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Napa State patients charged with attempted murder

Female inmates accused of March attack against staffer

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Register Staff Writer

Two Napa State Hospital patients are accused of attempting to kill a hospital staffer, and one has already pleaded no contest to a lesser count of assault.

Precious Lashounda Boddie, 25, and Shaniqua Anderson, 19, are accused of attacking a female hospital staffer at the state hospital on March 13. According to the police report, witnesses said Boddie punched and kicked the unidentified victim in the face, causing extensive bruising. The report also stated Boddie choked the victim until she was blue in the face.

Boddie was yelling, "I'm going to kill you," according to the report, and she told staff members and hospital police she was going to kill the victim. Witnesses also told police that Anderson prevented staff members from breaking up the fight between Boddie and the victim.

Boddie is facing a minimum sentence of two years in state prison and a maximum of four years, according to court documents. In addition to the attempted murder and assault charges, the women were also charged with threats to commit a crime resulting in death or bodily injury.

Boddie entered her no contest plea Thursday when the women appeared in court.

The judge ordered Anderson to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine if she is mentally capable to participate in her defense. The court will review the evaluation June 29. If she is found to be incompetent, she could be sent to a state mental hospital.

The women are currently housed at the county jail.

The county filed a motion with the court, which was denied, to have the pair returned to the state hospital because they posed a threat to themselves and correctional officers. The motion stated the women should be at the hospital because it has the facilities to manage the long-term needs of their psychiatric conditions.

The women were brought to the county jail on May 25.

While at the jail, Anderson claimed she swallowed two glass lenses and the batteries from a TV remote control, according to court documents. She also broke off the pouring spout of a water canister and swallowed it, according to the documents.

While Boddie was in the county jail, she cut her wrists with a razor blade and pushed a staple in the wound, according to the reports. While she was in a safety cell, Boddie tore off her safety smock and ripped it into pieces and stuffed the material into her ears. Boddie also pushed wads of paper in her ears, as well as a pencil lead, which had to be surgically removed.

Boddie is set to be sentenced on July 6.




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