What's Wrong With the "Execution Videos"?
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(Posted here by Wes Penre for Illuminati News, October 10, 2004)


When reading this, keep in mind this quote by the German Rev. Martin Niemoller...


''First they came for the Communists and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.  Then they came for the Jews and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.  Then they came for the Catholics and I didn't up because I was a Protestant.  Then they came for me and, by that time, there was no-one left to speak up for me.''


It’s important to speak up – especially if it’s the truth.



1.       In the long version of Nick's beheading, which includes him giving a little speech about himself followed by his killers also giving their own speech afterwards, you see Nick is quite composed for someone who is about to be internationally humiliated and then horrifically killed in a non-Islamic fashion (note, according to some Islamic websites, the method used by these people is not normal Muslim practice.  That would be ‘one’ strike with a long sword).

2.       While the killers are reading their speech, Nick is, once again, as cool as a cucumber.  Either he has been trained by ''James Bond - 007'' or he knows nothing untoward is about to happen to him.  He just makes the slightest of movements during the entire ordeal.  At one point, according to his body-language, he even appears to get fed-up with the speech being read out.

3.       The man reading the speech, fumbles with the paper on which it is written many times but his voice never falters once during the entire speech – it’s perfect.  Could someone else be reading the speech and he is just making out that it is him?  I think so.  Why would he do that unless he doesn’t speak Arabic?  In fact, at one point, he even losses where he is supposed to be reading from and gets the papers all mixed up… and yet the voice continues perfectly.  It doesn't add any credibility to your ''cause'' if you show the world you can't even read!  Why wasn’t this scene re-shot?

4.       The Counter.  This is a beauty!  Talk about a smoking gun!  I'll leave you to have a good look at it but perhaps you can let me know why there are fluctuations on the counter at the bottom right of the screen throughout the entire footage?  I would like to know why it is that when Nick's head is cut off and lifted up to the camera in triumph (if you're mad enough to think that it was actually cut off) that the counter says THE SAME TIME it said when Nick's head was being cut off?  Also, why is the counter in USA Military layout and not normal 12 or 24 hour settings used by the general public?  Another issue; why is it that from the time the speech of the killers ends and the time we see Nick being pulled to the ground and attacked (we're lead to believe by the filming that this time-laps is about 1 second, at the most) is, according to the bottom right counter, almost an hour later?!!

5.       Nick, like all the others, makes no attempt to move out of the way during his execution.  I realise his hands are bond but he is still in full control of his major muscles and can thrash around as most people would under the circumstances.  In the interest of fairness, here is one reason behind his non-movement... could it be that military personnel are trained not to resist under such circumstances so the inevitable is over much quicker?  Quite possible.  Could it also be that Nick is drugged?  Again, quite possible.  However, what we see is not Nick... it is a dummy, just like all the rest of the beheading executions!  In fact, they used the same dummy for Nick as they did for Kim Sun Il.

6.       The camera cuts a number of times during the beheading.  Why?  Surely these people want their cause furthered and, if we are to believe the Xenophobic American press, this would have been a golden opportunity for that to have occurred.  Instead, they have an exceptionally poor quality tape-recording (just like the faked Osama binLaden ''confession'' tape, created and put out by the Americans, in an attempt to allow America and it's allies to ''justify'' staying in Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, or whatever other country George W. Bush feels has ''his'' oil) when they could have made a crystal clear recording on digital.  After all, these people are meant to have links to very rich organisations, therefore, loads of money at their disposal.  Why didn't they use a small part of their wealth and purchase a brand new tape and record it with a good quality digital camera?  If they are who the American’s say they are they’ve done their cause no justice at all.  But then, they didn't make these films. 

7.       Why is the man reading from the speech (the over dubbed voice, not the man we see on the screen) speaking Arabic in a clearly Western accent?

8.       Why are the hands of ALL the terrorists in all the films... WHITE?  I thought those who live in the Middle East have light brown skin pigmentation?

9.       One of the killers is wearing ‘gold’ jewellery – a ring.  You might think that's OK.  However, according to the strict rules of this (Muslim) group, and Islam in general, gold is forbidden, especially for men.  Worth having a think about, wouldn't you say?

10.   Why is there a man wearing, what appears to be an American Military jacket & cap on the right side of the camera near the end of the footage?  It's very nice of the killers, don't you think, to let their enemies have such a close look at one of their boys being killed?  There can only be one reason for this man being there - Muslims DID NOT kill Nick Berg.

11.   Why is there a Western man's voice, at the end of the footage, before his head (the dummy's head) is raised up to the camera, saying IN ENGLISH - ''Thy Will Be Done, Thy Will Be Done.''?  After this Western/English slip-up (and, incidentally, Thy Will Be Done is an inherently ''Christian'' quote) the sound is suddenly switched off.  As an amateur photographer, I can tell you here and now that these men will never get a job at the BBC or CNN as a cameraman!



Kim is an interesting one to watch, especially if you watch it after Nick's faked death.  Kim does actually beg for his life and is blindfolded throughout.  Personally, I think Kim Sun Il honestly believed he was about to die.  My heart goes out to Kim's family especially.  I cannot begin to imagine, nor do I wish to, what they must be going through right now.  However, the terrorists have learnt a lesson from the previous balls-up that was Nick's faked death.  Consider the following... 

1.       When the killers are there, after Kim's begs & pleas have finished, Kim is uncharacteristically silent and utterly motionless.  Very odd, given that moments before, he was begging for his life.

2.       His torso, attire, etc. is exactly the same as Nick Berg's when he was, apparently, killed.  (I suggest that they used the same dummy).

3.       Just like Nick, when Kim's head is cut off, there is, remarkably, very little blood.  Given that the killers have cut through several major arteries, this means, at least to me, that they did not cut the neck of a ''living'' man.  I have seen footage and stills of beheadings in Saudi Arabia and I can tell you that when these arteries are cut, there is an enormous amount of blood that spurts out about 6-10 feet!  If the person is stressed, as Kim clearly was, this would increase a person’s blood pressure and, therefore, make one almighty mess when it is suddenly giving an exit through decapitation.  However, there is very little blood indeed.  Given that both Nick and Kim are very close to a wall when they are beheaded, that wall should have been drenched in their blood.  IT'S PERFECTLY CLEAN IN ALL OF THE SHOTS!!!  Even qualified doctors have said that these films don't look right.



After watching the films above, this one is just a joke!  No speech, no long-winded pleas or begging, just a dummy's head being cut off and then some lovely music at the end.  I have nothing more to say about this film as it's an insult to my intelligence.



Hmm, this one, on first viewing it, looks like it could be real... but it isn't.  It's fake, just like all the rest that even a 5 year old could do a better job at producing.

1.       He is utterly motionless (he's even better at it than Nick Berg was, and Nick was trained by the USA Military) during his killer's speech.  How thoughtful of him to accommodate his murders like that.  I’m sure all of us would do the same if we were in his position.

2.       He then reads, on cue (I'll come back to the ''cue'' later) a prepared speech.

3.       The camera cuts and suddenly he has a blindfold on.  Also, his mouth and the beard-area around his mouth take on a slightly different characteristic.  Look closely.

4.       The man with the gun shoots the Bulgarian gentleman in the ''right temple''.  Then what happens?  Well...

·         a/ He raises his hands up in preparation for falling forward

·         b/ His head raises up in the same fashion – note, his head does not move to the left

·         c/ Then (and this is the really funny bit) he falls FORWARD!!!  I think I'll just repeat that... He falls… FORWARD!!!  This defies all the laws of physics, mechanics and all known laws related to human biology.  However, given that we are supposed to believe that terrorists (who didn't exist) on September 11th 2001 temporarily suspended the laws of physics and thermodynamics in the demolition of the Twin Towers and the missile (ops, should I have said plane, that's the official version that we’re all supposed to be following, isn't it) that struck the Pentagon, it's no wonder the makers of these faked films think we are stupid enough to believe that Muslims can, once again, defy the laws of physics and the laws of natural biological when they shoot people.

·         Note: No blood leaves the entrance (right) side of the head.  No blood leaves the exit (left) side of the head.  His face is fully intact throughout - contrary to normal ‘point-blank’ gunshot wounds to the head, which usually rip half the face/head off.  Think back to the assassination of President JFK.  His head was virtually blown off from a distance!

5.       Then the camera... yes, you've guessed it... ''cuts'' again.

6.       When they can be bothered to start filming again, there is no blood on the floor.

7.       Two more shots are fired into the gentleman's head.  No blood comes out either time.

8.       The camera - AGAIN - cuts.  Now we see a short scene from (almost) the front of the man.  Arrr, finally, there's the blood.  I knew it would be along sooner or later.  Not much though, given he's just had three bullets blasted into his head all at ‘point-blank’ range.  And look!  His head and face is STILL in perfect condition.  (Maybe they needed to use this dummy for another faked assassination film and didn't want to get it dirty.)


If you don’t believe that these ‘’men’’ are dummy’s, just get a copy of The Lord of The Rings, part 3, The Return of The King.  Severed heads (obviously fake ones) are used in one part of the film, so are dummy’s for some ‘decapitation’ battle scenes.  They all bear a remarkable resemblance to Nick and the gang in these faked decapitation films.

With regard to the ''cue'': There is a possibility that ''Mind-Control'' is being used on these men and that all of the men are, in fact, dead as a result of these executions (which I doubt).  If Mind-Control was used, it’s important to remember that not all people are as susceptible to it.  Therefore, that may explain why Paul Johnson's film wasn't like the others.  Perhaps he couldn't be Mind-Controlled and was just killed outright.  With the Belgium gentleman, he may well have been controlled through this method.  However, Mind-Control does not explain the lack of blood, the denial of the laws of biology, mechanics and physics and the change is his mouth area just after being blindfolded.  The subject of Mind-Control is too vast for me to go into here.

The above has been the main points of the footage that I've come up with so far.  Don't get me wrong, whilst I have a sneaking suspicion that these men are linked into some sort conspiracy which they may (or may not) be complicit with, my heart goes out to their families who must be going through a living hell right now and, no doubt, will do so for many years to come.  I can do nothing for them except hope that these points, if made more public, go some way to showing the families that their sons/husbands/fathers/brothers/lovers have been used in one of the world's biggest and most horrific lies ever, and hope that they seek justice through the proper channels.


The above, then, begs the following questions... 

1.       Are these men involved, complicit or otherwise?

2.       If so, does the fact that these films are fakes mean that they are still alive?

3.       If so, are they now working for forces we know nothing about (perhaps they know nothing about either)?

4.       If they are dead, why were these films used in such a public way as it did nothing for the religion of Islam and Muslims as a whole have suffered even more than they did immediately after September 11th 2001?


I have one answer I would like to offer with respect to the last question - OIL!  These films have allowed America (and its allies) to remain in the Middle East and 'secure' the countries and their energy resources.  Likewise, America has gained in the Billions, just through reconstruction contracts alone.


Regarding the most resent films of the two American and one British hostage…

1.       Why don’t the decapitated bodies of either American man ‘judder’ in the normal way after such a horrific and violent death?  Only inanimate, lifeless dummies can keep that still.

2.       Why are all the hostages, (even those from some time back), dressed in orange jump-suits, just like the ones the Americans use in their prisons (Note, unless I'm seriously mistaken, orange jump-suits are not used in the Middle East as all).

3.       Why is it that when these men have their throats cut, they are still able to make sounds?  According to all known scientific understanding of human anatomy, this is physically impossible.  Are all of these hostages superhuman?

4.       Why, in one film shot outside (some time ago), was the man being executed able to make strange, animal-like sounds after his throat (windpipe/voice-box) was cut?  According to conventional medical understanding and the general experience and knowledge we all have of human beings, this would be physically impossible.

5.       Why is the sound of suffering, in most of these films, dubbed on afterwards?

6.       Why is there ALWAYS (without fail) a cut/edit in the filming from the 'grab-the-hostage' scene and the 'decapitate-the-hostage' scene?  Likewise, there are other cuts at crucial points that do nothing to further the cause of these terrorists (if we are to believe that is what they are)?  In fact, these cuts undermine the legitimacy of the films.


The latest FAKED decapitation film... Kenneth Bigley

No speech, as we were told there was by him

Clean clothes (American-style orange jump-suit), given that he had apparently made a break for freedom just 30 minutes beforehand

Caucasian men are (again) the terrorists, not light brown middle-eastern men

No actual ''clear'' decapitation scene as there was in the previously faked films (Obviously, these non-Islamic white men now know that we’re on to them and know that we know they’re faking it)

No crying out in pain from Mr Bigley during the decapitation.  Strange, given that he’s (apparently) dying!!!

YET ANOTHER CUT in the filming/editing of these faked films from the 'grab-the-hostage' scene to the 'decapitation' scene.  (If I were you, guys, I wouldn't bother applying for a job with the mainstream world-press camera crews as they are just a little bit better at filming/editing than you are)


Here are two websites that show these fake films…



www.ogrish.com (please note, this site also contains links to ''pornographic'' websites)



http://www.welfarestate.com/binladen/funeral/ A link showing ''Osama binLaden's'' death certificate!!!

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