[Psa 97:7] All who serve idols are put to shame, who glory in worthless things; all gods bow down before you.

[Is 42:17]  They shall be turned back in utter shame who trust in idols; Who say to molten images, "You are our gods."

[Jer 51:47] But behold, the days are coming when I will punish the idols of Babylon; her whole land shall be put to shame, and all her slain shall lie fallen within her.

[Jer 51:48] Then heaven, and earth, and everything in them shall shout over Babylon with joy, when the destroyers come against her from the north, says the LORD.

[Is 46:1]  Bel bows down, Nebo stoops, their idols are upon beasts and cattle; They must be borne up on shoulders, carried as burdens by the weary.

[Is 46:2]  They stoop and bow down together; unable to save those who bear them, they too go into captivity.

[Is 46:7]  They lift it to their shoulders to carry; when they set it in place again, it stays, and does not move from the spot. Although they cry out to it, it cannot answer; it delivers no one from distress.

[Is 46:8]  Remember this and be firm, bear it well in mind, you rebels; remember the former things, those long ago:

[Is 46:9]  I am God, there is no other; I am God, there is none like me.

[Bar 6:3] And now in Babylon you will see borne upon men's shoulders gods of silver and gold and wood, which cast fear upon the pagans.

[Bar 6:4] Take care that you yourselves do not imitate their alien example and stand in fear of them,

[Bar 6:5] when you see the crowd before them and behind worshiping them. Rather, say in your hearts, "You, O LORD, are to be worshiped!";

[Bar 6:6] for my angel is with you, and he is the custodian of your lives.

[Bar 6:7] Their tongues are smoothed by woodworkers; they are covered with gold and silver-but they are a fraud, and cannot speak.

[Bar 6:8] People bring gold, as to a maiden in love with ornament,

[Bar 6:9] and furnish crowns for the heads of their gods. Then sometimes the priests take the silver and gold from their gods and spend it on themselves,

[Bar 6:10] or give part of it to the harlots on the terrace. They trick them out in garments like men, these gods of silver and gold and wood;

[Bar 6:11] but though they are wrapped in purple clothing, they are not safe from corrosion or insects.

[Bar 6:12] They wipe their faces clean of the house dust which is thick upon them.

[Bar 6:13] Each has a scepter, like the human ruler of a district; but none does away with those that offend against it.

[Bar 6:14] Each has in its right hand an axe or dagger, but it cannot save itself from war or pillage. Thus it is known they are not gods; do not fear them.

[Bar 6:15] As useless as one's broken tools

[Bar 6:16] are their gods, set up in their houses; their eyes are full of dust from the feet of those who enter.

[Bar 6:17] Their courtyards are walled in like those of a man brought to execution for a crime against the king;

the priests reinforce their houses with gates and bars and bolts, lest they be carried off by robbers.

[Bar 6:18] They light more lamps for them than for themselves, yet not one of these can they see.

[Bar 6:19] They are like any beam in the house; it is said their hearts are eaten away. Though the insects out of the ground consume them and their garments, they do not feel it.

[Bar 6:20] Their faces are blackened by the smoke of the house.

[Bar 6:21] Bats and swallows alight on their bodies and on their heads; and cats as well as birds.

[Bar 6:22] Know, therefore, that they are not gods, and do not fear them.

[Bar 6:23] Despite the gold that covers them for adornment, unless someone wipes away the corrosion, they do not shine; nor did they feel anything when they were molded.

[Bar 6:24] They are bought at any price, and there is no spirit in them.

[Bar 6:25] Having no feet, they are carried on men's shoulders, displaying their shame to all; and those who worship them are put to confusion

[Bar 6:26] because, if they fall to the ground, the worshipers must raise them up. They neither move of themselves if one sets them upright,

nor come upright if they fall; but one puts gifts beside them as beside the dead.