, 2005)

Dear Joe, Here is just one of my true stories of alien abduction or encounter. This shows you what I can send you, if you would like to read them. By the way I utilize a computer at my local library and try to get to my e-mails about 2 to 3 times a week. Hopefully, Lord willing,  I'll get my own PC. I'm self taught on using a computer.

The following story concerns my 1st encounter, where I feel & see an alien demon.

For now on I will write the word alien, though we all know it to mean a demonic entity wearing an alien costume playing an alien.

It is 1973, just two or three months after accepting Jesus as my Savior and also receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit soon after. I was sleeping and alone in my home when my sleep was rudely interrupted. I was on my back and I went from deep sleep to suddenly feeling both my wrists being griped by someone. Now, I did not wake up, as in the conventional way. I was in the spirit and though my eye lids were closed, I could look right through them. What I saw was something bending over me and it was grasping both my wrists. My arms were crossed over my chest. I couldn't recognize what I was looking at, except that it looked like a mannequin with no eyes, mouth or nose holes, but overall had the form of a human and white or light Grey in color. I noticed it had a faint light radiating out from within it (all over it). All this was happening in a matter of seconds. I'm still in the spirit. I quickly, without thinking said to to attacker "Go in the Name of Jesus". It was still there holding me. Again I said "Go in the Name of Jesus!" Now, I don't know if I was talking in the spirit realm at the attacker or not. But then my physical eyes open and I'm looking at this thing face to face and it is still not letting go of me. So, I'm in this dimension and out of the spirit and I said to it with my physical mouth "Go in the Name of Jesus!" the third time! The ... whatever it was, cocked it's head a little at an angle and I just knew it was surprised that I caught it off guard. If it could talk, it would have most likely said "What?" or 'Hugh?" It finally let go of my wrists stepped backwards and disappeared before my eyes. I did not panic with fear, but I was calm and had the peace of the Lord that was beyond my comprehension. To this day I don't know whether the alien was binding me in some way or had just returned me back to my bed after being abducted and was in the process of crossing my arms when I surprised it.

At that time of my life, I was little aware of alien abductions, as an actual thing that happens to people. I never gave it much thought. And never knew it was happening to me. In fact it wasn't until about 16 years later in 1989, that I finally got the revelation of what all was happening to me. So, concerning my first encounter in 1973, I believe the Lord quickened my spirit, by waking me in the spirit, slab-dab in the middle of an encounter with an alien, so that I would learn and experience the authority Jesus gave to me. What was so phenomenal, was that I reacted with lightning speed and rebuked the alien without ever thinking in my natural mind how to respond to the attack. In the Bible it says the Holy Spirit will tell you what to say at the proper time, if it's needed.

In all those 16 years following that encounter, I never really knew exactly what that thing was that attacked me that night in 1973, except that it was a demon of sorts. I never gave it thought that it might be an alien. What I did know was that Jesus gave me the Holy Spirit gift for discerning spirits (bad & good) along with the experience of ministering deliverance from demons to Christians who needed it. Not only does deliverance rid you of demons, evil spirits, strongmen, fallen angels and even curses, but you get healed or restored back to health mentally (your soul), physically and spiritually. When you get deliverance, you should pray for healing by Jesus of whatever was damaged.

I finally found out what kind of alien I encountered back in 1973. 16 years later in 1989 I  read a book called "The Andreasson Affair" by Raymond Fowler. In that book there was an illustration of a certain kind of alien that only supposedly stayed in the UFO craft and if I read it right, did maintenance, etc. The alien looked exactly like the one that I encountered back in 1973. It looked like a mannequin!

Yours in Jesus, Roger

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