The global display of Unity & Love
- World wide Beacon Lighting November 13th 2004 1900 hrs local time
- Trance Formation of America -
(Posted here by Wes Penre for Illuminati News, October 7, 2004)

Light a beacon to unite against The removal of civil liberties, War, Terrorism (war is terrorism), Destruction of rainforests, Surveillance, Government lies, Capitalism, World debt, Famine, Negative media images, political conspiracy, homelessness, globalisation/the New World Order, poverty, genocide, pollution, corrupt politicians, the trillions spent on arming the planet, slave labour, racism, economic sanctions, fascism, ID Cards, Microchip implants etc…

Dear humanity, all of the above and more happen because of actions that are being carried out against all of us through the global political and economic system no matter what race, colour religion or political slant Beaconwe happen to come from. Yet in themselves race, religion, class etc are merely the illusionary divisions created by those who we have let govern & control our lives for a very long time. Because the divide and rule technique has worked so devastatingly against humanity the above and more has become possible. It does not have to be like this. For those who know the time has come for a global display of unity & unconditional love. Spread the message & light a beacon to unite humanity against these injustices, they are G8 we are 6 billion. This has the scope to be the largest peaceful protest in human history lets all stand and be counted.

On November 13th 2004 assemble in your groups and go to any high point local to where you live and light your beacon of unity at 1900 hrs. Where possible, inform your local newspapers TV & radio stations of your actions - we are all after as much publicity as is possible. This will be going global! Lets us all unite and make history.

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