Reclaim Democracy... If Not, Then Anarchy!
- by "Hazel" -
(Posted here by Wes Penre for Illuminati News, July 16, 2004)

Our streets are no longer safe from the criminal element, in parliament. A government who is instigating genocide in the Middle East, wants to put our children in custody for the crime of ‘being outside’ and jail you, if you spank them. Corrupt ministers with sinister inclinations, who defy international laws and conventions, determine what is legitimate for you and your family, as they murder and maim others.

 Our armed forces bomb weddings, but we are bound to adhere to an ‘Anti-Social Behaviour Act’ which criminalizes trivial misdemeanors and will fill prisons to capacity, with “rebellious” individuals, that is, anyone who objects to Big Brother. The scandal of the century, Abu Graib paved the way for condoning torture and executions are the next step, woe betide you if you spit gum on the pavement.

 Cities are being divided into controlled ‘zones’ and it will be necessary to produce a biometric I.D. to enter one, at the discretion of military police. Soon, you won’t be able to do sh*t without a chip, literally… for the ‘good of society.’ However, if the law of the land becomes so Draconian, it is unreasonable; even treasonable, it becomes an obligation to reject it and overthrow that regime.

 Parties are requesting an apology from the Prime Minister for the illegal invasion of Iraq, when they should be issuing him with an arrest warrant for war crimes, but the Cabinet is unaccountable for its policies and that, by definition, is totalitarian. The electorate ought to march on the House of Commons with firebrands and pitchforks, before an invincible barrier is erected.

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