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Last Updated:
Tuesday, October 17, 2006 11:29:49 AM

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Inside Illuminati Lodge Skull and Bones 322 Yale University
by Greg Szymanski, Oct 17, 2006

Last Updated: Tuesday, October 17, 2006 11:29:49 AM


According to Italian celebrity, Leo Zagami, these our truly the end times because the Jesuit Order, firmly in control of the Catholic Church and NWO, are well known black magicians of the most powerful kind, dealing directly with the Devil himself.

Greg Szymanski


his Confession to the Jesuits features the efforts of Leo Zagami, an Italian fighting the forces of evil by exposing real stories about evil Satanists, hiding behind names like the Illuminati, Zionists, Freemasons, P2, GLADIO, Opus Dei, the Jesuits and the New World Order.


Zagami is a man of many talents, becoming one of Italy's most respected DJ's and a member of one of his countries successful dance music shows called Centro Suono Sound System.


Besides recording his own music and starting a successful record label, in 1994 he hosted a very funny night talk show on a local Roman radio, and in 1995 he became part of the now famous HOUSE MACHINE TEAM, hosting shows on Swiss National radio, COLOUR 3.


Leo Zagami
Leo Zagami


Presently, Zagami is experimenting to create the ultimate DJ concept of the future, in which he becomes the High Priest DJ of electronic music. Now, in 2006, he is one of the biggest representatives of Cosmic Sound in northern Europe, simply defining his music as enlightened.


However, besides music, Zagami is dedicated to the truth and recently started an English speaking web site, Illuminati Confessions, to enlighten Americans about what many Europeans know about the real intentions of the New World Order.


"My web site [1] has everything you always wanted to know about the real story  of the Illuminati and the struggle between good and evil in the end of times, before the great surprise of 2012," said Zagami.


Here is a reprint of one of Zagami's recent posts entitled Skull and Bones and the Final Show, raising many questions about the Jesuits and the Vatican role in the Order of the Illuminati.


The Skull & Bones Lodge at Yale University
The Skull & Bones Lodge at Yale University


INSIDE ILLUMINATI LODGE SKULL AND BONES 322 YALE UNIVERSITY: There is a devil, a Don Quixote and a Pope who has one foot sheathed in a white monogrammed slipper resting on a stone skull. The initiates are led into the room one at a time. And once an initiate is inside, the Bonesmen shriek at him. Finally, the Bonesman is shoved to his knees in front of Don Quixote as the shrieking crowd falls silent. And Don Quixote lifts his sword and taps the Bonesman on his left shoulder and says, 'By order of our order, I dub thee knight of Euloga.' (Skull and Bones Ritual/Show inside Yale University USA)


The show is very simple, it's between three characters. Which are the Pope... popi, then you have the Emperor and the Devil. But the western people has substituted the Emperor with a distorted version of Don Quixote for the final chapter. Why Don Quixote?


Because the western has chosen the path of freedom against any temporal form of power, which means at the end communism and atheism if badly interpreted...The real Don Quixote never looses is faith because without God you become a satanist. So the false western illuminati ideal of Adam Weishaupt was born out of a bunch corrupt European aristocrats, who has accepted money from the Jews selling of their states, families, servants, and even their dogs in exchange for atheism.

From the French revolution onwards we see actually a faster and faster decline of moral values, typical of the growing atheism that was going against the corrupt Catholic religion starting from the decadent aristocratic circles of that period. But let's also remember that what was created in 1776 The Order of the illuminati and the United States of America, was in the first place a group secretly working with the Vatican rebels of that time, the Jesuits! In the present time instead, the Jesuit order has been recently nominated and promoted to one of the most powerful post in the Vatican (what a surprise�). The modern inquisition otherwise known as the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.


This means that the Jesuits who first brought to peoples attention to Egyptian alchemical knowledge and other secret Egyptian formulas including black magic hidden in the Vatican archives for centuries are now finally in charge of the Catholic faith.


So these our truly the end of times because the Jesuit Order are well known black magicians of the most powerful kind, dealing directly with the Devil himself and his colleagues trough various sects and secret societies like the illuminati created for the corrupt Freemasons of our time .


For the Angelical side a supposed support should come from their "older Brothers" (that's how the past Pope defined them) the Jews who have at present no God but gold in their  Zionist creed and want to rebuild the Temple of Solomon to place the Anti=Christ of the evil illuminati.


Michela Marcenaro
Michela Marcenaro


In the meantime, they celebrate secret black magic rituals in the underground rooms of Jerusalem, together enter with a androgen priestess belonging to the Order of Zion (another illuminati Zionist trap built in Switzerland) called Michela Mercenaro who used to be a Catholic priest called Don Michele Mercenaro officialy operating in Vatican HQ' s.This before Don Michele now Michela had a sex change and marriage fully approved by the Holy Seed in the Vatican and strongly supported by the italian Freemasons who even guested her on a TV SHOW by known P2 member Maurizio Costanzo on P2 Brother Silvio Berlusconi TV channel 5.


Now Michela Mercenaro works officialiy for a university in Rome, writes New Age rubbish on the net and secretly collaborates with the Italian police in cases related to the world of the occult.


Disciple of Michela Mercenaro its a known Italian Freemason at times working for the Secret Services, Bro.Roberto Amato of the powerful P2 Lodge/ GLADIO Network working with the GRAND LODGE OF NEW YORK trough Commandant Giorgio Hugo Balestrieri one of the present Directors of the NEW YORK ROTARY CLUB and a big fan of Michela Mercenaro.


Bro.Roberto Amato was recentely invited to join officialiy the GRAND LODGE OF NEW YORK with other ten members of his own Masonic Obedience the GLIDI, Bro.Amato is also the new Italian leader of the Imperial Order created by il Duce Benito Mussolini.


Bro.Amato is the writer of a book we published on our site on women freemasonry and the Devil (unfortunately we only have it in Italian at the moment).


Roberto the illuminati wants to make out of Michela Mercenaro originaly a freak of nature that was half man, half woman the next Grand Master for woman Freemasonry in Italy... as he doesn't really want a real woman after all his nice words on the book but only a fake version with balls(nice try mate).


This position of Roberto Amato was actualiy criticized by the woman illuminati of the Zonta interanational at the recent Universal Unity Conference of San Cerbone in early June 2006 e.v. but Roberto Amato is currentely one of the people responsible for the italian Masonic Federation GRANDE ORIENTE FEDERALE D'ITALIA. The GOIF is a part of the illuminati network created by Brother Rui Gabirro "the Duke of Cabinda" Grand Secretary of the Regular Grand Lodge of England and a slave of the New World Order.


So the plan we are all so desperate to know is for the New World Order to have full control of the show, terrorize everyone and place the Anti-Christ on the throne which they have already done if you were sleeping in the last 6 years...

And they will now go on for the next 6 with more destruction, pain and sufferance, 6 years but on that time 21st of December 2012 a Prophet will come forward as the Prophecies say and finaly fight this New World Order of Satan and the result will be ARMAGEDON thats survival of the fittest in spiritual matters, and great destruction for all delivered by God himself, followed by several wars that will eventually bring togheter the Kingdom of the real Messiah,  the Kingdom of God, a Kingdom of peace, tollerance and truth, and that's the real Islam not the one created by the CIA and their MOSSAD Zionist friends, because that's only more mind control and slavery directed by the Antichrist.


So as we can imagine being the chosen one in this case will be a blessing and a curse. May God provide us with legions of Angels to fight the demonic forces in such difficult and demanding times in search of our true leader.


Western people wake up and smell the coffee we are about to start a war even bigger then the present one �.though more invisible it is more dangerous because Satan now wants not only your body, your family or your material wealth but YOUR MIND and he calls it "freedom" but there is no freedom in the Kingdom of MIND CONTROL and credit cards. Only big Banks and their owners who are secretly linked to a chain of black magicians and evil Rabbi's who want to take over the world with the help of a few corrupt Bedouins and a gay Pope sitting in the Vatican.


So is very difficult to save your soul because Satan is at present time winning the game unfortunately and in one way or the other we are all connected to his web of materialistic nonsense and fake values.

A major demonstration of your faith towards God and his beautiful creation is the only way you can fight the Devil in the end of times but you must also be ready to confront soon his evil legion of men on earth, who will try to defend him, because they sold their soul to Satan himself in the illuminati Lodges all over the world, and they will never leave him even if he will leave them to perish like idiots and leave himself, at the very end... probably going to another destination as the mission continues Galaxy after Galaxy, Time after Time.


[1] http://illuminaticonfessions.squarespace.com/?activationToken=NAOATXGU

Greg Szymanski

Greg also has his own daily show on the Genesis Communications Network. Go to www.gcnlive.com Greg Szymanski is an independent investigative journalist and his articles can been seen at www.LewisNews.com. He also writes for his own site www.arcticbeacon.com

Listen to my Radio Broadcast live Monday night at 8pm Pacific time on LewisNews, returning Jan. 1 2006 Radio http://webs.lewisnews.com/radio/index.htm. Greg is also regular on Rense.com the first Thursday of every month at 9-10 pm pacific time.


Source: http://arcticbeacon.com/16-Oct-2006.html

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