Farenhieght 9/11
by Tanya Diaz
(Posted here by Wes Penre for
Illuminati News, June 28, 2004)

Farenhieght [sic] 9/11 is being called propaganda by the republicans, but what people don't understand is that this isn't about taking sides between one president or another it is about human rights and the reasons for going to war. It is about the families that have suffered because of one mans ego trip.

Farenheight [sic] 9/11 skillfully depicts the president in moments of complete smugness. Those moments that in anyones [sic] mind so full of terrorism code alerts or changing diapers would completely neglect. What the movie basically does is recap the last four years...so you won't IGNORE IT.

We as humans tend to forget. Unless it has personally happened to us (and even then sometimes we forget) we erase it out of our memory and keep a blind eye on the past. As Orwell put it, and Moore so masterfully used in the end, war thrives on people forgetting and ignoring. If you don't remember what Bush did 20 years ago, of course you would vote for him now. The media keeps feeding you new ideas every day so you don't really realize that your being duped. It s a wild goose chase and we keep chasing our tails hoping we will accomplish something. So what Moore does is remind you about all that information we might have forgotten so we can make a more informed decision in the next election.

There are moments when your heart is heavy. The scenes are not easy to view. The reality of it stings you and makes you realize what bliss your life is. Who would have imagined so much negativity could have passed through people's lives in the last four years? No wonder everyone is all edgy and there are so many fights and drama between people. How can we be happy if there is a huge percent of the population in complete turmoil?

It is a case for the human rights activists. If you don't want to fire Bush after this you definitely have a problem with compassion. You can't deny what has been done to the world after this concieted [sic], selfish administration took place. Its almost as if the whole world was turned upside down again. Yes there has always been disrupt but in that last years it seems as if the US caused alot of that.

Moore makes you laugh though anyways. He has such a way of feeding you the truth that you have to crack up just as your crying. He does that to get you to swallow it all easier. He knows alot of people would ignore him if he wouldn't make a joke now and then. I see him as arch angel Michael coming with his sword to cut away all the bad in the world. Supposedly he spares noone with his sword and honestly he gave it to Bush pretty hard. You leave the theater going "OUCH thats [sic] gotta hurt!". It's no wonder that the Bush administration tried to stop it at all costs! It basically makes them all look like fools. Any Bush lover who watches this will probably have to sneak out of the theater with their tail between their legs and apologize for ever arguing thier [sic] point.

After this movie you realize how much change has to take place if we really want to live in peace. It is beyond changing presidents. We as a whole society have to stop living in ignorance and really make an effort to change. In one part a lady is walking past another whose son had died in the war and she tells her "OH its all a lie, none of it is real" The other lady looked at her in disbelief and said "Not true? My son died. How can you tell me it is not true" and all the lady responded was "Where did he die?" (as if that made an argument) the lady just freaked and told her "IRAQ!" the other lady couldn't respond. There was nothing left to say. Clearly this woman was living in her own constructed bubble to protect her from the truth. Because honestly it does hurt to think that we as a society are only good for war.

Whatever happened to all the hopes and dreams we had as kids? All that optimism? Was it all just a fairytale constructed to shield us from the truth until we were old enough to realize realtiy [sic]? I would like to believe the human race is better than this. That there is more to us than this huge amount of negativity that constanlty [sic] oozes from us onto this beautiful earth. Why must we be the only species who destroys everything? Of course we are not really like that but if we buy into what this administration is feeding us it is what we become and what we end up projecting. I am speaking to the people who believe this war was necessary, that bombing innocent lives was justified (although that is a small portion of the population). Was it really? If they bombed your house would that be justified? To kill a dictator it is not necessary to kill children, but that is what happened. It was unavoidable. If you send a bomb in the air (and i don't care how guided of a missle [sic] it is) it is technology and technology can fail and hit the wrong place. I know we want to believe that won't happen but that isn't reality. That is one thing you will learn from this movie. reality. You will get clips and you will know reality. There will be no more room to live in bliss.

You walk away with only one thought "the only thing left to do is take action".

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