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Martin F. Abernathy
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From:  "James Whisler" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date:  Sun Jun 10, 2001  9:19 pm
Subject:  Fw: Defamation of Fritz Springmeier





 An answer to John S. Torell&#8217;s article &#8220;Fritz Springmeier&#8212;another 
human tragedy.&#8221;
By Fritz Springmeier.

      Christ asked us to submit to defamatory statements, yet at times men of God
such as Paul had to defend themselves, and set the record straight. I&#8217;m
relieved that our time period is not as harsh in its punishments of libelous
statements as some. In old Iceland, if a person called someone a coward, they
had the right to legally kill their accuser. However the old Norman approach
might be fun. The Normans made a false accuser stand in the town center and
hold his nose and confess, &#8220;I&#8217;m a liar, I&#8217;m a liar.&#8221;  The Word 
of God teaches
that God will eventually judge every idle and malicious word we speak. Christ
warned that calling someone a fool could bring God&#8217;s total judgment.

      Recently a slanderous article came out about me by John S. Torell. He quotes a
number of scriptures and encourages the readers to reject me. However, if the
truth about me is known (and I can certainly prove my case) then the
scriptures that Torell quotes actually condemn him for spreading pure
unadulterated slanderous lies. If you are to follow Torell&#8217;s advice to shun
someone with bad fruit then you must shun Torell himself, for he has been the
perfect example of what he warns us about.

      I wish I could say I was surprised at John S. Torell&#8217;s eighteen pages of
slanderous lies but I am not. I am not the first person to be on the receiving
end of John Torell. I have only met the man one day of my life, and during
that entire day he was throwing a temper tantrum like a 3 year old in front of
hundreds of people who came to a conference with several speakers. I was very
embarrassed that a man who represents himself as a Christian minister would
throw such a childish temper tantrum because he didn&#8217;t get to speak in the
room he wanted.

      Before I give a point-by-point rebuttal to the lies Torell is spreading, I
want to hold up the Word of God. I was very pleased that Torell quoted the
Word of God. The Word of God is a two-edged sword and when Torell quotes 1 Tim
6:3-6 about men who carry out &#8220;evil surmisings&#8230;perverse disputing of men of
corrupt minds and destitute of the truth&#8230;&#8221;  those scriptures describe 
himself perfectly. Torell quotes a verse about men who &#8220;cause divisions and
deceive the hearts of the simple&#8230;&#8221; Again this is exactly what Torell is 
He calls for us to reject those with pride and have ministers who are &#8220;not
being lifted up with pride&#8221;.  I have met many ministers in my life, and during
the day I was around Torell, he was obnoxiously full of pride.
Torell gets his information from Ron Patton, my ex-wife, and probably Kurt
Billings, and who knows whom else. There is a saying &#8220;garbage in, garbage
out.&#8221;  Torell has been fed garbage and because he wanted garbage, he has
digested it, and then spewed this garbage out to the rest of the unsuspecting

      Torell accuses me of adultery. He brings no witnesses to this. He brings no
evidence of this. He just pops off and spews this slander.  While he accuses
me of being a lose cannon, Christian ministers should have evidence before
they begin publicly accusing another Christian, or as far as that goes, before
they accuse anyone. Torell is indeed a loose cannon. There is no evidence of
his accusation, because it is a lie. In fact, within his own article is
information that will help you see the lie. Before I began helping Cisco, I
met with her husband privately and got his permission to work with her. Later,
after my wife divorced me, I moved into their house with her husband&#8217;s prior
permission. When he died in June, 1999, I moved out. The entire time I was
with Cisco, I worked with her husband and he never voiced any complaint to me
about me. When people accused me of adultery to his face, he refused to
believe their lies and continued to be my friend.  As he got worse physically,
I was one of the people who cared for him, and took him to the doctor.

      Torell claims that I discourage victims of mind-control so that they give up 
commit suicide or return to their handlers.  There are a number of victims out
there who will testify on my behalf. They can testify that I gave them help as
best as I could, and never charged them a penny. In fact, besides the
thousands of hours I have sacrificed trying to help these people, I have given
gifts to victims of mind-control. I constantly encouraged Cisco, gave her
hope, and protected her. The incredible things that I have gone through to
help victims of mind-control would fill books. I have never intentionally
discouraged anyone, nor has anyone I worked with ever committed suicide. I
have seen people who gave me information be killed. Why were they killed?  I
have seen many attempts on my own life, as well as countless attacks on my
reputation by people like Torell. Torell has no idea of what I have been
doing, but he is willing to discredit me. For all of those people who have
received help from me, how do they feel to see people who claim to be
Christians attacking me. Do you think they want to associate with the
Christian people, when they observe the cruel lies that people like Torell
dish out? They could get that kind of back stabbing by staying in their cult.

      There is plenty of hope in my books on mind-control, and many victims of
mind-control have gained some hope from them. Some have sent me donations to
spread the books to others who don&#8217;t have money. But Torell would like to keep
them from my information. Who is stealing these people&#8217;s hope?  Again, we see
the things Torell accused me of, he is the guilty party.

      Torell claims that I was very angry at him for his article about Johnny Todd.
I can see how the frankness of my letter might be misinterpreted, but I was in
no way angry with him, and treated Torell with kindness and respect when I met
him. Torell must have a guilty conscience or a chip on his shoulder to react
the way he did. Will Torell repent like he loudly advises for the victims he
slanders, or will he continue to inundate us with more lies?
I have repeatedly come to the defense of Christian brothers who have been
slandered, and in the case of Todd, it was important that Todd&#8217;s message not
be lost. Todd, to the best of my knowledge, ended up giving his life and
reputation for that message. Torell writes, &#8220;I can understand the frustration
that Pastor Rasmussen must have gone through, with not only Fritz attacking
him, but also Jack Chick&#8230;&#8221;  More lies, I&#8217;m surprised Torell 
doesn&#8217;t have a
nose as long as a broom.  I never attacked Roland Rasmussen. I have the utmost
respect for the man, and Pastor Rasmussen has told me personally on several
occasions he has a lot of respect for me. Roland was willing to learn from my
information; and he realized that because he and others didn&#8217;t understand the
mind-control and M.P.D. (aka DID), the strange things Todd said and did were
not well understood. Anyone is quite welcome to call Roland Rasmussen and ask
him about how he feels toward Todd and me. You will not find any bitterness,
you will not hear any of the outrageous lies that Torell vomits, but instead
you will find a devote man of God who loves the King James Bible. Roland did
confront Todd with his contradictory statements, but he did it in love, and he
was also humble enough to be willing to consider that his conclusions about
Todd were wrong. That is something Torell has not been.

      I give 5 tools for people to protect themselves from media deception. Torell
claims that these tools are tricky double talk that comes from intelligence
services. Wrong, they are tools that have been recognized by sincere
Christians before I recognized them. Some of them have been taught in the
Basic Youth Seminars to sincere audiences of hundreds of thousands of
Christians. I don&#8217;t base truth on numbers, and I didn&#8217;t give these tools
because they were popular, I gave them because they are scriptural. For
instance, there are biblical proverbs that are generalized truths, that should
not be understood as specific for every event. If one understands that the
proverb is meant in a general way, it frees the believer to trust God. The
media often takes a specific case and tries to generalize it or vice versa.
This is not the place to write a book or even an article defending these
tools, the wise won&#8217;t need such a book for these tools are honest tools, and
fools won&#8217;t heed what I have to say about them anyway. Torell claims that
these came from the intelligence services and people in the occult. It is
possible that these people also know how to cut through the baloney of life
and have also discovered them. However, I tend to think that Torell made this
outrageous claim without any foundation. I would be interested: where in the
occult world have they ever stated these tools for exposing deception? It&#8217;s
possible that the world also found these truths; even sinners can know
truthful things. However, I didn&#8217;t go to the world to discover them, I found
them as a follower of Christ seeking truth, and I will be happy to explain
them to other truth seekers who know that truth can be found.

      Torell claims &#8220;But he [Fritz] tells them there is no real 
truth&#8230;&#8221; Is this
really what I&#8217;ve said?  For my entire adult Christian life I have boldly
proclaimed that there is a real truth. For that bold stand, I have been
ostracized in churches, in schools, and in other arenas. Now, Torell comes
along and claims that what I&#8217;ve suffered for I never said. I challenge Torell
to find any statement to support his claim. There is a real truth, and the
real truth in this matter is that Torell has made another bold face lie. As an
example of what I&#8217;ve preached look at my Prophecy Club video tape where I
present several of my overheads which talk about truth&#8212;not some relative
truth&#8212;but truth that you can count on. Then to cover up his bold lie, Torell
misuses a scripture, which he pretends proves me wrong, which talks about how
we should be frank and honest. The scripture says nothing about understanding
the deeper things. There are numerous scriptures, which teach that there are
deeper things. As we grow in understanding we understand love, grace and faith
and many other things much deeper. What I wrote was in line with Scripture. I
wrote about understanding, not about communication. But who has been dishonest
in his communication, Torell or me? The verse Torell quoted in Matthew teaches
us to be honest and frank, and Torell has once again been on the wrong side of
the scripture he tries to use against me.

      Torell says that people who have given him information about me have been
afraid they would be killed if I found out who they were.  Almost every
slanderous lie under the sun has been told about me, and no one has ever been
hurt or even threatened by me. None of these anonymous slanderers can come up
with anything original.  I believe that the real reason these persons don&#8217;t
want to stand behind their statements with their names is that what they say
are lies and they don&#8217;t have the guts to lie in public.

      Some papers have a policy that if a letter comes to their newspapers without a
name they will not print it because it is a poor policy to allow people to
make negative statements without anything behind it. In a court of law, the
person charged gets to see his assailants. However, Jesus was hit while he
could not see his assailants, and then mocked. This is what has gone on in my
life too. My wife commented upon seeing Torell&#8217;s article that &#8220;He and these
other people are like mosquitoes that buzz around your head preventing you
from doing the work God called you to.&#8221; After patiently allowing these
mosquitoes to buzz around my head for years, I&#8217;ve begun telling the truth
about these ungodly liars. I will continue to tell the truth about them, as
long as they continue their lies about me.

      Torell claims that all these accusations he has made were 
That claim is easy for Torell to make because he obviously isn&#8217;t concerned
with the truth. Already, I have shown the reader numerous boldfaced malicious
lies. Torell&#8217;s style of writing should give away his lack of fairness and
impartiality. Although he tries to put a veneer of Christianity on his
writing, he misuses Scriptures and displays a total lack of the fruits of the
Spirit. Torell never tried to learn my side of things. Torell claims that he
has an affidavit that &#8220;refutes all accusations against him.&#8221; In this case,
Torell builds what is called a straw man. That means something easy to tear
down. There is no way any paper could refute all the lies spread about me.
That could easily take a book.

      Torell claims I try to defend myself by destroying the credibility of the
witnesses against me, and he implies that this is a dirty tactic. The
credibility of a witness is important in a search for truth, but obviously it
isn&#8217;t for Torell. Torell has been willing to pass on any lie that has come
down the pike without asking if his witnesses were credible. Because of this
short sidedness Torell has accepted the statements of a thief, and worse.
It is obvious that some of the information Torell uses came from a man named
Ron Patton. (There are many instances, but for one instance, Ron has tried to
misquote my Vol. 2 book to make it sound like I slipped up and claimed to be
programmed, and his twisted logic is repeated in Torell&#8217;s article.) Ron Patton
has pretended to be a Christian. He pretended to be my friend, and told my
wife lies for two years to get her to divorce me. This is the kind of man
Torell uses against me. Ron told me that he would help me by storing some
boxes of books. I had several thousand of my books entitled The Watchtower &
the Masons printed, and Ron stored many of the new books. He gave me part of
what he had and then lied to me that he had given them all to me. He kept
about a thousand new books secretly for himself, which he began selling. I
thought something was strange. I was to pay the printer when I got the books.
I had paid most of my printer&#8217;s bill, all except something like $1300&#8212;(I 
remember the exact amount, and the Feds took lots of my paperwork in their
recent raid)-- but I was missing $10,000 worth of books. When I figured out
that Ron had the missing books, I tried to recover the stolen property. He
lied his way out of it. The police never told us to vacate the property. What
he said was that the matter was a civil matter and I needed to contact a

      I did retain a lawyer to recover the stolen books, but he was
seriously injured in a car accident the day after I hired him. The police
would not talk to me, but gave me the bureaucratic runaround.  Ron had turned
the printer against me with his worn out lies about me. Ron had a lot of
nerve. Here he was telling people I was a Satanist, and then selling my books
that he stole and pocketing the money. When I failed to recover my stolen
books because of the inept police, I tried calling the printer. It was really
difficult to understand how the printer could be so counterproductive and rude
to me. I offered to pay him half the remaining bill, and when I got the books
from Ron, I would pay the rest. He declined. It was clear that Ron&#8217;s lies had
done their work that the printer would not even work with me. Since he had
been overpaid for the books I did receive, and I had done everything above
board, and had spent a valuable week trying to legally recover my stolen
books, I decided to allow God to deal with these thieves. Now, I see Torell
has joined up with them. Birds of a feather flock together. Torell would like
to steal my good name and murder my reputation, so he has joined up with a man
who has said in public he was trained by the Jesuits and was an alcoholic, and
in secret encouraged my wife to divorce me. (I have also seen his Catholic
High School yearbook.) This makes me wonder about Torell&#8217;s training. Who
trained him to spread such lies?  How can any sincere gospel-believing church
back such a man?

      The Word of God states, &#8220;For it is shameful even to speak of those things
which are done by them in secret.&#8221;  When I read this I think of my ex-wife.
She is still the mother of my son, and I would rather not tell the truth about
her, even though she has spread the most outrageous lies about me. Torell does
not know her at all, but since she likes to murder my reputation, and attends
a church, that is evidence that she is a godly Christian. (The Pharisees were
great religious people too.) What kind of doctrine does Torell believe in that
permits him to know this woman is godly because she attends a church?  Is
Torell&#8217;s belief Biblical?

      He doesn&#8217;t know me, nor my ex-wife, but Torell is quick to judge me as
&#8220;another human tragedy&#8221; and her as someone who has a &#8220;solid faith in 
Christ.&#8221; He calls my description of her &#8220;outlandish accusations&#8221;, 
and yet I
was married to her for 8 years, and he has never even met her.  I was married
to the lady and she had zero faith in Christ, but she is a great social
Christian who goes along with the world and its persecution of me. Church
attendance doesn&#8217;t make someone right with God, and I hope she wakes up to
that before judgment day.

      My entire high school class knows I went to West Point, my hometown knew it
for it was on the front page of the local paper, all my relatives knew it, and
my ex-wife knew it, but she has joined with some nasty people to destroy me,
and just one of the big lies she has helped spread is that I never went to
West Point. This lie has been spread everywhere. Where is the fear of God,
that this woman can knowingly spread this lie, and even worse lies, and know
that they are lies?  At least most of the people who repeat them don&#8217;t know
they are lies, but my ex-wife does. And this is the type of person Torell
holds up to us as godly?  If Torell really believes his own advice, he would
fall down on his face and beg Almighty God&#8217;s forgiveness for spreading such
evil slander. Even if I weren&#8217;t a good person, a slanderous lie about me is
still a lie.

      One of the things my ex-wife did was to give personal papers of mine to
detractors who were trying to destroy me. Giving my paperwork away was
unethical. The papers would not in themselves be damaging if it weren&#8217;t for
lies that have been built around them. For instance, my then-wife (now my
ex-wife) gave some legal papers that listed me as the child of Arthur
Alexander. I am the grandchild of Arthur Alexander, but this legal paperwork,
which listed his children, was sloppy and listed me in the list. My mother
died, and I take her place with all her siblings. The legal paperwork should
have named the list &#8220;children and grandchildren&#8221; but it didn&#8217;t.  
Kurt Billings
immediately began telling people that this was proof I was the son of John
Alexander an Illuminati programmer. Although the last name is the same, there
are lots of Alexanders and my relatives are entirely unrelated to John
Alexander. My relatives are godly farm people and have nothing to do with the

      Torell claims that Texe Marrs did not find any record of me at West Point.
That is another lie. Texe has seen my West Point yearbook. He sells my books,
and in no way disputes my attendance at West Point.  I have great respect for
Texe Marrs, and I know that Texe loves me as a Christian brother and is very
concerned about the current campaign to discredit me.
Torell claims my first wife divorced me on grounds of child abuse. That is
another lie. She divorced me on grounds of incompatibility. Under oath she did
admit to prostitution, several drug convictions, and other things. She married
me to take my money and then divorced me. Torell doesn&#8217;t know his facts, nor
does he know about my personal life, which really isn&#8217;t any of his business.
But he should get his facts straight before he goes public with such
incredible lies. When asked under oath when she realized that the marriage to
me was a total failure and had no hope, she gave our wedding day. The next
question was, &#8220;What did he do that showed you there was no hope for the
marriage?&#8221; She replied with a deep snarl, &#8220;He asked me to have se-e-x with
him.&#8221; This is from a woman who admitted to being a prostitute. The court
reporter after all this came up and hugged me, and said he was sorry for me
that I&#8217;d ever gotten mixed up with this person. But Torell knows nothing about
these things. He only knows the garbage that he has willingly digested from an
army of dirty liars. Yes, I was an easy target for her to take for a ride, and
then drop when she got my money.

      The story about my ex finding a black box is another lie.  It is also a lie
that I ever married her because of her bloodline. I didn&#8217;t even know about her
bloodline when I married her. Her letter to Texe Marrs was typically full of
lies.  Texe shared her letter with me, and I sent him a letter several pages
long refuting what she said point by point. The biggest joke is when she says,
&#8220;I love Fritz and find no pleasure in discrediting him&#8230;&#8221; She had 
been working
with a spirit of murder for a long time prior to this letter and continues
working under the same spirit. My present wife has gotten to see for herself
how hateful this evil ex-wife is. I can&#8217;t fault Torell for not knowing her, he
hasn&#8217;t met her. I can fault him for printing her lies without verifying them
or hearing my side of things, and for assuming that she is a great Christian.

      Torell accuses me of being CIA. Why else would I supposedly be interviewed by
the Contact newspaper?  If the truth be known, the Contact paper plagiarized
my writing without asking me. They have done that to others also (and actually
gotten into trouble). After they used my material from my books without asking
me, Ron Patton immediately came out with his lies that I was CIA and not a
Christian because my material appeared in their paper. Later, they came to me
and requested an interview. Since my material had already appeared in their
paper, and people like Patton had made as much hay about that as possible, I
knew I had nothing to lose image-wise. I prayed about it, and realized Christ
would have used any forum for truth, including preaching in hell if he had to.
However, the people from the Contact paper treated me far more Christ like
than Ron Patton, and others of his ilk. If the Contact paper is so bad as
Patton writes (and maybe it is), they stand heads above Patton. On the other
hand, a number of Christians who Ron Patton considers good Christians actually
subscribe to the Contact paper and enjoyed their interview of me.

      I was in ministry to bring Jehovah&#8217;s Witnesses to Christ for ten years. I
worked under Witness, Inc.  Our disagreement came when I began to expose the
infiltration in the Christian churches. They were willing to expose the
Watchtower&#8217;s errors, but they were not willing to expose the errors within the
Christian churches.  All of us who want to stay true to Christ are finding it
difficult in this day of apostasy and ecumenicalism.  I on my part separated
in a loving spirit from a group who&#8217;d had me for a missionary for ten years.
Before I began exposing the new world order, they had had me as one of their
yearly conference speakers.  My knowledge about the new world order was too
controversial for them, so I went from being respected to being shunned. I
don&#8217;t expect any sympathy from people like Torell, who love to repeat a matter
that they know nothing about.

      Again Torell pretends to know how I spent my money. My now ex-wife, while she
was my wife, was very jealous of my ministry. Although I was in ministry
before we married, and she acted like she was supportive of it, after we
married she tried to destroy it. She called up people who donated money to my
ministry and told them I&#8217;d misused the money. She didn&#8217;t know how 
I&#8217;d spent or
saved it. I had received $3,000 each month for six months. After she
completely destroyed the ministry&#8217;s finances, she then told people that I was
freeloading off of her.  This is the same tactic she has used in other ways.
She has broken the law and kept me from having any of my visits with my son,
and then tells people I don&#8217;t love him because I don&#8217;t visit him. These 
are really no one else&#8217;s business, but unfortunately there are lots of
Pharisees who want to cast stones at me, and who are willing to pick away at
my entire life with incidents they know nothing about.

      Many people have benefited from my books. The books speak for themselves. Yes,
some people dislike me, and don&#8217;t want me to speak at conferences. They are
people like Torell who are busy telling big bold lies about me. I have yet to
see anyone try to discredit me with the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
When the Feds raided me, they found a few politically incorrect books which
they deem to call &#8220;hate literature&#8221;, and these books which were nestled 
my big library in the privacy of my own home, became the basis of news stories
sent all over the world by API that they discovered hate literature in my
home. Never mind all the love literature I have in my home. Yes, if we distort
the truth, you can begin to make me look suspicious. In fact, Torell could not
resist the temptation to use the establishment media as a source. I have
already written exposes of the media&#8217;s lies, and these have been posted on
several web sites. In fact, FOX news did a retraction. Torell could have
learned that these news stories were full of bogus information, but instead he
quotes them as if they were proof of how bad I am. So Torell now hitches up
with the establishment media. No wonder he asks us to pray that George Bush
regain control of the CIA.

      I believe I have made my point. Honestly, I could write more, but it would be
more of the same. The reader should have gotten the point by now. Torell has
falsely accused a brother of Christ. He will try to redeem himself by saying I
didn&#8217;t answer every accusation. I say to him to first explain to me his proof
of his (shown-to-be false) accusations and then well go on to deal with the
rest of his lies.

     It is spiritual pride that blinds men to the point they pick up stones and try
to stone someone when they themselves are guilty of what they accuse others
of. Let us pray for a pure holy fear of the Lord to sweep the Body of Christ
so that we can attain a better unity. We will never attain a unity, when
out-of-control accusers rampage through God&#8217;s people like Torell has done to
me. Torell states that his informants live in fear. After seeing their lies,
it is no wonder, they certainly can&#8217;t be telling such yarns and living in the
presence of the Lord. In Torell&#8217;s article, he constantly seeks his own
recognition for what he has written about. The Word of God says that: Each
man&#8217;s work will become evident; for the DAY will show it&#8230; (1 COR 3:13)  
kind of works will God see in all this?

      The Word of God says that persecution will show us His people. I realized
while writing this, that one of the ways His people are revealed by
persecution is that they are not the ones carrying it out. We have all been
warned: judge not that ye be not judged. Torell may not like that, but it is
part of the counsel of God.
If I were to see a lesson in all this, it is to warn all of us to be sensitive
to Christ, and not to latch onto the demons of Accusation, Slander, Gossip,
Pride, Self-righteousness, Unrighteous judgment, Jealousy, Faultfinding and
Hate. These demons gain their power from deception.  A house divided against
itself can not stand.  In a time when the World Power is so threatening, it is
sad that so much attention is misdirected toward slandering my personal life.
I should not be the focus of your attention. You should focus on Christ, and
you must keep your eyes open to the moves of the enemy. I have written this
defense so that if any child of God sees the horrible slander about me, that
they don&#8217;t join in this unholy crusade. Please don&#8217;t lower yourself to 

      Legally, anyone today who publishes the things John S. Torell has published
about me which indeed cannot be proven and are stated as fact rather than
opinion are guilty of an indictable offense. I have already won one court case
against someone who said far fewer lies than Torell.  In that case, I had to
go to court because of the circumstances. In 15 minutes I won over a $3,500

      Like my wife says, people like Torell are like mosquitoes, no matter how much
I explain the truth and defend myself, there will probably always be a few
buzzing around trying to bite me. At a certain point, I have a duty to carry
out my calling before God, a calling I have scripturally explained hundreds of
times, so that Torell&#8217;s accusation that I use ambiguous terminology for my
calling is ludicrous. Torell has been too busy listening to lies from the pit
of hell to read the scriptures God gave to me which explain His calling on my
life. Spending my time on Torell&#8217;s lies is not my calling from God, and if he
continues to want to suck up more of my time, that is his problem between him
and God. I serve God not Torell.

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credence to Holocaust denial and nazi's need not apply.

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