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 re: Super-computers   8-Dee Jay   2:20 pm sunday december 17, 2000 
I knew you would get the information somehow for I 'believe' in 
your drive to get the truth to the light of day, and I 
congratulate you wholeheartedly.

Got some additional info for you in case you didn't already knew.

The second super-computer called "The Beast" is located in 
Holland in a 'satelite city' of Amsterdam called Almere.
The third super-computer called "The Beast" is said to be located 
in Houston or Dallas, Texas, which I can't confirm because I 
never went to the U.S.. Brussels is another matter as you know. 
(and so is Almere)

The Global Positioning System (Digital Angel) was officially 
introduced a few weeks ago. (and now fully operational) The laser 
tattoo of a barcode was a fact already, and so is the bio-chip 
under the skin.

The snake almost bites his tail.

Still it's not too late. If only we could people get to realize, 
in large numbers that is, the real story behind what is portrayed 
as progress. 

You and your site are doing so.
I can advice therefore, anyone reading this post, to visit 
www.light1998.com/Super-computers/beast.htm and try to understand 
what is postulated there for I now it to be true.

Revolving Sword, I commend you with a job well done and hopefully 
some day soon people will actually wake up. 

8-Dee Jay

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