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here - vampirism (Interviews with Michael Tsarion)

How much do you know about the people you think you know?

Do your emotional attachments to people blind you to their real natures, and if so, how much?

Person A - becomes dependant on others, under the name of love
Person B - makes others dependent upon them, under the name of love
Person C - does both
Person D - does neither


There is no gadget or meter to know when a potential psychic or energy vamp is sucking you dry...The only way to tell you are under attack are...

  • Feel like shit for no reason
  • Life starts to suck, for no reason
  • Constant anxiety, for no reason
  • Health suffers, energy is down, for no reason
  • Your depressed and feelings of futility abound, for no reason
  • Bad dreams, for no reason
  • Bad attitude, for no reason
  • Attracting obstacles, for no reason
  • Getting suspicious, for no reason
  • Begin to doubt yourself, your god, your destiny, your fate, your sanity, for no reason
oh yes, and you think its ALL YOUR OWN FAULT...Well, maybe it is, and maybe there is something else to learn...

Yes, there is no physical meter with a dial that goes to the red when your being drained and dumped on by others...but there is one kind of meter that has been with us from the beginning...THE HUMAN INTUITION...backed up by arts like Vibrational Kinesiology, and with a healthy dose of REASON, and EMOTIONAL may all start making sense.

It had better...cause they don't all live in Transylvania, and they don't all dress in black...

A few mainstream psychoanalysts have been getting rather frustrated with those clients who just cannot get better, and who seem to backslide, or whose issues seem vague and insurmountable...Yes, they have tried it all, going along with the traditional theories concerning Personal Responsibility, and that we create our own sickness, and all that.

These are important theories...but guess what?

After getting nowhere, a few smart psychologists have put down the textbooks and taken of their spectacles, and have asked those poor patients, the ones with their heads in their hands, questions like...

"So who is around you at this time..." or "So who are you hanging around with..." or "tell us about the people you love..."

Aaaah! - Answers at last. The light shines in at last...The red flags are waving and the mist clears...

Dont believe me? Well, I did not invent it...

Healing fails to occur because it is easier to harm another than heal oneself - Vernon Howard

Humanity must perforce prey on itself, like monsters from the deep - William Shakespeare

Now the betrayer had given them a sign, saying, “The one I shall kiss is the man; seize him - Matt 26:48

For Brutus, as you know, was Caesar's angel: Judge, O you gods! how dearly Caesar loved him. This was the most unkindest cut of all; For when the noble Caesar saw him stab, Ingratitude, more strong than traitors' arms, Quite vanquish'd him: then burst his mighty heart...William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved – (Matt 10:21-22)

And when his twelve disciples were called together, he gave to them power of unclean spirits, to cast them out of men, and to heal every languor, and sickness - (Matt 10:1)

They that are not as I am made themselves like me. They that are unworthy of me made me angry. The wretches that belong not to the house of my father rose, they took arms against me, they rose, they took arms against me, making war with me, making war with me, fighting for my holy robe, for my enlightening light, that it might lighten their darkness, for my sweet fragrance, that it might sweeten their foulness, because of my brethren, the sons of light, that they might give a peace to their land, because of my sister, the hour of light, that she might be a strengthening of their building - (The Manichean Psalms of Thomas)

Their webs shall not become garments, neither shall they cover themselves with their works: their works are works of iniquity, and the act of violence is in their hands - (Isaiah 59:6)

and the salvation?...That's easy...

I'm ain't looking for nothing in nobody's eyes - (Bob Dylan)

---you there yet?


At 12/2/06 3:51 AM, Anonymous said...

I saw you blog on relationships and vampirism: I agree with what you said. How to deal with a vampire with compassionate understanding----my vampire is a very powerful one and he was around me for 15 years.
Here's a letter I sent to him last year.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

It's about surrendering, surrendering between a man and a woman. My idea of what this means is when perfect surrendering is achieved by both parties it does not mean dependency in a neurotic sense but the fact that they can depend on each other due to their ability to surrender to each other in all ways on all levels through vowing to. Here you would have a meeting of the minds in terms of agreement that by using all the virtues of being honest and forthright and through acceptance of each other that these are the steps that a man and a woman need in order to have what is satisfying to both.

About you and I. I want you to know absolutely that you do not have anything to prove to me. I am well aware of who you are, I am well aware of your abilities, I am well aware of your special qualities. I can tell you how I see myself, that I was born in the light and I live in the light and I always knew I didn't have to prove anything to anyone. I'm non-competitive in that sense. I've never liked competition and so when I'm with someone I don't like to compete with them but I do enjoy being Wise with them, very much so.

I have an interest in having a man who understands, who is wise, who wants to be faithful and who I can have a meeting of the minds with-this really turns me on. Games really turn me off.


At 12/2/06 7:31 PM, mtsar said...

Interesting that you chose to continue conversing with the person after you had idenified them as a vampire.

This goes to the heart of it. We think in our own minds that our efforts can somehow change another. And this is, in my estimation, not only erroneous, but dangerous. It is a natural inclination obviously, one born from our ego's feeling of its own importance. But in reality one can indeed give advice to someone, but one cannot give them the intelligence to take it.

As Oscar Wilde said so bluntly, "All influence is immoral."

I would make it simple...When we have identified someone as an energy vamp, the idea is to get out of their way as soon as can be, and have NOTHING more to do with them. Save your energies to recuperate your energies again and get on with your life...

Once one has a tape-worm extracted from their intestines, one does not normally invite it back to dinner and coffee...

At 17/2/06 8:23 AM, Anonymous said...

I just had to cancel a cross country trip because i ran into an emergency.

Energy vampires ARE very REAL...i always wondered why it was that when visiting relatives for a week or more, their health would improve, and then
go downhill rapidly after i left.

I just ran into a psychic vampire Tuesday and i am still feeling completely drained.

I am pretty new at the energy stuff. When we got in Monday we were contacted by a man who travels x-country that i know from online, who claims to be
"working for the forces of light"..he wanted to meet with us and i thought.."what the heck, what can he doi?'.

He convinced my husband that he needed some healing, and came to the house tuesday...meanwhile my inner
bell was going off. This guy set my teeth on edge. I tried to warn my husband.
This "healer" asked me to take down my shielding so he could see my chakras...NEVER..TAKE YOUR PSYCHIC SHIELDING DOWN IF YOU HAVE IT.
That is lesson number one...being very new at this i did not know any better.

Lesson Two : just because they say they are working for the forces of light, don't believe them.
If they are coercive and egotistical, be on guard, better yet walk away.especially if they claim to be a healer.

I could literally feel that something was being done to my energy, even though this "healer" wans't working on me
..and i started getting VERY angry.
If you can sense this like i did, or you start getting angry like this, usually your energy boundaries are being violated.

Let me explain it to you the way my teacher (a real empathic healer) explained it to me.

She said to think of people being like a bunch of light bulbs...and here is the way i interpreted what she told me..
Some of the Bulbs are always on, and some of these shine brighter than others.
Some of the bulbs are completely Dark all the time.
And some of the bulbs flicker on and off.
The Darkness (as in the dark entities, satan's hordes,demons, whatever you call them)...these are transdimesional) are always attracted to the light because they want to feed off of it. (In Kabballa there is a tree of evil that seperated off from the tree of Life which is an emanation from Ain soph..this tree of evil emanated from Gevurah, and it cannot generate life force or light on its own so it steals the light from others)

They cannot feed off of the people that are dark, there is no light to feed on...they are attracted to the bulbs that are on all the time...and the brighter your light the more attracted they will be and try to feed off of you.
The way they can do this is by invoking or triggering the darkness that is inside of you (the flesh or carnal mind as Christianity would call it).

Usually this darkness is from unresolved wounds, or shadows of your own psyche that are not yet integrated.

If they can evoke anger, hatred, despair etc in come down from your normal frequency of emotion, which should be Perfect Love (for every Child of light) to their frequency, and they can feast on that energy, draining you.
By dwelling on stuff that makes you upset, you are actually laying the buffet...and inviting them for dinner...okay those are the principalities, powers etc...that Paul mentions in the new testament .. David Icke also calls them reptillians, call them them what you will, just don't call them for dinner.

People whose bulbs are don't have to worry about them...they are dark, insensate, and they just don't give a poop....totally materialists.

It is the bulbs that flicker half on and half off that you have to worry about...THESE ARE YOUR PSYCHIC VAMPIRES, directly used by the dark side..

These folks are on some of the time, and when the light goes off, it is so painful for them that they are driven to try to Evoke the children of LIGHT (the ones that are on all the time) to fear, hatred depression, that they can steal/siphon off the energy..these are your garden variety psychopaths, NPD's, Borderlines, etc.

I have heard estimates that say we, the Children of the Light, are about 30% of the population if that..the rest are dark or "grey".

Bighugs, Erika

At 17/2/06 2:56 PM, mtsar said...

My dear girl, what a powerful and compelling tale...

Yes, your inner bell was going off...glad to hear that...and notice how your conditioned behavior went against that inner warning...the need for approval and need to not cause a scene, or speak right up, or be yourself. That too is Adversary, and is used by the Vamps to walk right over your rights. They adore the Christian ethics which have made men weak (they say "meek" - whatever that means).

The day we get it, is when we suddenly and completely realize just how little true love or care these types have for us. Should we fall, they wont even pause to bury us. Like the movie "The Hunger" shows, it is all and only Hunger to them, posing as Love, and Harmony...

This is why you find so many of these creatures in the new age movement, again taking cover and camoflaging themselves, like tigers in the tall grass.

Our job is to light a big fire and start burning down their cover, so little by little they are exposed and the big rifle can come out, train itself on their third-eyes and fire its silver bullet...

A great, great day...

At 18/2/06 3:44 AM, Igor said... this is a subject where i expirienced couple of really weird stuff. One of the weirdest is that allways when i would come over to one of my friends i would recive this strange vibe, something hanging over my head. It would be like somekind ˝depression˝...that is the only way i can describe it. He's OK guy, but his parents are this super sweet people, almost tooo...nice.
This couple of events led me to conversation with my dad. I asked him what was his opinion on this. He described me a real event that was even on tv news back in 80's. My father is a big fan of chess so he was watching a Russian chess master Anatoliy Karpov playing against some other master. After some time Karpov stops playing and asks that one person must be removed out of the viewers. Later on the identity of this person was was some famous hypnotist and sorcer. So perhaps Karpov was influenced by this man and he even picked him out of that big crowd...interesting and spooky.

Is it possible to be a vampire and not realizeing it? Perhaps doing it subconsciously?

At 18/2/06 9:53 AM, Anonymous said...

I think it would be VERY USEFUL if you or someone else could explain or list qualities of "new age" as there is much material out there and the precise nature of this battle has much to do with DISCERNMENT,as well as listening to the inner intuition which has lain dormant so long...that many of us need training wheels.

As an example, i personally have a tendency to distrust anything channeled, but if you use heavy discernment you might be able to wade through it.

And that is the method right there..quiet the outer mind..listen with your intuition, then use the talking mind to logically discriminate..

Bighugs to all, Erika

At 18/2/06 3:11 PM, mtsar said...

That is an awesome story...and yes, there are major connections between depression and so-called "negative" emotions and the concept and reality of psychic or energetic vampirism...

This does not mean we use this theory to escape personal responsibility, but we use it to acknowledge the under-currents of human relationships which, being based on lies, have brought ruin to so many individuals and to the planet.

This subject makes sense only to those who can pull back from the human canvas and see the whole picture. It is not going to be acknowledged by everyone.

The Chess Player was hyper-focused and could feel the invasion of his psyche. His thinking was super-rational and that is what saved him. He was not coming from emotion. And then he felt a cocktail of negative emotions arise within him distracting and causing energy and concentration to fall. And then he knew that this energy was NOT coming from within his own being. He understood that it was meant to seem like that, but that it really was coming from outside. And then he did the right thing...

There is a lot to this subject and that is what I am dedicated to, to getting the truth about this subject out to the world so that we can again come to psychic sovereignty, so that no force of evil or pestilence can prey over our gardens, not political or domestic. All in all, it all amounts to Vampirism...and though many writers and movie-makers have warned us, we still dont get it until it arises in our lives. And by then, it could be too late.

At 18/2/06 3:21 PM, Erika said...

I think it would be VERY USEFUL if you or someone else could explain or list qualities of "new age" as there is much material out there and the precise nature of this battle has much to do with DISCERNMENT,as well as listening to the inner intuition which has lain dormant so long...that many of us need training wheels.

As an example, i personally have a tendency to distrust anything channeled, but if you use heavy discernment you might be able to wade through it.

And that is the method right there..quiet the outer mind..listen with your intuition, then use the talking mind to logically discriminate..

Bighugs to all, Erika

At 18/2/06 3:28 PM, mtsar said...

A friend wrote a book going into the distinctions between the Piscean Age and Aquarian Age. His name is Stephen Ruback. I dont have his book in front of me, but search online for him and he had another document which was meant to be an Appendices to that book, in which he lay out the polarities of the two ages. It was this document, even more than the book, which I found excellent. But other than that I have not seen a good outline of the coming age.

Basically, we are all too aware of the downside of the Piscean Age. There are great heights too, but in this age the powers of deception are very, very strong, and there are many toxic people who have come through many ages, and are now awaiting the headsman's axe.

I have always been wary of "walkins" and "channels" and all that stuff, and apart from one or two exceptions, I know for a fact that the rest is as negative as hell, even though the "message" coming through can be sugar-coated to sound good. The message is not the important thing, with these channelers. That is just the sugar that gets a lot of lost people hanging around charging a battery, a kinetic battery. Its the same thing that brings the masses out to gawk at an eclipse, or a crop-circle. In ancient times people were forbidden to look at such events and contaminate that energy with their own brain. Today what pass as mass-rituals go on all the time to de-balance the earth's natural energy, by way of some idiotic mass spectacle, or the hippies gathering at Stonehenge, or other kinds of nonsense. Now stones have been ruined and the geo-spheric energy has been so displaced, just as was intended. This makes the elites feel better, and safer. They could never stand the holistic energy that this earth generates, and so from their arrival, genocide and ecocide have been high on the list of priorities....(See C. S. Lewis' "The Last Battle")

At 27/2/06 12:36 PM, Anonymous said...

i have always been a very spiritual person for as long as i can remember. at school sometimes i would wish i was jus as simple as every one else not always constantly aware of things, people or reactions, as a matter of fact i still do! i really do beleive in dark forces and that we allow our energy to b sucked by these forces through people...i dont have an answer or solution as yet but i pray dat the hearts of all the genuine people who r searchin as well continue to seek whatever it is that will bring them the comfort, peace, sanity and freedom that we all deserve. best wishes xxx

At 2/3/06 8:07 AM, Wildflower said...

Wow, just wow, you said it all so well.

I would like to add that it is entirely possible to find oneself literally surrounded by these human vulture types. I say this because there was a time when I let a thought like

"This many people cannot be the ones with the problem, it MUST be me"

stop me from believing my own intuition. There were two of them, close relatives, that every time I saw them in the flesh, my gut just burned and my feet had the oddest sensation, I wanted to run and every second that I held myself there forcing the smile and accepting the "Oh honey I love you but you are something less than others, however I tell you this only because I love you so very much" hug was like pain. I felt so guilty...they loved me.

As I became sicker and less able to handle it, they seemed to close in and with an uncanny synchronicity with each other at times. Smile in my face now and twist the knife later, cozy up to learn my weaknesses and strike me with them later and then when called on it, they cried victim or play the ignorance card. Almost like they each read from the same script....

"Okay, no this time I am really sorry."

How many times can a person let their mind cancel out what they eyes and gut are telling them?

I didn't believe in evil back then. Evil was merely "ignorance" but the sheer preponderance of the evidence led me to start to read about evil and learn what it is. It started with psychology "People of the Lie" and ended up with Steiner and his work on the Doppelganger force. That led to other works and I became a believer in the existence of evil and an advocate for myself. It was either do that or drown in self doubt and weakness of spirit.

I cut those vampires out of my life.

I do feel guilt from time to time, but self survival tells me I must maintain the distance.

At 2/3/06 8:15 AM, mtsar said...

Now...think of all those people in the backwards of asylums who unlike yourself, did not wake up to this phenomenon or who were so attacked that they lost their senses. Most of these people are actually telling anyone who will listen what the hell is the matter, but it comes across to the experts as paranoid nonsense.

I started studying this phenonmenon back when I was 13 and noticed that so called psychotics and so on, are talking about the negative vibes and attacks from others that have caused them to be so disaffected and damaged. But no one listens. The ones in the asylums are sometimes the perpetrators, but in the vast majority of cases, those we lock up and also in jails for crimes, are decent good people who have been preyed upon and mentally and psychically raped by their parents and others they may still think love them. Their behavior is but a symptom. Now of course this does not mean that every murderer or criminal is off the hook. A little research and one can tell who is a perpetrator and who is a victim.

And think of all the kids that are being so molested by this phenomenon without a clue as to what is really causing their inner angst and outer delinquincy. We employ police and courts to pick up the mess, but few are around to explain the roots of all this. And it is all psyhic mess, which can be cleared once we know what to do. And yet look at this new age crap, and this world of this and that, all the noise and sound and fury about politics and other superfluous tripe, untreatable until the real roots are acknowledged and worked on.

Now, in your life, you caught on and worked it out, cause your reason and observation is strong, your guides are active, and because you know yourself better than most, and were therefore able to discern what content was yours and what was not. That discernment can be taught, and people are going to need to get this down. We must be able to tell our own natural temperament, and know when it is being disaffected, polluted or gradually being sabotaged. This calls for one to have subtle senses, and aslo, to not fall for all that social foreplay that you mention by which one gets hooked.

My forthcoming work on this subject will change round a lot of what we have come to think regarding crime in this world, and what we regard as evil. This thing is very little understood. And it has come time now to really discover what evil is in all its various permutations. No subject is more important, and yet less understood.

The guilt that remains is also not yours. It is merely the remnants of the collateral damage made after warring with these types. When they explode their garbage, their "napalm-death," into our lives, the healing process is slow, and all the time you will be picking out minute pieces of debris from your soul. Once you open to door to such a creature it will be hard to exorcise them completely. And even when you are free, they still want back. They miss the feast.

Its like sprinkling pepper onto your pasta. Once that is done, it is a real sisyphean task to pick the pepper out again by hand. This is what needs to be done, however, with the energy. And while you are doing that kind of thing, you will also be finding many a part of your own self that should not have been there. These are the things which attracted these types to you. Yes, there are parts of you that need to go also. This can leave one feeling freer but naked. And that is a tremendous feeling. One then realizes how all that was termed "love," and so on, enslaved the soul. It was the false version, that is the ghost that rose from the grave of the dead self we all murdered, or had murdered soon after taking birth, in this vale of orcs and shelobs.

At 2/3/06 5:05 PM, Anonymous said...

Your recent interview on the Freeman Perspective really hit home for me about getting one's own house in order and the negative crap that has come out of the New Age movement.
I feel one of the most damaging things to come from some in the New Age movement is that evil does not exist and those that say it does to send it/them healing light, love etc. it doesn't work that way.
Like attracts like and sending healing, love energy to something evil/vampirism is a waste of your time, energy and does harm to oneself.

At 2/3/06 11:26 PM, mtsar said...

Well, you are so right. And for them it does not exist. These types are editors of reality. And editing reality is easy, it is the very nature of the ego to edit reality, and the New Age Movement attracts those people who do this kind of thing. They choose not to see the dark side, and are in escapism.

Seeing reality as it really is, is a rare, rare thing today. And you will be called "negative" if you do see things without censoring. Those who edit dont want to be reminded of what is really there in the world. They inhabit a permanent "one-season" world, they want it to be summer all the time.

These types are the real enemy, in my opinion. We have to deal with them before we have to deal with any true adversary. Its complex, and not everyone within that movement are indicted. One has to be general here, but the rule does apply to most that one meets.

We would be much farther on in the fight against evil if the new age movement had have faced the world as it is, and faced man as he is, without the gloss overs, wishful thinking, and consensus trance.

Evil exists right in front of our eyes, but we have trained ourselves, via schools, and false religion, to not observe it. Therefore, evil flourishes due to our blindness. This accounts for why we find ourselves in the state we are in. I am against the New Age Movement, not for the same reasons as the average right-wing Christian perhaps, but these latter have come closer to exposing the conspiracies than any new age personality or researcher.

This country and this world are infested with fakers, liars and charlatans posing as people of wisdom and light. We need to learn how to expose these types, and burn down their camoflage, long before we attempt to take down the Big Brother elephant. The Controllers are laughing at us for our own incompetence, and futility. We are our own adversaries. We have injested so many lies. All you really have to do to expose a fraud is to ask them a simple question: Hve they familiarity, I mean really familiar, with the work of Freud, Jung, Reich, Laing and the main psychologists. Overwhelmingly, you will find the answer is no, or you will receive some "pop" rhetoric about these men's findings. That is common enough, some coffee-table book jive. But real working knowledge is extremely rare. And even most professionals and experts within the psychiatric communities are painfully misinformed. We have in this world all the answers concerning the human condition, but few have bothered their ass to really read it. And so much cheap crockery has been broken to disguise the pure china, that we dont even know where to start most of the time.

All that has really been achieved , is that we can finally realize what is wrong, not what is right. We finally can give ourselves medals for knowing that something stinks in the status quo, that something is really off. But where do we go from there? After all these years we might at least agree that all our other devices and strategies have been an overwhelming failure. They amount to little more than re-arranging furniture on the Titanic. But if our wisdom has come merely from knowing what fools we have been, I would not say that it is great progress.

The New Age is a religion, in the same way as Islam, Christianity or Judaism. Its rituals are collective and are not really about strength for the individual, against the collective. When you go to any of the houses of these New Agers you will see statues of every god from every religion, and the obligatory picture of the family with the Dalai Lama on the wall or freezer door. The kids all recycle and wear tie-dyes, and birkenstocks. They all shop at health-food stores, and think "positive" and know nothing about the dark side either of themselves or of the world. Its edit, edit, edit, and smile, smile, smile.

At 4/3/06 12:47 PM, Wildflower said...


Thank you so much for your reply here. It has been very helpful to me, more than I can say.

Starting shortly after I posted that last post on vampirism, I have been struggling with a sudden well-springing of very negative feeling energy (guilt, shame, anxiety, exhaustion, sadness) and I was having trouble understanding why, but reading this response that you have given has helped me realize that this is some of that energy coming back up on me, some of that pepper you are talking about. That was a very helpful analogy as well.

I am extremely interested in all of this. Yes, I understand exactly what you mean about people in asylums, how they get there and the ones who are truly responsible and how the true nature of evil desperately needs the fine line of true critical thought applied to it. The fine point so often seems missed in this world and the truth blurred by the half lies of just enough information to be misleading or even dangerous.

Once a concept has been treated in this half lie, half understood way, then the mind has a tendency to close to the possibly that there is more to know or that deception has occurred. I have fallen for this so often in my past and been tripped on the search for truth. I think often we humans look for the lies, but don't often expect the finely crafted half lie, especially about evil. Enough truth to fool the gut a bit and get the person to swallow the added lie, like noxious poisons with a sugar cube.

I am still lost in many ways and I came almost to the point of my own personal destruction as far as my own true inner light and now I struggle so hard to pull back from all of this. My life is a mess and my physical health is still very much down. When I say this, I am merely putting the truth of my current situation to words.

I know I am not the only one and I also know that many others have things far worse than I do or I can even imagine. I can't imagine how it is for those have all of these burning issues and no access to information or contact with others of like minds. There is so much pain in the world it seems there could never be enough time to feel it. I understand perfectly how some people breakdown totally and become lost.

What I do NOT understand is how so many people seem to be able to hang out in a gray zone of quiet desperation but not reach the bottom to sink or try to fight back to the top. They are drowning and don't even realize they are under water. How can they do that?

I guess my perception is altered by my own experiences. I very much look forward to being able to read your upcoming work on vampirism and your views on all of these sorts of questions. I am very grateful for your work and it is something that is needed so badly in this world in my opinion.

So much of this material I ran into in other forms elsewhere but it seemed mixed with so much other stuff that just seemed preposterous garbage.

Vampires often seem to garner so much sympathy for their supposed need to be "understood" and "educated out of their ignorance." It is a shame that more people don't put that energy towards helping the truly lost find themselves again (which might be them themselves!) and forget about those who are dead in their souls.

At 4/3/06 2:25 PM, mtsar said...

Yes, that's right..they feed off our positive and negative emotions. The latter are stronger so they feed most of the negative emotions we emit. This does not mean that negative emotions are wrong, just that some individuals are expert at arousing them in us, so they can exist. Its usually called "relationship" and "family" and "society" and all that can be done about it, is to get educated in what our exchanges are really all about.

But you should not fear death. Instead you should do die regularly, every day if you can. One has to die now, to everything, every day, and remain in that state. Life and Death together, wedded.

After all, it is not the world, or our stimuli, which needs to be constantly fresh and new, but our minds, our psyches and our perceptions. This means dying each day, and waking anew, with a fresh mind.

Jung said that the reason for mental illness is the avoidance of legitimate suffering. We have a wrong relationship to pain and change, and that is because we are not aware that death is part of life, not at the end of it. The ego is conservative and only wants more life and puts death outside the wall, into the hypothetical future, as something which is going to happen. But in reality each breathe comes and then goes. Between each inhale and exhale we die and are reborn.

So clinging to memory, to the past attachments, to toxic people, and useless ideas and beliefs brings great stress to the Self which knows that it is all junk. But like pack-rats, we hold on and wonder why life is rancid and mediocre.

As to your question about whether vamps work after they are dead, the answer is no, because it does not work that way. Vamps can only affect you because of cording which you have allowed. So, after death the affects and remain because you have not done the sufficient cleansing, or you have been doing it gradually, and after affects remain, to slowly fade. it is not that they are doing something from beyond the grave. They are nothing after death. But the cords which were created may still remain and cause psychic leakage from you. After you contine to the cleansing process, you wont feel so bad.

Naturally, when something is stolen from you - and it does not matter if that stuff is physical or psychic - you want it back, and that desire can cord you to the thief. You just have to plug up the holes and slowly the energy reservoir will refill of its own accord. And this time put up some electric fences around it, buy some mean fucking dogs, put up a bunch of warning signs and hire Gandalf and his Wand to beat the brains out of any creature that dare come around again looking for you light.

Yes, have your guides in front of you, and all about you. They will protect you. And look for nothing in nobody's eyes. It is all within you.

At 4/3/06 3:37 PM, mtsar said...

And you ask about the people in denial, who dont see more and who dont see deeper.

Well, that is just the way it is. The ego is after all, a mass of defense mechanisms, and does not want to know everything in case that knowledge should prove threatening.

Take reality as a tree. Two types of person can look at that tree. One looks at the trunk, the branches, the leaves, the fruits, and the outward appearance that is labor unintensive. This person sees what there is to see with the senses.

Then there is the person who sees all that, but who wishes also to get to understand the roots of this tree. This person has more to do, and has greater problems that the first party, who walks away satisfied that he knows all there is to know about the tree. The second party cannot see the roots, but can intuit certain things after patient observation and consideration.

So, this explains it a little. Its all about security and the depth of mind one has. Remember there is also a big difference between love of wisdom or knowledge (philosophy) and love of what knowledge will bring one. One person loves freedom, and another person loves what freedom gets them. One person loves for love's sake, another because in loving they are loved in return, and because it feels good. The Scientist observes how mind affects and changes the world of matter. The Magician studies how matter affects mind. Is the water your drinking changing by your act. Yes, that is obvious. But how have you changed by that simple act?

Do you feel what you touch in this creation, or do you notice how you are touched by the creation? It may make all the difference.

At 5/3/06 3:00 AM, mtsar said...

This comment has been copied and pasted from "Enlightenment"...It's more pertinent in this section...

...Your spot on...and this is something to be noted, since what you say is right...the nice-sounding terms and no doubt image that these types don cons most people who let down their guard and dont trust their reason or intuition. A few phrases, a sunny smile, a wink and a nod and we are like limp fish most of the time, so depdendant we are on the approvals of others. Not be so dependant does not mean that one be cold or standoffish. Everyone should be given a chance to reveal who they are. But once we feel that something is wrong or once trust is violated, or once they reveal something suspicious, the guard should immediately come up.

Ultimately, the best test is to stay atuned to how one FEELS, to the emotional states before during and after a particular encounter. If there is clarity, and good feeling then usually its fine, but one needs to pay close attention to the emotional flags within. This most of us dont do. We feel the emotions but dont register that we feel them. They just happen and we dont pay them attention. These emotions are our defense and we dont know their manual any more. We are autistic when it comes to our own emotional language. If one feels doubt, fear, confusion, hate, or something dark and muddy, or generally distasteful we can realize that the person, regardless of the persona they are wearing, is not so cool after all.

Since the ego is in control of our lives, this people-meter does not work, or at least is impaired. The ego is often attracted to the wrong kind of people and to the wrong kind of cues which it may need, but which are so wrong for the real Self. This is what complicates this subject. After all spiritual people are despised by the masses, who will also say that they felt "uncomfortable" or "threatened" etc., when around them. So, the problem is a two-way reciprocal relationship. Both people are involved and one needs to be very sure not only of their emotional warnings about the others, but of their own ego needs and defenses. So, one knows their own "settings" first before condemning someone who might not be at fault at all. And no two people's settings are really the same. For instance, you may think someone is just wonderful to be around, while a close friend may not feel so toward that same individual. Why?

Do you know how many potentially fantastic relationships are ruined because the opinions and likes and dislikes of others, in the mix, are taken into account. We go with those who are endorsed by our peers. Result, pathetic, empty, socially-vetted relationships without meaning or depth. Then we go so far as to embody those censors and live our own lives steering well away from those who might have been of such importance for our life-path.

Only after so much heartache do we finally begin to ask if there is a manual to read concerning thing called life, when it is almost too late. Why were we not as kids taught this in these places we were confined? Why were we sent into the world naked, at the mercy of every human-vulture, and out of our own center, divorced from our own soul-intelligence but looking for "Jesus," or some guru, to put it all right.

At 7/3/06 2:03 PM, siouxm said...

Very interesting topic. I have been feeling extremely low in energy for some time now. I have considered many possible causes, but this one is fairly new to me. I have not made any new friends since this drag began. I have always been very lucky to be surrounded with wonderful inspiring friends. My best friend (and roommate) is going through some very trying times. Is it possible that while he is struggling with his personal issues he is unwittingly sucking energy out of me? If this is the case, how do I protect myself from this, as I obviously do not have any desire to discard him because of this? In the last week he has triggered some angry outbursts in me that are completely not in my nature. Any suggestions?

At 7/3/06 5:31 PM, mtsar said...

Hi...well yes he is probably doing this unconsciously, and we all do to a certain extent. Most relationships are based on energy exchange. The people who are naturally empathic and giving and caring may, of course, feel more drained, because they are allowing others to enter into their field, and think themselves as cold and unfriendly if they are not accessible. But most of us are not just accessible, most of us are WIDE OPEN, like a beautiful mansion filled with stinking squatters, or reeking with the stench of previous ones who have passed through. It all happens quite naturally, and so we get depressed and down in energy becasue we dont know what to do. And knowing what we should do, is a long and hard study. I am composing work on this subject now, but dont know when it will be ready. It is too massive to get into here. And remember each situation is quite unique, even though there are general rules of engagement.

Mostly, you must observe, if you can, the tendencies in yourself that allow this kind of thing to occur. On top of that, you must also observe, as dispassionately as you are able, the image you form of yourself when you imagine you not being so open, after you make changes. This image of yourself will most likely be negative, meaning that your ego will conjour a new you which does not seem very agreeable or pleasant. I may be wrong, but this is usually something to watch for - and it is all lies. You must not condition your sea-change based on images that your own mind conjours. Try to side-step all that stuff. Meaning don't project or condition the future self with thoughts and expectations. Keep your future unmolested by your own ideas and needs.

As to the specifics, you must observe what it is in yourself that needs things from other people, such a approval. What is it that others, subtly or overtly, make you believe you need from them. And what do you condition yourself to imagine that you need from someone, anyone?

It is within these questions, that the big answers lie. But there are other ways to keep yourself protected. But I am not able to go into all that now at this time, since everyone's situation is different. One has to know the individual scenario and history. Who is it after all, that would be most interested in this subject of Psychic or Energy Vampirism, other than the vamps themselves. Right?

And we are always looking for a way out of persoanal responsiblity. So I have to be careful opening a door for people with this interesting subject. That is an inevitable down-side. I dont say that you are looking to escape, I just mean it is a concern for me personally to understand that this subject does potentially offer such an escape for those who would rather blame others for losses and for pain and disaffection and so on.

The most immediate thing to do, is to emotionally disconnect from the person that may be trying to rely on your strength. See your own right hand up in front of you towards them, and yourself saying and thinking this ... "I trust that you have the power to deal sufficiently with your issues and problems without my assistance or help...I wish you the best in your journey, but need to take care of my own self at this time."

This kind of affirmation assists. However, once you really are able to apply this kind of thing, something will almost immediately happen around you. Some kind of chaos or drama will occur to again pull you out of center and embroil. This is standard. It will also be a test to see if you can hold to your center. We are at war in this world, and this kind of self-protective work will soon show you what I mean, if you are not already aware of it.

These after affects can be fairly minor or they can be colossal, given the particular scenario.

So in short, there are 3 levels of empowerment

1. Realize that the energy is NOT coming from you.
2. Protect yourself from the "attack"
3. Closely but dispassionately observe and note new changes in the attitude and behavior of the subject/person/culprit/perpetrator...

Over and above this, you must notice your own emotional temperament. You must monitor yourself. What is your emotional state one minute and then the next? People feel but dont observe these feelings. This is the way the vampires proliferate. We are too accomodating to people who are as bad as psychic murderers. You would not believe it, but our inner soul eyes see it all. You don't want to see it.

Anyway, hope this has been of some help.

At 7/3/06 11:12 PM, wildflower said...

Mtsar says: "Some kind of chaos or drama will occur to again pull you out of center and embroil...."

I can attest to this as well. It was shocking when people I knew who were not connected with each other started coming at me with these sorts of *crisis drama* when I first started to block contact with some of the vamps (I called them socialized psyhcopaths at the time).

It seemed to me at the time that they all were sucking for the same force behind or through them and that they were not doing so for themselves but were agents for something that was more connected through them,like some sort of hive mind that could cue into them to feed or manipulate/harass when it willed to and as long as they stayed open channels for it. It blew my mind at the time.

Yes, I know that some who read this might think all of that is nuts but it does not matter, I know it is real and that's all I need to know.

It also revealed to me that some people around me were vamps who I had not previouly expected were. I thought to block only the worst ones, but after I did that the lesser and also the unknown vamps became bigger vamps with harder sucking tactics than they previously had.

They came at me in ways I found hard to turn down because I am a person who is always second guessing myself and I worry about not being a "kind and good" enough person. They mostly played games designed to guilt me or hurt my feelings or cause fear to try and get me to be self destructive or self doubting.

It seems like they must cause the person to do things to themselves through these emotions, they really didn't seem to have the power to really be the active cause of any real physical harm. Like the bullets in the Star Trek episode where Spock convinces Kirk and Mc Coy that the bullets are not real, but phantoms/illusions and they bounce off of them without penetrating.

Each time I meet new people I have to be on guard too, I especially have had problems with medical professionals. Your tips here are very much appreciated. I tend to forget over time that this is battle and not just a one time decision to stop contact with certain hurtful people. It's a global concern and can come from any direction.

At 8/3/06 2:38 AM, mtsar said...

Yes, your right on. Much of my education in these matters comes from science-fiction writers who have this a a major theme.

But that hive you speak of does exist, and the worker ants are not aware of its existence even though they are part of it, and channel its energy. It is really the Collective Unconscious, to put it clearly. And it has a tremendous magnetic force that holds most of mankind in its orbit. Like a huge black hole of nothingness. A lot of the people that you see in this world, are morally and spiritually empty and have been for many many lives. The reason why they are here still, is a long story, but here they are, living off the light of those who are a mass of conflicts, those like you say are virtuous but always second-guessing themselves, martyring themselves and bleeding from the heart for every damn human that sends out subtle or overt dependency messages. And the worst vamps do the opposite, appearing to need nothing, or no one. They are the most dangerous. But your chances of coming across a Class A vampire is unlikely - fortunately. A few large bites from small fish is most likely, and that goes on all over, all the time. You are just one of the few who is aware of it. And there is nothing crazy about it. Again, look at how much classic sci-fi and literature has this thing as its theme. A great deal. I would check out these movies - Gilda (Rita Hayworth), Possessed (Joan Crawford), Lifeforce, Dead Reckoning (Bogart/Scott), Dark Passage (Bogart), The Egyptian (Victor Mature), The Hunger, Snow White (Miranda Richardson)...just a few that deal so beautifully with this concept...

At 14/3/06 9:07 PM, MWolfe said...

I'm not sure if this post goes here or in the relationship section.I suppose that they are both sort of intertwined.

Generally,I don't like to post things of a personal nature but upon reading the posts in this section,I figured I'd contribute the best I can.

I seem to almost always attract the kind of people who are wearing a friendly mask.Upon further observation,these masks tend to come down with a very dis-heartening crash.

I am starting to believe that in many instances,it is my own self-induced blindness that has allowed these people to poison me.

About a month ago,I though that I had finally found someone whom I could confide in.Someone who seemed to be as spiritual as I am.

From the moment I locked eyes with this young woman,I was completely mesmerized by her.As fate would have it,I would become close to her very soon after.

In this haze of so called love,I ended up ignoring all of the red flags that came up.I basically ended up muting my inner voice.

My ego wanted so badly to finally identify with someone.To finally feel like I could belong.

Not long after,things seemed to fall apart.That connection that we had was basically severed.

She would call every now and again but not very often.I tried and tried to no avail.

I could feel myself becoming more and more depressed and hopeless.

Finally,she called and said that she felt bad because she had a bunch of shit going on in her life.She wished she'd spent time with me and blah blah blah.

So,I picked her up on a Saturday and we spent all day together and had fun.

I went to see her 3 days later and she seemed to be a different person.When I left,she hugged me and told me to call her back.

I called and her room mate starts yelling at me.I thought, are these the same people I was hanging out with?I am able to pick up on people's vibes but this shocked me.

Come to find out,she was there while he was yelling at me.She in fact,invoked it.I ended up going back over there to see what the hell was going on.

She basically,turned on me and started yelling.A total 180 degree turn within an hour or less.She told me to call the next day and I did.No one answered.

These are the people I seem to attract to myself.How in hell can I get these people away from me?It's so hard to find good people these days.Especially,in relationships.

The road to enlightenment sure does get lonely.That was the same girl who talked to me about enlightenment and about how shitty other people are.

This is such a fucked up paradox.Those who claim to be opprssed are sometimes the worst oppressors.

At 14/3/06 9:59 PM, mtsar said...

This is, sadly, one of many such cases. And remember it is a question also of degree. Many people experience this is a much more toned-down way, but put up with it. It is very pervasive.

Your case is a remarkably striking example. It can teach you a lot about the true nature of people. This is the mask, the mask that will soon be coming down on people. In fact, what happened with you was such an event. Luckily, you did not censor yourself, and did face what you saw and experienced. Most people pretend that it just did not happen, and carry on as normal. This is what the vampiristic people are hoping for, that your needs will hold them in good stead.

Most of what we call life, is lifestyle - that is - a performance. It is just a question of how good the performance is, now stable the mask is and a lot of other factors.

As long as you are looking for anything in the eyes of other people, you leave yourself open to just this kind of thing. It may happen and it may not. But it is happening. She just showed you her true colors quickly. Other poor bastards sleep beside it for 40 years. And the vampire can be of both sexes. It is just a extreme version of normal sadism that is in every one. It is also assisted by the media who subtly make amorality seem attractive.

Imagine what you saw and experienced and then multiply that horror several times, in terms of cruelty. Some have experienced real all-encompassing rape at the hands of such people. But it is sad that this thing has pesisted in your life. I think that is because you are someone who will be finding out about this particular phenomenon. It has always interested me, and I think that my work on it will be of great interest to persons like yourself, that have been so victimized.

The time has come for the info on this to be brought forth, and for people to have the empowerment to protect themselves from just this kind of thing.

Just understand for now, that there are people in this world that verminous and deeply treacherous, and who have literally murdered their own higher selves, due to some primal wound that caused so much primal pain that they could not stand it. Their strategy was to destroy their own feelings. They dont feel, but give the impression that they do. That is all an act. They have sensations, not feelings. They are sensational and not emotional, in the true sense of the word. If they have such a negative relationship with themselves, what do you imagine they will cultivate with others? They seek to bring their infection to others, or to rape others of all their light. People like yourself attract them becasuse you have light, and are downloading a lot of creative pure force. It is like honey to them.

But they hate themselves for needing what they need, and hate you for having it. Remember there is a big difference between jealousy and envy. Jealousy is not that bad. It is actually based on appreciation and admiration. Envy, on the other hand, is the intense desire not to have what another has, but to wish that they did not have it. The vampire knows that what you have they could not have, and do not have. Envy is the desire to see you lose what you have, in a sea of agony, sorrow, depression, loss, and confusion. This is the vile cocktail they seek to infect everyone with. Their beautiful mask is just the honey to get you to stretch out your hand for what they have. At every table of 12 there is one Judas. It is just the way of things. They are expert mimics, and know how to walk in rhythm with you, for a certain while. This is to get your confidence. Their entire personalities are merely collages of others people that they have met, and mimicked, like human-chameleons. They are so sophisticated at this that it is quite fascinating to watch, when one is immune to it, that is.

Just as predators exist in the animal kingdom so they do in the human kingdom. They feed of emotions, positive and negative, but mostly the latter. And if they can do something to insight negative emotions, they will...they are often experts at it. The only thing that you can be thankful for is their removal from your life...

At 16/3/06 11:25 AM, MWolfe said...

Thanks Michael for your insight.

I forgot to mention the fact that I went to consult a psychic about various topics about 3 weeks ago.

Normally,I view psychics with a very careful eye.

This one told me that I had known this girl before and that we were either figuratively or literally burned at the stake together.Possibly as religious heretics.(imagine that)

I also can recall that that the girl in question said she was a vampire in a past life.

It's amazing how blind and deaf we make ourselves.

She is also very psychic so obviously,she was easily able to pick up on who to prey upon.

Anyway,thanks again.

Truth Against The World

At 16/3/06 1:43 PM, mtsar said...

Well yes, you are right to be skeptical of most psychics, but of course the ones who are legit, and I know many, do indeed know a lot about this phenomenon, and come across it all the time.

Whether you had a connection with her specifically in a past life, or whether it was with that kind of energy (in someone else) remains an open question, and really is not that important.

What matters is that you did censor yourself, hearing what was ego-satisfying at that point; and that you then noticed this action in yourself. This is the difference between life and death in my opinion.

I knew a similar case in which the protagonist also woke up to what was happening, and after making changes, confronted the antagonist about the "attacking" that had been going on. Of course the denials were really something to hear and learn about.

So, in your case, you actually had a "confession" of sorts. This can occur for a variety of reasons. And remember that in all "satanic" acts, the victim is usually TOLD in some way, what is happening. On all levels then, personally, and collectively, it is we who do not listen and heed what we are hearing. Most people will TELL you exactly who they are. As Sherlock Holmes told Doctor Watson, in the first book of their adventures..."How many stairs are there on the way up to my room?" Watson said he did not know. Holmes said, "well that is the difference between me and you and the rest of the world....You see the stairs, I observe them" (paraphrased)

How many times do you acknowledge the door handle when you open and go through a doorway? That is the problem of mankind in a nutshell. A prize-fighter who loses peripheral vision, is a dead prize-fighter, taken out by a beginner.

Most of our lives are in metaphysical shadow, and this is where these creatures "hide" so to speak. They make use of our needs, sexual and other. There is nothing wrong with these needs, in themselves, they are just a flag to the destroyers. We must always protect our needs and wants by logical and rational concerns.

But this is a massive question, of why we even get attracted to these types. I have been looking into it quite deeply, having heard of too many cases...

At 17/3/06 9:57 PM, Wildflower said...

My burning question about it all is what does it mean to be born to a sadist type person? Yes, I feel like I have attracted a lot of them to myself in the course of my life, but to be born to one seems like an attraction that goes soul/core deep, more so than coming accross them as passing through life. Apparently something either in me or concerning me, intended very deeply for this person to be the most profound influence in my life at the most formative years and I sure would like to correct the situation that caused the attraction before I am sent for another go around. What does it mean to have a sadist parent, whatever it means I know it was revolting and shocking to me from a very early age.

Just my thoughts after reading the latest very thought provoking posts in this thread.

At 18/3/06 1:18 AM, mtsar said...

Well, this is a major question, and one which does not have a simple answer. I cannot go into this now, or in this place, since it is connected to many themes concerning justice and crime, and other subtle things that the world has yet to be made fully aware of. This question must be dealt with in the right context, so that there are no misunderstandings. I will be dealing with this as time goes by, and on forthcoming dvds.

At 4/4/06 6:43 PM, anonymous said...

So many times when I am reading message boards or blogs from people who seem to be more aware of things, I see something very disturbing. It is the romantic fascination with vampires and the whole Anne Rice novels, etc.

To me there is nothing romantic, fun or erotic about vampires. Of course if I say this, then I am told I am not open minded and evolved enough to understand the complexity of these works. Why do so many humans want to make a romantic figure out of demons and vampires?

At 4/4/06 10:44 PM, mtsar said...

Anne Rice is just a drugged out freak who cannot write, funded by those who wish her sordid, morbid evil tripe to get out there to the world. Her novels were so poorly written that her editors could hardly do thir work. It was the worst case they had ever known, and admitted it on camera.

There is a powerful order that operates behind the Stephen Kings, and the Clive Barkers, and Anne Rices and some of the slasher, horror genre people. Not all are involved and some are doing good mroal work, but this has been a major vatican funded thing for a long time.

At 4/4/06 11:03 PM, mtsar said...

I dont think that a lot of the movies are necessarily a bad thing when they show or depict that there is such a phenomenon as vampirism. They work in fictional notions but have at least seeded people with certain important ideas concerning this problem...

In the end if good comes of people learning about energy vampirism so that they can protect themselves against it, it will be worth it...

At 6/4/06 12:36 PM, Anonymous said...

Real lesson for me about vampires. I am normally now good about not falling into their garbage. I have been sick and in pain this week and not sleeping well at all, I feel tired and weak.

Well, there is a person who I come into contact with who likes to attack people and then after she gets what is coming to her, she plays hurt victim.

Today, I fell for her victim act, totally, felt sorry for her, all the normal gut feelings were not there. Of course a good friend came along and asked why was I taking in her BS and giving her sympathy when she simply feeds on that sort of thing. I guess my shields were not up today!

At 6/4/06 2:45 PM, mtsar said...

there is no need to feel sorry for anyone...our lives are based on choice.

we can model a new way by living in truth to ourselves, and leave others to decide whether to do likewise or not, but we do not lose energy over their decisions...

As much as you tend to the african stag beetle, is as much as you need to tend to the humans in front of you.

Your only action toward others is to allow them to stand alone on their own feet, without dependency.

Anything other message to others is dysfunctional and a source of suffering, for all parties.

Your colleague's show of emotion (its not really emotion though), was because her sensational self was not being satiated. It was a device to promote empathy. Hate is what they want because it is the most powerful emotion. Love is strong too but most vamps cant get that.

Vamps do not have emotion. They act as if they do. It comes with mimickry. They know they would stand out a mile if they acted as coldly as they really are, so they learn when young to mimic others, and they a fantastic at it.

But you have to have eyes to see it. Most people do not see through the takes time to develop that kind of clairvoyance.

I was born with it, and even I have had difficulties sometimes, they are so damn good. They walk in "rhythm" with those they wish to feed off, and get your confidence. And then you are lost.

Just a the mosquito puts some of its own saliva in your veins BEFORE it can suck your blood, so the human mosquito does the same. They must have YOU go to them. This is what matters to them most.

Every evil thing in this world exists because we have unconsciously nurtured and nourished it.

The message of my work concerns getting us aware of the manner in which we have done so, so that REAL change can occur on this planet

At 9/4/06 3:06 PM, Anonymous said...

My mother is a vampire. I don't understand how a parent can be so predatory in regards to their own child. I've very few freinds, no lovers, people tend to avoid me.
My mother seems to call adn come over to my apt every chance she gets. I've tried telling her how much her behavior hurts, she doesn't change it just gets worse. A vampires #1 goal is getting the energy no matter what. I feel psychiclly and spiritually connected to her and am desperate to break the connection. I feel like she's doing her best to turn me into one so she can indirectly feed from people I'm around. How do I put an end to this?

At 9/4/06 4:23 PM, mtsar said...

How do you put an end to it...?

Do you think that can be answered in a few words, by a stranger...

Questions are easy, living the answer that you already know is not so easy.

She does what she does with your permission. You may not admit that or see it, but it is probably the truth. You have no boundaries, so dont blame people for leaving their muddy footprints around your door.

What they are doing is natural to them. Dont try to work it out, or change them. Move out yourself as you would if a physical derelict was moving in or hanging around you. If you know that you are living with a murderess, someone that has long ago slain her own soul, and who feeds of those of her own children, then why have the TIME TO ASK WHAT YOU SHOULD DO....

Some mothers have committed suicide by hanging themselves in their houses. And some have timed their act for the moment that their kids are due back from school...

Yes there is cruelty in this world....more than you know.

At 10/4/06 12:11 PM, Anonymous said...

My mother is a vampire. I don't understand how a parent can be so predatory in regards to their own child. I've very few freinds, no lovers, people tend to avoid me.

My mother was like that, as well as bing physically sadistic but she is passed on now. Now I have a vampire sibling and vampire MIL. I cut both of them out of my life and yes I have guilt but when I think of how free I feel now and how oppressive the thought of allowing them into my sphere feels, I manage to just deal with whatever guilt comes and tell myself that I just have to do what I have to do to protect myself.

I see some of my friends enslaved by vampire family members and I also avoid them right after they spent long weekends with them, they are simply intolerable at those times and then revert to themselves later on. Two of them became a vampires and we no longer talk. Another one has gone on anti-depressants in an attempt to cope and her personality has become emotionally flat and she lost her wonderful sense of humor and irony.

Medicate the victim, call them the crazy ones I guess is society's solution. I tried in the past to talk with her about her mother and what her mother was doing to her, back when I called it being controlling rather than the vampire term. She often decompressed by venting to me about her mother but this time that I tried to tell her about what I saw going on she got very upset and bitterly defended her mother.

Now when she brings the topic up, I refuse to discuss it. But then, now that she is on the antidepressants, we don't have good conversations. What we used to share was a sense of humor and laughing at our problems in life and such, but now she has lost her humor and we don't seem to understand each other. I feel like I am witnessing her soul death but don't know what to do about it since she won't listen.

The first step is the hardest, in getting the vampires out of your life, but as you get your own mental space cleaned out and feel the freedom, you'll probably find it easier and easier to protect yourself.

I did an etheric cord "scan" that I read about and I was surprised to see what I did and who was on the other end.

At 10/4/06 1:03 PM, mtsar said...

I am working on a dvd about this...dont know when it will be complete.

At 11/4/06 9:46 AM, Anonymous said...

"Don't be so sensitive"

This seems to be a catch phrase for some with vampiristic tendencies.
They goad you into feeling a certain way, knowing that you'll have a genuine response.

Then once your there, they drop that line, chastising you for FEELING.
"Don't be so sensitive"
As if to say, "It would have been so much easier for you if you just rolled over and let me beat you up in the first place"

It really irks me like nothing else when someone says this.

But on the flipside of that, someone who says that could be having an adverse reaction to your display of unhinged emotion, something which they may not be so capable of doing.

As if I should censor myself in order to ease someone else's consciousness?

At 11/4/06 11:07 AM, mtsar said...

Right...because another word for vampirism, is really Mesmerism...they want you to feel good that they are sucking you dry...Its called "Wormtongue."

They are experts at making you feel good in their presence, unless you are highly intuitive and can accept the warnings that are going off inside, and not censor it. BUt shit yes, the pure genius of their manner and their way of disarming you with pseudo-spiritual jive. They want to take you apart one thread at a time. This is their pastime, their satori, watching you come apart bit by bit...

"I am the well-spring from which you flow, without me you would not be..."
- Tulsa Doom to Conan (Conan the Barbarian)

At 11/4/06 7:45 PM, ewmeadows said...

I loved that movie , the first Conan movie, and I love what happened next scene, where Conan fell into a slight state of hypnosis, but then, snapped out of it, and cut off that evil, ASSHOLE, SNAKE worshiping/POWER tripping guru's head, and picked it up, for all of his "adoring" followers to see, and BEHOLD, the GREAT and terrible OZ,

..... right on ..... and , as it should be .... (the curtain was, shall we say, RIPPED open, and the plain truth made obvious to all, ........ that movie, Conan the Barbarian, really affected me deeply, and I had some very intense dreams because of it.

At 11/4/06 11:34 PM, mtsar said...

there is barely anything missing from that movie, and it is a metaphor that works on many levels, but especially as a metaphor for the state of Humanity, drugged, sacrificed and mesmerized.

At 11/4/06 11:35 PM, mtsar said...

I knew so much of this at a very early age and then allowed myself to lose it. I remember my mother and a sibling (both vampires actually) who used to get so mad at me because I would be rude to certain people who were actually being quite nice to me. I would say "that person makes me feel icky" and they would say "Be nice or you'll be sorry. Don't embarass me."

People, maybe you should listen to your children and watch your cats and dogs for how they react to people.

At 11/4/06 11:40 PM, mtsar said...

And that - my friend - that self-censoring, is the SUPREME PROBLEM OF ALL...and the SOLE reason for all the shit in this world, I dont care of what type.

Once this is understood and remedied, it is bye bye Bush, bye bye evil, and new world orders and suffering and pain and all of it...

We have it to begin with, and then we murder it, in a vile act of sadism to the self, for which we are not forgiven (See Shiva Article).

And all the world's calamity comes from that. From those corpses, the festering maggots, the Bushes, and the Vampires arise. They are natural so I cannot think that screaming against them is going to amount to anything. Maggots come on dead meat, simple. From a grave, expect maggots and ghosts.

When and if the Sleepers Awaken, out of self-absence, out of guru-world, and out of religion and all the crap that deprives man's own tree from blooming, then we will see change, otherwise its move the chairs here, then move them there....ON THE TITANIC

At 12/4/06 10:22 PM, Anonymous said...


It's like out of sorts, the top of the chain, yet going down with the ship.

The mother of all problems, insignificant in it's own way....

At 25/4/06 9:21 PM, Anonymous said...

I have a neighbor who sits on her porch early morning (even in the dark), throughout the day and night, day in and day out.
She stares at me and my family coming and going.
It REALLY gives me the creeps. I have started having nightmares about her. When I moved in four years ago I tried to talk with her to get to know her, but that didn't go to far.
In my "rational" mind I tell myself to ignore it, but I feel she is penetrating me psychically.
It has been well over a year this has been going on-am I crazy?

At 25/4/06 10:49 PM, mtsar said...

Yep, you have one...a vampire...its just another word for a narcissitic, voyeuristic, freak with no personal life. They are a real study, and they love to get into your head and have you give off your energy. Looking is, as I have written and said so many times, a very violent act. And it has all sorts of negative permutations.

These freaks have no couth, and no social manners, most of them, although some have exceptional talents in this area.

All that you can do is change the energy in your house, change the chi and keep things flowing. Changing the energy and radiating a defensive posture, that you do not engage her in any way, will soon get her to move her ass. But you require much persistance at that. And in one way, we are always gonna have something of this sort as long as we live the way we do. Our society breeds them. So dont take it personally or get into low emotions over it. Just realize that it exists, like chemtrails or dioxides in the atmosphere, or flouride in the water. Dont give it energy. But also realize that once you are successful at initiating a change in energy, she may cause some conflict, some other pretext to get your energy. It might not happen, but be on the look out. When a vamp does not get their appetizer they get stroppy.

Actually, if you can built a big fucking fence between you and it, then I would get the money together and do it, or just manifest some other change. Just ask your guide to take care of this problem. Ask unemotionally and quietly and it will happen. Other than that, I would say taht these creatures or this phenomenon enters our lives for a reason and can be seen positively, as a catalyst to greater change and enhanced personal sovereignty. So see it more as the grain of sand to become a pearl. Perhaps the energy in your area, the chi, is weak, that is - geopathic, and you may need to think of moving soon. I dont know. All I do know, is that this kind of thing is extremely common. YOu are just one of the few who sees it for what it is, and does not excuse it.

At 27/4/06 2:30 AM, Anonymous said...

This may seen like an odd question: Is not being able to sleep through the deepest hours of the night related to this lack of chi energy in an area or vampiring?

I often wake up around 2am and cannot get back to sleep until I am alone and then with an hour or so I fall asleep exhausted. If I sleep between 2PM and 9PM, I sleep the deepest sleep of the whole cycle. I feel physically better after I have slept in these times. However, because of the schedules of the person I live with I really should be sleeping at night because of worries of disrupting them as we live in a small space.

When I wake up I feel tense, troubled, filled with dread, self loathing, sometimes just feel like I am not myself and it is hard to get my bearings. I am chronically sick. Many times I just simply HAVE to get up out of that bed, like I am filled with a disquieting energy and yet I am exhausted.

I have read other theories like mold allergy, but I dose myself with antihistamines before sleep.

At 27/4/06 2:56 PM, mtsar said...

it is hard to say. It is hard to diagnose such situations, as there are dozens of factors. It could be something from within yourself, or something being projected by others. But a stranger not conversant with the facts, and who does not know you, cannot give advice ...that is just the way it is. A hypothetical situation can be discussed, but I am not an authority. And since the problem may be due to something inside you, we cannot implicate anyone else, until really sure.

There are just too many factors. And it may just be electro-magnetic, or geopathic, so there are many things to address, on top of the psyhological aspects. We live in very toxic societies, and in houses which contain a lot of past energy, and we never clear who knows...

We need to begin studying the subject of feng shui and geomancy deliberately and employ some of its tenets, since either way, Chi is definitely the issue.

At 4/5/06 6:35 AM, Anonymous said...

And what for useful techniques
exist for defense against Vampires ?


At 5/5/06 10:59 AM, MWolfe said...

I wasn’t sure what section to post this under so I decided to post it here.

Last night at work, I had a strange epiphany about myself and about who I am. I work at a gas station as a clerk, which is not glamorous or fun, but for now, it shall suffice. Anyway, the other day, a middle aged woman came into the store in order to use our telephone. Normally, we tell the customers to use the pay phone outside but she said she didn’t have any money to use the phone. Upon first seeing her,I didn’t really like her energy but as usual,I ignored those original bad vibes that she gave me and I let her use the phone. Well,I wasn’t really paying attention to her as she used the phone and after she was done,she left. About five minutes later,a customer came in saying you’d better do an inventory check because I just saw a lady walking out of here taking things out of her pockets.

Well, my logic is....Fool me once, shame on you....Fool me twice,shame on me. So,earlier yesterday, the lady came in the use the phone again and I made sure to watch her like a hawk. She used the phone and then she left. Later in the evening, she came back in the store and was walking around pretending to check things out. The lady wasn’t even being subtle about what she was trying to do either. I would look at her and she would smile and pretend she was just going about her business. She was taking things out of the packages and walking around the store. She came up to buy some flower that we were selling as if to say “I bought something.” All that is insignificant to the process of change that I went through at that very moment. As I rang up the lady’s flower, I said to myself, “Are you going to let her get away with this?” I thought that I could either say nothing, and hate myself for it or, I could tell her how I felt about her stealing things. So at first, I was sort of subtle about how I said it but she became a little irritated by what I was saying. Her phony smile and warm (fake) disposition started to become rude and sarcastic. Her goose was fucking cooked and she knew it. She walked out the door muttering “whatever” and I yelled “Don’t come back.”

After I did that, I was filled with a sense of joy that words do not describe. I had said what I felt to someone who was doing something wrong. She was so fucking nice so I had to wrestle with myself in order to let my feelings flow. Although, that kindness went away once I ripped her fucking mask off of her face and exposed her for what she was. Once I did, I felt wonderful. Now, to some, this is a very insignificant event but to me, it is a good sign. It is the beginning of an inner strength that cannot be conquered or defined. A sign of more things to come.

The age of revealing in upon us. These creatures had better run from the light.

At 5/5/06 11:47 AM, mtsar said...

Yes, you did the right thing...I think she may even have wished to be caught, so that she would have had more attention, which is why she was being rather obvious. They are not in total control, and are motivated by other forces that they have sold their souls to. These forces get attracted to people such as yourself and desire to drain your life-force so that you are unable to get on with reading, or thinking and just being at peace.

The vamps and freaks want to take your time, and embroill you from morning till night if they had their way. The higher person's very thought process is hated by them, since it sends a certain kind of frequency.

You only felt a casual feeling of dislike towards her, but she would have felt dislike towards you far stronger, as a kind of surge, or a sure attack of inner rage. It would have been well covered up, but it would have been very, very strong. This is why she and others come. If you do a wrong thing then they have you in court, or losing a job, or wasting time, or getting a bad name, etc,.

It is rotten, and we must be on guard all the time, learning all the time to see behind the mask and trust out intuition, and not censor our own inner knowing, that just has the truth on the first look at someone. We censor that first impression and project our own needs on people. But the very first glance tells all, if one can hold that space and listen to its counsel.

At 6/5/06 4:11 PM, Adam said...

My friend has been trying to get with this girl for a while now, but she keeps fucking toying with him. She toys with him the point of cruelty, me too for that matter. We always end up buying her drinks and giving her cigs and all this for nothing. She always ends up with some other guy. She had us completely wrapped around her finger.

Anyways, last night we were at a gathering at her place. I was being a wallflower and as I stood there watching her it clicked. She was in the center of the room literally surrounded by a circle of people. She was just smiling and laughing, but there was something in her eyes that gave away her true self.

That was when I remembered the first time that had seen her. She was describing to me her alter "party" ego as being a VAMPIRE!! She was feeding off my friend, me, and those circling around her. We were enthralled, completely under her spell. How could I have been so stupid? The first time I met her, she actually told me she was a vampire. I hope she enjoyed her high cos I am cutting her off.

I went outside immeadiatley and had a good laugh and got the hell out of there. And as I drove away I could feel my vivacity return. LOL she told she was a vampire and I let her in. What else am I letting in?

At 6/5/06 7:35 PM, mtsar said...

to observe it is the key. Don't react to it, or reveal to them what you are doing. Just be that wallflower and see all. It is quite amazing to watch an empty, soulless person at work, utterly unconcerned about anything other than their own narcissistic and sensational needs. These creatures do not possess emotion as we would know it, although they give a superb impression that they do. Actually, they are confined to the world of sensation. And if one is not looking too closely, this can seem as if it is true emotion or passion, but it is not. It is empty and cold.

There are many such people in the world. All that is different is the act.

Some of these people have murdered their own souls long ago, due to some primal wound perhaps (there are many reasons).

But there they are, in peoples lives. I have never ceased to draw attention to their presence and condition. It is most important for the future of mankind and for moral hygiene that these individuals are exposed and not able to ply their trade.

You are a true person, that sees the vileness of this, and inwardly feels a Hamlet-like pity for the humans that will fall and be played to death by this kind of thing. When one reaches the precipice and looks over to see the creation as the gods see it, they are often changed forever.

We all know of immorality and lack of virtue, or think we do. But, in any case, this kind of Vampirism is the utter nadir of such immorality. It is the lowest manner of human life. Just because it comes with an aura of Mystique and Eroticism, does not make this any less true. It is a particular form of intense violence that is played and as devastating effects. But like a fly caught in honey, the idea is that one dies a delicious death. One gives all to receive nothing.

I would recommend the movie "The Egyptian" and also "Life Force" the british sci-fi movie as being of great value in this subject.

As one friend of mine was told by another regarding his particular case...Drop the person cold. Have nothing more to do with her. And move on.

At 6/5/06 9:43 PM, Adam said...

Thanks. Dropping her will not be a problem since she is moving to L.A. to become a "Star" in a month.

Good, she can live with other vampires in a cess-pit of narcissism. Apparently she got a job as a Groundling, that famous comedy troupe. HA! Her job is acting out caricatures of human beings. Perfect. She is the joke.

I enjoyed that analogy of a fly caught in honey.

At 6/5/06 11:08 PM, mtsar said...

Well, remember that their actions are narcissistic but based somewhat on the energy they receive from you and others. The cliche of running to LA, must be seen SYMBOLICALLY. Perhaps now that she has outstayed her welcome and does not want confrontation, she seeks new pastures with creeps like herself. As we know LA has more fakes, narcissists, perverts, cheats, and egomaniacs etc., than anywhere else on this planet, and these are just the nice people. So, yes birds of a feather do flock together, usually ending up on Hollywood and Vine.

But she is sending you and others another kind of signal. It is like a peacock's last flutter in your face. LA is like a throne, a nice backdrop for an empty person to "wear" to say "ha, look at me...I am heading to the place I really belong with all the people that matter, the creatives, the geniuses, and the rich....this is where I really belong." It is like showing off. They are competitive and deeply aware of their own psychic toxicity and moral degeneracy. So quickly pose in front of a ming vase, or quickly squeak about how many famous people you know, and so on. And then quickly make a bee-line for a glitzy place that looks right sensationally, and that will send the losers a big message. "My name will be in lights tomorrow, and all of you will be sorry..." Hugh Hefner here I come. O well he's finally croaked it, but there are the Mark II's on every corner.

At 7/5/06 9:02 PM, mtsar said...

I meant those who give the impression that they are aloof. I did not mean the real thing. The vampire is anything but a loner, in the true sense. They are totally empty so they need the clamor of the horde. They have just learned, some of them, that the best way to attract the ones they need, is to act remote and cold. We are attracted by such people because we all desire independence and aloneness. The vampire mimics this and has great success attracting their prey.

And yes, one ego is connected to another. This is the Collective Interweave, like an internet. it operates in a similar way. Really there is no individual ego at all. The ego exists relatively. The soul is alone.

At 8/5/06 5:46 AM, Anonymous said...

So this is why loners and introverts are treated so poorly in school and out in the world, because people are secretly envious of the loner or is it that people simply do not understand the loner and bark at what they don't understand?

I got hell at school for being an introvert. I have as an adult learned to fake being more open when at jobs and such for my own personal benefit, but truth is I can't wait to be alone again. It is not that I do not care about people, it is just that I have never had the desire to be that open.

At 8/5/06 2:17 PM, mtsar said...

Well, certainly...Just watch Pink Floyd's "The Wall," or Terrence Davies' "The Long Day Closes," or Paris Texas," or "The Cement Garden" for beautiful comments on this very phenomenon.

Psychologists know that extrovert people are the easiest to hypnotize and have the greater likelihood to develop pathological traits. Balance is important but of course we are not speaking of normal extroversion. We are talking of a massive over-compensation toward extroversion, forced by the media, the parents and the status quo. Man lives as if he is pulling a tight-rope, or walking a blade's edge.

Succeed, perform, over-achieve!!! Are these not the slogans of our sick age? And we admonish ourselves inwardly if we occupy an introverted space and dont feel PART of all that circus.

The One against the Many, the introvert against the seething horde of over-achievers running about frantically trying to say "look at me...I'm a go-getter, I am the business."

It has all to do with the peculiar nature of the ego, which had its birth so very recently in history, as is explained on the Atlantis dvd.

As I say on my interviews, the ego is the ghost or specter which has arisen from the grave of the Self. Man's true self lies murdered, starved, neglected. And from that corpse all sorts of maggots and viruses have arisen. There is nothing spectacular about it. It is purely natural. Something so great lies rotting. How can we expect its stench to not permeate into our lives and into the streets.

Lets find out the source of all the chaos and evil and injustice and sadism in our world. Its not that hard to find the reasons.

Leave a lovely sweet piece of cake out on the porch for a few days and just watch what occurs Naturally. So there is nothing abnormal with the criminals in the White House, or in White Hall (ironic term). And attempts to swat those maggots out of existence without dealing with the reason for their existence is obviously not going to work. It has never worked. One generation of pests infest the social sphere after another. That at least has remained perfectly constant down through the ages. As I have said, the remedy is not political, but PSYCHOLOGICAL.

And do you know how few people listen to this message???? I have not found a single soul in my personal sphere that has bothered their ass to take this seriously. It is only those who have coem to the end of their lies, and who need TREATMENT, that are open to it. But that is because they have to, and not becasue they have willed it.

Prevention only works when someone realizes that what they are doing requires prevention. You cannot teach a fake to be real when fakery gets them all they think they need.

At 12/5/06 2:12 AM, Fearless vamp killer said...

"As I have said, the remedy is not political, but PSYCHOLOGICAL."

So true...& I just dealt with the worst type...the psychologist in training who understands nothing of their own self!

This aquintance blatantly admonished me (online) and raked me over the coals me cause they couldn't understand why i stuck it to her for being a complete drama-freak on my two best friends (who are by and large very nice people) when they were treated badly by her with usual passive agressive/vctim bullshit.

What an asshole! I made an apology at first to let her know I understood where she was coming from, and then, in true Vampire nature she ran with the apology.

In the course of trying to apologize, I stated, "we treat others how we treat ourselves...etc". I was simply pointing out we all have the capacity to take things out on others when they don't see things our way, meaning harrasing others (me, my friends)that did no harm in the first place.

Damn! It must have hit too close to home, cause after accepting my apology, she back-handed me using that very comment, & accused me of more injustice. She used the phrases i wrote to infer more damage...and thsi is the SAME TACTIC she used on my FRIENDS!

Some people have alot of nerve when it comes to accusing others of ill- treatment when in fact they are doing the damage and are completely un-aware. She knew I was trying to warm things over, but she wouldn't let it go, she had to appease her ego.

I ended up letting her have it, not for fun, but to let her know I was sick of her bullshit and
thinly veiled attacks. I don't feel sorry for her, and even though I could have let it go, I choose to let her know she had no business bothering me anymore.

At 12/5/06 10:49 AM, mtsar said...

Yes, right...when dealing with these vamps, one has to keep one idea in mind...MIRRORS...

Specular dynamics are employed by them constantly. One has to understand the nature of projection and reflection to really understand this kind of creature. It is a long story, but one of the main things that they do is to "reflect" back the traits within you that you like and feel good about. This they excel at in the beginning. And we all prefer to be around people that make us feel good, right. Well, this is the "honey death" that I spoke of above.

The vamp thrives of your need to be accepted and approved off. This need leaves you wide open. When one is in the presence of the vamp, they feel good, sometimes better than they ever thought possible, or so I have been told. There is a strange feel to it and one gets hooked. The vamp walks in rhythm with you to get your confidence, to find out your weaknesses and to know your drives intimately. The victim does not suspect anything while under the spell.

When the true face of the vamp begins to show, for whatever reason, the victim is devastated and confused, and of course angry. There is nothing wrong with anger but the vamp can use the anger to its own service, since society has massive and stupid taboos against anger. The vamp always has its cronies around and can always make one seem so evil and bad because they are "reacting" or because they are "defending" and not showing "love." They know all the lines, and can make one feel confused. They, themselves dont know a single thing about emotion or what it feel like. But they can mimic it well, and use it as a weapon against those who begin to wake up to their tactics, as you have.

As R. D. Laing the great Scottish psychologist said - when we give to someone our love and trust, we do something stupid along with that. We suppose that the other has returned the favor. We convince ourselves that because we have given something so precious that we are automatically RECEIVING it in return. You may weep over this wont be the only one.

Now, the vamp goes one step further. It sends you back the message actively that you are receiving their love and trust. They may not do this verbally, but the signals come across nevertheless. Now the trap is perfect. You made it and you walked into it. All humans do.

The rational person, if he exists, does not believe himself to have anything such in return just because he has given his love and trust. No, he tests and finds out, follows his reason, intuition and his suspicions. And he notices everything, all interchanges. He scrutinizes and analyzes and is ever on guard. One can do so without being an abnoxious interrogator type. One can do this coldly and lovingly, in the knowledge of the pain and horror that they are protecting themselves against. To adopt such an attitude does not prevent vamps from coming in. Strangely, it may even attract them. All vamps like to sharpen their claws on hard stone, so they may come to test their own power. It they, or anyone, can make you believe that you need or require something they have, your dead. That is the law. You have all you need. But the fall occurs when others seek to make you think that they have what you need. Whether they do or dont is really not even the issue. It is whether you BELIEVE it that everything hangs on. When you know utterly, I mean utterly, that no soul has ANYTHING you need, then you are fully alive to this world, and to this miracle of life. Only then are you seen by the gods, and are not some blur on their viewer, so to speak. Only then can you walk the earth and say that you are a free person.

At 15/5/06 5:20 PM, Nicholas Romero said...

I'm am watching a DVD set called "Interview with an ex-vampire". This is a very good series, I wonder if you are familiar with this DVD set; the guy on this DVD claims to be an ex jesuit priest, and a masonic member. To look at him you just wouldn't think that he could have such a dark past (he does look like Santa Klause though). I just can't get over this apparent facination of ex jesuits and the bible, being born again under Christianity, and this habitual pattern of adopting one religious creed after another. This Character claims to have even joined the Mormon church at one time. How can someone be so aware of the deceptions of their occult bretheren, only to serially join another cult? I read the Alberto series of chick publications that you had recomended to me, which was a very good series, ladened with incredible information on the past of the catholic church, but it also had some very ominous and disturbing overtones of dogma that these two ex Jesuits seem to fall under, and that is, once again preaching the dogma of Jesus and the King James Bible.

Christ is a vibration, not a person. Why do people insist on nailing Jesus to the cross, and killing this icon over and over?

At 16/5/06 12:14 AM, mtsar said...

The Jesuits are a machine of major disinformation, as well as long time funders of the horror genre, magazines, games, films and so on. So, when one who claims to hav been a Jesuit is talking about Vampirism, I would doubt it. Not that they are not vampires, but that they are all into promoting the false understanding of such beings, in order to bring people back to their churches due to fear of the devil. From day 1, they have funded all of the false occult concepts and horror novels and books, comic and games and so on. It creates an atmosphere of fear. They are behind the modern stories and programs concerning paranormal, and speaking to the dead, seances, clairvoyants, movies about ghosts, walkins and all of it. It is an industry with a very important motive. Their priests maintain their status as exorcists and all the talk about possessed killers and slashers, assists in promoting the catholic cult of Jesuit exorcists, etc,. Westerners may not be to believing in it, but remember the mass of Mexicans, South Americans and all the Latin countries were people are vastly superstitious and mind-controlled by all that crap.

It is big business to prmote the fallacious concepts of vampires and so on. Pity these "experts" have no ever bothered pointing out the ACTUAL concept of vampirism as I for instance address here on this blog.

There's is a concept of satanism definable only from a Christian context. It is the other side of the coin of the status quo. And they have a huge industry to maintain the "devil" lie, through such documentaries, films and books and "personal" accounts, etc,.

At 18/5/06 11:29 AM, Anonymous said...

i thought someone i was around all the time was a vampire. after time i realized it wasnt her, it was the cigarettes LOL and the fact i would only smoke them around her. THIS is why i was always so tired and stressed around her hahahaha
what can ya do, you live, you learn. i love her :)

At 18/5/06 8:51 PM, mtsar said...

We're talking about psyhic vampirism here buddy, not the effects of chain-smoking...

If you dont know the difference, join the rest of the world in the same boat.

At 25/5/06 10:08 PM, ryan said...

I've got a few issues to address and ask about to all of you present and passing:

One is related to sacred places:

" Today what pass as mass-rituals go on all the time to de-balance the earth's natural energy, by way of some idiotic mass spectacle, or the hippies gathering at Stonehenge, or other kinds of nonsense. Now stones have been ruined and the geo-spheric energy has been so displaced, just as was intended." (a post up above by mstar)

Michael, I remember in another post you mentioned that the opposition doesn't want us visiting these sites because we can "get topped off" there energy wise, restored if you will. My question is geared toward how we can approach these sites and not contaminate them. Is there a way to make sure our spirits are hygenic enough not to negatively impact other people and sacred places? I can understand how "hippies" with immature minds may jumble up the energy in these places. This is the main reason I refuse to visit my girlfriend when I'm feeling low - I simply don't want to contaminate her with a bad attitude/energy.

The other is personal and related to vampirism:

A poster above mentioned that there maybe only be 30% "light" spirits on this Earth, the rest being "grey" or "dark"...I remember reading a Sylvia Brown book where she mentioned the same exact thing. My issue is this :

I feel I'm a good person. I extend my feelings and emotions to everyone I know and often times strangers. I enjoy helping take the load off of people and strangely enough their negative emotions very rarely have a bad effect on me. I have to admit that reading this section scares me a little bit though. I'm not perfect and have done a few negative things in my life that I deeply regret (mainly treating my parents with disrespect and being so disobedient when younger). Ever since "becomming concious" of my actions (maybe that's called growing up) I have been deeply regretful and seeking a way to right my wrongs. I feel a need for justice in everything in life, a balance...maybe I can attribute that to me being a Libra...but I also seek justice done to myself. If I'm not a good person in the spirit then I just want to be destroyed, or at least be given the knowledge to purge myself of any evil. This blog covers so many critical facets about our physical and spiritual lives, but this one is so personal and individual to each of almost seems like the most important topic there can be. If we all change ourselves, truly change ourselves for the better, then this world by logic MUST change for the better.

Sometimes I feel like I'm battling for my soul in this incarnation. I feel pressure from all around me and am still crawling in the dark for the one true path.

At 26/5/06 1:07 AM, mtsar said...

If your rivals and the adversarial energy against your soul is great, then how great must you also be to deserve such battalions against you.

Remember that, and polish the sword.

At 26/5/06 1:08 AM, ryan said...

"My mother is a vampire. I don't understand how a parent can be so predatory in regards to their own child. I've very few freinds, no lovers, people tend to avoid me."


I just want to add this statement for those of you who believe your parent(s) may be vamps:

Be very careful who you try and label a psychic vampire. Many times I could have labeled my own mother that but hear this:

When I'm not so self-absorbed into my own problems of mundane life I stop and think about my mom. How hard she works and how tired she is. She has, since my earliest memory caused me pain by the words she has said to me, but the times she has caused me happiness I have only recently begun to appreciate with new found wisdom. Everytime I have needed her she was there for me. I saw in her remorse for the words she threw at me everytime after they occured. Sometimes people DO have viable excuses for the way the treat others. We aren't perfect and we do take out our problems on others when we aren't mindful. Let's just make sure we are seeing through the eyes of the people we accuse before we condemn them.

There are days I would just have to say something silly to make my mom laugh. She would be in such a bad mood where I could feel the negative energy in the air. And guess what? That negativity would be vanquished immediatly, and a smile would come to her face.

Do you honestly believe a soul can be 100% evil or 100% good? We are all polluted.

At 26/5/06 1:09 AM, mtsar said...

as in all things, balance is defintely required, and blame is not the motive here. Unconvering a serius moral crime is. But the diagnosis must be impartial and based on experience and knowledge and even scientific testing like from kinesiology, etc,. This is not a blame game.

At 1/6/06 3:36 PM, Anonymous said...

All of these blogs make me worried that I may be a vamp in certain situations. I have found that my being silent much of the time causes anxiety in others around me, but at the sametime I also end up becoming anxious, depressed, and self critical at the sametime. Do you know what is going on here and how I can help it? Also, my girlfriend also becomes very depressed and insecure much of the time. She also has nightmares of old men raping her and demon like entities eating her limbs in some sexual manner. Do you know what may be going on here?

At 2/6/06 8:02 AM, mtsar said...

Being introverted and silent and alone has nothing to do with vampirism, quite the reverse. The vamp is most social creature, and cannot be alone or silent for an instant. They are some of the busiest people you will ever meet and their state resembles or is closely aligned with hypermania. There is nothing more horrifying to a real vamp than silence and quiet and peace. Nothing.

Most vamps are extremely high maintenance even if they dont appear so in the beginning when they are "walking in rhythm" with you to find your weaknesses, so to speak. These weaknesses are your virtues. They are only weaknesses when in the company of deceivers. Mankind has lost count of the great people and the great causes which have been contravened due to deception from within. Open enemies are very rarely a man's problem. His major problem is his so-called friends and comrades and those who have his trust or allegiance. This is where the attack will come, as it always has come.

Get one thing very clear. The Vamp is a supreme Narcissist. This does not mean one who loves oneself. It means one who deeply and inexorably HATES oneself, but who acts to the contrary.

The vamp has murdered their own being and is constantly on the search for analogue identities. They are chameleons and mimicks and need company very badly. But they have no allegiance of true feeling for anyone else. How can they? They have murdered their own emotions. What appears to be emotion in them is merely rarified sensation. Emotion and sensation appear the same if one is not looking hard or testing.

Some people I know who have trouble with major vampirism saved themselves because they were able to distinguish the difference between these two functions.

We are all dependent to a certain degree on others, but deliberate theft of the energy and time and resources and knowledge and love of another person is what we are talking about. Only you can determine to what level you are so capable.

I cannot speak about your friend's experiences. They can come from all manner of reasons. One has to know the individual situation. Perhaps her conscience is bad, or maybe she is herself attacked by someone and ailign as a result. Bad dreams and nightmares come when one is under attack, and when the field is open. But there are many other reaons for these kinds of symptoms.

At 16/6/06 1:37 PM, Dave from Orlando said...

This section has been very helpful to me in identifying people that are social vampires. I have not fallen victim to them at all, but I am starting to see how they stalk their prey and I really think I could be next. Only question I have is this? Is it possible to have any kind of relationship with these people without them leeching onto you? I think my own intuition is my best bet and I feel as though I have somewhat of an advantage being that I was born almost all the way deaf (which I was able to get my hearing back in my right ear and in my left ear I can hear about 30%.) I can feel things when I am around people and usually I leave a bad situation before it gets ugly. Thanks again for helping me broaden my horizons and giving great advice like Staying in my center. That has been very helpful to me this year in dealing with very stressful situaions.

At 16/6/06 3:30 PM, mtsar said...

Glad that you are "in the know" and have been protected as a result. There is no A t0 Z of what to do. Each situation is rather unique and I am so against the cookie-cutter formulaic thing.

And in any case, who do you think is the expert on Psychic Vampires more than the Psychic Vampire. They have to keep up on the new info, and on those who find out about them. They are the first ones to be empowered by work such as mine. I wish it was not that way, but that is just one negative side-effect.

The people in the front row of any talk on this subject, those taking notes, are Vampires themselves.

They entire lifestyle and their successes are due to expert camouflage. Burn down that cover and they stand exposed. So they have then to join the parties that are doing the burning, like the serial-killer that is the best friend of the cops.

So, there are all sorts of under-themes and currents with this. It takes time to become expert, and only you can do that for yourself. Constant vigilance aligned with psychological knowledge of all human beings, together with metaphysical knowledge as to the nature of the mind and so on, is all needed. This thing cannot be taught in some spinner-rack book, like so many new age books. Not that YOU are wanting that. Obviously.

It comes with observation. Sherlock Holmes like observation and taking notes on particular cases. As I have been doing. There is always something more to learn.

Naturally, when I do the dvd on the subject I will have to treat the subject somewhat formulaically. But by then it will be designed in such a way that only the good are going to profit from the knowledge supplied. This is why it is taking time to create. I dont want to do this subject in a casual manner, with tons of holes and vague information. We are going to do something that says, here is this problem, here is how to prove it when it occurs around you, and here is what to do about it. The latter aspect will be general guidelines that one will have to morph and tweak according to their own background and situation.

Most Vamps are not very powerful, or even conscious. They are sinsiter nonetheless, and pathetic. You cannot fix them, and should not try. The general rule is to stay as far away from them as possible. Dont have anything to do with them, and be wary of the various ways in which they will passively-aggressively attack you due to your detachment, which they despise.

Keep your boundaries up and stare right through them. Send out a clear energetic message that there is nothing that they can do to fuck with you, so they had better take themseleves off. You are not going to get in their way, sicne they have the right to act as they act. But they cannot break into your space or deter you from acting as you act. Energetically remind them of the contract that exists between all human beings. Remind yourself of it, and dont let your desires or needs be contradicted. However, the care arises when they react to you, knowing that you are different. Then comes some major attacks and high maintenance stuff, since they will openly despise you now. So more boundaries will be needed.

My personal habit has been to act dumb, like I dont know what the fuck is going on around me, socially or whatever. Of course I dont do that now, now that I am on the attack. But in the past I did, and that is how I flew under the radar and learned a lot. I only got into the subject due to a friend's experience, added to my long history of occult studies. (Not that you are asking me).

So, treat this as another interesting study, one like any other. Dont lose energy over it, or get into fear and the lower cocktail. Remain scientific and detached. There is a character called Avon, in the British Sci-Fi classic "Blake's Seven" that I think of when I imagine that kind of detachment. One can also think of Roger Moore, or Clint Eastwood, or Doctor Who.

Also observe the common and pragmatic form of said detachment in most of the women that you know. It comes with the territory. Match it, and learn from it. This is what I mean. Adopt that trait. The trait that says, yes, punk, what do you want. You dont exist. It is one's humanity and emotional martyrdom that the vampire feeds off. They make you think that you need something from them. If you do, or even think you do, your dead.

At 16/6/06 6:57 PM, Lucksmith said...

I just spent four days In Las Vegas. This was like having a storm in your head banging at the shutters of your consciousness. It was oppressive and as the evenings grew later the darker the vibe, Places Like Caesar's Palace are like living oracles of heaviness. I am glad to be out of there. Clearly Las Vegas has an anchor in the darker meridians of the earth. Are there cities out there that exude the opposite?

At 17/6/06 8:28 PM, mtsar said...

Vatican City is the same, San Jose, LA, even San Francisco Bay Area, and so are many other cities. Extremely geopathic. Sucked dry of good energy, or built upon stress zones from the outset. Just terrible.

The only good thing about such places is that you can leave.

I have no doubt that these places are, as you say, built on toxic meridians and dragon lines. This will all be proven one day, to the satisfaction of all...

At 18/6/06 5:45 PM, Melody said...

"There is a powerful order that operates behind the Stephen Kings, and the Clive Barkers, and Anne Rices and some of the slasher, horror genre people. Not all are involved and some are doing good mroal work, but this has been a major vatican funded thing for a long time."

I enjoy all of Joss Whedon's stuff - even Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I was curious if you thought he fit in the above category. Thanks.

At 18/6/06 7:01 PM, mtsar said...

No doubt in my mind about it. The Jesuit control over the horror/gothic genre is paramount. It is Cult of Aton ideology all the way. Hatred and suspicion of nature, the feminine, the dark-side of life and the organic, all designed to force people back into the Churches and back to "Jesus." The school shootings are orchestrated by the same orgs also. Nothing better than to think that Satan is lurking...and that evil is everywhere.

At 18/6/06 7:19 PM, mtsar said...

Hi Dave - yes, and no doubt that new Walmart will be flooded with people who just love it, attracted to the very bad energy. Pathological people love geopathic energies. And the clustering factor always works for those who have no individual soul.

At 18/6/06 9:58 PM, Anonymous said...

Jaysuhs, my daughter in law is a vampire. I just read thru this blog in search of some reasonable explaination for her behavior. At first she was quite congenial, the type who never shuts up, and it was annoying, but my son loved her, so I tolerated her and stayed open minded. They are both carpenters and I thought she would be a down to earth person, but boy was I snowed. She's staying home with their one yr old, but getting more unreasonable by the day. He's never complained about her and I never criticized her to him, but I have seen him looking more and more hagard over the past year working overtime to pay for the debt he's now in.

I don't like her style, "please don't think I'm mean, but,," and then gives a reason for being mean, tearfully I might add. My response has never been confrontational, but I don't have it in me to play the game, and ignore the crying and just comment on what she's doing. Just the statement alone says don't think I'm mean just because I am.

It has escalated to the point where he's in "trouble" for going to the Dr.'s and then punished by keeping the baby away until he falls asleep. I really had no idea how extensive her manipulations had become, but always she had made my skin crawl. Now I know why, she and her parents are good catholics, go to church all the time, but are constantly scheming new ways to torture him, oh, my daughter needs a $60,000 built in swimming pool, etc. here's the brochure ! The guys a carpenter, not a fucking lawyer! If you ever met them, they appear so nice, so in the box, so social and chatty, but I've never met such coldblooded, avaristic people in my life ! They are even suing their own son ! So, today , father's day, my son left her, she preferred doing something with her mother instead of him today, and when he got home from visiting his father, alone, she started crying and telling him how selfish he is. And that was enough for him.
I told him that it wasn't his fault, for not trying hard enough, god knows he did, or for falling for the charade and then once he was trapped, sucked dry. I told him also that it may be his karma to break this generational chain, her mother is very controlling, and now so is her daughter, and perhaps it is now his task to save his own daughter from this same fate by teaching her to seek her own passion rather than spend all her energy on manipulating people.
I am going to see her and her parents this week, they're coming to get her "stuff" and I intend to witness and let them know that their actions are dispicable, all very low key, for the baby's sake, but blow right through their pretense. At this point, I really don't care if it's unconscious on their part, it's unconscionable.
Anywho, I found this blog extremely helpful:)

At 18/6/06 11:27 PM, mtsar said...

The true traits of the vampire begin to show after about 1 and half years. And that is if one is observing. By the third year all should be revealed.

But most people are not observing or watching, and remember also that the vamp is cautious to a point. They are the ones in total control of everything and read their partners very well indeed.

They are often experts in reading mood and behavior and come across as intelligent and convivial. They can appear at first to be very congenial and helpful. But behind the sensational show, there is no real emotion.

One must learn to test for true emotional resonance. But that is hard since most emotion in people is of the negative, dysfunctional type. The lack of emotion can therefore appear to be a blessing, a spiritual trait even, or certainly less of a hassle. The vamp comes across as low maintenance. This gets the confidence of people who work hard and have hard lives, and who have had to put up with pot-boilers all their lives.

Yes, the endless chatter is a sure sign of problems, of someone trying to make an impression and prevent the silence in which their victim might sense something off or wrong. In the constant activity, and chatter, there is no time to listen to one's intuition or sense.

There are many ways to test for a vampiristic kind of person. Because they are basically pathological, demented and deeply empty. They are empty, immoral, lost and spiritually destitute. They need to be around creative and genius types who are downloading some major creative or spiritual energies. Find a creative man, a good man, and either he will have a vamp on his shoulder, or will have just got rid of one, or is about to meet one. Same thing for women, who often attract the dysfunctional male predator.

You cannot do anything about it, and should not try. There are reasons why people attract such types, and why they need to learn from such experiences. Remember to gain what is really needed, one might need to lose everything else.

At 19/6/06 6:07 AM, Anonymous said...

Absolutely right on, amazing really, he's been married for 2 years and things just got really insane about 6 months ago. He was so confused by her behavior, that he started writing things down to try and clarify what was happening.

He is a very creative, passionate and intuitive person, and I think this is why he's so shocked. On July 7, the day of the London train bombings, he had a premoniton, just a feeling and drove into work instead of taking the T, something pretty unusual for him. So he's got the instinct, but probably was hoping that he was wrong about this one.

His biggest block right now is his grief over his daughter, she has used this as a very effective weapon to blind him, but other than that he can see through the distortions. He is a man of integrity and has been practicing living the Toltec 4 agreemnents for the past year. At this point, all I've been attempting to be a supportive and grounding influence for him and doing healing and protection meditations for him, despite the urge to throttle somebody.

I really only thought such situations were fiction portrayed in soap operas, or at the macro level of culture.
I even listened to an interview on possesion, thinking some dark entity had control over her, it was very scary with little info on protection.
Now I realize that's just disinfo, creating fear personifications of very real vampiric human traits, more real, more destructive that any demonic imaginings.

Thank you for your response Michael, it would be very easy at this point to get lost in projection and wasting precious energy.

I have been watching your dvd's which are bringing me a cohesion of understanding that previously seemed isolated bits of relevent information.
with love and gratitude,

At 19/6/06 2:28 PM, mtsar said...

Yes, the behavior of these types can seem as if they are demon-possessed. However, though I dont rule it out, I dont think that is what the major problem with these types is.

I will be exploring the origins, causes and effects of Psychic Vampirism and related disorders in the dvd I am putting together. But in short, the reason why these creatures operate this way, is due to facts about men and women that we are as yet not really ready to know about or accept. The time is coming soon when we will indeed be quite ready, but that is a few years off as yet.

Even modern psychologists, who should be addressing this subject, dont know that much, and have a long way to go, although there are some on the east coast that are starting to question and realize why their patients dont get better from the stresses and ailments that they come in with. So, slowly, mankind is beginning to sense that nature of these human predators. I have studied them and their nature for a long time, but realize that their true story is not something that can really be grasped as yet. It is a long story and must come forth in its own good time, through someone that really knows the subject through and through.

In your case, it is excellent that your son "took notes" and kept a journal. This something that I actually recommend. Because the one thing that the vamps have as their greatest enemy is the human reason. So writing incourages sanity and centredness, and reflection and so on. It is logical, and rational. The centered person cannot be attacked or disaffected by a vampire. They are totally immune. It is only the emotionally immature person, the moral person, the martyr, and the person who projects their OWN GOODNESS AND VIRTUE onto others, quite irrationally, that suffer from their presence. And I mean presence. The vamp does not have to do anything for a person to feel off or drained. Their very presence is debilitating. So, knowing this, the vamp cultivates an EXCEPTIONALLY attractive and ingratiatig air, so that they maximize the effects of the famous FIRST IMPRESSION.

Their air of lightness and grace and so on is emphasized because they are without conscience as we know it. Having no conscience, they are not burdened with the stuff we all carry around. The burden of conscience may be a pain, but it is an essential part of life and normal virtue cultivation. The vamp has no conscience and therefore comes across as light, carefree, graceful, charming and so on.

This has enormous appeal to the heavily-burdened moral mug, who has lived a good life and who cares for the world and for others. He is a big fat fly ready to be caught and sucked dry. Because of his moral baggage, he is attracted to the vamp. Later, he will be repulsed, and in deep sorrow and shame that he was open to be exploited.

Even though the recovery can be slow, it is the most important lesson in life, and that is why one has to go through this. It is part of the moral man's schooling, a graduate program. Until he understands the nature of this kind of evil, he walks around like a gullible fool. His words of charity mean nothing. His intentions and usage of energy, his opinion of others, his insights, his philosophies, attitudes and relationships are built on lies.

In meeting the vampire one can become very wise, about a great many esoteric things. That is, if one survives intact, and if one does not lose their protection.

The utter stupidity and ignorance of man, and his spiritual recalcitrance has brought the vampire into being, and all other corruption, wherever it be found. So, when man regains his spiritual sovereignty these forces will be banished, and the world will be free of them. The parasite cannot exist without the complicit host.

So my work focuses on the education of the host. Once we know the anatomy of the vampire and also why we attract and sustain their existence, the tables will be turned.

At 19/6/06 3:10 PM, mtsar said...

Remember that vampirism is a kind of specific phenomenon, and is easily confused with good old badness. Just because someone is a bastard or a normal, common or garden taker, does not necessarily mean that they are a psychic vampire. We all share energy and take energy from others. Every time you ask sonmeone for help, or even ask for directions, or gossip, or invade the space of someone sitting quietly reading or of a neighbor, one is being vampiristic to a degree. We cannot get along without it. This loss of energy is normally recuperated soon, and so does not matter.

So, in society and in relationships, in general mixing there is a loss of energy. There is a gain also from being around inspiring people and from listening to the music of great people, or from looking at the great art of masters.

Now, also, if one's own particular lifeforce is not that strong, then of course one will feel excessively drained from even simple encounters, and may even think that others are consciously draining them, even when this is not happening.

In the past the people who spoke of their energy being sucked by company, were those who were somewhat hypocondriac and who did not possess a lot of life chi in the first place.

Also, there are times when very good and caring people can be in such distress and be so in need of assistance that we can feel drained from that also. But the kind of emotional after-affects which follow on from such exertion, is not the same horrendous affect as one would feel if they were being attacked psychically. The two things are not the same.

The crucial thing to realize is the wastage factor. The vamp gets our energy to be wasted, in pointless things which benefit only the vampire. Hard work can benefit many people or a lot of things. But the vampire is not interested in the long term. They take energy as one would drink a coke with a straw. And when they are done with one drink, they want more.

Most of us are hard pressed upon by life itself, and have our energies at low levels just from making ends meet and from getting along. So, it is important to realize that when we feel down or depressed or drained, that it is not necessarily from active, conscious vampirism.

I dont want this subject to become another escape mechanism for people, another gimmick cure for the new agers, or a cop-out for people who are into the blame-game. Not that I am saying that you are of this ilk. I just wanted to make it clear.

Psychic Vampirism is a very specific phenomenon. It must be observed objectively and with insight. The seeds of it, as I have said before, reside in the victim, and that too must be observed. In most cases the vampire is the least of one's problems. It is the chains that one has crafted between oneself and the vampire, and the subtle attachments, and needs and desires and cocktail of eroticism and so on that goes with it, coming from the victim, that matter most.

One does not wave a crucifix in the face of the would-be culprit, or wear garlic or carry a hammer and stake. Knowledge is one's protection. Self-analysis and reason. Looking at one's own needs and nature, this is the key.

It is some particular x-factors in the personality of people that have caused the vampire to thrive. It is patching the holes in the men and women of virtue that will fix the problem.

As it has been said: Sooner of later you will have to pay for every good deed.

At 19/6/06 11:24 PM, Anonymous said...

I see the insight....

It's like the Line Of Sight that the military demands, in the next generation, even corners will be of no consequence.

At 24/6/06 6:19 AM, Anonymous said...

It's been a crazy sort of week, I did not want to respond to your posts until I could grasp their content, which were full of extremely helpful insights.

It has been very strange, as if my son hs been going through a process of deprogramming. He had the opportunity to address the issues with his wife and a counselor this week. It didn't work out, she not only cried hysterically whenever one of their problems were brought up but accused my son of being mean for bringing them up and the counselor insisted on not upseting her and focusing on a new marriage rather than their issues.

Although he told both of them it was not going to resolve their problems by avoiding them or sweeping them under the rug. Their response was quite revealing and opened his eyes to the hopelessness of working things out. But he had to try.

I have been as supporive as I can and realize that it is outside of my control to do anything other than help him to survive his emotional devastation and reinforce his spiritual and emotional strengths. He has 3 books, Goleman's emotional intelligence, one on spiritual vampire, and another I think is called 'wolves in sheeps clothing'. I don't think he has had time to start reading them yet, his day begins at 3:30 am, and has had appointments nearly evey night this week.

I have been as honest as I can without getting too judgemental and have followed your advice by relaying that he can only change his own psyche for protection and learn how to prevent this from happening again. This seems a blatant example of Castaneda's "petty tyrants", learning how to respond, and educating yourself on the energy patterns that are present. Yes, a spiritual graduate course !

I thank you for your incredible insights into the situation,

with love, kandise

At 24/6/06 1:17 PM, lucksmith said...

This may be a bit different in it's context but I do believe it to be on topic and important. The largest drain on my being comes from a collective more than an individual, though some of the individuals therein are immeasurably draining. The collective I speak of is the company I work for. I don't think my company is unique but I do believe it be extremely developed along these lines. The colleagues I speak to all have a very similar experience oddly enough, even if they don't put it in the same terms. Here is my question. Can a coporation be knowingly vampiric by design? or is it more of a wide spread symptom of a larger illness in America as a whole? Any input is most welcome.

At 24/6/06 3:34 PM, mtsar said...

Dont forget that when you see what looks like one person or individual, you are seeing thousands, energetically speaking. Since every person that we meet is the repository of all the people and energies that they have come into contact with.

I am not saying this in order to engender paranoia. I am saying it as a scientific observation. People dont know how to cleanse their life energy, so they are walking repositories of all the sorry energy that they have received from their earliest years, and even from the womb.

People are collages of other people's energy, and so even in a rather small social setting, say at a company like yours, you are dealing with a fucking mass of conflicting energies. Now, this is bound to cause disorientation and drain.

One needs to be able to rightly cleanse one's energy before one gets home. Like after work or in the car. One must develop their own mental techniques for this, or read up on it. It is all intention, so one can do it on their own without all the book stuff. But if it is not done, one will overload quickly, and then the physical immunity goes down also, and one gets ill.

Watch that movie Nostradamus. The one part of it which is good, is the scene in which he is in the middle of the plague and simply by washing himself, while everyone else is running amok, he takes care of himself. This image is what I mean.

We have to exist in this flux but we can do something about. It must be a major concern. So even when we are not consciously being dumped on - (and this happens a lot, as I reveal) - we are picking up energies like simple dust from the street.

One must cleanse their aura as much as one cleans the physical body during the day.

We cannot change those who are toxic and even the vamps that are out to dump on, and drain others. But we can strengthen our own immunity and sovereignty, so that we are not losing energy.

As I have said before, those who are good at not losing energy are usually the cold fish, those who dont feel and who are morally dead. But we dont want to go to that extreme. These people may be immune to one kind of toxicity but are disturbed in many other deeper ways. So, we dont want to emulate them, even though they make interesting studies.

We dont want to be armored to the extent that nothing gets in to bring us down but the armor itself prevents a direct rapport with life, so to speak. Clunking down mainstreet in a suit of armor plate, saying ha now I am immune, is not the idea. The walls we build to keep others out, end up keeping us in. So, this is not the way. We are looking for a Zen attitude, a kind of yogic way, but very mutable and intelligent...

This comes with education and strengthening in subtle ways. It comes when we use the persona intelligently and make sure to have our priorities set.

I will be going deeply into all this in the dvd on Psychic Vampirism...

At 24/6/06 4:21 PM, lucksmith said...

Good stuff as per usual. One of the key benefits of having gone thru a lot the material you produce is that heightened level of self-awareness it produces, that coupled with a willingness to channel the anger constructively really can change a person's experience. It's very much like being in a foreign country and then one day starting to feel like you have an idea of how to get around and enjoy where you are. Thank you for the feedback, I look forward to the DVD series on Psychic Vampirism, your work is re-weaving a lot of the fabric of thought for many of us, and all in a stronger more cogent way. I also think rather than look to you as this or that it has generally taught us all to look at ourselves and be. It's a good feeling.

At 9/7/06 8:14 AM, Anonymous said...

I have a similar problem in working in an office that is just packed with these vampires.

What I do before I go home is I say goodbye to the vampires, I go to the bathroom, I wash my hands, I wash my face, I wash my hands, I look in the mirror and say "it stays here". I then exit the office quickly. If I encounter anyone on the way out, I will kick my boots against the sidewalk before I enter my car.

On real bad days, I may wash my hands and face several times and start fresh each time.

Ritualistic? yes, very much so. But it works for me and how my mind operates.

With relatives, I just repeat to myself "This is not my responsibility, this is not my energy".

At 9/7/06 9:17 PM, mtsar said...

And if it is not at work, then it is in society...which is also full of them. They are the dominant species. So one can just continue to develop their own rituals of disengagement and cleansing and bear with it, until life provides a way to remove oneself. Studying them is a profitable experience. But being affected by them is not. It is one of the major issues of our time...

At 15/7/06 9:28 PM, J said...

J, CA (7/15/06)

I was involved with a psychic vampire once (he was also a cop). I confronted him once and asked him when he drained me dry and I was a husk (dead) what would he do, move on to the next one; of course he denied everything. This relationship was hell and almost cost me my life and all good things in life. It ended with a promise to kill me, and me being a witness for the city in which he worked as a cop - as they tried to fire him. Years later, he is back up to his status of sgt. I now have my soul healed and shielded as I live my life with my soul mate and loved ones around me. It took years to heal the damage this psychic vampire did to me. My advice, keep your shields in place and avoid at all costs the shadows in this world.

At 16/7/06 11:40 AM, mtsar said...

Yes, this is appropriate advice...and we also need to be aware of their ways. This study will ultimately bring them into the light, and end their ways.

Some are motivated to this kind of life because of some primal wound in their own past...but yes, once one has been so victimized emotionally and psychically, it does take its own good time to heal.

When we have camraderie of a mental kind, it is easier to break off should some violation occur. When the bonds between people are professional, mental, sexual, or casual, we can suffer but it is over fairly quickly. It comes with the lives we lead. But when one is emotionally connected it is very very hard to remove the hooks. The hooks that are placed by the vampires into our deepest flesh are painful in the extreme to remove. One can suffer and agonize more from the removal of the hooks and cords, than from the actual presence of the vampire.

What they are guilty of cannot be stated in words. From what I have seen I dont think there are greater crimes. And this one is most terrible for being mostly invisible and unseen by the masses, the victims.

Our virtue is taken advantage of, and our love and trust violated. We all make mistakes and we often pay for them. But the presence of the vampire is of a totally different order. These are manipulators and shams, deeply in hate of themselves, of their body and their own emotions. They operate as they do due to having been able to cut off their own emotions. They are the worst kind of prostitutes. So what do the emotions or needs of others matter to them? Nothing.

When Christ was on the road to the cross, I bet it was not the pain of nails that was bothering him. It was the betrayal of a brother for whom he would have given his life.

There is a lower hell than the one for hypocrites...and that is for betrayers.

If good is not in the world today, and if evil reigns it is not because of the power of enemies, but the duplicity of so-called friends and comrades. It is not because of hate and anger, these emotions so terribly misunderstood and maligned...NO...

its because of FALSE LOVE.

At 24/7/06 3:16 PM, Nathanial said...

Michael, what are the common methods that vampires use to drain people of energy?

I have much experience with this one person who would repeatedly try and gain my company. When I found this page, and the next time I was around this person, I felt as if my heart was being sapped.

Other tactics of his included 1. deliberately enraging me 2.sly criticism
and when he was trying to gain my favour after he'd pissed me off: 1.pretending to be interested in subject that I am myself interested in.
2. offering to be a confidant to my troubles
3. changing his personality to seem friendly, caring, inquisitive and interested in my opinion.
4. softening of his voice (this made me feel sick!)

Now I've ruthlessly disposed of his it's just so happened that my dad is not causing me problems. Only today he came home looking for an argument with me, even launching a few insults my way. I don't get it, is this a set up? I remove one villian and another is ready and waiting.

One more thing, I've had little contact with the main villian in the last two weeks and have noticed that I'm no longer in a poor mood, the energy of my heart is lighter (this is hard to explain, maybe as if a weight has been lifted out of my chest.) and also much more activity in my higher magnetic centers.

ps What is your view of, I think it was Gurdjeff's idea that energy is stored in the lower enter, then gradually released into a higher center when the lower has filled? I think that these people target and leech off those who have managed to access the higher centers, just like the woman with the light bulb analogy mentioned.

Thankyou for the time you've putinto your blog, much useful information have I gained.

At 29/7/06 5:56 PM, mtsar said...

There are as many approaches and attacks as there are vampires. Remember they first check out your own persoanlity and weakness before they move in. It is all based on the strength of your own boundaries and knowledge.

I cannot go into details at this time. I will be doing all that later in the dvd on the subject.

At 1/8/06 3:30 PM, jessica said...

As I am reading this page I am identifying with so many instances in my life where I just knew I did/did not want to be around someone...I was labeled I adapted this behavior of becoming a watcher and an observer...keenly aware of people and how they affected me. I realize now that I put up energetic fronts so that I wasn't sucked into their drama...
Now I am going into the massage therapy profession where I am constantly in peoples energy and it is amazing how much people want to dump all over anyone who is open...I think people aren't always aware of this toxic transfer of energy, they just want a release of the negativity in their body. But some are looking for me to heal them, for me to give them my energy and I have to be aware of this and only allow myself to facilitate healing, they must supply the energy. I always cut the cord of energy from my navel that might have connected to a client after a session and if I don't I go home feeling sad or sick and I am thinking of that person all day because I became the energetic sponge.
It is so important to be aware and scanning of your own energy and those around you. "Shaking it off" truly works wonders...

At 1/8/06 5:55 PM, mtsar said...

Yes, cleansing and cutting cords will work for a while...and taking needed breaks so you dont overdo it, is also vital. Changing the chi in the rooms and refusing to work on some of the worst is needed. If you go on too long you will feel other effects of being around such toxicity. Of course many people cannot help the way they are and need help. And many are not consciously violating you, the healer.

In the end one must exercise balance. It all depends on how much emotional attachment you create or send out...if you draw the appropriate boundaries it will be fine. It only takes one from a hundred to really fool you, and dump a massive amount of crap your way. So correct diagnosis is required with every client and at no time should you not heed your intuition.

This work, in one way, is no more toxic than any other, but of course we know that some of the worst people who have really bad energy come to healers cause they can no longer handle themselves, and are looking for a quick cleanse or release. It is these ones that you must be aware of and not so much genuinely ill people. In fact many that come are people who have been made sick themselves by vamps in their own lives, so may need counseling. I would not advise this unless you are very knowledgeable and protected.

The people benefiting most from recent revelations into vampirism are the vampires. They can doctor their own personas now that they know that the truth about them is slowly coming out. Meaning that we have to be even more cautious and observant. Kinesiology is the one true way to check someone without them even knowing it. One can find out about them or whether they are channeling the bad energy of others around them, etc,.

Anyway, its a long story. Prayer, and centerdness, clearing and chi changing, and a detached attitude, and correct diagnosis of each client, this will minimize any problems...Ultimately their own guides are doing the healing. And when they are not there, there is nothing that you can do.

At 6/8/06 4:21 AM, Petrucio said...

Well, guess what Michael.

Looking at your own mother and seeing it for what it really is, as a vamp sucking your psychic energy, accepting this as a fact without editing it out of your reality, dealing with it and caring on with your life: this is a really tough job.

But looking at the mirror, and realizing that YOU YOURSELF have participated on this vampiristic orgy of global proportions; that YOU YOURSELF have suck up the energy, not only of people around you, but from your own self; that YOU YOURSELF have felt the adrenaline rush of sucking other people’s energy, and interpreted this as being “a truly successful person”; Realizing all of this, accepting it for a fact without editing it out of your reality, dealing with it and caring on with your life: that’s what being reborn truly means. That’s the true battle of Armageddon, taking place right here on your psychic.

I think everyone has been a vamp at least one time (more likely many times) in their lives. I mean, we are all surrounded by them, and they are sucking us dry. We HAVE to replenish this energy somehow; otherwise we literally get sick, and possibly even die. And we do this by the exact same way they’ve sucked us: we look for others to suck up and compensate. This is how the matrix goes on for ever.

One can even speculate that the whole of the matrix is nothing but a pyramid of psychic vampires, sucking the lower level humans, so they can compensate for the higher vampires sucking them on the upper side. All of that with Aton on the top of all, feeding from the whole of mankind’s energy, orchestrating the hive mind of the collective-vampires. Just like in the Matrix movie… Now I get what David Icke was talking about on his last book; I thought he was just tripping on some weird amazon plant… He didn’t quite phrase it like I just have, thought, he was talking just about fear, and he says that the matrix feeds solely from fear. Well, I say if feeds from ANYTHING energetic; fear alright, but also from ALL of the other emotions. This gives a whole new meaning to the dollar bill symbol: that’s not just symbolizing the power structure. That symbol is representing the very scheme by witch a single entity gets to feed from the whole of the planet’s prana! That’s the alien parasite bleeding us to death! I know why he is glowing like a bright sun like that: that’s because he has got the whole of the earth’s energetic psychic power solely to himself! Its Amway applied to life force energy.

How did this Aton came into being? Did we feed him first? Is not him perhaps, ultimately, the very Ego conscience ISELF? I guess this would make all the sense in the world, since the very word EGO is nothing but the word EAGLE spoken faster. Is not the EAGLE a symbol for Aton?

I’ve been studying the global conspiracy for a while now. But that’s nothing comparing to the conspiracy that has taken place inside of my own mind. The global conspiracy is a little fly compared to the powers INSIDE MYSELFE that have conspired AGAINST ME, to my own sabotage, to make me one of those vampires, and to make me believe I’m empty, so I would them suck up the energy from somewhere else and ship it to other higher ranking vamps around me, so themselves could do the same. Now that I’m starting to cut loose from those psychic chains, I have the certainty that Aton is a little less bright each day, that my light is not being used to power him anymore, that I’m more sovereign each day.

It is truly amazing that I’ve had all of those epiphanies just yesterday, on the very day of my 19 year old birthday. That’s 1+9 = 10 =1 . It’s like being 1 year old again, its like being reborn. I truly fell like I have crossed a major gate, that I’m somehow on the next stage. This is some trip…

At 15/8/06 4:18 PM, Another One said...

"The seeds of it, as I have said before, reside in the victim, and that too must be observed."

Unfortunatey I can confirm that this is true....

Having grown up with a Mother who only paid negative attention to me, a self centred (possibly vampiric) father and an older sister who is a vampire..... Guess who was tailor to be vampire frindly? Yep. Moi!

It took alsmost 40 years for me to identify it..... It took living with a vampire partner for several years - ironically one of the reason I got together with him, is that he "some how" struck me as a male version of my sister. Once I discovered what he really was (I still hadn't heard the espression psychic vampire, I discribed him as a sucubus at the time) it made me stand back and take a good long look at my relationship with my sister. Not a pleasent experience. I also took a long look at the people I chose to have in my life - you guessed it! 80% of them are what I now recognise as vampires. I've sliced them out of my life. A painful experience, but my life eventually started to improve as a result.

It's taking time to identify and adjust the patterns in me that draw the vampires as well as taking time to learn to identifiying the vampires. I'm also now spotting them at an earlier and earlier stage. It can be done, but it takes work. As Michael has stated, the only change you can make is to yourself, as that is were the origin of one's own problem lies. The vampire's problem is just that, his/hers.

I suspect life bought the 'sucubus' partner to me, as only this more subjective view enabled me to see my sister for what she was.

This is my first visit to your site Michael, it is so much more than a 'blog'. I'll continue looking around the site for a while.

Another One

At 16/8/06 12:41 AM, mtsar said...

Welcome...and thanks. I dont know what most blogs contain. I took a look at some "My Space" pages and was not really impressed. Lots of people talking and nothing being said.

At 29/8/06 9:17 AM, Antonmario said...

"We are looking for a Zen attitude, a kind of yogic way"

I've read trough all of this blog and one part of the solution that was discussed is the need and ability to clean yourself spiritually. One person did it by the ritual of washing the face etc. with water.

I just want to inform you about the method I'm doing. It is not my own invention, it is part of a system of meditation/raja yoga called Sahaj Marg (The natural way). The practician is requested to do evening cleaning after the day's work has been finished.

You just sit comfortably for 1/2 an hour with the eyes closed and suggest to yourself that all impressions that have formed during the day and all complexities and impurities -including grossness, darkness etc- are leaving the whole system through the back in the form of smoke or vapour, and in their place the sacred current of the Divine is entering your heart. Do not meditate on those things that you want to get rid of. Simply brush them off.

Like I said, this is just a part of the whole system consisting of: morning meditation, prayer and also group meditation. But I am sure that practising only the cleaning can be beneficial.

The meditation we do is on the (suggestion of) divine light present in the heart. It is interesting that one person felt the presence of this vampire type: "as if my heart was being sapped".

I am glad that I can thank Michael by this way for all the mindblowing insights he gave us.

At 29/8/06 1:03 PM, mtsar said...

I think that cleansing is a must, and any which way that it can be achieved is fine...I am looking into all of this at the present time. But there may be no one way. I dont think there is. It is as individual as the personal situation. Some people have more resilience, some less. And techniques are okay up to a point. But adversarial attacks change and we want to maintain the immunity. Once one's defenses are known the adversary alters its strategy, so it is constantly a developing thing.

I recommend a Red Dwarf episode called Riders of the Apocalpyse

At 8/9/06 10:43 AM, elisa said...

dear michael, i hope this wont look like a stupid, teenage post... it is related to vampirism maybe, i dont know if i am one. what i can say is that, after knowing you and starting exploring your work, listening to you, i came to this blog and started reading all your comments, and petrucio´s (you´re only 19!! unbelievable.) and wildflower´s... i dont know how to explain. i felt something inside clicked, and i was filled with an infinitely warm feeling coming from you guys. sometimes michael when you speak and when you write, the things you say, the way you say them is so sweet, so human, truly human, i can´t stand it, my heart is melting. which is strange, because i was always considered a strong, cold-harted person. and now i´m in love with you all guys. so maybe im a vampire. this last days i´ve been so happy like i´ve never been before, and stronger, a lot stronger. i see a sense, finally, i see a light, after so many years of darkness. i forgot that human beings could be so beautiful. i feel you are all my friends now, i feel i am not alone. much love from berlin to usa, to wherever you are. thank you again michael.

At 8/9/06 11:50 AM, elisa said...

ok, maybe this is my super enormous ego showing off, BUT!
i wanted to thank you michael, and petrucio (just 19??? unbelievable!!!!!) and wildflower, because your comments on vampirism really gave me the feeling i am not alone, and are really helping in my everyday life.
sometimes when i hear and see michael speaking he is so human, so warm, my heart is like melting. i almost forgot that human beings could be so nice, human, eh!
which is strange, because normally i am considered by people a strong, sarcastic, cold harted person. who never needs help from anyone.
now i am overwhelmed by this sweetness, i don´t know, i have this feeling of joy inside... i do not want to rely on it too much, it is so tempting... but i know i must go on, i know my war has just started, but now i also know WHY i am fighting and WHO is with me in this fight. these last days when i go out in the streets i am happy, i am serene, and i have to thank you guys, especially michael.
much love, from berlin, to wherever you all are.

At 8/9/06 5:31 PM, mtsar said...

Well, we are all vamps to a small or greater degree...but I am referrig to those who are conscious of what they do, on some level, or who are very false and toxic people.

We in this world have no idea what it means to be A SELF. As soon as someone does not ask or give help, we think they are cold-hearted. When they run around ragged fucking giving their life-blood to others, we think they are saints. It is all bullshit. I highly recommend you see the black and white classic movie "The Fountainhead" and from there begin reading Ayna Rand - books like Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged, as her fiction...or her philosophy itself, which is what I really recommend. You can being with Philosophy-Who Needs it? or The Virtue of Selfishness. And this will explain the crap that our altruistic world is full of. The greatest mystery is that of oneself. That is the beginning and the end. Most people, including the vamps, have no sense of selfhood. The vamp has actually murdered their own selfhood, and are mere mimics, chameleons, or parodies. They appear to live and act like everyone but they do not. They are empty and dead inside, and have no sense of inner life whatsoever. This can be tested for once you know what you are doing.

Anyway, get into Ayn Rand and you will move from a beginniner to a living expert in the human mess in a very short time. The greats have already come and worked hard to help the world. They have done their work of leaving the world in a better state than when they found it.

Incidently, if you become a member of you can read online. I think they have a few Ayn Rand things. But you can check that without even being a member.

Thanks for your kind words.

At 18/9/06 11:57 PM, TheVampodileHunter said...
Heard this woman on Coast2Coast Monday.

She went on and on about how she's a psychic vampire who feeds on other people's life energy like it's no big deal. Of course, to her it's not.

She spoke very highly of her "Education" at a Jesuit university.

she actually just said that she'd rather be called a shaman than a vampire, implying that everyone else just doesn't understand what shamans or vampires are really all about so we just call her a vampire and ooh poor her. Such a harsh word, vampire, pity...

Excuse me while I psychically vomit.

It never occured to me before, that there might be vamps who openly advertise what they do and even try and spin it so it's mystical and exciting to curious yet ignorant people. Makes perfect sense though. Perhaps they are the more intelligent (really just aware) ones, who actually are aware of what they do and don't bother to hide it.

At 19/9/06 11:08 PM, mtsar said...

Not aware of it. Well, remember then that every form of crap and degeneracy is ADVERTIZED loud and clear in this country.

I am familiar with this filth, and how they bend terms and fool people into thinking that this is natural, and "Shamanic." In one way it is "spiritual" but that does not make it good or moral.

But again, we are in a parasitical society of idiots who are all too eager to justify their rancid toxicity and degenerate lifestyle. And if it can be glamorized, this is the place it will sell, and be taken seriously.

Has not Anne Rice already gone to town with all this? And has she not also jesuit connections. I bet she has, and it is no surprise that this one has also.

They are the vampires of the world.

At 19/9/06 11:17 PM, mtsar said...

Yes, the problem is the person, not the substance. It is always the person. The rest is meaningless.

At 23/9/06 1:49 PM, Anonymous said...

energy siphoning is so real and exchanges between people all the time. I beleive through my own experience of being a siphoner and siphonee, that its hard to integrate the fact that this exchange REALLY does happen. I found that when integrating power into my life, responsibility of choice was at the forefront of all interactions. To uproot the rotten self and to defend from energy siphoners, the self that is codependant, nice, judgemental, clingy and wanting approval must end. the only way out is to have the courage to have the observing ego in all moments, so the self can develop into a flourishing garden. the more that one realizes there own rotten roots the more energized life will become. i beleive that integrity and authenticity is the root of all peoples desire to become "that", that essence that is pure from the soul. Because from that place one has TRUE power and TRUE love for the self. Then , one honors all moments regardless of any setbacks or discouragement or challenging situations.

I believe that many people that are open to being siphoned are immature on a soul relation with there own self. So whatever or whoever siphons there energy lets them because of conditioning and programming. - rotten society, rotten friends, rotten TV, rotten schools, rotten food all play there part in creating a siphonee. The person just needs to see there role in the scheme of things, and choose otherwise. Awakening from this can be painful, but its always more painful to remain in the sameness of things. When growing i think its so important to use compassion towards others instead of impulsiveness, quick to judge responses. And remember to breath and be open and present to the subtle sensations around te environment, because its only you that can defend from energy vampires.

lastly here are a few quotes which i think are great.

The impulse to attack comes from the fear of being attacked. The impulse to blame comes from the fear of being blamed.

Somes trying to be sensitive is the most insensitive thing you can do.

There is always a human need behind every horrible deed.

If i change my image of you, you cannot help but change your image of me. Also i will feel less scared of you as soon as i image the human feelings and needs behind you actions.
- Kelly Bryson

At 25/9/06 6:39 AM, Anonymous said...

great work michael, just watched your speech in granada,I like the way you come across.

as a child i saw a close range ufo with my family,im not talking a metal one, im talking a HUGE glowing ENERGY. from that day forward i was altered, although i must say, i was altered from before that hehe.
Ive always listened to my inner self and have somehow had knowledge of pretty much 90 -100 percent of alternative thinking viewpoints intuitively. Ive thought about things and then had them confirmed to me later on life.

Anyway my point is this, i have a point of reference in my life to regain all my energy at a thought, i merely remember and it comes back with a little time. now where you touched on vampirism, Vampires may well suck my energy, but im happy SOMETIMES to willingly give, i have a generator in my memory that can renew itself.

Not all people are like this and need to maintain a steady level, but if you understand the flow of energy, its best not to block its movement sometimes as it is necessary to complete a circuit. I think as a disseminator of knowledge you will understand where I am coming from.

Just a thought.

At 26/9/06 3:49 AM, Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

This topic of vampirism and what makes people bad, for want of a better word, reminds me of a book I read a couple of years ago "A Species In Denial" by Jeremy Griffith. In the book, he explained how humans became removed from their instincual, nurturing and caring feelings and fell into a cycle of ego that could not relate to the instinct.

Anyway, I'm wondering if you have read this book? It's weird because I only heard of you a month ago, and have since listened to and read plenty by you. It's weird because a lot of the things you say are reflected in this book I mentioned. The only thing is that in the book, the author does not have the insight into the ancient civilizations such as Egypt that you refer to a lot.

Anyway, his book made A LOT of sense to me (he has 3 or 4 in the series, A Species In Denial being the last) and it's interesting that here in Australia he was accused of being a cult leader in the press. It seems to be like the many researchers and thinkers who you mention who are poo hooed by establishmed ways of thinking.

I just thought, 'man, if people here in Australia could ALL read AND understand this book, it would go a long way toward helping people see the truth.

I just find it a fluke that these kinds of books and knowledge (Griffith, yours, Jordan Maxwell's and some others) have hit me in the last few years in a time when I've become fed up with the system...and not in a university student kind of way. I mean, really outraged at the way the world is operating.

Anyway.....see ya

At 27/9/06 11:54 AM, mtsar said...

Yes, I am familiar with Dr. Hawkins' work. I have a great quote from his book on the Paranoid Society area of the blog.

Your case is so interesting. And I am glad that you saw through their charade, that of the "healers" who require healing themselves. Of course they chose that field so they can suck people dry. It is a perfect cover.

The change really comes when we ask ourselves what it is that these creatures make us think we need from them. It might be a lot of things. And it is based on that illusion that they get our confidence. And of course the virtuous dont realize they are virtuous, and imagine everyone else in the world to be as they are. This is the syndrome of the tragic hero. But these experiences, awful and tragic as they are, are invaluable. One begins to see something so vastly important that so many dont see, and that so many wish that we did not see. There are so many of these predators around, and they can even be in one's own family, at work, and beside one in bed.

I think people will learn from reading your experiences, and not think we are crazy when we talk of this and expose this phenomenon.

At 27/9/06 4:41 PM, hrblsh said...

Hawkins says some very interesting things about consciousness. On the other hand he says the new testament(minus revelations) is close to 100% true and that listening to Heavy Metal music degrades the level of your consciousness. He rates all sorts of things with his kinesiology true/false experiments, movies, religions, people. Still in amongst all of this there seems to be some truth hiding. Viginti-Tres, have you read the eye of the I, or I, by the same author?

At 28/9/06 9:36 AM, mtsar said...

Did he do a reading on the people who compose Metal music? Doing it on the music means nothing. Kinesiology works on humans only. It cannot be reliable otherwise. He needs to redo the experiemnt on consciousness, that of those who work in this field and who compose the music. And he would then have to do it on a wide variety of musicians in that field, those from LA idiots, to the masters of rock and metal. I would then like to see his results.

At 28/9/06 2:43 PM, hrblsh said...

I don't think he really went into rating the actual performers, just the pieces themselves. In his work there is much good philosophy and spiritual teachings, but he says he can definitively tell truth from falsehood using his kinesiology and can rate the level of consciousness using his 1-1000 scale. If you rate under 400 (the critical point between negative and positive) the tests will not work for you, so if you disagree with him you must be negative. Same for if the tests don't work or come up with different answers than he did.

Tying back into the subject of this thread, during his seminars Dr. Hawkins gets large groups of followers to chant ohm and concentrate on positivity in order to raise the overall consciousness level of the world. Could someone feed off of that type of energy output?

At 28/9/06 9:01 PM, Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone postings. They provided clarity to me, as I have been confused the last few days.

I had an encounter with a vampire the other day, and I felt very confused between the reactions of my coworkers and my own feelings. I work in a recently opened holistic healing center and provide reiki. At first I thought this guy was a kindly Old World Genoan, until he started trying to kiss me and put his hand up my shirt. I immediately told him that he had to leave and went to get someone to join me at the front of shop so that I wouldn't be alone. He promptly left then. I felt guilty at first, then I thought that everyone was making an overly big deal out of the incident, and then I learned that I wasn't the first person he'd done this too. He's notorious. I no longer feel any guilt, and I can now see him plainly for what he is.

Thank you for shedding "light" on this issue.

At 29/9/06 7:44 AM, Viginti-Tres said...

No I have not read that book but I will check it out thanks for letting me know.

Metal is my companion also and playing music is my drug of choice, its all about the energy and the intent, there is nothing black and white in any area of life especially music(though the record companys would have you believe such utter crap).

Yeah Michael you are spot on. The reason I associated with these people is because I thought that they could lead me in the right direction, I craved guidance and teachers who could help me to control my psychic abilities and hone my healing skills and what was I given....nothing but half truths and the pathetic excuse of wisdom that came from the distortions of reality that they refer to as the ascended masters (have you guys read the shit that is channeled from these beings, when I find some of the stuff that was said to me we can all have a good ol' laugh).

Oh I almost forgot here is something funny for you Michael. One of these vermin that calls herself a "Master Healer" thinks that she alone is responsible for the destruction of Atlantis, she claims to have held the keys or some such shit and actually thinks she is the reason the entire civilisation was destroyed and before that we were living in total peace and harmony.

LMAO I know, I know funny shit and man thats just the start of the lies these witches spewed at me, its so refreshing to see someone do the proper research on Atlantis and what seems to have transpired there.

These vamps are fucking everywhere.....but fear not my brothers and sisters we have the greatest souls that have ever lived being incarnated in this time, and they are a bunch of weak and pathetic fools who have only gained the foothold they have now by hiding in the shadows behind masks....

Well the masks are lifting my friends and soon their reign of terror will come to an end...

Raise your swords of truth and light, launch the arrows, prepare the cavalry and...CHARGE!!!

At 29/9/06 8:54 AM, mtsar said...

I dont support work that involves large groups. Perhaps some psychoanalytical work based on the Carl Rogers theory might be alright, but nothing in a new age or spiritual way. I think that groups are an anathema to spiritual work, but that is my opinion. And yes, the energy can certainly be fed of and frequently is. I am not into it at all.

At 29/9/06 9:24 AM, mtsar said...

Yes, but their time is coming. Expect this kind of spew from creatures such as that, abusing the light and the truth. I am glad that you got away from their clutches and have analysed their predatory techniques. So many others are under the spell of types like this. That is why I cannot rest until this subject is made clear to all the human race.

At 29/9/06 11:18 AM, Anonymous said...

Sometimes we cannot get away from a psychic vampire because we work with them on a daily basis. My culture (Japan. Am.) has taught me to be polite in all circumstances, and I am uncomfortable with confrontation. I still can't tell if a person is a vampire or just difficult, but when I must deal with such a person, my only recourse lately is to zone myself into indifference until the interaction is over. I don't want to go through life being indifferent to anyone, but is there one thing I can do about this immediately? I realize it takes a lifetime of inner work, but need some relief now. Sorry, this sounds like a Dear Abby.

At 1/10/06 3:10 PM, mtsar said...

Not at all...these are immense questions. I am working on this now, and dont really know the answers as yet. I can only say that each situation is unique. I would however, in all cases, maintain boundaries. I think that because acting in this way is rather new to you, it seems uncomfortable. Yes, to change one's interactions with human beings is hard, especially when it is based on finding out what some of them are. The virtuous person must make the change though, and must utilize boundaries. There is no easy way. It will become more natural as time passes. You must contain your compassion. You must exercise your virtue, and that should never be easy. It should be hard. It should demand vigilance and attention. It should not become too automatic if you get my meaning. We are dealing with lethal people, many of whom have murdered their own innner selves, their inner masculine or feminine. So, there can be no lack of vigilance. If a wild beast were loose we would act to protect ourselves. Well, this is the way you must see it. I know that it rubs the wrong way on your virtue and humanity. But I am merely condensing a lot of teachings from a lot of teachers. If vampiristic types deem it right for them to move in and violate your rights of space and privacy and so on, then you are in the right to act to violate theirs. Certainly, you can operate subtly and project a field which keeps them out, or which neutralizes their negative energy. If this feels hard it is because we all need practice at it. It amazes me that we have never wondered that we will be disaffected in our lifeforce and energy though we move constantly in a plasma of other people's damnable energy. It should seem obvious. And yet it is not. So the vamps can walk unseen sliming us from day to night. And then we sit like Rodin's Thinker with our heads in our hands thinking something is off with us, getting depressed and frustrated, confused and stressed.

Just maintain your vigilance and boundaries, and change the chi subtly as much as you can around where you work, even if only by mental intention. And if you put out the right dismissive energy, who knows, within on lunar period, the situation might suddenly reslove itself.

There is in America a show called Caught on Tape or something. One of the clips shows a deputy pulling over a freak who kept yelling and screaming at the top of his head at the officer. As the ticket was being written the driver was psychopathically abusing the officer and screaming bloody murder. And all this time the police man just maintaine his poise and without flinching or losing his cool went about his business. Mr. Spock would have been proud.

The ultimate way to neutralize vamps, is when you are so inherently strong in your selfhood that they give up on you. This entails knowing quite a bit about their devices. It entails closing off all the doors through which you invite them. This will, as I have said, entail a review of some of your virtues, and that is hard. But it is a lesson that you and the world must learn. To not do so is to covet enormous danger. That is my opinion anyway.

At 1/10/06 3:34 PM, Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

I only recently came across your work and have given it much time, finding it to strike a balance rarely achieved in this age of false gods and fear.
I found your presentations and what i have read so far of your work to be of great merit.
Reading the previous posts on this board however i felt that intuitive twinge which usually deserves attention. My concern is the clear adverserial tone of the general discussion regarding energy vampirism. While I agree there are indeed entities present in the world with no goal besides achieving the greatest evil, is it not also true that all people, of various levels of development can be susceptible to perpetrating and also submitting to Phsychic Vampirism? In my younger years I had a relationship which was an extreme case. So bad that looking back and anylizing my mindset during the whole period seems like recaling a dream; a sort of segmented existence that bore no similarity to any point in my life before or after. However, if i had simply cut this person loose and run for the hills as seems to be the sugested response, i would have missed out on one of the most important learning experiences of my life. More importantly however I would have abandoned a human being who, while very weak and misguided, needed my help, and certainly was not "predatory" or "Vermin", but simply a confused and scared person suffering from the effects of the sick world around her. With enough time and care and a period of learning for us both, we went our seperate ways and I left her a strong independent woman. I never submitted to her vampirism (though i admit it effected me greatly) but if i had simply walked away there is no doubt in my mind she would have commited suicide and be dead now instead of living a healthy productive life, and I would have missed an important stage in my development. We all, in times of weakness, steal others energy and in turn it is stolen from us. Why must we see the other party as a seperate entity instead of another branch of the same tree as ourselves? I find this view of division and conflict and the antogonistic use of insults to deride a fellow human being to be out of tune with the most basic principles of human worth.
I would be interested in your thought on this.
Also could you give, or direct me to any information on Aldous Huxley and your views on his motivations? I refer to your brief comment in your L.A. presentation on him being "on the other team" so to speak. I have admired his work for many years but i find myself agreeing with you on every other character analysis I have seen you give so far and therefore fear i may need to investigate him further.
Thank you again for your insight and your teaching.

At 1/10/06 3:37 PM, mtsar said...

Yes, naturally I agree as to the importance of such experiences if and when they occur in one's life. I mean the one who goes through something like what you describe can draw the attention of the world to the phenomenon. And there are all kinds of "vamps." Not all are consciously deviant. And in the end, we are all vampires, to a degree. I address my study at the extreme cases.

As to Huxley. I know that he came from a very elite family that worked a lot for the establishment, but of course he was an incredible thinker and author. Same as Kipling, Pike and so many others that were involved with secret soceities.

I am not that expert on his actual works though. I hope to find the time to explore his books more than I have.

At 2/10/06 1:33 PM, Anonymous said...

Thank you for the clarification Michael, and i take your point.
Re Huxley I can highley recommend "The Perennial Philosophy" and "Ends and Means" which tend to reach conclusions compatable with your work. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

At 3/10/06 8:07 AM, mtsar said...

Yes, these books are well known to me, and I must get round to reading them. Thanks for the recommendations.

At 3/10/06 8:21 AM, JamesMC said...

Hi Michael. I was at Borders bookstore today browsing the magic/speculation/spiritual/metaphysical sections. Didn't see your Atlantis book there unfortunately, although there was another book on Atlantis that used the exact same font for the title as yours.

Was suprised to see some of Icke's books there, as well as the new one by Jim Marrs.

But the reason I'm writing is that I also noticed a few books about psychic vampirism. Thought I would pass along the info in case you're interested.

"Psychic Vampires - Protection from Energy Predators and Parasites" by Joe H. Slate Phd.

"Vampires" by New York based 'goth' singer Konstantinos has a few chapters on "Un-intentional" and "Intentional" psychic vampires.

also "The Art of Psychic Protection" by Judy Hall seemed along these lines.

This is not an endorsement for any of these books or their authors. I just think it's interesting to see what's out there.

At 3/10/06 8:22 AM, mtsar said...

Yes, I have every one of them in my library. Excellent books. I strongly recommend them. I dont distribute my books to these shops or stores. It is available only through myself, Hidden Mysteries, and One Heart Books.

At 5/10/06 3:10 AM, Pat said...

Hello everyone, please let me recommend yet another reference that addresses the phenomenon of psychic vampirism. Although it they are called petty tyrants I believe they are the same as psychic vampires.

I am actually talking about a series of books written over thirty years ago by Carlos Castanadas. The author was a graduate student of Anthropology when he first met the sorcerer known as Don Juan.

This graduate student eventually became an apprentice to Don Juan but he continued to take notes. He ended up with a amazing collection of insights and perspectives about that specific culture and about humanity in general.

One of the most useful things I learned was to understand the role of petty tyrants. Don Juan used anecdotes and humor to show that petty tyrants (psychic vampires) can affect us only if we let them.

People who manipulate or use intimidation and threats seem so powerful at first. But, when we finally shake off the fog and see who / what they really are, the power shifts from them to us. Just like magic...

Of course, I don't really endorse these books either. But, it is interesting that different cultures have similar perspectives.

At 5/10/06 4:55 AM, mtsar said...

Yes, I agree...I think there are aspects in his works that are monumentally important, and easy for readers to grasp, and then some aspects that are off. BUt that is found in almost every work.

Thanks for this post.

At 8/10/06 8:58 PM, Anonymous said...

Even when someone is all but cut out of your life completely, there are still threads that bind. For instance, today I noticed that I still have STRONG feelings about a person who I was in a relationship with for two years. Even though we've basically parted ways and never hang out anymore, I still felt a deep pain for her, for reasons I don't have time to explain.

It boils down to this: I realized I need to shut off that valve. Keeping it open only causes suffering for me and does nothing to impact her in any meaningful way. It's utterly useless.
For a moment I thought "maybe it's too cold to just close it off like that, it's so unlike me"... but is it really? Do I really even know ME yet? How filled am I with other people's crap? It feels so ENLIGHTENING to be free from this web.

At 9/10/06 9:26 AM, mtsar said...

Yes, this is key part of the thing. I dont really want to go into this aspect at this time, it is central to the coming work. But you are right. I think that the feelings of care, love and affection are absolutely signs of virtue and are born from virtue. However, the other party exploits this, exploits the virtue and the virtuous, and this is what leaves you wide open. So, it is a paradox. Someone said, that sooner or later we must pay for every good deed. And I know now what this means. There are many types of cording. Intellectual - which occurs when one gives advice or gets involved in 'FIXING' peoples lives, even if they ask for help or not. And this is lethal also, not endorsed by the higher forces. But the hooks of this kind of attachment are relatively easy to remove. Then there is emotional cording, the worst of all. Emotional hooks are soul deep. We can lament the day that we got hooked or hooked others and all of it. But that is just futile. And removing these emotional/sexual hooks is agonizing, for obvious reasons. I think there are many satellite concerns and factors once the cording has happened. The removal of them is a process, and not something that occurs overnight. The metaphor I use is the following: It is as if someone set off a bomb within the landscape of the emotions. One survives and begins the clean-up, but the napalm has penetrated all good aspects that one is trying to salvage. So every part of the self now has to be gone through, like one would go through a bombed out house they once occupied, and the glass and shrapnel and napalm is in everything. One's life is dedicated therefore to extracting it. Some aspects of oneself, of the past, must just be chucked, as the damage is just too great. Again, one has to adopt a philosophy about this or they will go mad. One must realize that the cleansing out of all that once was is not VITAL for sanity and survival. It must be done. Hanging on to fragments. What good will that do. None in the end. A new life must begin, one of strength, understanding and vigilence.

We have not been taught Emotional Intelligence. We are brought up by mutilated people, without a clue as to the nuances of relationships and so on. So, this is where we find ourselves. It is a major challenge and life issue. The sufferering we do for others must stop. It is ultimately dysfunctional. Perhaps it is a monumental error to even imagine we can know another, fix another or even advise another. I have to constantly be asking myself this given the work I do. This is why I am always reminding people to trust their own selves, and their own intuition. Crowley's words are ever on my mind: To ask anyone other than the inner Guardian for answers and advice, is to dishonor one's guide.

But my main point with this Vampirism concept is the unseen forms of violence. Man knows plenty about the visible form, and almost nothing about the hidden kind perpetrated every day, upon our own selves, and upon others. We need to really get to grips with this. The ego desires to be ranked and loved by others. Disconnecting can seem cold. This is what we are lead to believe by the ego, that covets all kinds of relationships, functional and no so functional. Through relationships, the ego gets to know about itself, and gets a sense of its own fragile nature. So, ending relationships is particularly traumatic. Remember one thing though. YOU were in relationship, THEY may not have been. When we give love and trust, we make one big mistake. We ASSUME we are receiving these in return, often without a shred of evidence. In this assumption there is undoing.

At 10/10/06 10:08 AM, mtsar said...

When one has murdered their own Selfhood, that is evil. Everything that is evil emanates from those who are not in Selfhood. Other definitions are sub-definitions.

At 11/10/06 1:54 AM, Natsuha said...

Definitions are quite personal, so as truths.
Do we have to have only one definition or truth? You sound like we have to have one particular god or one particular enemy of all common.

Anyway, don’t we have many words and adjectives for the evil you talked about?
When one has murdered their own selfhood, do we absolutely have to call it evil?

This is some thing that happens every day; we murder our own selfhood and rebirth again. Who could manage to exist without murdering his/her own selfhood never even once?

I’m afraid to repeat the same thing again but I think that you might judge only by how many murderers of our own selfhood are committed. If there are few, ok. When many, that is evil.
Of course better not murder many. But the word evil sounds too judgmental and vampire like for me.

Don’t we just have illusion of the balance of dark and light? We only hate and judge by the potions of their combinations, instead of seeking a good balance?

At 11/10/06 9:27 AM, mtsar said...

yes, yes...the same old knee-jerk reaction against the word "evil." And a lot of words to say very little:

Please refer to the Ayn Rand quotes, as well as the others, featured here:

At 12/10/06 3:58 AM, Natsuha said...

I read the articles you recommended.
I wonder if you look for is the perfection? You want only light in this world?
Do you wish to destroy all what you call evil? Should we stop completely murder our own selfhood? If you could tell me what your purpose of your work, reveal the evil is very interesting; but then what do you want to do with it?

“The self-murdered person is the great threat in the world and is both violent and destructive toward himself and to every one he encounters. He can occupy positions of little importance or of the greatest importance. He can destroy a single life, or that of a world. He cares nothing for a trial of distraction and ruin that he leaves, only for the satiation of his insatiable appetite.”

Well… by certain perspective I think you are right. But you are trapped in only one reality, trapped in only one definition and only one belief; such as "I know I am right and who don't have the same belief as me are wrong and they have a lot of words to say very little:"
You don't understand the duality. I never say I understand it either though.

Animal world seems perfect for you, but it’s not. They are just more balanced than ours. I wonder why you hate so much the dark side of the human nature, I don't love it either but it's a part of us, part of the Earth, part of the universe anyway. It needs to be only healed. When you hate your evil, you hate yourself, you become hatefully heavy to hate more and more.

I know many people like that, very hateful nature, you need so little to be hated by those people. But of course, I could be hateful sometimes, it's always the question of amounts of dark and light, which weighs more and you judge evil or not. You don't think of other words or other meanings of this phenomenon?

I hope It doesn't sound like new age for you, as you seem to hate new age. I don't care very much about new age either but there must be traps.
They mix useful information and manipulating information in it, so people who believe it blindly would be manipulated and who deny new age take even useful information as evil; so as in religions.

New age says judgment is useless, you say judgment is necessary. I think we can't make right discernment when we judge.

Anyway, you would hate me by now.

But please excuse me, I could have misunderstood you and your thought and if you could know that I came to your blog and read your book because I was interested in your work and liked it. I still am and do like you and your work; we can't simply agree each other in all ideas and all beliefs, can we?

At 12/10/06 12:38 PM, mtsar said...

I dont hate you. Not at all. You are doing a lot of thinking and investigating. You are asking important questions and sincerely looking for the answers. This is the most important thing in the world. More important even that finding the answers.

I am a disciple of reason, not emotion. I do have a penchant for exposing evil. This is what I am good at to a degree. You may see things differently. But we are probably seeing the same fish from two sides of the same tank. Perspective is everything.

What is important is not what makes my mind tick. Take from my work those pieces that interest you, and which work for you and leave the rest. From that which you disagree with, you can build your own truths. My work was born from the x factors of other people's work. I found explanations for those things they left out or could not explain. And it does not matter that anyone agrees with another. All that matters is that one makes sense of the world and the mystery in their own way.

At 17/10/06 1:07 PM, chzphx said...

"I wonder why you hate so much the dark side of the human nature, I don't love it either but it's a part of us, part of the Earth, part of the universe anyway. It needs to be only healed. When you hate your evil, you hate yourself, you become hatefully heavy to hate more and more."

Nat, I don't believe you two have as much of an opposed view as you espouse. My impression is that MT understands this and uses the term evil initially to get people interested. Have you read all of his Astrotheology section? Light can be used as a weapon. I find that concept fascinating.

My personal view is that I cannot be seperated from hate. I am ALWAYS so full of rage and anger. It actually feels like a close companion to me. But I keep my hate directed where it belongs. Those who hurt us. Or I try to. Its hard to not be cynical on everything.

At 17/10/06 4:46 PM, mtsar said...

Yes, I agree....we must change our attitudes toward these emotions or drives, but in an intelligent way. We must come into contact with them, discover their anatomy, perhaps realize that they are important symptoms arising when we are under attack of some sort. When they fester they are no good, but they often occur and we censor them or hate ourselves for feeling them. What nonsense. We must listen to them. We must learn to sense why they are arising, and so protect ourselves from the open or subtle violations of others, and from our own selves. They are diagnostic tools and should be respected as teachers. In all major pantheons were there not gods of the overworld and the underworld? Time to start building altars to those dark gods. We may need their help real soon.

At 18/10/06 7:28 AM, Jon said...

I am new to this, new to the thoughts of engries or vamps, but i sense something in me, something that has never been there before, but what could it be?

I myself have been through many of people passing through my life and leaving there own marks, but could it be a vampire taking my energy? not so sure, my thoughts are mine, my imprints are due to me, when i make a choice its my own. i doubt a vampire is sucking me dry(not to say i discredit the idea) im not sure what it is, but i am dying not on the outside not on the inside but somewhere ive been before a place i no longer remember.

I suffer from a diease, called bi polar 2 connected to it is waves of depression and mania, i have for a while discounted any ways of medicinaly healing myself, mostly because i fear people who have power for reading books written by people who no nothing more then they did on the date of the book.....not too long ago i started to take prozac and it of course changed aspects of my everyday life, but nothing for the true disorder, a disorder you can never explain or read, so i stopped and now i am free of meds but still full of feelings of dispair like never before, things afeect me differently, my body and brain are the same damaged tools they always have been but my soul my true carrier is hurting and fear the worse, i guess my ultimate question in the rant of self indulgence is: Who am I?...and does my diease make me that person?

Jonathan Merritt
Rhode Island

At 19/10/06 5:21 AM, Natsuha said...

“They are diagnostic tools and should be respected as teachers. In all major pantheons were there not gods of the overworld and the underworld? Time to start building altars to those dark gods. We may need their help real soon.”

About the dark forces, this is nearly what I tried to explain, yes, with different words.
And not exactly from the same perspective I suppose. I’m afraid I didn’t read all MT’s work. However, from articles and a book I read, he showed also lots of hatred to others, is that correct? He must have his reasons to do so, which I don’t yet understand…

I agree that we probably need both negative and positive expressions. Understanding and taking good balance of each of them could be interesting.

Then, when you are full of rage and anger, do you believe this is really supposed to be? Are there any manipulated thoughts or ideas involved? You can very well feel rage and anger but you can also at the same time feel compassion or affection just like when you see someone who’s seriously ill or any other situations you can think of. If only you have the different perspectives to see one reality. Your rage and anger could not be always the same? A bit like what’s in Castaneda’s book; see and look, but not exactly what my images are, not at all. Of course if you only love carrying your hatred feeling, that’s different matter. (MT might have said this kind of thing already? (^_^))

Anyway, about the perspective…
Don’t you think that one of the reasons why humans are so awkward is because we’ve got such a narrow perspective?
We are in the time to learn different perspectives, different realities, which would make the image of whole, perhaps?

People talk about oneness, talk about no god out side of self; we understand the logic, but we don’t have the perspective to feel it, do we?
Many don’t look for god outside of themselves but they think evil exist out side of them… I wonder why?

You’ve heard of the theory; micro=macro, I guess. So, a small ant is as big as a planet Earth, or the heavenly body, and the Earth is as small as a tiny black ant or a mosquito.
Because there’s no limit to the direction to macro, so as the direction to micro.

And I imagine an egg, for example, this is the whole; the whole could be any thing, small or big so it doesn’t matter whatever the size is, whatever the shape is.
And this egg is one consciousness; we find here everything, the whole.

You find here time. Time is ever expanding to macro to micro, future to past here.
The space is ever expanding macro to micro with in this egg.
Dimensions are ever expanding to both directions.
Light is ever expanding to bright to dark.

We are all expansions of this one consciousness. Any directions, any possibilities, go macro to micro; never one exception be possible, limits can never exist logically and physically. Then what are those limitations we are straggling with?

Wait a minute, I always believe there are only two directions, dualities, but is that really so?
And I wonder who or what expand the time, space and what ever? If someone can tell me?

Anyway, there could be only one consciousness. No way we can recognize several consciousness, I suppose. And every single expansion of this consciousness or whole is neither bigger nor smaller than the whole, logically, isn’t it?

So we can't really tell which is the part and which is the whole, can we?
That means every single part must have all essence of whole, perhaps. But of course this essence has no bounds, means every part could be different…?

Is that what people talk about "oneness" is? Well, sure must have other definitions too.

At 19/10/06 12:46 PM, mtsar said...

Well, I think that you need to become more familiar with my work....your points show that you have not understood me.

At 20/10/06 5:58 PM, salamander said...

Here’s the way I see how we have to deal with psychic vampirism. It’s Richard Bach’s book “Illusions:The recluant Messiah” that helped me realise this.

You will hurt a vampire if you refuse to give your blood to him/her. Will you accept this just so you don't hurt anywone. It's quite basic.. Are you doing the same thing that the vampire tries to do to you? Not at all. You're refusing aggression. But of course we don't see the ones we call vampires as being of pure evil. That's why it's not always that easy to say NO to them and walk away.. But still... it's a necessity.. The road to freedom is not an easy one. It’s almost like doing the excat opposite that everyone does while everyone looks at you. Accepting agression is easy (even easier when you’re able to lie to yourself and believe that your just being nice to everyone....). But even if it is not an easy path, it's the only one that's worth it.. and the possibility to take that path is always there, right in front of your face.

At 20/10/06 5:59 PM, salamander said...

Here’s the way I see how we have to deal with psychic vampirism. It’s Richard Bach’s book “Illusions:The recluant Messiah” that helped me realise this.

You will hurt a vampire if you refuse to give your blood to him/her. Will you accept this just so you don't hurt anywone. It's quite basic.. Are you doing the same thing that the vampire tries to do to you? Not at all. You're refusing aggression. But of course we don't see the ones we call vampires as being of pure evil. That's why it's not always that easy to say NO to them and walk away.. But still... it's a necessity.. The road to freedom is not an easy one. It’s almost like doing the excat opposite that everyone does while everyone looks at you. Accepting agression is easy (even easier when you’re able to lie to yourself and believe that your just being nice to everyone....). But even if it is not an easy path, it's the only one that's worth it.. an the possibility to take that path is always there, right in front of your face. Choose or freeze.

At 21/10/06 12:46 AM, Natsuha said...

Cher Michael,

I didn’t read all your work, but I did read your words, lots of words.
Especially in this blog; which was interesting. We can read one’s thinking in emotional level, sometimes in conversation, n’est ce pas?
If you could take my words as the impression that I’ve got from your emotional words.

Now I need to read your reason, perhaps.
I will do, looking for treasures.

But you have to take it granted in certain points still, one will never understand another completely, so.

At 21/10/06 3:16 PM, Anonymous said...

Hi Michael Tsarion :)

I am a christian. I stumbeled across this site following a trail of links. I watched your videos, and found them intriguing, allthough I have to admit I am not sure what to think of some of it. As you know - christianity means one God. No pluto or Shiva so to speak. Anyways.. this article caught my attention because I have asked myself many times recently - why do I attract persons who I have nothing in common with at all. It happens all the time. It started some ten years ago, when I was a teenager. I litteraly brought in some psychopat to my own circle of friends. Now I am the only one who has cut all contact with this guy. Later in life I've also made some strange connectinos. People who are socially extremely active (I'm kinda antisocial.. working on that), and who I find 'too loud' really. The thing is, I think some of them are good people. It's just that I can't understand WHY they wanna be with me. Because they usually contacts me more than my 'normal' friends.

Scorpion ;)

At 21/10/06 3:21 PM, mtsar said...

right...but what is important is the underlying themes and meanings. The references and anecdotes, the terms and names really dont matter. That is like a brogue or dialect, and should not mar the essential points. I dont use Christian terminology a lot of the time, but have a lot of compliments from Christians. If Christianity is a conduit to a man acting rationally and morally, then that is great. Then I endorse it. Most of my mentors were Christians - Tolkien, Mac Donald, Lewis, etc. Tolkien spoke of Elves and Giants and so on, but again these can be taken as metaphors. So we can just see the underlying message and not dwell on the vernacular or idiom. I think this is best. Pluto/Shiva just represent archetypes that go beyond human divisions and stereotypical representations. In Jesus with a Sword, casting out the money changers and the false, I see the Shiva aspect. In his dividing father from sons and wives from husbands, I see it also. He deals with the individual outside of the roles in which they hide away. It is an act of compassion to divide a man from that which does him spiritual or physical disservice, and which drags him to be less than he can be. Thanks for the comment.

At 22/10/06 5:45 PM, Anonymous said...

Things are moving so fast now - I don't think I can call myself a christian any more. I have been watching all these great videos of Jordan Maxwell, David Icke and yourself, and I just want to know more! I know I will spend the rest of my life researching this whenever time permits (I'm studying medicine, and time isn't exactly something I have a lot of).

I'm really eager to learn what this age of aquarius will bring. I encourage you to go to christians who write about the endtimes/rapture/tribulation. They seem pretty convinced that it was coming soon. Actually - the feeling that the world was going to hell led me to all this stuff not long ago. I've been sleeping for too long......


At 22/10/06 7:24 PM, mtsar said...

Well I cant say much about coming ages. There are a lot of theories out there on this. They dont interest me. My character is not interested in anything but the destruction of a rotten system. After that, other bros and sisters take over, you know the ones with the nice smiles building a new world. I dont think I will be around for that time. Just dont forget flowers on my grave. I like roses.

At 23/10/06 7:28 PM, Anonymous said...

Don't forget that silver - and, perhaps, gold - have a tendency to kill financial "fiat" vampires, too.

At 27/10/06 2:41 AM, Natsuha said...

So dramatic, you reminds me of the young boy in “The Catcher in the Rye”

Have you ever thought about, if you are not really destroying the system, feeding the system instead with your system?
See, how conspiracy theories are welcomed by the media.

At 27/10/06 1:03 PM, mtsar said...

No, I am far too primitve for that kind of nuance. Destruction is deconstruction and to me this is needed. Others excel at building. I excel at breaking down.

At 28/10/06 5:44 AM, Natsuha said...

Ah, I was a bit worried that you might insult me badly with what I wrote to you, as you often do. I almost regretted what I wrote but you seem to be much calmer, good surprise.

You may agree that the system that we need to deal with is multidimensional, so we must know what this system is constructed and how it functions so that we can eventually destroy it? It is, I imagine, completely different than the system we can think of in this 3D world. Multidimensional doesn’t mean only 4 or 5 or 6 D, unlimited dimensions must exist.

Are you quite sure you are really destroying the system that we need to deal with?
Many things turn out differently in other dimensions, what we believe, what we calculate don’t always work…

At 28/10/06 2:19 PM, mtsar said...

I am not into insulting people, I am into confronting them and their ideas. But point taken. As to your last line, I dont know what it means. I am not interested in other dimensions or any kind of escapism and what ifs. And yes, I am 100 percent sure of what I am guided to do. If I was not, I have plenty of other things to be getting on with.

At 31/10/06 7:47 AM, HaveSelfWillTravel said...

Came here by chance. Like what I read and will linger and learn. Wish to share my own journey of Self lost and found: grew up generous-spirited and naively quentioning in a "polite" approval obsessed culture preaching self-sacrifice and moral hypocrisy, cramped into overly-responsible mold at home and school, independent and self-motivatedly pursued personal spiritual truth early, naturally giving nonetheless was used and abused by assorted vampires in the family and social world, rescues of "obnoxious victim" or "pathetic merciless monster" parents, siblings, lovers followed by betrayals and plenty guilt/hate bombs. Always wondered why they needed to hurt me to have what I would've given them unconditionally anyway. Took me long to realize that there're no other ways for them - the stealing and robbing and stabbing is part of the deal: they need my sad/angry/disappointment emotions as much as the things they are "entitled to" because they don't have what I have and they want them or I can't have them etc. They can't bear my easy contentment or sense of self, which they label as bad bad ego/ selfishness/ arrogance which I must destroy or they would do it for me. And that their appetite for negative emotions are truly insatiable: the more unconditional love and goodies I feed them (with the intention to make them feel happier or at least more worthy yeah silly me), the more misery and hatred they show/ shove at me. I let myself be driven to the brink of total self-destruction before I finally stopped my vampire feeding - after someone dear gave me Ayn Rand's Fountainhead around late 20's. I was SO ready.

What followed wasn't pretty. Vampires: hello this alpha battery tries to escape? Many mega guilt and hate bombs followed, vampires raged, vampires stomped in and off and back again. I struggled, for a while. It wasn't easy to rebuild boundaries and nurture oneself after a lifetime of being groomed as a free-for-all, self-replenishing buffet. Eventually my Self survived, though, and that's what matters. Abundance and love and JOYOUS FEELINGS started to flow into my life in years to come...

I still have the occasional pathetic vampire encounters at supermarkets or during the inevitable family events, but these wiser days I practice the art of poker face stillness and mindful breathing. And the art of walking away gracefully. A healthy dose of reminder readings from time to time - like this blog - certainly helps!

Thanks much Michael and some others' edu-taining stuff...

At 31/10/06 7:47 PM, mtsar said...

"have self will travel"...this is a fantastic motto...says it all...great. Thanks for coming on.

At 2/11/06 5:46 PM, Anonymous said...

Michael, in thinking deeply on the subject of vampirism I thought of a question which I think may be important. I was wondering if the person who is lacking their own energy, either consciously or unconsciously is able to utilize your energy to bolster themselves, or is it just a case of envy and not wanting you to have what they are not able to generate for themselves?

I also sense that the reason most young children are such a joy to engage is that they are only deeply curious to meet an adult who has such energy and have not learned to stare at you as if you are an object to be drained, although some older kids are clearly approaching that category.

I also have noticed that the eyes seem to be a conduit for this type of draining, as well as the stomach area (Castaneda called it the will).

This is really a fascinating subject as there literally seem to be this type of charcters EVERYWHERE! At least to me it seems so...pod people is not far from being an accurate description.

I hope I'm not getting too carried away with this but it really does seem to be happening everywhere I go, if I closely observe how people are into 'baiting' me to get some kind of reaction or engagement with them.

It must come from some kind of deep insecurity and immature human need that is not being met. I really must go back and read Jung again...the whole thing can get sort of overwhelming but also very rewarding to the sovereign SELF if you practise energy 'conservation'.

Thank you in advance for making the time for this question.


At 2/11/06 6:32 PM, Anonymous said...

Michael, OK I just figured out part of it is an immature need for validation and another part is a need for them to have you wallow in the same stupidity they are wallowing in, hence the ever desperate gyrations when you don't react. And eventually I suppose I shall be labelled a cold fish, tee hee hee - CODS WALLOP as Rubeus Hagrid would say. But what else causes it that I haven't thought of I wonder?

At 3/11/06 8:41 AM, mtsar said...

Oh yes, vampirism is very pervasive and common. I mainly deal with extreme cases. And yes you are right on the button. Naturally it is a combination of all these factors, but envy, rather than simple street level jealousy, plays an enormous part in the vampire's life. Why do you think it is that even in the fictional tales vamps dislike mirrors? Mirrors, psychologically, represent fractured selves, divided selves, or narcissitic tendencies within us. The vamp does not like to be reminded of its fractured, despicable nature. A mirror is a horror to the vamp in the stories. Why? Because THEY prefer to be mirrors to other people, reflecting back the positive aspects of a person. And that is their hook, since we all so pathetically dependent on others and their affection, we are so eager to lounge eternally in the company of anyone that makes us feel good. Jeez...that is major currency in this world. And the exceptional vamps even act as convex mirrors, reflecting back a slightly larger image of us, so that we really feel warm and fuzzy. Ever seen a fly dead in honey. Its dead, but it died sweetly. The French called it "La Belle Dans Sans Merci." (the female version of course).

So, if one does not seek approval from others, they have no problem with vamps. However the vamp is exceptionally afraid of being mirrored themselves. That is their job, their speciality. But they dont like it themselves. A real person is a constant reminder of their unreality, their fracturedness, their inner crime. Envy is different to jealousy. The latter is normal. It is even based on admiration. Fuck I wish I had custom made mahogany and rosewood double neck guitar that jackass has on tv. Well, that is based on admiration. Envy is when you know you cannot have that thing ever, but you dont want anyone else to have it either, and would see to it that they lose the good things they have. This is a devil in human form, and yes my friend, the world is FULL of such people.

You may wish for something and even covet something. But you dont mind if the other fellow has it also. You just want it also. Enough for all. The vamp does not think like this. And we had better start to realize their way of thinking. This is what I am working to bring out more clearly to the world.

At 5/11/06 12:09 AM, BillySunday said...

Wow , out of all of these blogs this one hits home the hardest in an wierd way. everything you have said about these energy vamps applys to a friend of mine x10. including the part about moving out to LA. i read this whole blog with my jaw dropped.

so against my instincts i showed him this blog. and he didnt disagree. infact he said it was true that he does infact hate himself. kinda sad really. ive always felt sorry for him for the 10 years that ive known him. is one of the camps tricks? pity? because if it is then he deserves an award for getting people tp pitty him. i could tell you so many storys....i think i could be dealling with a class A vamp here.

At 5/11/06 1:36 PM, mtsar said...

an exceptional occurrence. I have noticed something like this. Basically the vamps of the world exist and advance because of the ignorance of their victims, which I believe bemuses and humors them. But, should they actually be exposed, which might occassionally occur, they don't mind admitting it. This is only because they have been exposed. So there is no point denying it. If they suspect that they can talk their way out of it, like blaming parents, or swearing that they will change, or that they dont really mean it, or that it is a bad pattern, etc, they will give out all this verbiage. But this wont work on someone that knows them through and through. So at that point, their best recourse is either total silence, or admittance. They may seek sympathy this way. They may pretend that they are afflicted so as to get your empathy and further investiture of energy, "fixing" them, "rehardwiring" them. But one must be very alert to this strategy.

At 7/11/06 4:07 PM, michele said...

I really appreciate you Mr. Micheal Tsarion. Thankyou for sharing you. I Just finished reading "Aliens, atlantis and genetic manipulation". I've read all your high windows articles, and as I read through these blogs on vampirism, I AM COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY. Changed for the good. As an extremely, extremely sensitive person who is slowly but surely getting stronger as a human being who is determined to live a peaceful, happy, abundant life by any means necessary... I must say I give major cudos to the universe for guiding me toward your teachings. Your teachings are leading me more steps closer to heaven. Wow! You are the bomb! If I may have you permssion, may I "humbly" ask -What is your marital status? I am in love...with you (smile). In the most purest, innocent, and intelligent sense of the term. When will you be offering in speaking engagements in the san francisco bay area of northern california? Thankyou Micheal.

With my deepest sincereity,
p.s. I can't spell worth a shit eh?

At 7/11/06 5:28 PM, mtsar said...

well, I am grateful for these lovely words. I am glad that you read the articles. I learn so much from re-reading these, and they soon will be out in book form. Sometime next year. We are nearly done with that project.

You make me smile though. In "love." I hope with the work and the teachings, and not me. You would not feel this way if you knew me. I am terrible. I beat the hell out of women. I can't find a broom handle that won't break. But of course the one's i know need such a hammering every few days, Irish, Swedish, Cuban, Chinese or American. Way too independent, rebellious and defiant. More Priestess than Empress, if you get my meaning.

But as they would retort: Who wants to be with an old hermit, one million years old?

At 8/11/06 6:45 AM, haveselfwilltravel said...

About approval seekers attracting vampires who are so sweet and nice and make them feel so good. And then so bad. And then later on so hollow and angry inside, and don't know why. SO true. So obvious in retrospect, yet...

Spot on about vampire's strategy, esp when found out. The thing is, they have strategy, and I didn't. And therefore I must arm myself with clarity.

Today one of my family chief vampire called out of the blues and tried to be cute with me to try to get another interest-free loan out of me. I use the opportunity to expose her vampire antics and past abuses and her strategy was play "dumb and forgetful" then "are you having a bad day" and then "Fine so you believe Idid all that nasty stuff but I was victimised too by the entire universe you know" and "you are hurting me with all these anger of yours" (I was actually calm and even) and etc etc. Sensing my new found boundary and centeredness, she opted for the "alright can you please help rewire me I am all ears". All these time never admitted to having vampired me, not once. So, rewire what, specifically? I almost believe her. But her fanks showed when she steered sharply to "the good old times". Aspartame sweetness never agreed with me.

The vampires within the family are the most draining ones, and hardest to deal with. They know your history of weaknesses. I find one of the best weapons is to "admit" to being an unkind jerk/bitch before they even start the moral attacks. Now I train myself to smile and say "Thanks, I know" when they use their last resort "You know, you're so selfish".

Glad to Self-ish. Better than Vamp-ish?

At 8/11/06 6:58 AM, HaveSelfWillTravel said...

Tough shit fiery yet masochistic females?

Anyway about approval seekers attracting vampires who are oh so sweet and nice and make them feel so good. And then so bad. And then later on so hollow and angry inside, and don't know why. So obvious in retrospect, yet...

Spot on about vampire's strategy, esp when found out. The thing is, they have strategy, and I didn't, and I bled and bled and worse, forgotten who I was. Soul was stolen too, along with blood. And therefore I must arm myself with clarity.

Today one of my family chief vampire called out of the blues and tried to be cute with me to try to get another interest-free loan out of me. I use the opportunity to expose her vampire antics and past abuses and her strategy was play "dumb and forgetful" then "are you having a bad day" and then "Fine so you believe Idid all that nasty stuff but I was victimised too by the entire universe you know" and "you are hurting me with all these anger of yours" (I was actually calm and even) and etc etc. Sensing my new found boundary and centeredness, she opted for the "alright can you please help rewire me I am all ears". All these time never admitted to having vampired me, not once. So, rewire what, specifically? I almost believe her. But her fanks showed when she steered sharply to "the good old times". Aspartame sweetness never agreed with me.

The vampires within the family are the most draining ones, and hardest to deal with. They know your history of weaknesses. I find one of the best weapons is to "admit" to being an unkind jerk/bitch before they even start the moral attacks. Now I train myself to smile and say "Yeah, I know" when they use their last resort "You know, you're so selfish".

Glad to Self-ish. Better than Vamp-ish?

At 8/11/06 12:25 PM, mtsar said...

i think i've found my fav blog post...this one of yours...delicious.

Yes, look at the intricasies. Just look at their games, their pre-meditation, their reading of you, and their ability to back-track, dissimulate, feign and project. What a species, and how vile.

What are we to do with them? You meet a real human being, and it is lightness. Enlightenment, lightenment. You are almost elated. We are swimming in a sea of the dead. But these corpses are just not quite dead spiritually. They are feeding still, sucking still, creeping still, using as much persona as they are able to get by and fool the goon brought up on give, give, give, be a martyr, the meek shall inherit, turn the other...he who loses his soul will save it...FUCK!!!!

I am amazed it did not want "a hug" before it departed.

At 8/11/06 1:16 PM, Anonymous said...

Okay, so I guess I don't know what a psychic vampire is. I've always thought a vampire would be strong, powerful, entrancing, independent. Someone who would crush you with their attractive personality as you slip into the pleasure of being drained. Misconception probably comes from the movies, Dracula, Nosferatu. Yet it seems from the posts that vamps can come as the weak and needy. The eternal victim can be a vamp? Are these also misconceptions?

At 9/11/06 7:00 AM, mtsar said...

An excellent question.

Within a small sphere of action the vamp is strong. Like in Nosferatu, she reads "though the vampire be an unnatural being, he must also obey some natural laws."

As long as we enter into its sphere of action, it has control. This is a narrow place and we can get away. Say we are hooked by some sexual subtext, or some apparent mystic knowledge, or some other allure. As long as we are under this spell, the vamp remains strong and unassailed.

But should we remove ourselves from this space, and step back, or if we are assisted by friends, circumstances, enhanced knowledge and understanding, or by deep objective reflection on the scenario, we can rob the vamp of its seductive power.

You will find for instance (although I hope you never have reason to), that the best and most adept vamps work one to one, and dont do too well in groups. When they are after someone, they sequester that person so that their exchange is relatively uninterrupted. They wish to "walk in rhythm" with you for a time to sense your weaknesses and idiosyncrasies. This lets them in.

So, the answer is that they are both strong and weak, depending on the situation and the character of their victims or associates.

Their attractiveness also comes from our own projections. The vamp is little more than a mirror. We have discussed this here before. They mirror back the good aspects of yourself. This causes us to be massively attracted to them for the simple reason that we all (well not all) love to be around those who MAKE US FEEL GOOD. This is the red carpet that the vamp utilizes. We are so fucking lost and dependent, so empty and craving that we put ourselves in the power of the first person to offer a coin.

As Oscar Wilde wrote: When we are in the hospital bed we dont normally question whether the hands that soothe our brow are those of a murderess.

The supreme defense against the vampire, is to need nothing from no one. Psychologically, most of all.

At 9/11/06 7:31 AM, Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the term 'martyr' all the bells and alarms went off. I was labelled a martyr by my entire family right from day one. It was the catch-phrase that was never explained no matter how much I would ask "What do you mean by that word Martyr?" Na na na na na and "that's what you are" was all I ever got from all four of them, even my parents. Thank God I finally had the good sense to make a clean break. I'm only sorry it took me so long to do it.

At 10/11/06 6:21 AM, haveselfwilltravel said...

This thread is happenin'... Two operative words for me here: martyr and projections.

Martyr, my take: two major types... the "victim martyr" (I am so selflessly giving but well I have nothing to give so hey it's your duty to fund my charitable virtues) and the "hero martyr" (I am so strong and selfless too I can keep up with you weaklings' charity bills and neverending needs).

Majority of human race are victim martyrs, parasites who feed off hero martyrs. Both martyr types are symbiotic. They compete to out-martyr, out-selfless each other to oblivion, like a parasitic plant infested big tree. Like desperate families and psychotic societies who devour their young and productive. That's probably why we're facing an energy crisis...

As below, so above...?

Vampires don't seem to care where or who they suck their energy/blood from - you want to martyr/ volunteer/ give freely your energy? Please honey. They have endless vanity mirrors and martyr medals in stock. Ability to differentiate our own real compassion from spiritual superiority can be useful in these cases...

Projections, my fav word of this season actually...possibly the biggest weakness of hero martyrs. They project/ externalise the lack of Self-ness within onto the "needy weaklings" outside, who "reward" them with feel-good ego boost. After hero martyrs deplete their energy supply, they join the pathetic, insatiable contingent of victim martyrs.

Vampirism thrives during dark ages and decline of empires?

At 11/11/06 9:12 AM, Anonymous said...

Great post haveselfwilltravel, being out in public and for me being at work especially (where there is almost no escaping the vamps and their maneuvers except by a serious and constant analysis of their methods) is like being in a room full of miirrors.

The smiling depressives will approach you jabbing and probing to find your weak spots. "How are you today" and small talk. And if you don't respond 'like property' they try to make it look as if you are in a bad mood, having a bad day, 'why are you acting differently' attitude?.

One day all the mirrors will be shattered, then what will they be left with? NOTHINGNESS! Being thrown out of a Tower, rather than sacrificing yourself willingly to the chthonic! No wonder the Hanged Man has a smile on his face...

I am trying to spend an hour or two every day tramping through the woods to energize, talk to nature, be with the animals, hear the birds sing and just to be everything other people are not.

Everytime I go there I take out a bag of garbage that the could-care-less critters have 'absetmindedly' dropped so that I can leave the woods in better shape than what I found it. I have adopted this one place. I am it's modern 'druid' whatever that is.

I pay homage, nature heals me, and gives me strength to face my obstacles. Although I have searched for nature ceremonies on the internet (as you mentioned we moderns seem to know nothing about Michael) but all I seem to able to find are these things that look susspiciously like priesthood.

Maybe it's because the real Druids were each an individual entity and could only relate to and commune with nature as they themselves saw fit. But I did gather that symbols were a very important part of the rites.

A thought occurred to me yesterday; how can anyone seriously believe that they can improve on the works of Mother Nature? It's just absurd! It's already perfect.

At 11/11/06 11:49 AM, mtsar said...

An alien nature can think that...even that it is a game. On one link to Corporte Criminals site you see quotes of the top corporate johnnies talking that their mess means nothing and that it does not contribute to the destruction of the earth. Total denial.

Anyway, that is right, there is so much trash. I am going to have to be doing the same thing. I am out in nature a lot, but everywhere I go, no matter where, there are beer cans and plastic bags and god knows what lying around. And no one employed to do a thing about it, in these remote locations.

I despise towns and cities, and dont question it anymore, that there is negative energy there. It has become an irrefutable fact to me. I just avoid people as much as I can and minimize the time I spend in that toxic swamp of humanity. I like shopping and looking at the shops, but shit nowadays, the dead are creeping so it is no longer an adventure. You have always got some poisonous person breathing down your neck, some insolent clerk, some arse hole cop, waiter or waitress, or belligerent neanderthal on your back. If you meet a real human being it is like a boon. It is becoming more and more like "They Live." And yet if they see you drive up in a merc in a suit, fuck, then its lick your boots time from all of them. It is sick.

At 11/11/06 3:01 PM, Anonymous said...

Michael, if they see you leaving the woods burdened down with garbage you picked up with your own hands they will avoid you like the plague. They won't even look your way - it's as if the roles are reversed. I imagine it's something to do with shame, because deep down they know that waiting for someone else to do it for them is wrong and besides they probably are some of the same people who are contributing to the problem. And also I imagine they can sense what will happen if they make some joke, because you're usually dirty and covered with burrs. I would be only too happy to give someone like that both barrels and then some. But it's the old "it's not my job" excuse. It's the same thing as some jerk reading your work and dismissing it because he/she might actually have to expend some effort in order to understand it. They expect everything handed to them on a silver platter. I have to work very hard to understand your work and these are new concepts for me, my dictionary is getting a lot of use and even after I have looked up the meaning of a word I sometimes forget and have to go back. But the rewards are awesome. Do you know, yestersay I came out of the woods with one bag, today two bags. Next are green garbage bags. But I swear, the birds and animals know what I am doing and it is as if they are thanking me. Little birds swoop around my head and squirrels dart up and down trees watching me. I came upon one clearing and a whole bunch of animals scattered, it was as if they were having some kind of PARTY if you can believe that. Then I come back into town and it is just like you said, night of the living dead. You know, the ones who are standing around on street corners looking half dead 'waiting for daddy to come home' as author Robert Bly so aptly called this syndrome. It's a nightmare and it's everywhere now. Wish I could be a hermit sometimes.

At 13/11/06 2:42 PM, mtsar said...

Thanks for sharing this experience. Its important for people to discern what is happening around them, to not just overlook all the changes and people that affect emotion. We are not taught to notice our emotions and how they change due to the intervention of someone, or time spent talking to them. We just project respect and acceptance on everyone, as if they deserved it. A nice smile and normal face, even a beautiful one, and we are gonners. Alarm bells can be going off to no avail. The after time we look back and wonder what we were thinking. Some people have told me similar things as you, of the time it can take to break cords in the family setting. And sometimes it never occurs. The cords can last eternally preventing someone from living their own life.

I guess one has to have lived long, and met a lot of people before it becomes obvious not to trust, and to keep one's guard up, especially those so sugary and goody, who want you to ever so much trust them. Once you provide for youself, and once you dont need too much from anyone else, there really is no need to trust anyone. You trust people as you would the weather man, or the milk man. What need is there for more. The rest is an investment in a bank run by the mafia. Only men need "love." Does nature? No, of course not. Nature is happy as long as we turn off our worst destructive habits towards it. But we can keep our "love."

At 15/11/06 11:11 AM, Anonymous said...

Gee Tsarion, are you are a SATANIST? The first mention of Psychic Vampirism in the world was from the Satanic Bible of the 'Jewish' satanic imposter Anton Di Levy. Are you a follower of his? Because Levy invented the term 'Psychic Vampirism.'I'd like you to defend your position on the term and its origins. I love all your sities but the term 'psychic vampire' has to be replaced because it is used by Satanists. I don't believe you are Satanic. I want to continue to view your pages. Maybe 'Psychic Vampire' is the correct terminology? Please explain why you chose it!

Rev. Patrizio

At 15/11/06 2:21 PM, mtsar said...

whatever you want me to be or think I am, I am. And dont let me hold you, you don't have to stick around.

At 16/11/06 10:35 PM, haveselfwilltravel said...

Most English literate human beings today probably understand Energy Vampirism or Psychic Vampirism as "the taking of energy from unwilling/ unsuspecting victims". That's how language evolves and expands in this crazy www times. Very exciting...really...

Still, the vampire victims are not all innocent or totally unwilling (not unlike the seduced victims in blood sucking vampire lores). There are of course truly innocent, genuniely giving, naively selfless persons the vampires draw from. The vamps don't care, they just need their energy supply from whoever wherever. Sniff, sniff...

But what's in it for the semi-willing victims?

One word I recently come to associate with contemporary vampirism is Narcissism. Both vampires and the semi-willing victims (vamptims?) are narcissists. Many vampires are narcissists who look normal/ attractive/ nice/ even charming but are really empty inside and depend on other human beings for a living. Narcissists are essentially Energy Dependents for they have little inner resources or no SOUL. As Michael mentioned, they have either murder/ bury their Self long ago. Or they're still suffering from trauma of the Original Abandonment from the Divine. Difference between the vampire and their victims is, the vampires are experts of all narcissistic weaknesses in the majority of moderately narcissistic human beings who have some soul/ self/ integrity. And the vamps know which VANITY button to push to get their energy supply, in the form of attention, money, favours, sex, even negative emotional reactions. What the "innocent" victims receive from vampires are usually False Ego Gratification of all sorts, from "good boy/girl" to "what a hero" to "you're officially my god" to "you're so amazing!" to all forms of unjustified aggressions and abuses - "I must mean so much to him/her that he/she gets this upset with me", with too much emphasis on the "I mean so much"...

False modesty and "protectiveness" are less obvious forms of narcississm the vamps sniff out for. Oh, and VERY LOUD DISPLAY of charity and kindness, which attracts very "nice and poor-thing" vampires, who usually turn extremely bitter or disappear without a trace when the goodies stop flowing.

So, I guess, the best defense against everyday vampirism is gentle nurturing of one's sense of self-worth in balance to a healthy amount of external/ social ego (which we all still need to relate to other human beings)... I suppose saying no to weak looking but demanding, self-entitled vampires is not easy for some human beings who're genuinely caring (because they have connection with love and compassion) but discriminate giving is a basic responsibility of any Soul. Feeding the vamps selflessly, risk the emptying of the Self within. These days I take care who and what I give to...

That day, another family vampire (the most lethal genre) bombarded me with another one of her "ME ME ME so suffering and loving and love love love you all ME ME ME so charitable amazing" emails, which I have been ignoring. I waited a week then replied an uncharacteristic "ME ME ME ME ME having fun being ME ME ME ME ME oh and you are so amazing". It works. She's off my case for now... You see, it's generally effective to just ignore/un-react the vamps away. But that doesn't work on the octopus/sticky types. I read somewhere that sometimes you gotta fight the vamps with their own method. If they saccharin coat you, do 3X back. If they rage at you, rage 10x back. They'll stay away. Lol...

At 18/11/06 6:41 PM, mtsar said...

oh yes, you have to attract them. this is one price of our ignorance. i have always referred to ignorance as a major life threatening disease. and the vamp comes in to those diseased.

knowledge disperses them and their kind.

i would not say that anyone is consciously desirious of being a victim of vampirism, but certainly if one has not understood the nature of virtue and how the virtuous attract parasites, it can happen.

narcissism is to be studied very deeply. it is one of the most important conditions. it is actually self-hate. i refer you to the work of alexander lowen, to his book 'narcissism.' lowen was the man who took over from the great wilhelm reich and practiced bio-energetics. i wish that everyone would read his books, 'body language,' and 'narcissism' and so on. they provide tremendous case histories and insights into the psyche of men and women. i have some links to him on the taroscopes site.

we all want things from others, and this can leave us wide open. physical needs are not the problem. the emotional needs are. we all erroneously wish to be 'known' by another person. we never learn that no one can know us. we dont know ourselves. once this is understood and once we learn to love that endemic privacy, then we are strong and inviolate. but the narcissit wants others to know all about him. he desires to be famous, not to push the music or talent, but to push his own ego. the magazines and media assist him in this. fucking talentless people are put before us as if they matter.

we live in a culture of none selves, of simulacras, plastic people in an artificial environment, pathologically afraid of the real.

the vampire is the most craving, because it is the most empty. there is barely an ounce of self-generated creativity in its life. it is all about reflection. it is the least inwardly motivated person, even though it can give a marvellous performance to suggest the contrary.

they are primarily sensationalists, and if we are not examing them too closely we can falsely believe that their sensationalism is emotionalism. there is a big difference. but these creatures dont feel for anyone or anything. it is a sham, and imitation. they are excellent chameleons. they tend to be the most unaccomplished people in the world. once we learn to see them without the spell, we see that they have low end talents, and cultivate enough just to fool us. but they are habitual and not accomplished. they may be schooled, and give the impression of some hidden abilities. they always give a great impression and like to hang around talented people as camouflage. their success depends entirely on making you believe they possess something you need, especially emotionally. then you're hooked. they often arrive in your life when you are most down-hearted and needy. and when they arrive there is usually a massive outpouring of energy toward them within the first lunar month or so. this is a tell tale sign that vampirism exists. thiis outpouring may be material or emotional.

luckily, the age is coming where we will be able to define these creatures, and have done with their kind once and for all. if my work can contribute to this outcome, i will die happy.

At 19/11/06 3:47 AM, Vivian said...

Okay, I have to confess. It was me who sent the message asking Michael if he was a Satanist. I did it as a joke and just to get a response, because it’s the first time I’ve been to the site. Michael was a real gentleman about the comment and I think he knows it was me who sent it. If he told me to fuck off, I would have been convinced he wasn’t genuine. He is definitely positive, and allowed me to post my other articles about Parsons and Islam.

If we all have figured out that our religious beliefs are corrupted, then Satan doesn’t even exist. I own three copies of the Satanic bible. I am not a Satanist, but I believe the book hasn’t been given enough credit that it deserves. I see it less than a religion and more of a self-help guide. Levy warns us about Vampirism too.

I live in Rome, and have chosen to permanently stay here. The funny thing about this ancient city is that it is filled with vampires and negative energy. I actually feel better in more Masonic dominated cities like Florence and Arezzo where 90% of the Italian members of the P2 lodge live, including Lucio Gelli. There are fewer vampires in these cities. A strange thing is that I feel really comfortable around freemasons. They are genuinely kind and intellectual. It’s so hard to believe that they are evil and war lovers. They are definitely NOT vamps! They actually share their energy, which is REAL generosity. One thing I can’t understand, is that the Grand Lodge of Italy is governed by the UK, and the Orient lodge by France. They openly admit it. You take allegiance to other nations. Being an Italian-American dual citizen, this really offends me. Members of these lodges don’t represent Italian interests.

I have a vamp story, which is so funny that I can’t stop laughing when I think about it. In Italy, especially Rome we have Rumanians and they all lie about where they come from and most of them are REAL vampires and energy suckers. I made friends with this guy who said he was from Naples. I used to invite him everywhere, until one day when he was arrested for not having residency documents. I fought for him against the Italian Carabinieri and convinced them to let him go. We became really good friends, but I always felt dead-tired, run-down every time after meeting him. Something was not right. One day, in my house he was going through my books and figured out that I was some kind of kabbalist or metaphysicist. He found my bible too. He invented some ridiculous story about a monster in Rome with wings asking about Vivian, ME! He drew a description of the monster, and it had the 666 on it along with a Star of David. I told him I was an atheist! I don’t believe in the books, they belong to a friend of mine. HE WAS DESTROYED!!! This bastard was feeding off of my spiritual energies. I later found out he was from the country Romania. I never forgave him, and now I feel 100% better. Michael, you are right! The only way to free yourself from a vampire is to break ALL contact with them.

Obviously, It’s hard to do that if it is a relative or if you are financially dependent on them. You have to find your independence though, and look for a job.

Another quick comment, the leader of Iran, and of Shiism, the grand Ayatollah, can be contacted here:

Since leaving religion, I have been on a battle to seek the truth. One reason I left Islam is because they wouldn’t give me an answer on whether it is permissible to enter Freemasonry? I would like as many people as possible to ask the Iranian government: “Is it permissible (halal) to enter Freemasonry?” I want to expose them. They robbed my spiritual energy from me. I am not trying to undermine Islam, I feel sorry for others who have been abused. And lets not forget the biggest Vampires of history: Synagogues, Churches, and Mosques. ORGANIZED RELIGIONS!

At 19/11/06 10:24 AM, haveselfwilltravel said...

Thank you Michael for the recommendation of Alexander Lowen. I was just wondering that day if anyone's is carrying on Reich's legacy and you answered the question! I've just placed an order on 'Narcissism'.

And sensationalism vs emotionalism: if it feels so heady/ intense it must be "love"! But credit must be given - vampires do have one unique talent: chameleonism. How I've been fooled. About mooniness: please elaborate on the energy outpouring and "first lunar month"... How about lunar eclipse?

Is it possible for someone who has a vampire "seed" inside, which flares periodically? Like inherited vampire family traits which lies dormant. If so, can this seed be removed?

Another question: can some vampires be reformed/ saved?

At 19/11/06 10:40 AM, mtsar said...

yes, you will really like lowen...he was not as great a man as reich but was really responsible for continuing the actual hands on methodology of bio-energetics, which reich invented but did not have time to practice with all the other things he was doing.

i cannot elaborate any further on details...this will all be in the vampirism dvd in the end. all this material must be organized, articulated correctly and presented coherently, to avoid misunderstanding and abuse of the subject matter. here we can only deal with the subject topically.

as to whether vamps can be saved. bottom line is that they are people just like all of us. with alien dna we are all in a bind.

ultimately the reasons for why someone operates as a parasite are not complex. psychologists know all about the syndromes that occur. i have merely detailed some deeper and more subtle aspects, but all people want things from others. most of us operate morally, and genuinely care for others. we see that someone has something that we like or want. we want what they have, but we dont mind that they have it first. we both want it. the vamp wants it for themselves only, and despises the fact that the other person has what they desire. this is the difference between jealousy and envy. the former is born from a virtue, which is admiration. the latter is deadly.

we cure ourselves. and we often are motivated to change our ways after suffering some kind of pain or hardship. this is problematic, since change after suffering is not really moral change. it had to happen. one was compelled to change and their will did not really come into it. so this is lower level expedient change. it can be narcissistic and manipulative change, to impress others and feign contrition.

real change is what you are talking about. and i think it is possible for some. but remember also that the vampire is conscious of what they are doing, and of the wreckage that they leave behind them. so really we have to become very conscious of what we are dealing with. these people are fiends and desire to bring ruin to those they know. they have already brought their own spirit to absolute ruins. they are people who have, as i have said many times, murdered themselves, murdered their own femininity or masculinity, or emotional body.

you go to a complex machine, and open the shiny lid. you see the complex of wires and feeds, and you begin tearing them out in clumps. that machine is never gonna work again correctly. you may tear out just the yellow wires, or the red, the green or the blue.

vamps often have torn out their emotional wires, and those circuits dont work at all. sensation works in the place of emotion. now because most people are blind, and because the vamp's act is good, we imagine that their sensational charming, light and evervescent nature is real feeling or emotion. it isn't. and we will find that out sooner or later. but you have to check for it ahead of time with people if you're able to do so. its an art. you have to watch the vamp, and not let them know that you are watching them.

now that these wires are gone, and the soul in dead and cast aside within, the external theatre of the world and its stimuli is all that is coveted by the vamp. and other human beings are seen merely as playthings, objects. a soulless person cannot care for the souls of others. it is not possible.

so, the vamp will modify is vampirism, as it gains experience, but it may never change at all. it may sublimate and get into different things. it may compensate and cleverly hide its tendencies behind a veneer of charity and care. it may become a nurse, a nanny, a doctor, a medic, a care-giver, a baby-sitter. it may get involved in world charities and politics. it needs camoflague above all things. it hangs around people who are moral, who dont think bad things of others, and who dont normally use their judgment or critical ability and who take things at face value. around such people the vamp is very happy.

the roots of it are to be found in the family dynamic of course. this much is never to be doubted. and this is where my work goes i think. but it is all a work in progress, learning about ourselves by an investigation of these extreme creatures. it is all about ourselves, and not about pointing fingers. these creatures have exceptional traits and are our mirrors. we can learn incredible secrets from them. perhaps you should read 'lilith' by george macdonald. if you should get a chance that is.

At 19/11/06 12:19 PM, Anonymous said...

"we cure ourselves. and we often are motivated to change our ways after suffering some kind of pain or hardship. this is problematic, since change after suffering is not really moral change. it had to happen. one was compelled to change and their will did not really come into it. so this is lower level expedient change. it can be narcissistic and manipulative change, to impress others and feign contrition."

you write so many true things... it is so helpful.

i know too well the feeling of being stuck, unable to move, to make any decision. to be like a statue, and more, to feel tired and without any interest in anything anymore. or, on the contrary, to drive myself to the point the blood is coming out, i am suffering so much i have to make a change. to be more precise: "compelled to change and their will did not really come into it".
EXACTLY. __big__ difference.

on the other hand, i know so many self destructive people, sometimes it looks like they can stand so much pain and self poisoning that i wonder "you have so much strength to pass thru all this, you could easily have been a warrior instead of the heroin addicted you choosed to be". can two extremes look so close?!

sometimes i hurt myself so hard in order to force myself to change something.... why? why am i not able to do it without going to such extremes...?

i would have been a good soldier. i can be very rigid. just give me a "placebo".
i really love to find ONE answer for one problem... THE answer. and then apply it every time a similar problem comes out, because it worked once - it´s gonna work again.
in the last days i was heavy thinking about something i could only grasp in my mind and could not put in words.

then michael spoiled all the fun because he just wrote six lines and there was it, my confused thoughts written clear and simple.
i really needed to meet you, but realized it just after meeting you.... before, i could not imagine how lightening (in terms of weight) communication could be.

thank you very much

At 19/11/06 12:59 PM, mtsar said...

well, this is the key area to study now for the whole human race. it goes to the heart of vampirism and everything else...self sadism. outer forms of sadism and criminality are well recognizied now, but there is hardly any one that sees this more subtle, but equally deadly form, of violent, or shall i say violation.

pushing oneself, meeting an ideal, having expectations, living to meet the expectations of others, living for outcomes, being emotioanlly dependent upon those outcomes, all of this is deadly. and human beings are so expert at it.

a thing happens to you, that is bad, painful, and even monstrous. you are dearly hurt, offended, wrecked, maddened, amazed, etc. okay, it happened and then its over, right?

No! not right. look at what we do. look at what we are expert in, with this wonderful mind, this wonderful ego of ours. we think back on the event, over and over, and kill ourselves thousands of times for one deed that occurred once in our life.

who is the offender. sure the original miscreant can stand accused. that is right, they should be.

but what about us, what about our own replaying of that incident, hurting our own being time and time again, sinning against ourselves.

since the self plays so little a role in our lives, we dont even feel the terrible things we do to it.

but if one was to see a man's inner landscape like one can see a physical landscape, ha, what bone yards and rank things we might espy.


tis an unweeded garden that grows to seed, things rank and gross in nature possess it merely

- William Shakespeare (Hamlet)

What a piece of work is man! How noble in reason! how infinite in faculties! in form and moving, how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension, how like a god! the beauty of the world! the paragon of animals! And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust?

- ibid

At 20/11/06 12:02 AM, Anonymous said...


Thank you for the opportunity to add my two cents to this discussion. I felt compelled to do so because of the emphasis you have placed on intuition. I know how true it is.

I, too, allowed myself to be victimized, countless times throughout my life, by blood-sucking, energy draining vampires. It came all too naturally for me, the result of an empathetic, 'be everything to everyone' nature. Why is it that so many people seem to be almost pre-wired with a dumbed-down-like-rocks, psychic immunity to pain and so few of us seem destined for absorbing the psychic pain of the entire planet? I never knew what to do with all the pain I absorbed, no one even noticed it in me, so I retreated further and further by ignoring my strange and powerful intuition in favor of my fanciful and idiotic imagination. Intuition should not be trusted, I believed, because it showed me unpleasant things. Imagination should be cultivated...I could create a wondrous pain-free world full of goodness and love where psychic vampires did not exist. For me, the line between intuition and imagination was necessarily blurred out of existence since before I was 10 year old. It was a survival thing. Intuition came to be equated with the darker side of my imagination; imagination was, in fact, intuition. Make any sense? I've spent the last 30+ years trying to reestablish the line. How very odd and timely to find this topic after having finally cleared up that issue.

At 20/11/06 4:05 AM, Igor said...

We all know that world is not black and white and that things are so complicated because of our selfs. We are the problem and we are the only solution. There is no external help for our illness it must come from within in each and every one of us. I see the problem & solution in choice. We all have light and dark aspects in our selfs. I am not different than any mass murderer, dictator, vampire, monster etc. out there,...the difference is only that i choose not to do it and to live my life in other way. I know that it's hard to understand, except and eventually change our dark sides but if we don't then what is left?...New World filled with sick, demented, oppressors, murderers of self and others in any way you can imagine...until mother earth has it enough and turns another fresh blank page and starts a NEW WORLD ORDER of her own making, but without US...

At 20/11/06 6:30 AM, mtsar said...

you put it well. and this is why it has been said that choice is so important, in reality, in the fiction, in the sci-fi, we hear about man and his mechanism of choice. well, yes, it is the factor that matters, and it really matters. but when someone has cut off emotion within them, this affects the choices that they make. they can rely then only on the mind and not the heart. this is the reason why vamps and politicians can do what they do. and it is why some politicians are more humane, those few that have not cut off their emotions due to some personal trauma or family situation, or natural proclivity.

these creatures are merely the top of the heap, their insanity is on a larger scale. i recommed the movie 'night of the generals' with peter o'toole, which provides a master look at a psychopath in comparison to those around him. is he insane or are they? is it a matter merely of degree? i also recommend this film for the spectacular and elegent acting from all parties concerned and its interesting insights into the last days of the second world war. but it is the incredible subtext about sanity that makes this movie unique and superb.

At 20/11/06 10:49 AM, trips said...

i know that i am a destructive psy-vamp. i feel that i have been drawing off of the worlds energy my whole life. i never wanted this and i try to do all the good i can but it always turns bad. how does one protect himself from himself. how does someone stop feeding off the ones they loves aura?

At 20/11/06 11:17 AM, mtsar said...

i dont give personal advice. i dont know you or your lifesyle or particular situation.

we are all vampires to an extent. there is always give and take in the world, in our daily interactions. thinking is vampiristic. looking definitely is. a baby is a vampire toward the motehr, in the womb for nourishment and later for attention.

but this lower level inevitable stuff, in the flux of existence, is not really a problem. we have our energy drained a little and we can recuperate, through sleep, vacation, time alone or whatever.

i deal with extreme cases, in which there is direct and conscious violation. but i dont say to a vampiristic person to stop. why should i. my idea is that they should stop. but that is my idea. i dont need them to obey me, just for the sake of it. what good would that do? people must come to their own decisions about their lives.

in any case, the immoral will soon learn the error of their ways. life is short, and so is one's time here in this world of apparent injustice. once one leaves this theatre, the options are no longer theirs.

socrates said, to harm another is to harm oneself. and this connects to my theories on self-sadism, since to harm oneself is to harm another. so...what do we learn from this? we learn that the secret of our attacks on others comes from inner sadism directed toward the self, from introjected anger that was taboo and which could not be directed toward the mother or father, or whatever, the original oppressors. vampirism is an affect. it hurts the vampire more than anyone else. that soul is dead or near death. this state can be used by the vampire to gain enormous sympathy and empathy from victims who take to the vampire because of its act of impotence, gentility, innocence, weakness and vulnerability.

but it is an act, the spider acts dead to attract the fly.

freud would simply have said that the vampire has not passed the oral stage, or may have regressed to it. and this is true indeed. he would probably have noted that the concept is an old one. unaccomplished people realize that being accomplished. better to avoid all that effort and just hang around those who have done all that work. feels good to stand near niagra falls and feel the spray on your face doesn't it? does not mean you are niagra falls. the masters are the falls, and their energy has fed a lot of vampires and parasites. what a paradox. a study of munck, ernst, klimt, moreau, and von franz, will make that clear.

At 20/11/06 12:50 PM, Anonymous said...

lol i cant remember my password
this is trips

socrates said, to harm another is to harm oneself. and this connects to my theories on self-sadism, since to harm oneself is to harm another. so...what do we learn from this? we learn that the secret of our attacks on others comes from inner sadism directed toward the self, from introjected anger that was taboo and which could not be directed toward the mother or father, or whatever, the original oppressors. vampirism is an affect. it hurts the vampire more than anyone else. that soul is dead or near death. this state can be used by the vampire to gain enormous sympathy and empathy from victims who take to the vampire because of its act of impotence, gentility, innocence, weakness and vulnerability.


i can say with absolution that if i was not born with this i developed it at a certain age. i have lived with this my whole life but it was always a pure thing, it was always enough just to feel the aura, for many years what i drew i gave back and it flowed thru me and around me as i was part of the ones around me and they were the same with me. unfortunatly at the time i didnt relize the imensity of this and thought everybody was plugged in like me. its always been about sharing the vibe not consuming it, its not like that anymore, my vampiric aura consumes indescriminatly and uncontrolably, it really does ravage the ones around me but of course i never speak of these things nor do i think they relize what is happening, but it does and i know i cant change it. i work hard at redemption, mostly to give myself peace, but still i do, unfortunatly im stuck like this but there was a time when nothing but good fell in my wake and i strive to unleash good vibes not draining ones but in the end i wind up fried and drained. on a spiritual level i become drained, sick, dizzy, and tired even. their must be an even balance. i dont want life advice and this has nothing to do with the physical as you know. because you are very wise. basically i come to seek your spiritual guidence, even a vampire can be pure. i know this must be true. that i may just sustain myself and be part of the collective aura instead of uncontrolably feeding on the life force. by the way you are totally right in terms of the above paragragh. i have been twisted into what you say over the past 6 years

At 20/11/06 12:52 PM, Anonymous said...

btw thanks for the refrences i will be sure to take a good look

At 22/11/06 9:35 PM, haveselfwilltravel said...

the spider acts dead to attract the fly.

What a picture! Adult baby vampires act persecuted to seduce heroic mommies/daddies who give "unconditional" love in exchange for glorious martyrdom and empty(ing) sex...

feels good to stand near niagra falls and feel the spray on your face doesn't it? does not mean you are niagra falls.

This is SO funny yet so true. About masters who feed the parasites... So many among us, esp in the new age/ helping profession. Sometimes self-proclaimed gurus try too hard to give and in the process become vampiric themselves. Very few could truly claim I channel and give universal energy and expect and take nothing from other human beings. Time and time again I remind myself that most teachers and healers are humans with emotional and bodily needs and therefore NEED other human beings... Trick is to tell when is it divine gifts of pure intent (which do happen), when is it vampirism, and when is it mutual...em...empowerment?

After a good performance, the pianist steps off the platform and receive Buzz from very satisfied audience (not to mention more profitable future ticket sales). Can we call that positive mutual-vampirism?

At 23/11/06 10:58 AM, mtsar said...

i would say, and its from experience, that most gurus, if not all of them, ARE VAMPIRES, operating on a meta level. they are part of a vampiristic chain, that is obviously not seen as that. it is all a matter of perspective. but in this post-jungian world, i think we can safely say that there is a real problem with eastern mysticism. and if we needed further proof, just look at the physical condition of the people over there. has their goddam religions, and priests, done them one bit of good? if they all look emaciated, there could be a reason. the eastern vampires may be the worst of the lot, since they have been around longer, perhaps.

At 23/11/06 6:40 PM, Anonymous said...

I was wondering today how it will ever be possible for the average person with unconscious vampire tendencies to become aware of these character traits in themselves and in others, when society itself seems to be generally ramping down to ever lower levels of mediocrity. To become self-aware is a very difficult process and I would say painful to realize when all around you the only exchanges that are socially acceptable are the platitudes which help to cover up the deeper depressions hidden far below the surface. This is the only acceptable form of communication for most people and frankly I for one have next to no patience for it anymore. The forced smiles and the eyes looking you up and down trying to figure out what's different about you and the banter from total strangers who need to engage you somehow anyhow they possibly can. It's almost as if you're forced to adopt a schizophrenic alter just to bypass these creepazoids. I've been listening to a CBC Radio special on Russian composer Shastakovich all this week. He was pretty much forced to adopt the party line in public in order for his music to be performed, even though he was a person who felt great sorrow for the victims of totalitarianism and even though he too suffered greatly at their hands. And though he pretended to go along with the Stalinist party line, his work was still atomised and dissected constantly. It seems the greatest among us suffer on a conscious level while the rest are largely oblivious. Sometimes I would like to tell people I am forced to associate with what I am really thinking about, but I know they are not even close to being on the same wavelength and I would be doing more harm than good and inviting all kinds of intrusive questions which I don't want to answer. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

At 24/11/06 10:19 AM, mtsar said...

great question...

and the answer is that they cannot. make no mistake about it, the system is itself vampiristic in its own way, sucking right to the soul of a man. and it creates a vampiristic offspring, absolutely narcissistic, gadget fixated and as you say mediocre. so we are under a great problem and that is why i feel it has to be brought to the fore and to people's attention.

once a person has destroyed their own soul, or through medication and addiction or infatuation, slowly strangles it, what is left is a ghoul, a spectre, an orc, to use prof. tolkien's words. he saw such people in the trenches, those who actually adored the death, the blood, the carnage and the chance to butcher fellow humans beings. i am sure his eyes were open and in those trenches he saw a certain glee in the face of certain humans, those taking extraordinary pleasure in their necrophiliac drives, as well as in the generals adoring the carnage, mayhem and chaos they were generating.

society is in its own way a war zone. it is full of predatory beings. most of them are quite aware of what they are. it is quite concious. but your question asks whether they can reform. i dont think so.

pain is what causes a person to radically reflect upon themselves and examine their own nature. it takes a lot of psychic energy to change, to work on oneself. and the vampiristic person is busy being captivated by the world, and the endless domestic minutiae to even spend a moment on such things. they are always busy, always on the phone, always partying, socializing, working, playing, and getting involved. their's is a perpetual daylight world, until the very end, a one-seasoned world.

sure if they hit hospital, or are forced to look at their deeds by someone else, they may feign contrition, and go through a quite amazing charade, interesting to watch, of contemplation. but it is skin deep, and all for show. they are excellent mimics and know what normal people go through and what they have to do to behave as normal to be accepted. so they perform, and as actors they are excellent. however, as i have pointed out this is where the sinsiter and horrific aspect is - they dont live, they perform. to me, this is horrific in the extreme.

they are perfect mirrors of the real people they hang around.

i knew one case in which a vampiristic person, being confronted expertly about their nature, was able to stand there and simply repeat perfectly what was being said to them by the other. no matter what party a said to them, they simply repeated the same lines back with a blank stare, as if they were a recording device. it was a armored, shielded mirror that was there. nothing got through, nothing penetrated. the person was emotionally dead, and showed this uncanny mechanicalness in the emotional moment of that interaction. the emotions of part a meant nothing to the vampire. these did not register at all. the person and their words, their efforts mattered nothing, not one jot. it was merely an invasion into a carefully manicured private space and therefore had to be defended against. the outward symptom of this was this parroting behavior. it was meant to disarm the party doing the confronting. i was told that it did the trick alright. a diamond drill could not have gotten through that mask.

and i counsel people never to try to change such a person. is that not more loss of energy. its a major loss of energy. one must set their own boundaries and get out. one must never interact or try to re-hardwire the vampire under the name of love or kindness, or sympathy. this is a specis that cannot change this way.

nature will do it if at all.

At 25/11/06 12:56 AM, Anonymous said...

And so you are saying that they can't change and I suppose that is bothering me a bit because I have come to the same conclusion myself just by observing how they act and react in various situations.

It's interesting to watch the reactions you get when you set up boundaries. I have blasted a few people at work who crossed these new boundaries and I got surprisingly positive results.

Anger really CAN be a positive emotion, and yet I was able to remain completely calm as I was doing it so it wasn't like 'losing it' at all. Really unsettling to them though, I would imagine.

It seems to me that people have never been so completely materialistic or just hard-core nihilistic. Either way they seem to care about nothing of much importance, so I suppose both extremes are really two sides of the same coin. (Ever see 'The Big Lebowski'? "We are NIHILISTS, ve care about NOTHING!" One of my favourite movies.)

And yet, at the same time never before has the solution to this dilemma of finding a real purpose to our existence been so available, mostly because of the internet, if one cares enough to LOOK for a solution, that is.

I read some of Jung's books years ago, but having read your work Michael, what Jung was saying actually makes complete sense to me now. It's as if your work has jump-started me when I was asleep at the switch. So I can now appreciate just how advanced the psychoanalysts of years ago really were in their understanding of human nature.

(Jung in particular emphasized the importance of the individual. Something about "A thousand zeros don't equal one real individual" though I'm paraphrasing here...)

But the trouble is, human nature in most people is set up to dissociate from the pain caused by finding out the truth about themselves, and by what ever means is available, to escape it's consequences.

That escapist attitude always means denial of SELF even when the truth is presented in plain sight as you are doing. I know how it works because I have been an expert at disengaging from my real self for years but I finally decided the price was too high and started looking for the answers.

But when you take a good look at some of the kids coming up through the system right now who have never even read a book and who are completely nihilistic or the older bunch with their jaded plastic smiles and smug yet adolescent attitudes, you can see how both extremes will eventually lead to the same place - premature senility.

So much for growing old and wise! A seventy year-old will be no more wise than he or she was when they were twenty in this escapist system. Sad but true.

You just know by looking at them that they are never going to clue into the self-realization needed to be able to negotiate the kind of learning curve necessary to access the information, let alone understand it, unless by some great personal effort and desire to change from within.

I don't think I've ever been so cynical and hopeful for the future, both at the same time.

And I did make the mistake at first of trying to present some of the material from your book to a couple of people I know. Because I was so enthusiastic to finally be able to make sense of some important things about life I had long misunderstood in this world, I thought I could have some influence on others.

And mistakenly thinking that they were in a similar frame of mind as me, perhaps looking for guidance but just lacking the correct source of information to be able to take that leap into new territory I plunged ahead.

Big mistake, I never heard anything back about it. Must have just assumed I'm out in left field somewhere, but are too polite to say so. So I will just have to accept that there are limits set up within almost all people caused by their own mentality or lack of it.

And accept that they are too blocked to be able to see the potential available in themselves to grasp their own version of the truth properly and just leave it at that. Such as it is.

At least MY personal sovereignty is intact and I do not feel colonised by my own inability to perceive my OWN truth, which is good to know. Something to build on and because new insights arise every day to confirm what I know to be true I feel I am able to grow substantially in ways I never dreamed possible before.

By the way, I did a bit of a google search on your name to see what was going on at other sites regarding your material. Some new-agers were quite critical which made me laugh because they admitted they hadn't even read your work.

Another guy called you a guru-philosopher, which as far as I can see is the complete opposite of what you are, at least the guru part anyway. I would imagine that it would be damn near an insult to call you that simply because the crux of your work is to get us to stop focusing on outside quasi-solutions such as gurus and grow within ourselves to eventually become our OWN teachers. Professional critics, who needs 'em?

I like the fact that you emphasize finding the solutions to problems by looking within and to pay attention to what the work is saying and not to focus on who's presenting it.

Thanks for helping me to find that change I needed within myself and realize my own potential.

At 25/11/06 11:37 AM, mtsar said...

yes, those kinds of critics come along sometimes, they have their minds made up though before they even sit down and hang onto it when they see that i really know what i am talking about, and how it exposes their little systems of nothing. bad mouthing me is all they can do. one guy i actually had kicked out of one of my talks, so he went off an wrote a lot of shit to get back. if someone comes in with openly bad energy, just like at this blog, they get surprised when i dont just continue being ingratiating and nice, but get in their face, stop their game and chuck their ugly little asses out the door. this ass thought i wanted press. well, he was wrong, i didn't. i get enough positive word of mouth referrals from decent, concerned and discriminating listeners, and that is all i ever want or need.

and yes, this is eloquently put. there is a great sadness and desperation that comes over one seeing this trend in the youth. but it is the success of the system that i am talking about that you see. it has worked it perfect magic and this is the sad result. it was predicted by nietzsche, kierkegaard, freud particularly, and jung, and many others.

i am not sad about it any longer myself. i see it as natural. it is the natural symptom of an unnatural set up or condition.

we dont need to be emotionally corded to it. we can focus on other loves, like that of the inanimate. had we not lost this connection we would not have the state of decay we do now. the inanimate and animals are our teachers, teachers of how to be, rather than of how to do. we are maxxed out when it comes to doing. and most people's doing is pure ego generated, self-indulgence.

some of the younger bands are okay, and are saying good things...but the leviathan decides what bands get to the mainstream level now, so less and less spiritually or ecologically sound ones are coming out. it is all the paris hilton set, the pretty boys and their loathsome music.

i just go about my busienss. i dont serve the world. i serve truth. i serve humanity, even though it has yet to take birth. but if we dont prepare the way, it might never happen. and even if it never does, never ever comes to actual birth, that is okay also, since the very idea of it outshines the reality that the masses, as well as the elites, would have for us. that dream outshines their nightmare, always has, always will.

as said...ideas are bullet proof.

At 8/12/06 1:33 PM, Anonymous said...

Hi again Michael, I posted to you on the rant page recently about somebody close to me passing away.

Last night, I attended a viewing at a funeral home located within a cemetary and to keep it simple; I now feel weak physically and mentally. I was also now aware of prayers that had reptillian reference such as Jesus and his "horny skin." That is another topic.

The place was sad and depressing as one might expect. I had no problems giving sympathy and support to those around me because they did suffer a loss and may not be as able to "rebound" from the tragedy as I may.I think I let my defenses down and gave a little too much. Is it possible that I suffered from a form of Vamperism?

I ask this because I am not usually this unstable and vulnerable. I feel "empty" or "distant." Is this what you meant by maggots? What about spirits of the deceased? Can they also leach energy of those who are psycically sensitive or weak? Thanks Michael.

At 8/12/06 1:46 PM, mtsar said...

well yes, as i have stated before, places are toxic as well as people. and one has to constantly cleanse after such experiences. places that receive massive amounts of emotional energy, get damaged and the vortex polluted. we might think our damn emotional releases are great, but nature might not. so places can deteriorate.

this is the original reason why giving flowers, or even cards with floral pictures to friends in hospital, etc, started. flowers suck negative energy and restore the chi. this is why gurus know to sit on massive podiums full of flowers, and have them around their necks. this is why the hawaiians make sure to give all the toxic fucking tourists coming over to their islands a smile and a big garland round their necks. (not that this has helped hawaii of late).

but the idea is that flowers suck the negative human energy. if one sees flowers, or plants, quickly dying for no apparent reason in their homes, it can be a sign that there is a lot of flushing and flowing of negative chi around. this is not necessarily a bad thing, it just demonstrates that it is happening and that one can look into the phenomenon more deeply.

this is why flowers are brought to graves. it was known that these places are draining, so the flowers would offset some of this energy.

a walk in nature and some time alone, thinking/intentions, of cleansing, will be fine. time to hit the refesh button, as they say.

At 8/12/06 1:49 PM, haveselfwilltravel said...

About youth of today being vampired...we need to shine the torch on their parent's generation, who are running the show now and giving us their "ideal artists" in the form of mtv baby whore porn and glorified sick parasitic boys. No wonder the widespread apathy, cynicism and especially distrust of all forms of power which manifest in paranoia instead of open, creative rebellion.

Reading Murray Bowen’s family therapy involving family of origin of schizophrenia patients is like Family Vampirism Revisited, especially various ways mothers live not through their child - but ON their children’s life force. Mothers (who still haven’t left home themselves) continue to project their own existential bleakness, self-hatred and health anxiety onto their “dysfunctional child of choice”. The “patient child” would get really ill as soon as they enter into their mother’s zone of influence, physical or psychological, and the mother becomes healthy and “functional” again. Sounds just like a case of my friend’s 6 months old baby breaking out in psoriasis right after the mother gets a bout of stress psoriasis from her husband’s infidelity.

The seperation between adult schizophrenic patient and their mother didn’t occur, because the mother didn’t let go, even if she pretended to. And when the adult child in question becomes strong enough, and fights back the mother’s negative projection openly, he/she would become healthy again and the projecting mother would suddenly become weak and sick for a period. In between their extreme vampiric episodes the parent and child would seek out outssider as energy supply surrogates, who usually suffer and then break off and so the family vampirism continues. These observations are done under close scientific scrutiny. Also, it tends to be either the first son, or the eldest daughter who gets projected and vampired on. Interesting for I used to think the youngest child gets programmed as the “pampered brat cum old age caretaking lifeforce vessel”. Some family vampirism becomes mutual later, when the dysfucntional child grew up and still can’t leave home at 40, either from some form of craziness or severe self and social irresponsiblity, as a passive way of getting back at the parent who refuses to cut the cord.

Some of these cords, according to certain psychic/spiritual literatures, continue after the vampiric parent dies.

Given how children are at the mercy of their parents, especially mother’s spiritual quality during the first 18 years, is it inevitable that those of us who’re born to vampiric parents are doomed for dysfunctional, co-dependent, soulless lives? I have witnessed quite a number of leaving home age kids in my extended family being vampired off and how a grim future has already mapped out for them by their mother/ parent/ grand parent/ vampiric clan (usually very incestous). In fact, some of the sickness is already manifesting as the otherwise smart and healthy “pampered” young adults make surprising, uncharacteristic suicidal, self-sabotaging “screw-ups” in school, choice of mates (extremely parasitic). Net result: they will not leave home and mama and dada soon, if ever. If one pays attention, the (self-proclaimed) caring, sacrificial nice nice superparents reveal their fanks as they smile “Children can be so difficult” and they plan to say this until they die. It makes me angry and I wonder what I could do. Or should I just shut my eyes and leave them to it. Maybe it’s just me overvaluing individualization. Maybe I should consider that perhaps some children have made pre-birth vows to serve their mother/ parents’ ego and energy needs, “sacrificing” a richer life and wholer self of their own?

Yet, something within me still says this can’t be right. There’s something very wrong with the visual of a child devouring parent, human or animal.

At 8/12/06 1:58 PM, mtsar said...

crucified between two theives is what it may feel like. the parents are the supreme problem in the life of a child, and frequently vampirize their offspring - under the name of love - of course.

the whole thing is obviously ridiculous, but we are dealing with massively undereducated people, not aware of how to bring up children or anything psychological.

At 8/12/06 2:07 PM, mtsar said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 14/12/06 11:54 PM, Anonymous said...


I seem to remember you saying something about methods that you can use to cleanse yourself of the emanations of people that 'slime' you after you come into contact with them.

How we are all literally walking around in a 'gel' of each others thoughts and emotions. I know of two useful physical methods to do this type of cleansing.

One is the burning of sage as the Native North Americans do in ceremonies, and the other one is pouring salted water through each nostril with a Neti pot as they do in Yoga practise.

Both of these methods work quite well and I use them every day but I was wondering if you could tell me any other ways you might know about to acheive this same type of cleansing, but not necessarily of a physical mode - perhaps prayer?

Lately I have been feeling a great need to do much more of this type of cleansing but I am not sure what form it should take that would be most effective.

Thanks for all the good work you're doing, the benefits I'm receiving are having a noticeable effect upon so many things in my life, it's hard to put into words.

And I've noticed that being constantly in the proximity of the Truth and thinking along those lines is itself an effective type of cleansing.

It's just that having to unavoidably rub shoulders with people who are trying to draw you into their little games and 'look at me cause I'm looking at you and making faces at you in the hope that you'll mirror me back and validate my emptiness' which is so prevalent everywhere you go can be so draining on the spirit.

Even though most of the time I try really hard to ignore the worst aspects of it, there are unavoidable times when you get cornered by some bozo who thinks he sees you coming.

Sometimes I feel like I'm under seige and want to pull up the drawbridge and close my eyes but circumstances won't allow it. It just grates on me by the end of the day after a couple of hundred such encounters, do you know what I mean?

Maybe I should carry rock salt and throw it at their feet to sterilize the earth. Honestly, even my cat has a healthier presence than most of these people and he's one hell of a lot genuinely friendlier too.

(Although he is not smart enough to know not to try to eat the tinsel off the Christmas tree)

Someone wrote a poem once about "The certainty of it's fur" which always stuck in my memory...but now I am getting off topic.

What to do about the certainty of being slimed?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I have an Orgone Zapper. I think maybe that might help too, but it's inconvenient to wear all the time. Big and bulky...but so was armour and a broadsword once upon a time.

I've even considered getting a Flower Of Life pendant to wear around my neck. I have carved them from wood before and painted them as well so I know it's a symbol that has a deep subconsciosness meaning to it. I love the ancientness and the powerful symmetry of this symbol. Are you familiar with it?

Thanks again,


At 15/12/06 6:21 AM, mtsar said...

a biographer once asked the neighbors of artist M. C. Escher what they thought of him. They replied that they had not met him, and that the only time they had even seen him was he was out the back adding five more feet onto the wall between his house and theirs.

Escher said that when he awoke and set to work, if a single human being even passed his window, his day was basically ruined. you may laugh, but i know exactly what he meant. i see you do too.

At 15/12/06 6:59 PM, Crilll said...

Response to Anonymous...

I too have recently taken an interest in the flower of life symbol. There seems to be many facets to it's design. One thing I see in it is a representation of the illusory nature of our reality. The overlapping circles create an illusion of flower patterns, and yet, the flower patterns are creating the illusion of overlapping circles. Neither exist and at the same time both exist. They are one. That is the truth. The illusion is seperateness.

Freddy Silva has written a great book about crop circles and sacred geometry called "Message In The Fields" (I believe that's the title). He goes into a lot of detail about the flower of life symbol. Interesting that within this symbol you see the Christian holy trinity symbol and the vesica piscis (think Mastercard).

Regarding Escher... that man was a genius. He did a piece called "Snakes" which shows a pattern of interlocking circles growing out of an infinitesimal center getting larger and larger until they hit the point where three snakes are weaving themselves through the circles, thus marking a barrier between the macro and micro because beyond the snakes the circles start to get smaller. It's like the snakes (serpent gods?) are there to prevent you from seeing how the pattern repeats, locking you into a finite world.

You could also view the snakes as the point where thought meets form, where creator meets creation. Great artwork. Doesn't surprise me that Escher was so reclusive.

At 16/12/06 3:35 PM, mtsar said...

i know the piece, one of my favorites. on my taroscopes links page under masters and geniuses there is a link which goes to clips of escher actually speaking live about his life and art. very rare clips.

At 16/12/06 11:26 PM, Anonymous said...

Crilll, I don't know if you've tried this, but with a compass it's really quite easy to draw a flower of life design. Carving one takes a good deal longer but is very rewarding and you end up meditating on the design for long periods of time as it takes shape. There is one I did where overlapping leaf patterns were created by dividing each lobe down the middle, and then you can paint the whole thing if you are so inclined. I wish I had more time these days to do this kind of artwork. It's very satisfying to complete one and know you created it with your own two hands.

At 17/12/06 4:10 AM, Crilll said...

Thanks Anonymous. I haven't tried to create my own flower of life design. I would like to try that some day when I have more inner calm. Gotta deal with some innter demons first.

Michael, I checked out your Masters and Geniuses link. Saw the Escher clips. And speaking of inner demons, I clicked on your links to Heironymous Bosch. Wow. I was vaguely familiar with his work already but knowing what I know now I was able to understand the symoblism better.

In one of his depictions of hell he shows these demon characters leading some humans into their own personal hells. The humans are entering the hellish landscape with their fig leaves on, but while they are being misled by the demons they lose their fig leaves and are returned to a state of nakedness. Like you say, nakedness = ignorance. So the fig leaves must represent knowledge. In Genesis it says that Adam and Eve "sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons."

Aprons? Knowledge? Hmm.. Why do Freemasons come to mind? And then I thought of Fig Newtons! I know, it's silly, but if you know about Isaac Newton you will see an interesting connection. Newton was strongly religious, a Freemason, and obviously he had some knowledge. Let's ask Nabisco.

- later

At 20/12/06 6:21 PM, Sundeep Singh said...

Not all organised religion is bad. For example, take Sikhism. A part of it involves rebelling against conventional domineering thinking to become the ideal - a saint and a soldier of truth. But, there are numerous wrong-minded people in the high positions of the religion now. lots. and the Indian government constantly meddles in the religions internal affairs. Still, the philosophy I believe is still Truthful, and the path.

At 20/12/06 7:58 PM, mtsar said...

Sikhism, well, that is a matter of opinion. my family descends from one of the two disciples of Guru Nanak, the only true Sikh, in my opinion. And Sikhism, though marginally purer than Hinduism, has not come through with most of its promises. It did not really free women to act and be equal to men, though the women are part of the problem and just love to be subservient and unproductive outside the domestic cage. And many Sikhs eat meat which is absolutely against the original principles and against the tenets of Sufism from which Sikhism branched. Shams-i-Tabriz, Bulleh Shah, Sarmad, Kabir, Mirabai, and Hafiz Sahib, Tulsi Shahib, as well as Rumi, were not devouring dead flesh and then singing praises to Sat Guru and to Wahi Guru. No way!!!

Moreover, there are so many 'Sikhs' now heavily involved in international terrorism and drug trading that it is is incredible. America is over run by them, there are hundreds of federal indictments against them, and some are extremists claiming to be loyal to the golden temple at amristsar and to Khalistan, the "Land of the Pure Ones." Hah!

And moreover there are at least 35 different cults of Sikhism in India. It is far from a homogenous group, and each group claims that they are authentic. If god was really behind this religion would we see this factionalism. I dont thinkl so....

In any case the days of the fifteen hundreds and of Nanak and of the great Maharaj Ranjit Singh are long gone.

At 20/12/06 10:10 PM, Robert said...

Hi Michael,

When will the DVD collection on psychic vampirism become available?

Best regards,


At 21/12/06 3:33 PM, mtsar said...

its a work in progress. its one of 3 new dvds coming out, as well as the Irish origins book, and maybe dvd on that one too, making 3 in all. so next year will be a productive time.

At 22/12/06 9:39 AM, Sundeep Singh said...

Well, I think that we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I really don't think that you know much about Sikhism, but I guess I can't blame you b/c these days most Sikhs don't know much about Sikhism, and the level of propaganda is quite high. BTW, khalsa means pure and people of other religions can also be pure according to Sikhi.
Also, I think if you're going to judge a religion by its followers, find someone who truly follows it. Their are lots who do, but they tend to stay out of politics.

Either way, good site. regards.

At 22/12/06 5:44 PM, mtsar said...

no, actually i know a great deal about it. as i said, i come from an elite family of jat sikhs and know the religion and its origins through and through. but you are welcome to you opinion.

there is no need to deflate people just because they have ideas that differ from your own about something/anything. but this is a very very typical kind of response from most sikhs, who tend to be extraordinarily pompous and arrogant. they are people with the greatest superiority complex, almost rivaling jews. and for no reason in my opinion. but this is a complex that comes partly from their superior racial background/genes, and also from normal human hubris. the sikhs are giants in the military in india and quite creative in their own land. their religion is, as you indend to say, quite modern and progressive, comparitively speaking. but i focus on the down side, and i can tell you that sikhs must stand up against the world wide terrorist orgs withing their religion and against the drug pushers who work out of bulgaria, dubai, and america, and who are bringing a bad name to the religion. these people are fanatics. can you really say that sikhism honors other religions (which is does in writing) but then we have extremists murdering and killing in the name of their god, wanting a seperate extremist state. I thought it was a religion not a political party with a specific homeland. is not the world homeland enough? did gurn nanak desire a homeland just for him and his mates? If you wish to argue that this is due to foreign western elements funding funding this and influencing the new brand of sikh leaders, i wont argue back. I think it is true.

My family owned whole villages in the punjab, and land elsewhere, and employed hundreds of people. they were renowned among the sikhs, as sikhs. my uncles still have top positiions as farmers, merchants, business men, professionals and academics there. one uncle of mine heads two sikh temples in the los angeles area, and has over 13 university degrees. He is an expert on the history of the sikhs and of my family over there, and their passage into the western lands. both his sons serve in the american air force.

i have no time for this or any other religion. i admire and honor the sufi and gnostic roots within the religion, those from which it arose, but i have experience which tells me that on a personal level, there is too much fanaticism and too much hubris.

I have said before that when it comes to ACTUAL deeds, and ACTUAL behavior, i have always found the Muslim people to be far more generous, curteous and spiritual than Sikhs, Christians or Jews. And I have met thousands of people since a young child, from all walks of life, and this is my personal experience. Though they have western backed fanatics amongst their numbers also, in the end, the sweetest, most hospitable and generous, less arrogant, less self-obsessed, and sincere people anywhere are, in my opinion, of the Muslim religion.

After the western media is finished, you would not think this true, in today's world, would you?

At 26/12/06 4:01 AM, Anonymous said...

..beautiful, well said. From years spend in India, being welcomed in Muslim households often with a most unquestioning acceptance, and after coming to understand that these people really don’t expect a damn thing from my pale countenance in return, i would like to echo what you have just said.

I was intent on getting hold of James Demeo's "Saharasia" book (a book i know you have read). I wanted to get to grips the author's research and understand why it might be that "human atrocities are most common in places controlled by Islam", but subsequently had to defer. The vehemence in his articles, the manner of tar brushing of Muslims and dangerous conspiracy nuts, was something i couldn't get around. Still interesting.. there just seems to be something important missing - so i'll miss out on a wealth of material in his book.

At 26/12/06 5:47 AM, Viginti Tres said...

Thankyou Micheal for that interview on Red Ice radio....very insightful.
I know you don't deal with personal experiences and I respect that, I am therefore simply going to ask you if you have come across anything similiar to what I am about to describe. My brother has been having some extremely bizzare dreams as of late, like myself he astral travels on a regular basis during his sleeping hours and has only just begun to be interested in things of a spiritual nature, yet these experiences have haunted him for some years now, and he's not the only one as a friend of his has come forward with similiar stories.

After a deep sleep or even when he is awake and lying down he will feel intense pressure on his body, mainly his legs as though, as he describes "something is holding me down", now as you can imagine this has been freaking him out, and we are trying to make sense of what is going on. To make things even more bizarre this happened once more last night only this time after this "presence" had held him down he felt a strong jolt to his sacral chakra which woke him up instantly, after which he told this "being" to "f#@k off" and spent the next few hours feeling really scattered.

I have asked him again and again whether it was just a dream that felt real or something else and he swears that he feels something around him, like some being is using him as an energy source, and this is not the first time I have come across this phenomenon, perhaps it is time we start analyzing the multi-dimensional nature of reality and how this ties into the vampire question. Thankyou for your correspondence on this blog and keep doing those interviews, they are some of the most priceless gems on the web today.

At 26/12/06 8:32 PM, Anonymous said...

i think you'll be interested on this:

listen to podcast number 10 until the end (around 1h 33 min 33s) [notice the numerical synchronicities of 10 and 33]. she claims her family has angel blood, and they are descendents from the nephilim, hence the name (belanger = beutifull angel). quite spooky, specially after listening to the whole thing.

you’ve already commented on her a few posts back, and i understand your point. but also, i cant help but to feel that she may be onto something. i don’t know, maybe i’m being naive here, or maybe the impostors are getting better at faking themselves. its just that she is not as false as bill schnoebelen is here on this video:

personally, i don’t believe in egotistical supernatural powers, meaning, a person won’t be given the power to manipulate ‘energies’, unless it is to be used on an manner that is beyond her own desires and needs. i mean, the vampires are bitches and all, but without them, without the contrast, how would one learn how to be on one’s center? the vampires are a part of the equation alright, and their proliferation is a sign that humanity needs more maturity.

also, i don’t like to think of it as an energy exchange, or an energy drain... this has an ‘ocus pocus’ feel to it, and can be quite misleading… wherever i hear ‘energy’, i just change the word for ‘motivation’, for that is the way i feel energy. not that those ‘energies’ don’t exist, but what is the point of naming them if i cant feel them? so, the vamp is a person that drains your ‘motivation’ away, and takes ‘motivation’ in doing so.

when i look at it that way, i can identify them in a blink of an eye. this keeps me from a lot of trouble. but is precisely because i’ve been trough a lot of this type of trouble before that i can identify it. its hard to hate the vampires now that i’ve learned my lesson. i see them more as teachers, really.

it is in that sense that i like michelle’s point of view.

anyway, i think i’ve read somewhere that you are writing a book about psychic vampires, is this so? i’m looking forward to read it.

and thanks for all of this great work of yours!

At 27/12/06 9:26 AM, mtsar said...

well, he is a reichian. there are some errors. he does not mention how consciousness causes these changes that he chronicles. this is flagrantly against reich who always asserted that. but this de meo's intent was to have his work accepted by scientists. this is waht i get from the book. after the reception reich himself got when he mentioned consciousness, de meo realized that it would be the death knell to follow on. he thought he would be considred a crank.

so he downplays this completely and just presents the case of the aridity of the earth, almost the death cycle of the earth. but i support the research and book.

like reich he has no time for patristic religion which he sees, rightly, as anti-life and anti-nature.

its a great work

At 27/12/06 9:28 AM, mtsar said...

it probably should be read in conjunction with the work of the great but unknown pierre clastres...see the mankind's future blog section, for the link...

At 27/12/06 9:36 AM, mtsar said...

no, that is not an experience that i am familiar with...sorry, and no i do not normally comment on anyone's personal experiences. they happen to you, that means you have the answer.

At 4/1/07 9:09 PM, u.w. said...

Can vampires steal by proximity? I feel fucking drained after a car ride w/ one

At 5/1/07 10:42 AM, mtsar said...

how else?

At 6/1/07 3:33 PM, u.w. said...

Good point... accepting that implies a more esoteric reality, which can be a bit harder to accept I guess. If not harder to accept, easier to deny

At 7/1/07 8:27 PM, haveselfwilltravel said...

Not an expert myself but so far my understanding is, there are a few major types of energy vamps...

Whole Entities - want to take a free ride; some are discarnates and some are dark ones.

"Emotional Parts" - strong "emotional blobs" such as "addicitive substance fragments" or "strong feeling blob" of other people. Astral garbage floating around...people's projections or repressed and split-off emotion bits. Some are very dark and some are outrightly silly, like "gimme gummy bear!!!!" fragments. There are many unfulfilled raging infants in this world, within and without. And they attract each other.

Fake "Stars" - seemingly harmless everyday vamps who play on our sense of grandior and offer to supply our ego boosts. Feels strangely pumped in their presense yet...feels an unnamable dread afterwards. These are not human Suns, just BlackHoles with reflective atmosphere. They drain by proximity, and if you can't avoid them, might as well use them to practice non-reaction or even better calm self-assertion.

Family vamps - anyone who feels entitled to freely drain your time, ears, wallet, brain, patience. This includes parents, siblings, grannies, relatives and other people's children. The more you dread certain family gatherings and feel guilty or frustrated about having such feelings, the more vampiric is your clan, and you need to draw boundary and assert your feelings more. The only truly entitled energy recipients are probably our own children whom we choose to bring into this world to practice the giving of unconditional love. Healthy families breed self-responsible individuals who help and love each other voluntarily, without manipulation, ego or guilt trips. But they are rare. Unjust obligation and soul-killing demands are mostly passed down and the loads actually get heavier. Family energy cords are the most common, chronically damaging to our Soul development, yet least dealt with. Cording and draining between parent and child can take place over great distance, even dimensions, after death. Sadly many young parents deny or justify their own parents' soul-denying and life-long cord binding, subconsciously wishing to reserve the right to dump that soul-murder legacy on their own young children. Share energy with a demanding family member if one chooses, but do examine the motivation and cord light quality on both ends.

Apparently we attract undesirable energy suckers if we resonate similar frequency, or somehow neglected the integrity of our soul and body. If plagued with the first "whole entity" type which somehow latched on in the past, external help - Angelic or removal experts, is needed. But the latter we could avoid by living consciously, by keeping the Self honest, therefore anchored and centered. Vibrate what we wish to attract. Whatever we do, for self or others, do it with Heartfulness, or don't do it. Take good care of our Soul, feelings, aura, and physical body, and stand up firmly against violation of any of the above. The more we feel at home inside our body AND our family, the brighter our Soul Light shines and the vamps can't touch us.

It takes generations of family psychic vampiring and soul-murders to produce an autistic or schizophrenic or borderline child, who has little defense against psychic invasion - of mother, nasty bigmacs or demons. Yet it's equally possible to unconditionally love and nurture oneself in one life time into a creative human being.

For My Soul and My Body, is Mine.

At 19/1/07 7:44 AM, Anonymous said...

Scanning through this thread I was struck by how helpful everyone is. "Psychic Vampire" is such a delicious description that the vamps must love their empowering tag. You must be the true vampire slayers.

I'd like to see a future Haveselfwilltravel blog...but please check in here...home and again. I'm curious when you speak of the "Whole Entity" vamp.


At 20/1/07 4:57 AM, Anonymous said...

Hi, My family are fundementalist Christians and the house is filled with Christian symbols. Everything from crosses at every doorway to images of the ressurection and last supper. I know its all astrology but when I'm at home I just can't do anything. I get letagic and stress and fall into severe depression for no reason. It's evident that my home is a spiritually hostile place. I keep telling them I'm not intested in Jesus but the keep pulling me to Church every week to listen to the Pastor saying that I am worthless and not worthy of Heaven without Jesus. I'm drained and I'm destressed and feel like I want to kill myself. I want to runaway but I don't know where to get money from. I'm still a grade student. Is there anyway to protect me from this hazardous environment?

At 20/1/07 9:15 AM, mtsar said...

i am not an agony aunt, and dont deal in personal situations when i am not totally conversant with the facts. your situation sounds critical, but i have provided more than enough information of vampirism and related subjects for people to get on with. the rest is up to you. there are no fix all situations that can be used by each person. each case is different. but this is a subject that needs study. you have enough to go on with, and there are many great books on this subject. find out what the facts are that drain energy, and look inside yourself to see what it is that holds you to such energy and people. How have they manipulated you, and how do they themselves operate in life, or see life. It is a large subject. I can only provide guidelines. Studying this subject can be one of the most important conduits to knowledge. you are not the only one that has these problems. Vampires dont just exist in your family. The world is full of them.

At 20/1/07 5:56 PM, BillySunday said...

Hello Michael,

Awhile back you made a comment relating to energy vamps with the word hug in quotations...

this made me think. how can a hug be used by a vamp? i didnt understand how until i saw a boxing match later on.
In boxing there is a technique to drain your opponents energy. Its called "wrapping up" , but its just a hug. the boxer that can get "on top" of the other during the "hug" lets his own wieght fall onto the opponent. the opponent then has to carry himself and the other or else he falls down. looking at this with vamperism in mind..very interesting to me.

At 21/1/07 2:36 PM, mtsar said...

the hug is just a pretext to get into your aura, to invade your sacred space, even if you dont know that you have one. most people have no boundaries, but even when you do the vampire simply ignores them, or finds a way to get through them. so, you have to be very very strict and aware, otherwise they will get in there to steal your energy in whatever way they can. A hug may be a small drain, but they prefer to have you involved in their lives in a sexual or emotional way. this drains a lot more lifeforce. vampires always talk about 'sharing energy' but for them it is never about that.

one case i heard of, a vampiristic person repeatedly asked her friends to 'hold her in the light." i thought this was a most sinister phrase myself, even though it was always said with a charming smile. one could write volumes on that one.

At 21/1/07 9:59 PM, Anonymous said...

To Anonymous in the spooky Christian house:

Laughter might be your best protection. My son and I were living in God-awful South Carolina. His friend, Crump, was being thrown out of the house and he came to live with us. Crump's grandmother insisted we take him to a Pentacostal church. I dropped Crump and my son off at the church on a full moon night. Everyone was talking in tounges, men were running around in a frenzy, fell face down on the floor and were covered with sheets. The scary part was when all the men laid their hands on my son saying, "Accept Jesus as your personal savior" We had a good laugh. You gotta laugh at Mel Gibson and the Passion. They are trying to spook you. Don't get spooked so easy. Too much Jesus juice, ya know.

Best wishes, Lee

At 24/1/07 12:29 AM, haveselfwilltravel said...

Laughter is great...especially against dead serious vampires who demand to lock up your inner child and eat your free will for lunch. These days I love to lure the vamps to a false sense of power and then make light of their "soul bribe of the moment"...and watch them seeth...fangs exposed and all. That said, seems the best weapon is really staying centered, relaxed and unfazed when you feel a vamp pushing into your sphere with bribe or fear. Don't me.

About "the hug", which is like clicking a cord into a power source, a family member did that to me out of the blues, and for some reasons I started weeping like crazy afterwards. The follwing weeks she started making narcissistic demand on me while simultaneously devaluing me. But my soul is relatively strong by then. Soon I wrote her a bare-all email and removed the cord. No reply. They know it when a potential battery source is free. Annoyance gone. Relief.

And thanks for those earlier positive feedback but seriously upkeeping a blog is real commitment and I'm a "traveller". I resonate with a lot of Michael's stuff so I think I'd just drop in sometimes to learn and share some tidbits. Apology if and when I get soapbox-ish... There are many good books on non-human parasitic entities and how to deal with them. Samuel Sagan, Edith Fiore, William Baldwin...are among those I've read. Books on dealing with everyday Narcissists are equally helpful in learning self-assertion. Tonnes of internet resources out there on energy cords between people and de-cording. For the relatively "cleared", I find Bowenian family system theory is great for individualisation and soul development.

At 27/1/07 1:23 PM, Anonymous said...

Thanks Haveself. Good luck in your travels.

"Secret Teachings of All Ages" by Manley Palmer Hall is free to read at Thought you would find this excerpt interesting:
"Differing widely from the elementals and also the incubus and succubus is the vampire, which is defined by Paracelsus as the astral body of a person either living or dead (usually the latter state). The vampire seeks to prolong existence upon the physical plane by robbing the living of their vital energies and misappropriating such energies to its own ends.

In his De Ente Spirituali Paracelsus writes thus of these malignant beings: "A healthy and pure person cannot become obsessed by them, because such Larvæ can only act upon men if the later make room for them in their minds. A healthy mind is a castle that cannot be invaded without the will of its master; but if they are allowed to enter, they excite the passions of men and women, they create cravings in them, they produce bad thoughts which act injuriously upon the brain; they sharpen the animal intellect and suffocate the moral sense. Evil spirits obsess only those human beings in whom the animal nature is predominating. Minds that are illuminated by the spirit of truth cannot be possessed; only those who are habitually guided by their own lower impulses may become subjected to their influences."

My favorite chapters so far from "Secret Teachings of All Ages" are 3 Pythagoras chapters, Ceremonial Magic & Sorcery. The Elements and Their Inhabitants chapter is where I found this excerpt.

Thanks, Mtsar, for recommending this great book.


At 28/1/07 11:07 AM, mtsar said...

yes, its a good one alright. glad that you have been reading it.

At 28/1/07 3:33 PM, Anonymous said...

to paraphrase mtsar and/or somebody else: "once the situation is understood on a conscious level without self-censorship, denial etc, vampire loses it's `power' because it's all based on deception"

At 31/1/07 11:34 AM, Anonymous said...

All mainsteam fearmedia is essentially wholesale vampirism, they pick and relay negative stuff to anybody willing to consume but the catch is that they take it right back in the form of negative emotions (disgust, anger, fear etc)

At 5/2/07 3:36 AM, AlienK said...

Hi Michael,

Thank you so very very much for the work you are doing.

About a month ago i found a presentation of yours on the internet. After watching this i felt relieved and comfirmed and so much wiser!
I found out I´m not so crazy afterall!

I allways been searching for the truth in my life, that lead my on a strange path, often doubting myself, often standing alone, but i never gave up!
I am so glad to find out there are more people like myself that are hanging on and never stopped to find out what the truth is.
They are hard to find...

Through your work i know now that i am on the right track!

In my lifetime i also had to deal with a class A vampire, which was in my life for 7 years.
I met this woman when i was 20 years old, looking for answers, feeling not at home in this world. This woman appeared to be a good soul, she was into the paranormal bussines, which i knew nothing about, hypnotherapy, healing and that kind of stuff.
She seemed to have the answers.
She gave me the feeling to be a special person, with a lot of talents, and she told me i was a `chosen one`. She gave me a goal in life, what i so much needed then.
Indeed i was a gollible fool! I was a white canvas, naive, did not have had parents who gave me a proper upbringing, i simply grew up, not made ready for the real world and al the sharks in it.
So i was the perfect victime!

Her tactics> I had to let go of all my past, friends family stuff, because that was keeping me from becoming ´pure´. According to her my purpose in life was to become a great healer to help and heal people, but only SHE could teach me that. I completely delivered myself into het hands...
I believed her, trusted her because she seemed to be a a great healer and therapist with a big heart caring for people, not selfish, wise and into a lot of occult stuff.
So i gave up evrything and became a sillyputy figure for her to shape into what she wanted it to be.

My days were filled with excercises, selfexploration and therapy, completely controled by her. whatever i did it was never good enough. When i started doubting her then that was again something i had to work on because she was a mirror(sounds familiar?)she couldn´t reflect herself because of her`pureness`, so if i doubted her then that was a reflection of myself, doubting myself! How fucking convenient!
I simply needed a bit more therapy, ofcourse payed. I could buy a house from all the money i gave her. I wasn´t rich, i had to work my ass off to keep ends meet.
In evry way she had covered herself, it was never her problem, allways mine, she was never to blame.

When she said Jump! i jumped. If i didn´t do that quick enough i was punished, had to work even harder than i allready did.
I had no privacy, she walked in and out my house whenever she felt like it, called me in the middle of the night to help her with some strange events, ghosts or whatever, very scary stuff. But it all was to test me to see if i was good enough for the job, to see if i was commited enough. Well..i was. I proved myself over and over again.

She herself seemed very open, but she wasn´t, wanted attention from evryone around her, seeking evrywhere for comfirmation that she was the greatest, even thought she was the female half of God....
Yeah, i know..its crazy, but i believed it, was to much rapped up with becoming pure, to be good...

There were times she told me that i was as black as hell, needed to work on that, as i did. then again i was her friend, her righthand her protege.
I was kicked back and forward, had to change evrything i was, when i was changed than again it wasn´t good enough and i had to change again and again and again....

Man!! I have been through absolutely weird situations because of her, through hell and back again, worked myself up into heaven again only to be kicked back into hell.

I cannot even begin to tell all the things i have done and been through. If i allready could in an understandable manner, nobody would believe me.
And she also told me that! When you tell anybody, who would believe you??

Evry contact i made with the real world, real people, she killed, she stood in between, so that i had no reference and stayed focused on her.
Not that it did matter, i was already programmed enough..
I didn´t see it, didn´t questioned it anymore, eventhough she acted more and more crazy and weird, inventing new situations and tactics to keep me busy.

Then, after 7 years, she simply kicked me out of ´the chosen ones´ Yeah thats right, i wasn´t the only one..She gave me the last message that i was a child of evil and she couldn´t help me anymore, i couldn´t be saved, i was rotten to the bone. I was the reason the cause of al trouble, but i simply didn´t wanted to know it myself, she said...

And there i was, alone, completely in pieces, didn´t even know my own name anymore, did not recognize myself, didn´t know if i was up or down. I was a shadow, drained to the bone, completely empty, nothing to hold on to. I felt realy at the end. there was nothing left of me..

But then al little voice inside me started to wisper, and i finally started to listen..
I scrapped myself from the bottom and slowly, very slowly i stood up again. Although for a long time the world, as myself, was a dark place.
I became a very sceptical young woman, cynicle, questioning evrything and evryone, sarcastic. I was absolutely not a pleasant person but i masked it all with humour so nobody could see the pain i felt and the damage i was in, but al the while i was picking up the pieces.
I did read a lot, got a lot of knowledge. Also found out why i wasn´t allowed to read books in that time, while that b#tch read al the books she could lay her hands on, like Blavatsky, Freud, Jung, Danicken etc etc.
In the books i found out where she had had her knowledge and so called wisdom from, it was all stolen..

In 2003 i stumbled across an ebook called `auf ein wort´ zur Gipfel der Philosofie (to the top of philosophy) a German called Rudi Berner wrote it. Very interesting view he has, also goes into the Vedic writings.
By reading this book i was able to open a door again to spirituality, a door to myself. It helped me to find that part of me again that has an open mind, that feels the sun shining, that wonderes about nature and life, with an healthy view.
I think i was ready for it.

I am still picking up the pieces in my soul, but it feels good, and it is getting easier. I learn more and more about myself evry day, and i think of my Self as a Wonder!
I´m getting stronger evry day and let nobody keeping me from it.

I have read a lot on your blog and man!! is that reveiling!
Mainly the part of the psychic vampirism has answered a lot of questions i had.
And it is true that when you survive a class A vampire and pick up the pieces, going through the process, you come out much wiser and with more knowledge.
I´m sure it was something i had to go through, somewhere in time i chose to go that path. In the end it was just a small part of my life, and in a relatively short time i learned somuch about who i am and what i am capable of.
Surely that was not wat the vampire had in mind, she would love to see me as a homeless junky in a box.
Sorry b#tch, i have other planns.

The feelings of wanting to make her pay are long gone. She lives in agony evry day of her sorry life, i don´t have to do anything about it...

I also have send the link of your blog to the few that i know who also knew this vampire and are still struggling with it. Not evrybody want to go the whole proces, you know, some of them have given up, or sticking their heads in the sand pretending life is beautiful..
Hopefully it wil help them to understand and find some strength to keep on going.

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!
I will keep following the work you are doing.

And when you ever come to Belgium or the Netherlands, i can cook a mean vegetarian dish, if you are interested!;)

Greetings from the Soul,


At 6/2/07 2:14 PM, Bonny said...

Everyone posts so eloquently on this subject. I'm learning from everything everyone has said on this blog page. It's wonderful.

At 7/2/07 3:32 AM, mtsar said...

thanks for the never know. i might make it over.

At 8/2/07 1:26 PM, Anonymous said...

AlienK, Bonny & Mstar

Many of us have choked on the Dust of the Grand Wazoo!! I became sceptical, cynical and questioning, and that's a good thing! Zappa's words to guru vamps: Who you jivin' with that cosmic debris?

Mtsar dusts the debris from the truth and insists that we must do our own dusting.

Good people should hook up wherever they travel. I wonder if after joining the Mystery school we could start a Mtsar traveller's network. Maybe it's already been done. Just a thought.

Thanks all, Lee

At 9/2/07 2:21 PM, Anonymous said...

dear michael , i pray for the day which you invision in your dreams. for my dreams are contaminated!

ive hoped for one day to overcome this disease ,..... ive dedicated the past five years of my life to learning and discovering truth. my initial desire being to attain earthly pleasures by highlighting everything wrong in the world , while hypocritically subscribing myself to the very actions i condenm.Through my research ive discovered what i am, how ive lived and attained life force energy.Ive waited for hope instead of going out and finding it, now i find myself in limbo...the impression i get from your blogs is that my kind cannot be saved? I do not disagree out of ignorance for not having as in depth understanding as that of what you have. I must contest that i have glimpsed the more, and believe.

To be the prostitute is such an ungodly way to live. am i now throwing a line for somebody to save me??
my question is can i be saved? My understanding is that only the individual can take this step. Through the inward journey. experiences have shown me this. I question karma and rebirth and if at all there is an after for people like me, people who see death in most every situation , people who contaminate the environment about them, who suck the very life which has been givin to us as a gift, this rotten existence i welcome its cleansing , for nobody should have to endure this. Have i consciously chosen this? If so for what reason? and why do i continue to live this way? am i the product of my surroundings ? do i or have i ever possessed a soul? Questions , questions.
Ive lived to please those around me and not stir up any controversy , this is my pathetic life.I understand its an accumulation of the upbringing ive encountered and know that i can choose where to put myself , bottom there sense in putting me anywhere? if this cannot be overcome i do not want to inflict more negativity about me. I cowar away from adversity , pleading with friends that there is more to life than what you got or can get here . Ive debated running off to the woods ,and live alone in nature, my fear , can i survive? I do hold a strong sense of energy about me, this ive attained through impression, "anything you can do i can do better " and a sexual energy .I know truth when i see and feel it, and your work speaks truth . Truth for the betterment of existence should be inherent in all people , what else are we here for if not to live, love , learn life. should i now shut up and seek within .........hiding and hoping for the peace and harmony which our world can and has experienced, ..... i know my questions are of personal nature and that you do not address singled out situations , "truth lies within the eye of the beholder", but what a fucked up existence we get when truth of a civilization is manipulated for power. oh ya my surname is kennedy...whats in my Blood?

At 9/2/07 4:09 PM, mtsar said...

When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will know that you are the sons of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty, and you are poverty

- Gospel of Thomas
everyone in the world has questions. asking questions is very easy. it does not require energy or brilliance. it barely requires thought. questions of all kinds pass through the mind and brain even when we are not thinking at all.

finding answers - that is quite a different matter. that kind of thing very few people want to do.

if you are urgent about answers you dont moan about the questions. you don't ask others to save you, and you dont care what crap others talk about or advise.

a lot of people are worried about their future. they want more life, and more lives, because they are incapable of life, and of living.

the man who lives NOW, and who lives FULLY does not give tomorrow a thought. it is nothing to him, and neither is death. death cannot take from a virtuous man a single thing. the virtuous man is greater than death, greater than anything in the universe. his suffering is great, and his joy immeasurable. As bruce lee said:

"Is not the happy man one who does not fear death, and whose days are filled with joy looking forward to it?"

you are not divided or contradictory. your ego is. but you identify with that 'thing' as most do.

who suffers? who feels unfulfilled? is it you, or your ego? is it you or your idea of yourself? and the hurt from let downs; is it the ego that got hurt and just cannot believe that its own desires would be thwarted? the ego often aches when its own ideas and expectations are challenged by life, or when its own desires are thwarted by the vagaries of life. are you aware of how many have lived in agony because of their shattered expectations?

there is another kind of hurt, one which goes far deeper than misdemenors against the ego complex.

and there are many kinds of sickness. one type comes from proximity to sick toxic people. the ones that surround us in the world. that is bad enough, though most people are not even aware of the fact that if they walk around in a plasma of sick chi, they might get contaminated.

then there existential sickness, nausea, fear and trembling, sickness unto death, or angst, in the philsophical sense, from the existential realization of things. A lot say they feel it but most of them are chic liars into fashionable suffering. this comes to a man who realizes that there is no god to rely on, and no reason to explain everything. he must illuminate the world himself. if he has light that is. most do not.

then there is the sickness of rotten souls approaching their end. there is going to be a lot more of this kind of sickness and disease abroad, more than anyone can imagine. soon it will fill the air. it already does for some eyes. a gale comes and shakes off the rotten fruit from the world tree. worms got to eat too, same as buzzards.

looking within is very, very, very, threatening for most people. even when they get mirrored by the pure people who may for a time come into their stinking lives, they seek to smash those mirrors. and the clearer the mirror, the more hate it receives.

man has lived in estrangement from himself for aeons. and now he is reaping the consequences of his neglect. man wants to care for others, he wants to care for her, and she for him. no one cares for themselves. no one explores the mystery of their own existence and being.

they grow sodden and psychologically whorish. they bear the smears of every fuck that has touched them, or thought about them, or looked their way. when it gets too bad, one can end up in the backwards of asylums, speaking truths about the world that the doctors and everyone else thinks is crazy.

crazy...what's crazy beyond crazy is right outside your door. we tolerate it. but a time comes when it is so overpowering that the mind can not remain immune. and then we turn to this and that to decorate the mess. some other person to give us handrails and crutches. george bush for him, maharaja such and such for her. meth for them, fame for others. power for one, cheap thrills for another.

the stench of the dead, those smiling millions walking around doing their thing, is revolting to the soul, that innocent, unblemished, pristine, and highly sensitized thing which we have molested with our vile nonsense.

its an old story. Mahabharta's have been fought over it.

i have already given my answers. see the future of mankind webstream


What a piece of work is a man! how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty! in form and moving how express and admirable! in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god! the beauty of the
world! the paragon of animals! And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust? man delights not me: no, nor woman neither...

- William Shakespeare (Hamlet)

At 9/2/07 4:48 PM, Alabaster The Scribe said...

I would suppose then, if one is plagued by these entities in their own homes(family) and they cannot get away(ever) they simply....brush it off, or are they all around fucked?

See its questions. But I want answers. I am not the same as the lover who stands at the door in the rain asking " why" in response to the 100th reason given for the break up. I want answers of what to do when you have to live, move and have your being with them, and it all rides on the roof over your kids head, your job, school and so on? What then? If I am screwed, I can at least know I have a special situation, I can accept my fate and just say Im screwed. But if I am not, I want to know!

At 9/2/07 5:32 PM, Bonny said...

Oh, most people annoy me too, especially the smells they give off, but I bounce along and whilst I do spend days lamenting I pull myself up by my ears, pull on something colourful and find people to smile with.

Reading this particular webpage is really helpful. Since I've been focusing on identifying the psychic vampires and defending myself against them I've freed up space to trust the people I meet during the course of the day who aren't vampires! I can look through the vampires more efficiently and look into the eyes of the good people I meet and smile with them like I haven't been able to do for a very long time... I'm learning about boundaries by focusing on learning about psychic vampirism.

On the practical front in this battle for freedom, it's really important to bathe in salt occasionally, to clear the aura. There are all kinds of fancy witchy recipes but salt will do the job nicely and it's harmless. Frankincense will blitz bad spirits from the home (the spirits love incense - good incense attracts good spirits and banishes bad spirits) and plant holly at the door if you really feel vulnerable, malevolent spirits will find it hard to get past holly. Yew will deter beasts if you've beasts you don't care to entertain. I have a sprig of yew over my door entry speaker.

Only the other day I mustered a banishing spell to rid myself of one malign vampire who'd slithered into my life, a charity worker wouldn't you know, toting a glamorous printout of achievements and a pot of golden shea butter from the wilds of Africa. It's funny how it all happened as I found this webpage. There is an occasion I may bump into that particular monster again, I'll be carrying salt in my pocket and I'll be throwing a few grains discreetly to the ground if our paths do cross. No messing. All with good intent I must add, good luck to everyone I say.

At 10/2/07 9:11 AM, Anonymous said...

It's great to see vampirism being discussed so openly now. I first read about it about 4 years ago now. I must admit it was a revalation to me at the time. My mum is an energy vampire and after my dad died I went through at least 8 years of unrelenting attack. I kept making excuses about it being due to grief and other issues. But one day I finally decided I'd had enough. I said to my guides and any other being who'd listen "I need peace. I can't keep doing this. I need this situation resolved, now!"

I kept my distance and only visited out of a sense of doing the right thing. After about three months of this my mum started to show the early signs of dementia and is currently in an aged care facility. She's been on a gradual decline for the past 3.5 years. Initially I felt a bit guilty, as I'd obviously pulled the plug on her main energy source (me).

I'm friends with various "New Age" types and now and then I'll get asked why I never put my mothers name into the healing circle. I don't allow myself to be made feel guilty or agree for "fear" of not being "new agey enough." I don't even provide an answer - I usually change the subject. However, my real reason, is that I choose to keep my distance emotionally and energetically and I have no desire or need to "relive an old story."

Sometimes the "I should be able to love everyone" aspect of me wonders how this will impact on my karmic debt. But to be perfectly honest, I'll live with it. I couldn't return to my previous life if I tried.

I've also come to realise that others won't always meet you half way on an issue. You can plead, you can beg, you can cry..... But basically you're beating your head against a brick wall, because they're not interested in resolving an issue that serves "them" so well. It matters not how it affects you. That can be difficult to come to terms with, and lets face it, you'd think I'dve caught on a little bit quicker - it's not like I'm a complete twit or anything.

Now others only have to show a remote sign of draining my energy and I run a mile (not physically - but energetically/emotionally).

Thanks for all the thought provoking discussion everyone. It's long overdue!

At 10/2/07 10:03 AM, mtsar said...

congratulte yourself, and celebrate. you are in an elite class, to have so awakened and moved on.

dont get into guilt over it. think of the murder you were committing to you own being and soul when you were so abused by these vampires. we do untold damage to our own selves in the name of that kind of 'love' and 'care.'

we are enmeshed in roles, and there is no better place to fall victim to vampires. son, daughter, mother, father, lover, brother, nephew, uncle, all of it. straight-jackets of the spirit, or self. and we wear them all at the same time. the real person is buried under all that, never to be known, just drained by very, very empty lost people. we imagine they are 'family' and our emotions again get tugged and harangued.

they are quite able to deal with their own dillemmas, or not as the case may be. it has nothing to do with you. dont send any energy, good or bad. its not indifference. its is a greater understanding, a preservation of your own vital energies which may be needed once you find your dharmic life.

forget about loving everyone. forget it now, and never think of it again. it means nothing, and cannot happen. love does not operate like that. love is not yours to give. can you give rain to the clouds? Can you throw sunlight onto the mountain peak?

there are higher forms of vampirism. wrong understandings of how love and life work are also a kind of blasphemy. we have to be very still and open to find out the real color and tone and quality of these things we have named.

and there is not tutorial on it. we discover it for ourselves, when the noise is gone, and when the mind is still and at peace. trying to love others means the mind will never be at peace. its all from ego, all from concealed want.

what others do is of no importance. what they do, what they say, what they think, means nothing to the man who is living his authentic life. its not that he does not care. he does care, for something infinitely more important than the petty needs and ego dramas that he once was caught in. everything is framed in that care (german 'sorge').

all that other altrusitic stuff is the preoccupation of the man with no life. care for others, and their wellbeing and the fate of humanity, and all that crap, is what motivates a man with no inherent life. its keeps such men busy, as you can see if you look without emotion. as i said there are many forms of vampirism.

At 10/2/07 10:05 AM, Alabaster The Scribe said...

For now, we see through a glass darkly, but when perfection comes, we shall know as we are known." I don't believe there is a single preacher in church would ever have the balls to tell people that this scripture refers to scrying. And whats sad is, it would help, not hinder so much. Vampires in this don't have to wonder if they are vampires upon first glance. You don't have to be cautious and look over your shoulder. And I am sharing this because, on Michaels blog, we talk about the different types there
are. I know personally 50-60 vampires. Its like an anne rice novel, except for the shimmerng glass fingernails and ceramic, reflective skin, they have huge dark circles, slumped postures, twitching hands, shifting and rolling eyes, and you can literally feel the air pressure change when they walk in the room. The tention is thick as thick as steel and the emotion of expectations unmet is suffocating. " Time to feed". They are not shy about it. They flock me, I believe, because I have a high level of creativity. They often force people to speak for them, confront for them, solve thier problems, claiming..." I just can't. But you can. You are so damn articulate. I don't know what to say." A Perfect Circle made a song called Passive. Thats exactly what they are, and those who know when and how to take up for themselves are their victims, simply put. And its not that you end up feeling like shit for no reason, there is a reason. Another window to the world of the vampires would be the friggin TV. Turn it off. Its conduit for billions at a time to enter your psyche.

At 10/2/07 1:30 PM, Alabaster The Scribe said...

Strait-Jackets of the spirits. Exaclty.

At 11/2/07 6:10 AM, Anonymous said...

I have been thinking lately of your talks about Pluto's effects, I don't know and haven't really seen much about this, but in my personal life, it has been wreaking havoc.

And I mean holy shit havoc!!

Personal disasters are coming from every direction, the people I knew were malevolent I have been able to deal with, legally I am bound to them and have no recourse other than to feed them as little energy as possible, and respond with clear unemotional reactions to their attacks. This has been difficult, but doable.

What came as the biggest shock was the unmasking of those who were deeply involved in my life. All of my assumptions, expectations etc. were completely off the mark.

Regardless of the violent turmoil I am now experiencing, I am not a needy person and manage to readjust myself to as an objective as possible perspective to stop the energy bleeding.

What I am finding is that through outright attack, or lies of ommission, there has been a great unmasking of those who I had assumed were allies, and not allies of the sort that are taking one side against another, but who would be as supportive as I have been in their lives when tragedy struck them.

It has been quite a revelation to me, a quite painful one at that. At first I was very angry, then I was depressed, and now I am able to simply let it go. This letting go is very difficult, as now they are reaching out to me with their own "problems" which are what I would call normal life situational bumps in the road.

My circumstances have been life altering, quite violent and relentless. I am aware of the holographic nature here, but this formula espoused in "creating your own reality" certainly has not worked for me. I seem to have no control over the enormity of attacks that are besieging me, however I do maintain a level of control over my own ultimate mental state and interpretations. I find that operating out of my own integrity is my only refuge in gaining some sort of balance.

One surprising factor has been my own family. Health and death issues beginning over a decade ago impelled me to take on responsibilites out of a sense of loyaly, which I now find were totally misguided. Yes, altruism, is a complete farce. I can see it was simply part of "the story of me" that I was building out of sand, assumptions that I had no business entertaining, deluding myself into believing what I wished things were like, and not looking at the facts that were so blatant.

I know this is all quite vague in description, but the events are so raw and painful that I spare both of us the details.

The blatant, horrific, unmasking, and the escalation by the "knowns" in my life is presently prolific and so enormous that I am wondering if this is occuring to others as well, and that I am not just an isolated case.....

I had thought Pluto's effect was going to be more global and impersonal in nature, but it has unleashed very powerful personal devastation in my life.

Is anyone else experiencing this????


At 11/2/07 3:20 PM, Alabaster The Scribe said...


You are not an isolated case. Don't worry yourself about that.
There would be no suffering overtaking the world now without individual suffering. It can never be global without being personalized first.

We are the world, remember? How could it be a planetary impact if it only effected a select few?

At 11/2/07 4:08 PM, said...

My philosophy teacher warned me that some philosophers lose there mind but that was at the beginning of the course before she taught us anything.

Im no 'academic' but I could grasp the innate stuff, like plato's shadows on the cave wall, facing away from the light, and the descartian stuff, very much in line with your own thoughts, I didn't have a very big stove so I got drunk and sat in the closet.

She taught us alot but I presume most of it went into my subconcious, better than not at all I think.

This metaphor rings true as well! But I thought that when a vampire bites you, you too turn into a vampire, or is that zombies? So the trick is to spot a vampire before they bite you, and pre-emptively 'shoot them in the head with a silver bullet' before they terrorise you, but sympathetically of course, we are striving to be humanitarians are we not. But how do you sympathetically remove a tapeworm from your stomach? presumably you've invited it round to dinner, only to find out that that after you've FUCKING EATEN IT no less that it wasn't such a good idea.

I've said and thought some strange things in my time;

that 'i'd like to stick my willy in david dickinsons ear', 'I can see alan hansons left testicle through his trousers'(on MOTD,alan shearers balls are also often visible, though gary lineker sheilds his), perhaps more poiniently 'those fucking niggers stole my phone'
and 'i'm not a racist'.

If some one took the things I said and used them to create a symbol of me to back up their personal theories, im a perverted, racist and extremely two faced.

Am I and others who view your lectures and research supposed to read your comments, and the priveldge is truely ours, supposed to ignore your comments on this thread and contrast them to the eloquent rhetoritian and clearly gifted thinker we view in your videos?

You've connected to alot of people and conveyed ideas that I personally never thought I would give serious thought to. But who Have I connected to? You say yourself that the divided person should not seek to unify others or create solutions in the corporeal worlds.

the trend for 'debunking video's' which alex jones and the 911 truth people can tell you all about would have a field day with some of your idea's, stated opinions and philosophys on tape, and your comments on this thread.

You may say; so? so what? But you yourself must realise you are now an important person, modesty aside, in these times of 'pluto', the count down to 2012.

I remember seeing you on newsnight interviewed by Jeremy Paxman, before I even stumbled onto your research years later. You held your own, he feared to ask you certain questions, and you seemingly triumphed in the discussion, my memories of it are brief.

...I don't know; David Icke totally owned Terry Wogan on his return to his show, he was choked at points with the memory of it, and still showed Terry Wogan up to be an ignorant good old boy towing the line.

That personal emotion and connection and strength and GOOD NATURE propelled David Icke to almost jesus like status in my eyes, to the point where i'd defend his opinions even to my civil servant parents, who look at me like im having another pyscotic 'episode' and would phone the mental health unit and even the mention of the words 9/11.

That is something you will have to go through, hopefully, If you are to walk through the door that David Icke opened, and really make a difference and show your followers, and you do have followers, that you are a spiritual entity, rather than a potential 'shill'.

I also saw you questioned by a christian called geoff at the end of one your lectures about your references to Alister Crowley and the occult, and to see where hes coming from, try and find time to see 'they sold there souls for rock and roll' on google video. I came across that on google video before your research, and dispite the heavy heavy propaganda and 'big daddy' presentation, it made some convincing points.

you could totally 'deconstruct' that and unite the 'factions' of the different camps, while still remaining reverent towards Youshuah the christ, not cristianity, but jesus himself, ( 'neo' if you like)
muhammad becoming enlightened, the obvious simularities between buddha and jesus, hare 'Christna'.

Put your ass on the line in the style of david icke and his totally 'christ like' journey to return to wogan here and now, his metaphorical 'second coming', with tears welling in his eyes, to totally, in internet jargon, OWNING terry wogan, with terry wogan still making snide comments, having learnt totally nothing in the intervening years, to leave to thunderous applause, his pride, AND CONTROL OF HIMSELF, earnt back, through faith in himself, in his philosophies, his family and the determination, from his family being laughed down the street, to prove them wrong.(the feeling must be akin to calling a black person a 'nigger', and the memory of their ancestors being called the same thing by a slave master, the thought enrages me and im white)

Even if his teachings and research alone are utter crackpot shit, the teachings of his life path, just to see the resonance, the universal message, to the enlightened viewer, was truely inspirational. Was the story not errily familiar on many levels?

You share in his theories, the outlandish lizards that would have us see them as the top of the pyramid(Its so fucking obvious that it is not them it is GOD at the top, it can be no other way).

but why subject yourself to potential self harm? You are most likely healthy and awake, and not masochistic, but look at what David Ickes journey taught us? 'Superman Returns' states something like 'through the life of the father the sons life shall be known and through the life of the son he shall know the life of the father' or whatever when hes talking to his sleeping son.

You are the most elequent speaker, you are the one who humbled Paxman, you are the one that has done the research since 13, that knows psycology like the back of your hand, and is a convincing speaker. You can pull quotes out of your arse, and have a general knowledge of many many peoples tribal/cultural roots/spiritual beliefs

You are going to have to put your arse on the line on the biggest stage you can reach and 'deconstruct' our very notion of reality.

Can you find a better candidate? Badly recorded radio shows are one thing. Actually breaking through all the layers before 'they' add as many more as they can is your biggest challenge. That and convincing Christians that your not the antichrist, and breaking the strange silence of the accused muslims on this very issue you raised in its MOST CONVINCING FORM. Giving the whole world 60 grams of fresh Psilocybe each all at the same time would do half the work for you.

My contention raised at the start of my post is the front of compassion, when truely you think of others in suffering as ringworm that should not be invited back for dinner. How can you teach and reach so many people, and question reality and history to the very highest level, and at the same time teach, if not, condone, that daughters should abandon their grieving widowed mothers because they are pyschic vampires?

Tell me a better candidate to do what David Icke but did to me but on a global level, and I and many others will harrange them on there message boards.

At 11/2/07 6:36 PM, mtsar said...

lets keep comments to the rambling over 15 different subjects.

At 11/2/07 6:59 PM, haveselfwilltravel said...

Michael's seemingly simple yet profound words of truth continue to illuminate like the most benevolent Plutonic ray.

"It has nothing to do with you. dont send any energy, good or bad."

"love is not yours to give. can you give rain to the clouds?"

"its all from ego, all from concealed want."

"...all that other altrusitic stuff is the preoccupation of the man with no life."

Time and time again, serendipity has shown that the most harmless looking yet lethal energy vampires are very very close to us. It means the root cause and solution to our soul energy preservation actually lies at home...

And Home, is where the Heart is.

The day I realised that what Everyone - even my most beloved - say or do or think has nothing to do with me, my awakening began...

The day I realised that the love I send could be well-disguised self-aggrandisement, I began to start loving me...

The day I realised I was as dependent on my needy dependents and the self-serving vampires as they were on me, I started tending to my own neediness instead...

The day I realised - quite shockingly - that I could be my own biggest vampire, was the day I started to vigorously salvage the light of my vampired sun.

Some Plutonic excavation and soul detox works later, my lifelong self-induced supernova has been halted. I now permit myself the human joy of expressing rage and shame, to cry, bitch, laugh, and own up to me. My sun is shining again, my inner child is feeling safer, even smiling, and coming out to play. And the sense of liberation... Life is worth living again.

Being alone is really not so scary afterall...

Because, suddenly, I Have A Life - Of My Own.

Yet, strangely, I feel more connected to All than ever...

Still working on it - I mean, working on me...the most needy yet lovable being I know...'s actually quite fun.

At 11/2/07 9:07 PM, Alabaster The Scribe said...

Isolated sentiment should never bleed over into ones delivery of a global message. The idea that individualistic tragedy is overwhelming has already been dealt with. If so many differing circumstances had not touched ones eyes and ears, and even flesh, how would one have the ability to compile it and pursue it as a single problem, muchless see the need and it make a lifelong goal to remedy it?

I am not taking up for you here, Michael. You don't need anyone to do that. But for those who may have stopped to ponder the allegations of President_Poo, I would like to say this:

Just because Michael is an astute, eloquent speaker and well-informed individual does not mean that he is not the SAME divided man he speaks of. The only difference is, he is AWARE of it. He can be THAT on the videos and THIS on the blog because he has already made his stance of " This is us and WE are divided and struggling becuase WE do not know WE are divided." he has never said " This is you, who are divided... and this is me, who is whole." Not once. And to navigate ones browser to this blog and speak of potential claims infallibility is to openly admit that one has not heard a damn thing Michael has said. Dammit, do you live in a box? Don't put other people in one either. You will never learn anything that way.

At 12/2/07 1:06 AM, Bonny said...

Nobody's 'got to' do anything in these times. There's lots of information readily at hand, nobody has to get out there on mainstream tv to justify their views or 'lead the people' through this time of enlightenment.

David Icke seems to publicly promote Holocaust denial. All very well in an esoteric non-reality, but I've met numerous people who have had family who went into the camps, British servicemen, after WWII. Sigh. What's Icke all about? I read his news page almost daily, but I'd keep that man at arms length...

As for vampiric parents: sad but true, they're out there, sweet and pretty they may be, polite and lovely they may appear, but the family dynamic can be something else completely. Happy for you president poo (i can smell that name from here) if your civil servant parents are all roses, we're not all so lucky.

At 12/2/07 11:36 AM, Alabaster The Scribe said...

HaveSelfWillTravel said

" And its actually quite fun!"

Hell yeah it is! Its a fuggin blast! Uncharted territory...the greatest adventure, the most untamed frontier and its all mine!

It is ecstasy to know that there is something in this life that is mine! And it just happened to be ME all along.... :p

At 12/2/07 8:25 PM, Chris said...

"Sick of holo-cost blah blah blah"

What i would prefer to point out are the MILLIONS of us who died in that war.

us, not them.

They were sitting in their living rooms sipping tea. Planning the wars. They are so good at it, that they have to do the planning for both sides.

Black, White, Blue or green. MILLIONS of us pawns died in the great wars, and millions more will die until enough of us wake up to this crap.

At 13/2/07 2:09 AM, Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble with placing myself on the vampire or not scale.

I'd like to think that i'm not an energy vampire, but my recent love makes me question if I am. I'm in love. My relationship hasn't been perfect, but lately it has been good. Everytime we would argue in the past, i would feel ultimately horrible at the thought of being without him. I felt so desperate to make the relationship work because I felt like if we both truely were in love than we could overcome the stupid mental drama that was causing us pain. I wasn't dependant, I just felt this drive to accept love without fear. He helped in the opening of my eyes to you mtsarion

Basically- Could I be the vampire since I felt completely consumed with love for this person
or do i have an energy sucker around me that makes me feel this way?
And/or am I being harmful in hoping that over time his(my partner) love will outgrow his fear/anger?

How do i judge myself?
Should I be asking you this question?

At 13/2/07 8:19 AM, mtsar said...

the question is genuine and deep.

but judging oneself must not be sadistic, a cause of pain or shame. its really more about observing.

we are all vampirisitic to a degree and we also have healthy needs and desires, which must be enjoyed and satisfied.

my analysis does not involved genuine human emotions and sensual fulfillment. that is a very spiritual thing and must not be curtailed or stymied.

being 'in love' is quite correct. one does not generate the love per se. one is 'in' it, meaning that it flows for a season around one, as a kind of chi or plasma that one inhabits. archetypes experiencing themselves through the stereotype, to be specific.

the problem of vampirism is attachment, and the abuse of the other person's sovereignty and wellbeing. the ebb and flow of dependency, and the setting of boundaries and so on.

but no one's situation is the same. we attract those who are either total opposites, or who are mirror images of our own selves. there are other types that can be attracted but those cases are rare. mostly it is opposites or the same thing.

either way there is much to learn. we learn a great deal from our relationships. taken seriously they can work and help us to find out so many things, primarily about ourselves. that is what it is really about. ultimately, the other person is not important. i know that sounds cold, but it is the fact. as long as both people accept that the thing is narcissistic, then it wont come as a shock. it is healthy naricissism.

we are looking for the 'other' inside ourselves. and we often pass through the external forms of relationships first.

the trouble arises when one does not like what they see about themselves in the mirror of the other. then there is subliminally projected hate. then it becomes even more passive-aggressive.

all relationships are based on attraction-repulsion dynamics. but they merely reflect the relationship we have with the many parts of ourselves.

if one is not in the role, and if one acknowledges the other person as a self, as a person, rather than as a girl or boy, or husband or wife (all the roles) it will be best, except if the others person craves the security of the roles. then it can be harder.

most people do, and dont care for the self. they love the roles. so one loves being seen with a girl, cause it makes one feel manly, or goodlooking to the chums and to other women. one feels success and at ease sexually and so on. tension and discomfort are lessened.

but again, my message and focus has more do with morality and virtue and the lack of it, than the individual instances and generalities.

what causes pain in relationships is a varied subject. emotion is the key. when one is emotionally attached and corded then they are automatically weakened and vulnerable to being abused. but as i keep saying, we abuse ourselves much more than others do.

when the ego feels threatened it reacts. but there are deeper forms of attack than just on the ego, and that is where the vampirism comes in. but again, as i say on the george rideout interview, vampirism can be used as a escape route for people who do not want to look at themselves, and who find it easier to blame others.

in a hot situation, it is best to listen very carefully to the other person. listen and repeat back what you hear them saying about what they want. make sure that they confirm your feeback, and admit to the accuracy of what you heard. it if is not accurate, they have the liberty to explain and communicate clearly what it is they want. you again listen and repeat back what you have heard. they again can correct their own statements if necessary.

now that you have listened and given that PERSON their rights, you can now take time out to evaluate whether or not their requests are rational or not, or more importantly whether they violate your own boundaries and needs. if they dont, then you can go ahead together.

if they do seem irrational, or abusive, or controlling etc, then comes the most interesting part of the dynamic. then comes the time when you must be true to yourself, and to your boundaries.

i have noticed that most people fail at this point, and capitulate to make everything smooth, or whatever. i constitute this as sadism to the self, and do not advise it.

it does not matter what the other person feels when it comes to setting your own boudaries and not compromising your selfhood. if they hear your explanation and still use emotion to manipulate you, then you need to back off and get away. don't continue to engage the person. it is at this moment that your energy is being drained.

initial arguments can prove unpleasant but they dont usually drain much energy. it is the habitual form of argument that does, and it is the later emotional subversion of your will and standing that does. it is the non-verbal subtext that does. few people are equipped to read that subtext accurately. it is more than important. it is a whole form of dialogue. i know some people who are very good at it, and even they fail occasionally to see what is what. it takes practice.

highly intelligent manipulators will not tell you how they truly feel. or they will tell you what they know you want to hear. that is why reading the subtext, honoring one's suspicions, and finding evidence to strengthen and prove those suspicions is vital with those kinds.

all the more reason why you should never compromise your boundaries. in the end, if there is a break up, or pain, it is this that will really cause unrest, that you allowed yourself to be made into a fool or weakened.

others have the perfect right to act in a immoral, treacherous, and devastating manner. there is nothing you nor i can do about that. but we can also act in a way that is right for us. so changing another means nothing. changing ourselves is what it is all about.

At 13/2/07 8:29 AM, Anonymous said...

Hi President_Poo - I'd like to respond to your comment to Michael stating "How can you teach and reach so many people, and question reality and history to the very highest level, and at the same time teach, if not, condone, that daughters should abandon their grieving widowed mothers because they are pyschic vampires?"

Firstly, my dad's been dead now for 18 years and after 10 years of my mum's grief, I think it's fair to say that the grieving period should be well and truly over. At the very least, one should be trying to move on, not grovelling in a sess pit of self pity.

Secondly, I'd like to clear up my last comment, just so that you're not all under the false impression that I've abandoned my mum - I just want to let you know that I haven't abandoned her. I never would, no matter what anyone said.

However, there is a drastic difference between being a victim and knowing that you're a victim of psychic vampires. I went through my entire life knowing that things weren't right, but not knowing why. I couldn't explain it to myself let alone others. All I knew was that I just wanted to move to Alaska and trust me, that's a hell of a long way from Australia!

After reading that book on psychic vampires I finally understood what was going on. Which stopped me from thinking that maybe I was the crazy one.

I still take care of my mum's needs, however, I don't pander to her wants. She needs me, I don't need her. That sounds horrible when you say it out loud, but trust me there comes a point in your life where things have to change and I have changed the energy exchange that was occurring. I make sure that my mum is looked after. I ensure she gets her ciggarettes (even though I don't smoke myself and think it's a horrible habit), I make sure she has regular visits, but they're on my terms. I visit when I decide I'll go. Not because I've been told that she'll kill herself if I don't come now!

There can be so many things that occur in the name of "love". I understand what Michael was trying to say to me. Maybe he did mean to abadon my mum litterally. But if there's one thing I've learnt from dealing with my pig-headed Irish mother, nobody tells me what to do, ever! I decide what I want, I make the decision about what it is I want.

Lately I've been able to even say "love ya mum" when I leave. Which I haven't been able to do in years. This isn't the sort of love that most people would expect from a daughter to their mother. This is the sort of love where I appreciate that if nothing else, my mothers behaviour has taught me to stand on my own two feet, independent of others opinions of me. For that I am eternally grateful and I love her for it.

No matter what you think, or what Michael thinks about my current behaviour with my mum, I will continue to do what I believe is right for me.

If you've never had a vampire as a parent, let me tell you something about them. They don't view life as a learning experience where you live, laugh and learn together, along the way. They view it as a battle ground. Their children are their enemy to be subdued and controlled. Their children are there to do as demanded (not asked or requested). When your mother tells you, you need to choose between herself and your husband and you try and reason that you shouldn't have to because they're two separate relationships - you know you've got something going on that's not quite happening in the latest episode of "The Brady Bunch."

Trust me, when you've been to hell and back again; when you've teetered on the edge of a nervous breakdown (I had an afternoon where I couldn't remember how to operate my mobile phone - and I work in an office) and then feel like your whole body has exploded and landed back together in a jumbled up order - you don't get through all that (which was what my mum put me through) to be a victim of anything or anyone, ever again. So don't worry about me - I took no offense to what was said by Michael - in fact if anything I understood exactly where he was coming from.

At 13/2/07 8:30 AM, mtsar said...

good man, i knew you would get it okay.

At 13/2/07 11:18 PM, Alabaster The Scribe said...

I don't believe that, in relationships, verbal agreements are paramount. I try to stay away from verbal contracts, promises etc. Simply growing to care for one another should be enough, I think. If your lover is sitting at a party with friends, do you want them to say something like, " Well, if I don't go now, I am going to get bitched out when I get home..." Or, do you want your lover to acutally come to miss your presence throughout the course of the evening?

I am SO happily single because I have this mindset. Nobody in town will abide by it. Leaving me absolutely free to be me. So, no. Don't expect this system to cater to your petty, conditioned desires to control another person because it will not. No instant gratification here, and you are all the better for it.

I understand what you mean, Michael, to be "in love". But because the majority of people have a very twisted and sadistic definition of that, I refuse to ever use the word "love" when refering to a prospective romantic connection, at least. What it means is to them is too often what it does not mean by my terms, the dictionary or otherwise.
This lack of communication in the beginning breeds vampirism.

" But I thought you said you loved me..." seems to readily translate to ," You mean you don't wanna kiss my ass?"

And lets not repeat the cycle. Lets not get into yet another megalith of a relationship on the basis of " Dammit, you are gonna love me MY way!" I have actually heard these words before...

I often equate the word "Love" with the word " shit". It's simple, convenient, requires no explanation and can be used for anything at all in a sentence.

Ask me to show you love and I hand you a mirror. Not my job.

At 14/2/07 11:27 AM, Anonymous said...

here's very insightful article on economic vampirism/parasitism
government/finance/insurance/ being parasites on "real" economy

At 14/2/07 7:44 PM, Anonymous said...

michael about six months ago i tried salvia for the first time (20x extract) and i saw what i can only describe as 2 ticks clinging to my mind i was viewing my body not my eyes but somehow i could see my head/mind from the outside and on either side was a creature one was grey and the other was brown and they where manipulating my memory and thoughts to feed off my negative energy.

its kind of hard to talk about because anyone else would dismiss it as being a chemical effect or a figment of my imagination. im sure it was real.the freedom i felt moments after that was one of joy i had broken into another space/dimension and i felt so energized it was unreal i had almost became a different person but i was still in my house just a very vibrant new house. when i went outside i saw my street was made of light not bricks and cement and that the people were also made of light. moments after that i came down and i was back into the rut of negative thinking

this wasn't my first breakthrough experience but the first one that i saw those entities clinging to me it was very strange and a little distressing as i couldn't just swat them off.

have you heard of any means of cleansing the mind or is it up to each individual to fight this battle?

i found your site two weeks ago and you have helped me put alot into perspective.

i know that my personal experience has little to do with you and the community at large but it was a confirmation for me that psychic/emotional vampirism is real and that it has a form or a face.

i think you and others like you will become a beacon of light for those that have yet to find the path before 2012

thank you.

At 14/2/07 9:18 PM, president_poo said...


"David Icke seems to publicly promote Holocaust denial. All very well in an esoteric non-reality...

quickly followed with

"As for vampiric parents: sad but true, they're out there"

"Holocaust denial" is a strong term for questioning how the holocaust took place and how the "holocaust industry" is being used to manipulate peoples emotions. your reality allows for condeming people as the living dead, feeding off the healthy, as normal, and questioning zionism as something that should not be made into reality?

I shall keep the idea of psychic vampires in "esoteric non reality"
It to me is a metaphor with as many flaws as many other metaphors.

I know for a fact that one person can bring down another, and the situation has to resolved, with compassion hopefully. But the mindset of identifying potential vampires reminds me of the witchhunts, and worrying if you are one yourself, sounds like transference of a different problem entirely.

Anon; I don't for a minute think I know whats best for you in your situation, and you didn't even recieve advice on this page, but theres no IQ test to view an internet page and oversimplify its advise.

Don't abandon reason! You knew you were a victim of psychic vampirism because "you went through you life knowing things weren't right, but not knowing why".

If the book you read would have been from the 'left behind series' you'd probably be on their website right now, or dreaming of moving to california, not alaska

I just feel that this is a dangerous idea; but you've read the book, not me.
I'm not in the game of flaming people and their beliefs, I just came to this page and didn't see any opposition or questioning of this mode of thought and it worried me. you answer reassured me somewhat and I see how me saying you abandoned your mother could have been offensive, it wasn't intended to be.

At 14/2/07 9:26 PM, Anonymous said...

On a completely different note - I'd like to ask a question about a type of vampirism that hasn't been discussed and if in fact it is vamparism???

About 1.5 to 2 years ago I was asked to join a spiritual development group. Which sounded fine initially. We were supposed to be all equals in this group and all take turns in leading etc. Unfortunately one individual who has led these types of groups before, started to take over and quietly tried to undermine others who led with looks of disapproval. Well fortunately I'm not easily put off by others disapproval (although I did stop attending this group - it wasn't for me - too much ego involved).

My question though, is about an attack that I think took place while I was sleeping, ie.. in my dreams.

I had a dream after starting this group that the "leader" had visited me in my dreams and was surrounding me in a black mist (which felt like it was suffocating me). I woke up with a start and immediately left my room and meditated in the lounge. I felt like I'd had 'life force' squeezed out of me (that's the only way I can explain it). So I meditated and regrouped my energy and then protected myself energetically against this person (which I continued to do for about six months after leaving the group - just to be safe).

Normally I'd dismiss this situation as a bad dream that I'd had - but it felt so real. Then, as one of the ladies in the group explained to me one day (within a week after my dream) that this 'leader' had had a dream about me needing to 'protect myself' I got very suspicious that I was being attacked energetically, on purpose, as I slept by this person. Who was now covering her tracks, because maybe she realised that I knew what was going on!! Does that sound paranoid?

Is this type of attack actually possible? I'd really like to know what others think and if they've had a similar experience. Or am I reading too much into a dream?

As an aside, I tend to have extremely realistic dreams that are difficult to dismiss as just dreams. However, I've never had a dream like this where I felt I was being attacked!

At 15/2/07 7:10 AM, mtsar said...

i cannot comment on individual cases. that is not my job. i merely point out details of the subject. it is for others to judge whether or not it is happening within their lives.

moreover, there are many forms of weird behavior, and psychopathic behavior, which are not necessarily vampirism. there is a laundry list of demented behavior some of which have vampirisitic aspects, and some which dont. we all drain little bits of energy from others, even in a normal conversation.

but accusing people of vampirism is a way for a lot of people to escape from personal responsibility.

the worst cases occur mostly in intitmate domestic settings, not with casual acquaintances or chance meetings. that kind of attack, for the most part, is not severe. its when it goes on in a domestic setting, constantly, over a long period of time.

we have to be corded to the vampire. meaning, we have to be emotionally attached to them, for it to be of the lethal variety. this does not mean that others to whom you are not emotionally connected cannot psychically attack you. they can. but it is not the same thing as vampirism. a person thinking badly of you, is a form of psychic attack. and there is nothing that you can do about it. you can only surmise that these kinds of things happen, and clean your aura daily, just as one would wash off the day's dirt with water. that takes care of a lot. in the end its all attitude.

a vampristic attack is not the same thing as just meeting some freak who could do with a brain, and some social skills, or whose behavior stinks. its quite a different matter. the most beautiful people in the world - elegant, charming, evervescent, and alluring, can be the worst vampires on earth.

At 15/2/07 8:15 AM, Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Thought provoking. I guess it's safe to say, using your description of vampirism, that the dream didn't fall within those guidelines. So that's cleared it up for me. Thanks.

At 15/2/07 8:56 AM, Anonymous said...

President_Poo - just so there's no 'more' confusion, I didn't take offense about you misunderstanding my initial comment and thinking that I'd abandoned my mum. I did however, take offense at the implication that I was some sort of mindless groupie who was relying on anothers advice and/or approval. I've worked so hard at becoming my own person, that the implication bothered me a great deal. I won't even bother responding to the other insults about my IQ and moving to California. I'm going to choose, instead, to end this nonsense.

To everyone else - my very first comment was aimed at highlighting the fact that these vampiristic energy exchanges can result in others sustaining good health (at your expense) and yet when you withdraw that energy source, it can result in the vampires actual physical decline. This can result in feelings of guilt and you must resist the urge to go backwards due to feeling guilty. That's all I was trying to contribute.

At 15/2/07 3:15 PM, Anonymous said...

Any suggested methods for cleansing one's aura? Also, is the aura related to the inner energy of the body (e.g. chi, prana)? Would the aura be an extension of this energy or a reflection of it?

At 15/2/07 3:58 PM, hrblsh said...

thanks for the contribution. at least you have something positive to say.

At 15/2/07 10:40 PM, haveselfwilltravel said...

I've read in many now classic psychology text books and witnessed in my own families the workings of energy vampirism. How certain family member's health collapse drastically and suddenly after a formerly "good" energy supplier choose the "selfish traitor" path. In my view parents who don't vampire their adult children are the exception - some even train the weaker children to vampire the strongest child as a lifelong "divine right". Taxation of the Soul training starts early. And then people grow up and spread the unexamined vampiring virus into their workplace and marriages and children. And political policies. And when the energy suppliers at home all drained they invent divine right to tax the evil overseas... If only people could see the direct link of life force, human blood and oil.

In a vampire system, someone (else) always has to pay.

The "soul sharing" phenomenon is too real, if we care to take note. But as some suggested here, are we projecting imagined evil onto others and oursevles? Possible. But I got a sense that those who come here lie in the energy supplier end of the vampires-energisers continumm. If one's truly balanced, this discussion here should generate curious self-examining or some amusement, but certainly not strong reactions one way or the other. It's not like anyone here is selling a club membership or fix-all drug to cure vampire virus....

To me the whole point is about becoming aware of the Unseen Energy. How it moves inour everyday world. How it affects our health and wealth, if not spirit. Unless we live in a cave in Siberia, we do afterall unintentionally have energy exchanges everyday, with people at home, with strangers. Some of these are bound to be benefiting, some mutual, some draining, and some outrightly violating. Seems to me it's aggressive drainers and violaters we're addressing here...specifically, those disguised as benefitial...

"I impose guidelines for you because you don't know what's good for you"
"I need your time/attention/resourses because I love you"
"I'm concerned that you're becoming more selfish"
"It's lonely at the top, you know"
"Why do you only think of yourself?
"Do you have to always feel so good? Can't you see so and so is suffering?"

Soul taxation is more lethal than income tax, because it's written into one's emotional self when it's still young and susceptible. The amazing vampire weapon of guilt, and shame...becomes "divine duty", not to self, but to others.

In Alice Miller's classic, Drama of the Gifted Child, those in helping/ therapy profession are encouraged to actively and regularly clean up their own latent vampiring/ dumping tendency, nicely and professionally called transferance and countertransferance. Therapists or priests or gurus are what we look for to fill in for our unsatisfying parents. But most people, hungry for love and basic nurturing, sometimes forget these replacement parebts are mere humans, who have addressed/ unaddressed need to feel and emote too. They cannot possibly be all-accepting and all-loving. Was Alice Miller guilty of witch-hunting her own profession or is she just being pernetratingly honest of the professional healers, how they could become time/ attention/ resourse hungry parent to their children patients?

But why should anyone worry if one could afford endless "loving compassion" and "energy"?

Because, at the end of the day, someone else still has to pay. And it's not that God out there. The ultimate energy suppliers think they are "free energy generator" and "love giver" human gods, but one of these fine days, they will realise, to the vampires they are just a street side trash bin and an auto teller machine. All very convenient things to have around, especially if it exist in one human, and is always available! Love? The vampires don't even laugh, they just smirk at that.

"Vain stupid human..."

And if these self-professed human gods have a "lover" or a "even greater human god" in their life, they might also discover, that this person actually serves as their trash bin or emergency ATM.

I'm not saying that mutually healing and energising relationships do not exist, they do. I'm glad I have one or two of those in my life. Nor am I suggesting that humans cannot evolve to become true Unconditional Lover Givers, but I just know I'm not one of those rare 0.000000001% human gods.

Who knows, this could be my paranoic inner outer witch-hunting, or objective observation of a universal human condition. But what I do know, that I didn't know as much, is that I'm more human than I once thought. And that's actually quite ok...

At 16/2/07 7:14 AM, Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

I'm not sure whether this belongs in this or the relationship blog.

Its something called "Bait and Switch" which has happened to me many times but which I am only now seeing.

Where a woman that I've just met recently and don't know very well will unsolicited compliment me, want to meet up with me, and give every indication that they really like me.

Then when I develop feelings for her. CUT - She no longer wants anything to do with me. And afterwards I've seen the same women doing this serially with a number of men.

Is this a form of vampirism to get the victim to "fall" in this case in so called "love" and then discard and onto the next victim or should I put this down to the strange vagaries of Man/Woman relationships?



At 16/2/07 8:41 AM, mtsar said...

yes, it seems to fit a vampiristic pattern. remember, above all things, that vampires have no inner light or love. they are incapable of care because they are self-murdered people. so they feed off the light of others. however, needing light and warmth and care from others, needing to live in the luminescence of someone who is real and true, although vital to them, can backfire sometimes. sometimes the light of the person they seek out is TOO strong.

we are all mirrors of each other, for the most part. and sometimes people dont like what they know they might get to see about themselves in the mirror of another.

so, this is what might be happening. not that they are too aware of it. a lot of this happens unconsciously. moreover, you may simply be being protected by your own dont fret over this kind of predicament. your ass might be better off not having these kinds of people around. if they meet you and then get side-tracked, it might be a great boon. you never know.

At 16/2/07 10:45 AM, Anonymous said...

Yes, Thanks for the perspective.

I think as a result of your blog, I shall pay a lot more attention to what is going on around me and inside me during social interactions. Also question my own needs as well.

This very interesting stuff.

Excellent Blogg.



At 16/2/07 3:53 PM, Anonymous said...,1.html

At 16/2/07 10:33 PM, Anonymous said...

Another interesting link in the chain of understanding energy vampires and how to protect yourself, I believe, is the study of emotional energies directed at water crystals (refer to Masaru Emoto's book called 'The Hidden Messages in Water' for more info). If the human being is mostly water - then we can only assume that over long periods of time of having negative energy being aimed in our direction, especially from those we have strong energetic links to, we will be adversely affected by it.

Unless of course we become aware of what's happening and choose to alter the energies around us on a conscious level. Just a thought.

At 17/2/07 9:30 AM, mtsar said...

yes, the right usage of water's many properties can be a great healing aid...

At 18/2/07 10:31 AM, Anonymous said...

I'd like to respond to Anon, who said : "Any suggested methods for cleansing one's aura? Also, is the aura related to the inner energy of the body (e.g. chi, prana)? Would the aura be an extension of this energy or a reflection of it?"

With regards to cleansing your aura, it's really just a visualisation process. If you meditate at all, this should be an easier process. If not, it may take some practice. Try to visualise your aura in your minds eye (with your eyes closed) and 'look' for areas of dullness or dark patches. When these are found pour white or violet coloured light into these areas until they no longer exist. A quicker version is to visualise the water in your daily shower as the white or violet light and 'see' it washing the negativity down the plug hole. If you have difficulty 'visualising' try to feel the experience instead. These are just two of many ways to do this exercise. There are all sorts of books on this kind of thing. But basically most people will get a few ideas and then design their own version (one that works for them).

White light is a good protective colour. However, I've recently started working with the violet light (which transmutes negativity into positivity - great for vampiristic energies - and other forms of negativity, such as self created negativity) and then using the white light to protect afterwards. This works for me, but ultimately, this process requires some self-diagnosis, you need to come up with what works for you. But the above will get you started.

Although I don't see auras myself, I believe that the aura changes very quickly and is linked very closely to our thoughts ie. if you're mad it will have a different colour to when you're calm. Therefore, I think it's safe to say that the aura does reflect the inner you. Although I also believe (from a very good spiritual healer I know) that if you heal the imbalances in the aura, they won't manifest in the physical. So I guess it's also safe to say on that assumption that although the aura reflects the inner you, it also projects back to the physical body with illnesses related to the original mental imbalances (hope I'm making sense here).

As for whether it's linked to chi/prana, I guess if we're able to visualise energy coming into the aura and making actual changes, then it's also safe to assume that the aura is also linked to the chi/prana energy. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the aura is an energetic field, which is unique and as varied as we all are, which is linked to the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Hope this helps you a little bit.

At 18/2/07 11:22 AM, mtsar said...

i prefer if peope find their own ways to deal with their own healing. one must get in touch with their own selves and their own abilities. this is the only way to strengthen psychic immunity and sovereignty, not merely apply 'advice' from others.

vampirism occurs due to the lack of selfhood. lets keep that in mind always.

At 18/2/07 1:25 PM, Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

What do you think of people who live on welfare for years and years. Is this not also another kind of vampirism (financial) on society?

Also I've met many people over the years who practice what I call "welfare spirituality".

That is to say they live on welfare, often have an apartment provided by the state, do a little part time work on the side (no taxes) and have plenty of time to indulge in whatever their brand of spirituality is -

While the rest of us succers have to provide our own income, pay for our own apartment, pay taxes and make room for our own spirituality in our free time.

I kind of think that it invalidates their spirituality. I'm not refering to people who have a short term mishap and who are on welfare, but instead those who make it a lifestyle/career path.

What do you think?



At 18/2/07 2:30 PM, mtsar said...

that is a little too general...there are all sorts of reasons why people might have to do that.

but i take your meaning. and yes, this is a key way that people escape from their dharma. its important to work, and to find out what one is good at, and pursue it. to live of anyone is not good. it comes from a lot of negative ideas about oneself, or one's caste.

but there are a lot of reasons why a man may believe that he is owed something by others, or by the system. and these ideas are of course not legitimate.

the government makes it worse by idiotic ideas about helping others to the point of obscenity. so it is really a fault of the system, to burden a country with immigrants, instead of working to aid those countries from afar. or at least if the world bank gave up raping the third world, we would see those countries doing fine legally and economically, and their people staying put, not immigrating to burden other smaller, more vulnerable, lands.

i am a segregationist, out and out, and do not believe in the incessant or excessive mixing of races. nature can always cope with a certain amount of miscegeny, but not the the extremes we have it today, which the Fabians and their cronies have made everyone believe is just so dandy and wonderful...

At 19/2/07 1:31 PM, Anonymous said...


We’re told that there are only three races, Negroid, Caucasoid, and Mongoloid on this planet. Do you subscribe to this theory or do you believe there to be subgroups or even other distinct races? Also, when you say that you are a segregationist, do you mean that people should only mix/marry/breed within the three groups listed above? Do you consider yourself a product of an interracial union, and, if so, is there anything you feel you might have gained/lost by this union? I don’t mean for this to be a heavy pro/con discussion of racial issues, I’m just trying to understand race on Earth in terms of previous outside influences and where we as humans stand at this time on our planet. Thanks.

At 19/2/07 10:18 PM, mtsar said...

as i have said innumerable times here and elsewhere, i dont deal with the racial question. its not my forte and that is not where the answers lie.

moreover, i dont discuss my personal life. my father had norwegian ancestors, my mother indo-aryan, so there is a lot of compatibility there as well as difference. but its just one example of mixing from millions of others.

to me the racial question is meaningless. i am against immigration for the reasons already pointed out, one's which should be obvious to any sane person observing what is happening in the world.

At 20/2/07 5:14 AM, Anonymous said...

Hi Michael, just wondering what your thoughts are on the sexual abuse of children, with regards to vampirism. Especially that carried out over a long period of time, and whether it falls within the category of vampirism or some other form of energy abuse.

Do you believe there is a difference energy wise, from the above type of long term abuse, as opposed to a one off offense, such as rape?

I'd just like to know if there's a some way of knowing whether you've actually dealt with a traumatic childhood, from an energetic point of view. Because there's a tendency to dismiss it as no big deal and then it can bite you on the arse big time later on.

It would be interesting to hear your views on what you believe takes place from an energetic level. Thanks.

At 21/2/07 5:17 PM, mtsar said...

you dont expect this to be explained in a few words, do you?

as i have said, violence and expressions of dysfunction are not at all necessarily vampirism.

there are many reasons for child abuse. each case must be taken separately, as each case of vampirism must be.

i have looked a lot at the question of child abuse since the 70s, and was into studying ritual abuse long before the time of cathy o'brien and others. i know cathy and arizona and know that they are telling the truth. tedd gunderson is a good friend, and i certainly recommend that people find out about this most serious problem. i have not written on it myself, because tedd and john de camp, alex constantine and others have already done a great job in that field.

vampirism involves the misuse of emotion. and certainly there is a tie in with the abuse of children. but if your eyes are open you will see that child abuse is rampant in most families. its not only something for the headlines, and for criminal courts. it happens in the malls, in the homes, in plain view of everyone. vampirism is a crime in plain view. but no one sees it.

the kind of abuse you mean is the kind that is obvious to everyone and which is criminally obvious.

you wont get anyone into court over acts of psychic violence or vampirism.

that's the difference....its a matter of justice or the lack of it, that separates this crime from most others.

At 21/2/07 7:30 PM, haveselfwilltravel said...

vampirism is a crime in plain view. but no one sees it.

Can't be stressed more, eventhought it's been stressed many times on this blog alone.

I'm reading this book on occult psychic defense by denning and guess what - they have a huge chapter on dealing with energy drain and aura violation by family and relatives. And the most lethal psychic weapon of all? Guilt.

And who tends to have the power to implant those?

I was overtly abused as a child, the open neglect and physical scars I cannot repress even if I wanted to, so I had to face my parents' humanity and inhumanity right on, retrospectively a blessing. Still, when I thought I resolved the physically abusing parent, my mother, yet it took me another ten years to realise I was still the soul slave of my seemingly weak, "helpless victim", yet equally demanding, ruthless, soul denying father. Vampires can take many guises, charming, concerned, or pathetic. Mercy on those kids whose "we are so family oriented and caring" parents willfully yet subtly undermine, control, own, use and abuse their children for all sorts of self-gratification purposes. In the name of that magic word - love. "You do/marry this and don't do/marry that if you love your mother"

It's not about what or how much one can or cannot afford to give or your inherent compassion, we have the duty to Self to take a stand, to Not Betray Self. Permission not required, approval not sought.

For the first 20 years of human life, we all deserve unconditional love from our carer. Yet how many of us are truly free of implanted guilt? Do we pay attention to how the vampires we attract are just like our parents with a different face? And have we at some point use guilt to control another? Until we truly internalise the fact that we have sovereign right over our soul, and are intrinsically worthy of unconditional love, we risk behaving like or attracting vampires in our parent's "style"...

At 22/2/07 2:14 AM, Anonymous said...

Response to haveselfwilltravel

Unfortunately as a result of the common everyday abuse that we have all suffered from our parents and caregivers, we will have internalised those tendencies that we hated in others.

This means that even if we are somewhat conscious we are in extreme danger of perpetrating at least some of these abuses if we have children of our own.

I think as michael has stated previously, it will require a lot of internal work on ourselves to overcome this/become conscious of these tendencies in ourselves.

Interesting post.



At 22/2/07 2:33 PM, Anonymous said...

become a member of www.questia.orgis this the correct link, does not look this site is still around

At 22/2/07 9:21 PM, Sans said...

Did not know where exactly to put
this one!

But be sure to check it out!

It's an excellent high level expose of Scientology.

A typical pyramid system that has gathered some "power"
an "illuminati" organization in it's cradle stages :))

They have only a handful of people controling the real deal

An excellent parallel with secret societies and vampirism, working on all levels,.. mind,body,spirit!


Love your work Michael, thank you..

At 22/2/07 10:34 PM, mtsar said...

yes, that is the tendency. i have known a few cases in which the pattern is not repeated. but those people are special and not like most people in the world. on the whole, the cycle just keeps going, as you describe. it happens within the domestic sphere, and beyond, in the social one.

the children are the barometer of what we are inside. they are mirrors to us all.

At 22/2/07 11:29 PM, mtsar said...

then its - obviously

At 25/2/07 10:50 PM, anon said...

Interview part 2 vampirism, you said something, it went bong.
You speak of discovery of self, in the context of it being an amazing journey, and a sacred one. [Recommend people listen to this interview]
When I was going through it, I was very angry, with the outside world, Banks, Family, Work, all encroaching on my sacred space & Time. I was in at a deep level, it was fragile and delicate, beyond words, it was living art.

I was forced [always financial] to move many times over 5.5 years of internal discovery.
It occurred to me, that each time I started work seriously and to learn, the system is designed to prevent in-depth work on self-discovery.

The machinery of forcing everybody to work 40+ hours/week, is how, on mass,we [humans] are; physically; mentally; socially and spiritually attacked.
Housing is a major problem in the UKsouth, £250'000 for a 2 bed flat, half livable, 30-40 times more than my mortgage eligibility. Wages are calculated for people.
What this means is - all jobs you can think of, are assessed by a private company, they know, [Every company, yours and mine] that a mechanic can earn £10-15/hour, Taxi driving [same thing, licenses, insurance, etc] so it doesn't matter where you work in the country or what you do, you will never make enough money, not to even cover the minimum costs of living in the real world, because wages have been Pre-determined for you. It doesn’t matter what job, it has been set.
Obviously Dr’s, Lawyers and higher echelons in management are protected by the system. But this ensures the division between the minions and the bosses, because that’s the intention. To enforce the economic game presented by the private company, or the bosses, will become a minion, thus perpetuating the work enslavement on others, rather than endure the humiliation themselves.

I know this to be, as I worked on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People & First Things First, [amazing books] and when I swallowed the getting to work pill, actually doing, I decided to look at my finances in great detail. I accounted 4 every penny I earned and spent.
2006 P&L Single person cost.
And I live a Spartan existence, believe, This is the basic cost of living, the largest slice, a roof over my head. 87%
My point is, this is how they have got people and why on mass, we [humans] cannot break out. If there’s something to do, it must be to awaken everyone to this. People try to escape the systems clutches, and many do, [good for them] but most borrow on credit, & the system, sinks in its vampire chains, sucking the life force of people everywhere.

When the system is the source, people cannot see the potential they carry themselves, they can’t see their beautiful gifts, which they alone have to give to the world.
Adam and Eve be beautiful.

At 26/2/07 3:33 AM, mtsar said...

thats perfectly right, in every respect. its a war on consciousness, and i wish people would not forget that.

after all the illuminati did not create time. they dont make man age. that happens even to them. so there are many adversarial things that man needs to negotiate in his life, even if big brother did not exist. whats more, big brother exists, or at least is empowered, due to the fact that man is not psychically immune.

they may have created the conditions to dumb down men, but then these dumped down men bring up their own children to work the machine. its a feedback loop, a vicious cycle from which there is no escape.

the only answer lies in each person economizing their time, cutting out all the distraction, and getting down to what is important without interference. this means a lot of boundary setting. Without a strong sense of self, and some strong boundaries, this world will eat you alive, and steal evey minute of your time, and will exhaust you, as it has exhausted most people, the smiling depressives, walking around, waiting for the embrace of dionysus at the weekend.

At 26/2/07 11:09 AM, Anonymous said...

HI Everybody...need some info.
Was listening to recent talk by Tsarion..really good stuff on red ice..about the shadow personality.

He is making alot of sense...i have been trying to do shadow work myself.(and i apologize cause i didn't know where to stick this question i think vampirism was best...if M. Tsarion has answered these could someone direct me to the area?)

1.I know the shadow is there because i can feel it boil up in my subconscious...I have been told not to indulge the rage and anger, because it will call in more of the same, and in fact attract some kind of inorganic vampiric energy feeders.
how do i handle this?

2. I have read that these energy feeders actually can trigger and feed on these negative emotions like fear and rage..accepting them (the energy feeders) can be dangerous because it gives them "permission"..
BUT one of the ways to heal your shadow side is acceptance.
How do i tell the difference?
Can you see why i need some help here?

Thanks for any advice...
Blessings to all,

At 27/2/07 4:13 AM, mtsar said...

if an enemy is in chaos within its own walls, it makes it far easier to win over them. and its the same with people. the person that, for any reason, is in inner conflict, and who is low in energy or not clear on his own identity, can certainly be a target of those who come in for their own agenda.

At 2/3/07 10:06 AM, Anonymous said...

I think you're a psychic vampire. defend yourself

At 2/3/07 12:45 PM, mtsar said...

and this statement tells me that you are incapable of thought. better give it a try some day. but you will probably not like it. yawn.

At 2/3/07 1:57 PM, Anonymous said...

If only the witches had thought of yawning at the inquistors! If only the thought criminals had yawned at the inner party!

Many people who come here are fragile, many people who delve down the rabbit hole don't need the idea put in their head that the rut they maybe in is permenant, that they are INCURABLE!

Wanted to know if you had thought about it. guess i'll never know.

This page is full of yes men. no balance.

At 2/3/07 4:06 PM, mtsar said...

your an idiot. this page and everything else must be the way you want it, right. if its not the way you want it, its shit, right. i got a great idea for you then...

its your cuppa

At 2/3/07 4:06 PM, mtsar said...

your an idiot. this page and everything else must be the way you want it, right. if its not the way you want it, its shit, right. i got a great idea for you then...

it's your cuppa

At 3/3/07 3:22 AM, Anonymous said...

I've found that very often a persons 'concern' for someone's 'fragility' or 'vulnerability' has a lot more to do with their own 'issues' than with genuine caring.

Why not credit the readers of this blog with the ability and intelligence to make their own minds up about the validity of its content.


At 3/3/07 9:08 AM, Anonymous said...

I'm an idiot that knows the attacking techniques of the 'illuminati' far better than I hope you ever will.

Get used to idiots questioning this theory, Its repugnant.

At 3/3/07 9:58 AM, mtsar said...

no, what you are is a person, one of oh so many, who wishes they knew something, who wishes to high heaven that they were a genius, who wishes they had talent, and that people would listen to them and their ideas. that specifically defines the kind of person you are.

actually, you know very little about anything, and knowing this you have decided to spend your time sending people like me, comments like this.

sad is not the word. when they light the funeral pyres, make sure get in line up at the top of the cue. you dont want to be late for your own annihilation, given that you are already dead.

At 3/3/07 10:31 AM, Anonymous said...

Would i rather be a genius than a fool, obviously I would. would I rather be talented than talentless, obviously I would. Does this define anyone?

am I genius, no, are you? do I have talent? no. Do you?

I am a person thats been put in a living hell, by the same people you claim to be fighting! and guess what, most of people that have been in the position im in didn't have the chance to warn others, and the people that will be in my position, will damn people like me for not warning them.

'Psychic vampirism' is a metaphor for something you don't understand, and dangerous idea.

and guess what mstr, They could have me say anything they wanted, and unfortunately the same applies to everyone on the planet. Try to throw off my responsibilities? blaming others? no, this is reality now.

Because I fear others will go down the same path as me I don't genuinely care for them? Fuck off william, some of us aren't prescribing to the doctrine of the self, the doctrine of the mean pisses all over it.

At 4/3/07 3:18 AM, Anonymous said...

Reply to Anonymous

Fuck off yourself - You're so full of shit you don't even know it.

At least I put my name on my blogs.


At 4/3/07 6:48 AM, Anonymous said...

I've put my soul into my comments, alot better than putting my name(a meaningless gesture, you can tell which posts are mine).

Agree with the idea or not, its now part of your mindset. Good luck forgetting it.

Full of shit? what? pretentiousness, ignorance, bravado, lies? unfortunately not. If any thing I'm not communicating successfully, and if I'm guilty of anything, its attention seeking.

At 4/3/07 7:24 AM, Anonymous said...

Reply to Anonymous

....And attention seeking is another form of vampirism, getting a persons attention(energy).


At 4/3/07 11:04 AM, Anonymous said...

how on earth do you figure that I'm benefitting from disagreeing with you!

At 4/3/07 5:10 PM, Anonymous said...

I have a lot of neck pain and stiffness from fibromyalgia for so many years now (at least that is what I am told it is). I have been doing this trigger point self massage on my neck and the interesting thing about this is that I have been getting so many vivid and viscerally emotional flashbacks to some of the times in my young life when I was undergoing abuse, both physical and emotional and then also the pain of just that rushing sound of deafening silence from living with parents who lived a daily life so separated from their own pain and true self that they were like dissociated. You know the cold hard slaps in the face life gives to us all.

This has been very ...not even sure what the right word is but it brings back emotions that I had submerged so well that now that I wanted to bring them back and review them I was having trouble but the massage seems to bring them back in memories and feelings that are just like they were back then and it is very educational now. It is as if the pain had been stored into the soft tissue there and now is being released. Just thought that this was interesting experience and wondering if anyone else experienced anything like this as well?

At 6/3/07 3:05 PM, Armanno said...

This idea seems very similar to what Colin Wilson writes about in his book "The Mind Parasites" except he points out that the "Macrobes" or Vampires as we call them here may have been created deliberately to Aid in man's evolution of conciousness.

“I have another theory, which is so absurd that I hardly dare to mention it. This is that the mind vampires are, without intending it, the instruments of some higher force. They may, of course, succeed in destroying any race that becomes their host. But if, by any chance, the race should become aware of the danger, the result is bound to be the exact opposite of what is intended. One of the chief obstacles to human evolution is man’s boredom and ignorance, his tendency to drift and allow tomorrow to take care of itself. In a certain sense, this is perhaps a greater danger to evolution---or at least, a hindrance---than the vampires themselves. Once a race becomes aware of these vampires, the battle is already half won. Once man has a purpose and a belief, he is almost invincible. The vampires might serve, therefore, to inoculate man against his own indifference and laziness…”

This idea also seems very similar to what Casteneda speaks about in his Don Juan book in the chapter " The Mud Shadows"

Is it at all possible that vampiric macrobic entities were tasked with the purpose of creating a resistance against man's evolution?

At 6/3/07 7:56 PM, haveselfwilltravel said...

There are vampires, and there are fleas.

Fleas cause instant annoying sensation. We can choose to ignore them, or kill them.

Vampires are something else. Not only they try not to annoy, they offer instant high. For an even higher price, to be paid later.

Apparently, only the false part of our ego experiences instant high. The authentic self is totally self-satisfied, and doesn't need to get high, for it's the higher self personified...

And yeah, one of the many ways of exorcising infested vampires and decording is through bodywork therapies. Feelings of anger, guilt, or shame are always corded to someone, and ended up as sore points in the body. It's up to the self to keep the cord, or unplug.

At 7/3/07 8:01 AM, mtsar said...

yep, very right

At 7/3/07 11:54 AM, Anonymous said...

HSWT: And yeah, one of the many ways of exorcising infested vampires and decording is through bodywork therapies. Feelings of anger, guilt, or shame are always corded to someone, and ended up as sore points in the body. It's up to the self to keep the cord, or unplug.

I am the trigger point person again. I did not explain myself as well as I wanted before. What I mean to say is that along with the vivid memories and emotions, now comes a greater clarity of those times and the events.

I can see the part that I played in my miseries as well as seeing others and their true roles far more clearly and it has been of such great benefit to me as I have felt so blind about those times. It is like a gift really. It just comes on in waves now.

MT talked earlier about needing to pick the pepper out of the pasta and for me I think this body work is part of that process, a very suprising part for I had not expected this result.

At 9/3/07 4:11 PM, Jzen said...

Reading this part of the blog reminded me of something similar and I wish to share it with you.

About a month ago I had a fairly busy work week and was finalizing the major job of the three going on. When I woke up on the day of I felt spaced out. In fact I would best describe it as if I was walking through water, or my body and my being having 20 meters of space between them.

As I was finishing up, everything that could go wrong, did. My tools weren’t working properly, I couldn’t think nor could I perform my tasks with ease the way I usually can.

Then all of a sudden I went from spaced out to temporarily insane. I started smashing my tools on the counter and threw one across the room. This made me realize, “hey I don’t act like this.” So I took a break and while sitting all I could think of was how great it would be to kill myself. Again I thought, “Hey what’s going on here? This isn’t me!”

I called a friend who would be able to help with this kind of thing, she does energy work. I got her machine, so I left her a message to call me ASAP and asked my guides what to do.

They said, “Play guitar!” I went to my room and started playing guitar. This actually started to ground me and made me feel better. I had an epiphany; music is the key to life.

My friend calls me and I tell her what’s going on. She says some spirit entity was attacking me. She didn’t know why or how but did some corrections on me. And I was fine after that.

It was the weirdest thing because I’ve never experienced that before. Also, I’m not on a low level of consciousness that would resonate with those types of energy. Maybe it was the stress from the jobs, I dunno.

Playing music allowed me to connect to my higher self, and inspiration flowed through me, thus raising my vibration.

At 9/3/07 7:09 PM, Derek II said...

Hi Michael, this is my first blog post and I got a question. I have reason to beleive that both my parents are psychic vampires, if not that my mother for sure. I don't get along with my parents, I never really have. I've never felt comfortable when with them, around them, talking to them, or especially if they touch me, (hand on shoulder). I have been observing their behavior, what they say and do for about the last year. About the same time I discoverd who MICHAEL TSARION was lol :) So after Ive been observing them for a while, I can't decribe their behavior than any other than insane and wicked.Not entirely, but mostly. For most of my brother's upbringing and mine, we've always felt like, slaves... Only acknowledged when needed to serve them for some useless purpose, they could of done by themselves. Communication is bad between us. They don't understand or want to understand mostly of anything I try to show them. Even with simple sentences, cant get a straight awnser, too confusing for them, pshhh. One example of why I have this hunch about my parents is this. So lets say we are out eating at a resturant. We sit in a booth, or table or what ever. But if I sit next to my mother. I can literally feel this bad energy on the side next to me where she sits. I always want to wipe it off me but nothing is there. I seriously feel like I have dirt on me and I feel dirty and I just want to go outside and get some air or take a shower or somethin. I could be wrong, but from what I've seen, they fit the description. My mother is a teacher, retired, now teaching again (alcoholic). She is the smug, edit the world for the one season world type, shes die hard catholic, eww. My father is a lawyer. My brother and I were both adopted at birth. My life has been very difficult, I've been through depression a couple times. But then those things inside of us that we always speak of started to wake up. And started to remind me, " Hey, don't worry, ever, cause its just a ride. :)" And I've been in the path of light ever since. I just wanted some feedback about my hunch. What you thought? Like you said before you don't give advice. I understand that. I'm 21 1/2 and I'm also a starchild 100% sure. If you follow Dr. Boylan's work. Making me excellent light juice for vampires... eeek

Derek II

At 10/3/07 12:32 PM, mtsar said...

you DONT understand it, because you are asking for feedback and advice. why do you lie to yourself, and live in contradiction. not you, but most people. hypocrisy is so easy, it seems. we have grown so used to lying to ourselves.

i dont give advice on personal situations that i know nothing about. i provide some guidelines about this fascinating subject because i believe that humanity needs to start understanding the true nature of violence and crime on this planet. but i am not a brain for others, and will not do people's thinking for them.

life is a great mystery to which there may or may not be an answer. if a man is not in truth, and of truth, it matters not that life is a mystery, since he will never know the answer. this is the predicament of most of the world. most people will never qualify to know diddly about life's mysteries.

the vampire is just a person who knows this fact, more than others, and has reconciled to this fact. life then becomes reduced to simple survival which embodies more things than we often think. survival is based on the use of other lifeforms.

people can vampirize with a single look. have you not noticed that? few people have. and it is now time to start finding out. there are greater wars going on around you than you imagine. the illuminati did not create life, destiny, death, age or time. they may have added to the obstacles which stand in the way of a man on his way through life, but there are many more adversarial actions than anything they have made manifest.

what good are my words about your parents? parents are roles...and within those roles, and in the name of those roles, untold crimes are committed.

this is what i have said. its for people to examine their own lives and come to discover what is what. before a man can discover the meaning of life, he must discover the meaning of HIS life, his very own life.

if he has emotional attachments he cannot even begin the process. he might as well sit in front of the tv with a newspaper and a remote control for the rest of his life.

study these people you call parents, and see how they live their lives, how they have chosen to live, or more correctly, how they have contrived to avoid living. how do they use people, and things, and how to they relate to the past and the present and the future to maintain their ideas of reality, and of themselves? study the inauthentic life and get yourself as far from it as you possibly can, thanking these examples of the lie for your guidance to that place of truth.

and remember above all things, that your journey has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else. it will change the world, but dont make that your concern. do it for yourself. make it a gift that you give to yourself. it is the one thing that can never be shared.


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