Prodigious Preachings from the Pulpit


"We are our own wicked gods.... sadistic and constantly inflicting a slow demise."

Today's sermon: Tips for Surviving the End Times, from Our savior himself, the Reverend Marilyn Manson:

The time has come, it is quite clear... AntiChrist Superstar is here!

I appreciate your faith in our cause.

Right now, as a Family, as an Army, we are limited as a minority. Laws bind us. But it is important to remember: The law is only what is popular, not what's right or wrong. Marilyn Manson's Church of AntiChrist Superstar rejects conventional morality and societal standards. As misanthropes and throw-away kids, we will NOT submit to the mainstream: We will BECOME it. When WE become the majority, WE will decide who doesn't belong.

Assume your individuality. Read, watch, listen to, and do what you want. BUT BE WARNED! You cannot have this freedom at no cost: You must pay in responsibility. Enlightened brothers and sisters, FREE YOURSELVES! Die for your OWN sins. Sell your soul to YOURSELF: You'll make more money. Invest in YOU, and put the bible- belt- wearing- pro- life- red- neck- record- burning- fundamentalist- fag- bashing hypocrites out of business so they can wallow in their own self-made, feeble-minded Hell. Hallelujah motherf******!

There's a hurricane a-blowing, and just by knowing what you know, you have an advantage over the blind morons that surround you every day. However, not everyone can be saved. Civilize those you can and f*** the rest. There are too many people in this world. It is not our responsibility to be constantly cleaning up after the weak-minded. Nature will eventually run its course, and those too senseless to survive will fortunately be crushed beneath the wheels of our progress.

America should be very, very afraid. They have found it hard to accept the monster that they have created. The stupid ones who doubt me/you will surely be destroyed. I am the all-american AntiChrist. I have predicted the past; I am the accuser.

You are a slave. Do you think for a moment that you can ever really say or do what you want? You can't dream without fear of punishment, even if it is your own hypodermic guilt making you look to religion, drugs or suicide as an escape.

Modern expression in TV, movies and music is without any stimulants. It is numb and safe, easy to sell, easy to digest and easy to forget. It's not really even suitable for kindergartners or the mentally handicapped. We are treated like soulless sub-animal house pets until we are old enough to drive or buy cigarettes. When we become consumers they pretend to give us an opinion. We are constantly shoveled milky mounds of unchallenging, moronic impotence disguised as entertainment, but really only designed to lower our standards and make us passive and content on being dumbed down. Why do we watch the things they give us on MTV or Jenny Jones or the 11 0clock news? We have been conditioned to have low expectations and our standards have become less than primitive. The illiterate apes that beat your ass in highschool for being a "fag" now sell you tuneless testosterone anthems of misogyny and pretend to be outsiders to a world that they were born to wear their ADIDASS-FILGERING uniforms in. And we buy it up, helplessly.

Even Christ wouldn't kill himself for this pitiful America that hides under "christian values," and exonerates criminals when they remind the newsman that they too, beLIEve in god.

The networks, record companies and movie studios are all afraid of what we have the power to become. Unlike them we have nothing to lose, and that's what makes us pure.

It is time for their world to be destroyed. It is time for a new age, the Age of Horus. It is time for a new standard, a new canvas, and a new artist. We must forget this wasted generation and amputate it before the mind rots away with it. Paint it, record it, write it down before they kill you with their slow poisonous stupidity. Make yourself heard.

This Internet is your middle finger to the universe, don't let them break it.

F*ck their world.
Let's make our own.

The third and final Beast
Marilyn Manson

06/11/2004 01:00:00 AM