Halliburton, Cheney and the Iran Connection
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(Posted here by Wes Penre for Illuminati News, July 25, 2004)

Dear Friend,

Did Halliburton conduct $80 million worth of illegal business with Iran?  Was Dick Cheney involved while he was CEO?  These are real questions that aren't being asked.

Demand answers and help this story get out. Sign the petition today.

According to Tuesday's Wall Street Journal, John Ashcroft's Justice Department has quietly subpoenaed documents from Halliburton (as disclosed in the company's recent SEC filing).

Today, as links between Iran and al-Qaida are revealed in the 9-11 commission's report, this story is still not being widely discussed.  Don't let these serious questions get swept under the rug. 

Help tell the story and demand the truth from Halliburton and Cheney.

Here's a quick overview of the situation:

Iran: A member of Bush's "Axis of evil". US Sanctions have been in place against the country since 1979.  The 9-11 commission is revealing connections to al-Qaida this week.

“On July 20, Bush suggested that Iran might have had ties to the 9/11 attacks and/or be guilty of harboring al Qaeda terrorists. ‘I have long expressed my concerns about Iran,’ Bush said.  ‘It is a totalitarian society where free people are not allowed to exercise their rights as human beings.’” [Source: CNN, 7/20/04]

Halliburton: Currently the largest contractor of the US operation in Iraq - holding contracts worth an estimated $18 billion. They have already admitted to overcharging US taxpayers millions of dollars.

“A Pentagon audit found that Halliburton overcharged taxpayers by a total of $61 million. [Source: CBSnews.com, 12/12/03]

"Halliburton's Cayman Islands subsidiary opened a Tehran office in early 2000, before Mr. Cheney left the company.”  [Source:  Wall Street Journal, 7/20/04]

VP Dick Cheney:  Former Halliburton CEO, benefiting from a rich retirement package with the Halliburton for his service.

"Cheney received almost $180,000 from Halliburton in 2003 alone.  [Sources:  CNN, 4/13/04; CNN, 10/25/03]

"Three days before a Halliburton subsidiary was awarded a $7 billion no-bid contract to fight oil fires in Iraq, an Army Corps of Engineers official wrote an e-mail saying the award had been ‘coordinated’ with the office of Vice President Cheney, Halliburton's former chief executive.”  [Source: Washington Post, 7/2/04]

Iran + Halliburton + Cheney.  The truth must be told. Demand a full investigation now.

Please join ACT's call for the truth and our efforts to elect Democratic leaders in 2004.  Our work is focusing on races up and down the ticket - in federal, state and local elections - and we need your support today. 

Thank you.

Ellen Malcolm
America Coming Together

PS.  By reading this email you've already made a big difference.  The media is not covering this important story. We must speak up and demand a full investigation.  Express your outrage now on the  ACT blog!

Please email your friends and family and urge them to sign the petition and join ACT today.

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