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The Sinister Controllers of Music and Art

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Mind Control in the Field of Art

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Artists under the Magnifying Glass

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David Bowie And the Occult
 (by Peter R. Koenig)
with permission

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain - New title from Atria Books Reveals Evidence that Rock Icon was Murdered

Led Zeppelin

Marilyn Manson's Old HomePage

Marilyn Manson's New HomePage

Jim Morrison

John Lennon's Murder

Did Paul McCartney Really die?

Janet Jackson Reveals To the Press That She Is A Multiple Personality

Satanic Quotes by Musicians

Rock'n'roll & 666

Rock Music and Suicide

More on Rock Music and Aleister Crowley

More on Occult Rock Music

"Hell Bells" - The Danger of Rock'n'Roll

"Hell Bells" (Transcripts)


The Movie Industry:

Hollywood Unmasked


Updated: May 12, 2004