Doing Business With The Enemy
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Made in the USA, Part III: The Dishonor Roll


In 1983, Rumsfeld, then a private citizen, traveled to Baghdad to meet with the Iraqi dictator. Rumsfeld delivered President Ronald Reagan’s personal message of support to Hussein, who was already three years into his eventual eight-year war with Iran. The American envoy also discussed a proposed joint-venture oil pipeline with the Iraqi leader. That project, also championed by the San Francisco–based Bechtel Group, never materialized, but Rumsfeld’s mission underscored the reality that for more than 30 years the economic interests of American industry were firmly embedded into the geopolitical goals of U.S. policymakers.


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Prosecutor: Prescott Bush continued to support Hitler after the U.S. entered WWII


“They should have been tried for treason, because they continued to support Hitler after the US entered the war. As a former prosecutor, I could have made that case.  They shipped gold through axis countries after the US entered the war. That certainly was treason, because it gave aid and comfort to the enemy and assisted them economically.”


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