America's First 3rd Party: The Antimasons
- by Erik Fortman -
(Posted here by Wes Penre for Illuminati News, July 15, 2004)

Freemasons created America. This fact can't be refuted. From the very outset of the grand experiment, the founding fathers constructed a two-party paradigm. The Federalists were matched up against the Anti-Federalists. This battle waged for many years. Both camps were littered with Freemasons. Freemasonry can be summed up as the science of symbolism. In the Masons' interesting penchant to misuse words and terms, the Anti-Federalists camp came to be called the Republicans, and then the Democrats. The Constitution was eventually ratified by all thirteen States, with one addendum: the Bill of Rights.

Taxation was one reason that the Articles of Confederation were scrapped. After the ratification of the Founding FathersConstitution, the U.S. Fed took little time to start imposing unequal taxation on the veterans of the U.S. War of Independence. The Whiskey Rebellion, Shay's Rebellion, Fries's Rebellion - all these events were a display of arbitrary government power, the power to impose taxes. There was little question, by the early 1800s, that the federal government could, and would, use their authority to collect money from the citizens to spend without discretion.

In recent times, conspiracy theories have become a point of contention, and objects of ridicule, for the mainstream media. Unfortunately, these theories are often true. For instance, Jim Marrs wrote Crossfire in 1990. Oliver Stone based his movie, JFK, on it. The newsmen of that day thought Marrs a kook. They were still (and are still) referring to the Warren Report. By 2004, many in the mainstream media are holding onto the "lone gunman" theory, which is a much crazier conspiracy theory than the CIA and Freemasons were involved. Polls show that the public is not as dense - or as compromised - as the media. Most Americans now are of the opinion that something - something - happened on that fateful day. If this is true, then it just makes sense that secret forces were involved in killing MLK, RFK, Malcolm X; and even today, David Kay,s "suicide" and the Nick Berg "beheading" are highly suspect. Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr.'s The Elite Serial Killers of Lincoln, JFK, MLK, and RFK is an excellent source, as are Marrs and Stone's works.

As many conspiracy theories begin to gain popular acceptance, the conspiracy theorists role in society is seeing an upward trend in the respectability department. It was not always this way. When the United States was still in her infancy, Americans were aware, and they were not afraid to decry the secret societies that seem to use our traditions like they were meaningless. The Federalists and Anti-Federalists worked together to sneak out the Articles of Confederation for which we had fought, and snuck in the Constitution. This two-party system continued unopposed until Virginia's John Randolph cried out against Thomas Jefferson, who had begun making concessions to his Anti-Federalist cum Democratic-Republican Party platform. Randolph declared himself a "tertiary quid," or a "third something."

Randolph did not break away and start a 3rd Party. By the first quarter of the 19th Century, J.Q. Adams and Andrew Jackson faced off in the newest incarnation of the two parties, the National Republicans and the Democrats, respectively. But, there was an unrest in the country. Many people were angry that the government was imposing unequal taxes, similar to British taxation. Freemasonry had spread, and the lower levels were being filled with new recruits eager to network. Others, however, knew the scheme. They watched as the Freemason elite split into two groups - the two major parties - constantly fighting each other. Despite their seeming differences, these elites, most with aristocratic lineage, were feeding from the same trough. Furthermore, Freemasons' unfettered use of anti-Christian literature and rituals was distressing. This culminated in sanctions and excommunications by several churches and religions, including Methodism and Catholicism.

The conspiracy theorists, as they would today be called, thought the Freemasons were subverting the very William Morganliberties and freedoms fought for against the British. One man, William Morgan, was a Freemason. In New York in 1826, he wrote a book exposing the Brotherhood. Morgan had decided to absolve himself and tell Americans the truth. Coincidentally, the printer's offices burned down before the manuscript could be printed. Morgan was thrown in jail for a fine of under $3. The story goes, Freemasons abducted him from the prison. Morgan was seen taken in a known Freemason's carriage. William Morgan was never heard from again.

This stoked the flames of patriotic fervor. New Yorkers became incensed, and many formed what would become the United States' first 3rd Party, the Antimasons.

The Antimasons became a great political force in New York. Their wrath was now focused, and the cause eventually spread to the other States. The Antimasons also attracted strong and virile men. These men believed in America, and were aware that the system was being corrupted from its very inception. Notably, William H. Seward and Turlow Weed were leaders of the new political party. They ran William Wirt for U.S. President. He was able to garner seven electoral votes.

The Antimasons only achieved regional strength, although they were a national party. They were America's first William Wirt3rd party, and also were the first party to ever set forth a written party platform. Of course, like many 3rd parties, the conservative Antimasons split the Republican vote, which gave power to the Jacksonian Democrats. The Antimason Party was more important than all of these things, though. This movement was, perhaps, America's first awakening. Historically speaking, the Antimasons were the popular movement starting at the grassroots level that first realized that the new American government was a ruse perpetuated by bankers, Freemasons, and the European elite.

The Antimason Party began approximately 1826, less than forty years after we adopted the Constitution. They were the primary force in driving Freemasons underground. By the 1840s, enrollment had fallen to record lows, and many lodges were forces to close. Everyone was afraid to enter, for fear that the Antimasons would declare them an enemy of the State. The party's success, driving out Freemasons, led to its demise. The Antimason Party, having no Freemasons to attack, broke into factions. Then, in the 1860s and 70s, Freemasons began to come back into power. The Antimasons had already dissipated. Many actually joined ranks with the populist Whigs. The Antimason force had done its damage and dwindled. They revived themselves in the American Party of the 1870s.

There are two major blessing that the Antimasons brought to the American political system. First, they opposed secret societies. They reminded Americans that America was supposed to be for everyone, not just for connected elitist. I propose that the Civil War would have never been fought, and therefore slaves not freed, were it not for the Antimasons. Before the Antimasons came to clean up the federal government, white men were still slaves to their own kind. This left them unable to ponder the Slave question?

There is a second, very important thing that the Antimasons did. They made it clear that 3rd parties could, and would, be viable. Perhaps they didn't overcome the power of the original two parties. Yet, the grand ideas that 3rd parties bring to the political system are eventually endorsed by a major party, thus forwarding the 3rd party agenda. In truth, the Greens, the Libertarians, the Constitution Party, all 3rd parties owe a debt of gratitude to the Antimasons. We seem to have learned from them how to start 3rd Parties, because our country is littered with them. Would it not be prudent that all 3rd parties heed the other call of the Antimasons? Skull & Bones, CFR, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, and several other anti-American secret societies are again running our country. We should all ask our respective 3rd parties to look into the grave matters. Conversely, all who are aware of the secret societies should vote 3rd Party. We should all aspire to rout the globalists and elitists out as quickly as America's first 3rd party, the Antimasons, did.

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