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Swinging on the Gates of Hades

Swinging on the Gates of Hades

articles: poppy headline.jpg

Remembrance Day Exposed

By Matthew Delooze

'I will walk any desert to find my Rain and the Gates Of Hades shall not prevail against me'
Matthew Delooze 10th November 2007

My research and guided direction is taking me to places I don’t really want to go. That said I realise that to escape the prison that you and I are in, I simply have to ‘go there’. It was not easy for me to write my last article about the real reasons behind May Day & Labour Day festivals.
For those that have followed me up to now I will say to you 'it is time to go deeper'. We cannot stay on a level of understanding that stops with ancient Egyptian symbolism popping up at seaside resorts in Ferris wheels or symbolic monuments and logos etc. Things like that should now be far easier for you to see more clearly now and indeed those things should also be far easier for you to accept than they were back in 2004 and if so I am very glad. I really do hope that the information has sunk into a few of you. If you can now accept that the symbolism all around you is and has been used as hypnotic triggers to keep you in a trance like state then you are ready to move on to more difficult levels of understanding about how the Serpent controls us all.
My last article about trade unions and May Day/ Labour Day was a tester point for you, so if you understood it then please follow me in this article. If you did not understand the union article or it confused you then I suggest you re-read some of my earlier articles again and then take it from there. There is no rush, simply take the articles in or leave them for a rainy day or even laugh at them and never return to them if that is the way you feel about them. I won't be offended. For those that are new to these articles I suggest you go back to my article Beside the Seaside and start reading them from there.

Anyway my little band of truth seekers I need to explain Remembrance Day which is also know as Poppy Day , Armistice Day and Veterans Day to you. This ritual, that we all blindly take for granted usually takes place in the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month and basically consists of everyone stopping what they are doing at 11am on the 11th November and staying silent for two minutes. Then on the nearest Sunday to the 11th a far bigger ritual takes place in some countries and all the worlds leaders hold ceremony's in symbolic places all around the globe. This is known as Remembrance Sunday in the UK. Some countries only have the 11th November as an official holiday. In 2007 the 11th of November falls on Sunday anyway making it an extra special day.

articles: poppy 1.jpg

An agent for the Serpent leading the ritual

The official reason given for this is that World War One ended on the 11th November 1918. There is some information about the history of Remembrance Day and information about the Sunday ritual respectively below.

Click below for brief details about

Remembrance Day


You must realise that all generations of human beings in the world today are programmed to respect, buy, and display 'poppies' every November. We automatically do this don't we? Silly buggers we are and we just buy a flower out of respect for all the brave men and women who died for us don't we? It is hard to pass a poppy seller in the street isn't it? It's just one of those things we do isn't it? We basically 'respect the dead'.
Let me make it perfectly clear before we go any further that I am not disrespecting any brave soldier who died fighting in what they thought was a good cause and to protect their fellow countrymen and women. I need to make that clear. I am only trying to expose the deceptive forces that I believe covertly rule this world. If I can help do that then no man or women need needlessly die in a war again. EVER. Lets get on then eh?

I will briefly mention the basic numerology involved. We all stop for two minutes death silence at 11x11x11 which is a symbolic '33'.

Ask yourself what you do on 'Poppy Day'? Do you join in the two minute silence? Do you even wear a poppy? Do you watch the ritual live on TV? Do you buy poppies for your kids? Do you shove coins in a respect vessel (charity tin) and wear your poppy with pride?
If you do any of the above now is the time to ask yourself why. I know you believe you do it for good reasons but do you really 'know' you do it for good reasons? You don't really know what you are doing do you? Be honest. You just do it because you have been told it is the right thing to do don't you? Maybe you just do it out of routine? Just like you follow the traditions of Christmas. It is the right thing to do and we all enjoy doing what we believe is the right thing to do, yes?

You are showing disrespect if you don't wear your poppy with pride aren't you? There is also no spiritual harm in donating money to the charities is there? I have written about charities and their figureheads in my book Is It Me For A Moment- Breaking The Serpent's Spell and I strongly suggest that you read a copy if you want to fully understand what I am trying to say in this article.
Anyway. Let's have a look at what goes on at the official Remembrance rituals shall we? I totally believe they are the opposite of what you think they are. Let's look at London as a prime example. All you Brits should know that our Remembrance Sunday ritual takes place at the Cenotaph monument near Downing Street in Whitehall, London. This scenario is similar to events that take place all over the world at all major monuments in major cities, for example the Arc De Triumph in Paris.
Most small towns and cities also have a memorial to 'honour the dead' and they do so on either the 11th November or on the second Sunday in November, sometimes both. Small towns often use an obelisk if they have no Cenotaph

articles: poppy 3.jpg

Even little shitty towns like Burnley Lancashire usually have a 'Cenotaph' but an obelisk is just as symbolic

Indeed massive rituals take place simply because the public believe they are honouring the brave men and women that fought and died for their freedom. On a five sense level that is exactly how things look. But are we really honouring these people on Remembrance/ Armistice/ Veteran's Day or are we being duped on a massive scale and honouring something completely different?
Although most of you blindly buy a poppy and/or watch the events that take place at monuments like the Cenotaph you will have no idea what the poppy or monuments represent this is because your programmed mind never gets past the hypnotism to buy and respect Poppy Day. You automatically go along with it. I asked 7 people yesterday what the 'Cenotaph' actually was or even just what the word 'Cenotaph' actually meant.. Not one of them knew the answer. This is what I heard in response;

'Oh' its that statue where they play trumpets at Christmas isn't it?
'Isn't that a dinosaur'

It's one of those poles Roman Soldiers carry
Indeed a bloke at the supermarket thought it was some kind of sticky tape. (I wish I was bloody joking but I assure you I am not)

Here is what the word Cenotaph really means

A Cenotaph is a tomb or a monument erected in honour of a person or group of persons whose remains are elsewhere. It can also be the initial tomb for a person who has since been interred elsewhere. The word derives from the Greek κενοτάϕιον (kenos, one meaning being "empty", and taphos, "tomb").


A Cenotaph is simply an 'empty tomb'. Have you got that? Remembrance/ Veteran/ Armistice Days really are massive events, here is just a brief report that mentions just a few figures for your information. Please click here to see the article. The London Eye is also lit up red to represent a giant Poppy. There is a large amount of trivial symbolism going on around the Cenotaph that I could tell you about, including the stone that it is made out of. This information may titillate you for a short while and maybe feed a snack to some of the moronic gossips that flit around the conspiracy forums like a fly spreading shit, but I am not going in to that in this article. Those days are gone my friends if you want to move on. If you really want to break free then you must feel the need to go deeper. There are quite a few people on the net now that will gladly feed some people's addiction to low key information and will willingly sell you a DVD that is full of shite. I am not one of them.

So I suggest if you have any unshakable beliefs then do not go any further in this article stop reading now and go and buy a Poppy and salute the Queen or your phoney corrupt president over this coming weekend. My information is no good for you if you are set in your beliefs and just want to hear a fairy tale story of escapism (for free of course). I am afraid if you cannot even grasp the idea that you have been programmed to join in rituals that don't mean what you have been told then there is no point in you going any further with me.

For those like me who have an incredible ache in their soul, for want of a better word, to break free then please read on. Firstly, let me tell you that I too have wore poppies and made my children do the same thing. I am not coming from an angle where I am all knowing I am the same as you. I completely understand the ideology of Poppy Days and I am not trying to stop or persuade anyone to stop joining in Poppy Days if that's what you want or feel you should do.
Righty Right? Let's have a look at the Poppy first shall we? That adorable little red flower that we proudly pin to ourselves and display every November. The use of the poppy dates back to ancient times despite the fact that the establishment will tell you different and may suggest that Poppy Day only stems from the Napoleonic wars or maybe Flanders fields in World War One. Click Here
I will tell you, and I want you to take it in, that the Poppy is related to, like in most Serpent Cult deceptive activity, ancient deities of worship. In this case it is the son of the god known in Greek as 'Hypnos' and his name is 'Morpheus'

Now we are starting to get somewhere!

Morpheus has two brothers named Phobetor and Phantasos and they are known collectively as the Oneiroi. I realise that that some of these names match up with the blockbuster movie called 'The Matrix' but I'm not here to tell you that the word Neo is an anagram of the word One. I respect your intelligence too much. I'll leave things like that to the the phoney fakers that are selling you DVD's.
Typical forum gossip after hearing the gripping news..."Well I'll go to the bottom of my stairs, does the word Neo really change in to the word One ?" "You'll be telling me Clark Kent is really Superman next"

But I will tell you that 'Morpheus' is the god of dreams and his father 'Hypnos' was the god of sleep. The poppy is associated with putting 'people to sleep' and it symbolises just that. Obviously there is no hiding the fact that the poppy is definitely related to Morpheus especially if you click here or click here Also: Who can ever forget the scene from Wizard of OZ where they are put to sleep in a field of Poppies?

articles: poppy 2.jpg

The brainless, the heartless and the cowardly all broke the spell of the Poppy!

So I am sure I have left you in no doubt that the poppy is really symbolic of the ancient gods and represents hypnosis, sleep and dreams. Again we are not just talking putting a few bob in collection tins here we are talking serious symbolic gods and serious occult symbolism. It is time to wake up. Let's move on eh?.
Symbolically. The Oneiroi were supposed to have lived in a cave near the gates of Hades. If you have clicked on the word 'Hades' you will know that Hades stands for the God of the Dead and also for the 'underworld' (or lower 4th dimension if you like). Are things starting to click yet? Or are you still under the spell of Morpheus and his father?

Could it be possible that millions of members of the human race, especially those located in the most powerful countries in the world are being conned into taking part in an occult ritual disguised as an act of respect to our brave soldiers? This is the area I wish to take you to. Who would carry out such a wicked deception?

Are we all so stupid that we cannot see beyond the deception? Is it possible that we have been conned into wearing poppies in some sick sort of ritual to worship 'Hades' through worshipping or showing respect to Morpheus or the Oneiroi?
I say yes, we have been deceived into doing such a thing and it is oh so easy to get dumbed down sheeple to do these things year after year. I was one of them myself.
Are your unshakeable beliefs and the hypnosis you are under prevent you from actually listening to such a claim or are your chakras reacting inside you? Do you not believe that we could fall for such a scam?

I tell you the truth when I say we are all duped on Remembrance Day type rituals and we are unknowingly conned into worshipping ancient deities, and these deities are agents for a deceptive race of entities that are alien to this world. I call these entities and their agents the Serpent Cult.
When we buy a poppy and take part in such ceremonies we are not respecting our brave soldiers oh no my dear brothers and sisters we are worshipping the Serpent through its agents. It is a con trick that is very very deceptive and it is very painful to accept I know. I will have to be blunt to get through to you.

The Serpent Cult agents in the establishment have never given a fucking shit about our brave servicemen and women. They have no respect for them whatsoever and never have had. Indeed the agents for the Serpent created all the wars our soldiers died in. After the wars the Serpent Cult use the circumstances of the dreadful situation to create symbolic monuments and then get us to agree to them and join in with ceremonies carried out at them. The main aim of the Serpent Cult agents that operate in our establishments is not only to create war and death but also to get you and I to worship the forces that actually create war and death. It is simply a vicious rebirth type circle in which you feed, and unknowingly worship, entities that are actually creating your misery in the first place.

Think for one minute and try to understand that carrying out Remembrance day ritual is in fact an act of worship that is really directed towards deities and not dead soldiers. Wearing a poppy is also just like saying I worship Morpheus, it really is just like a Christian wearing an I love Jesus badge. There is absolutely no difference! We are showing that we worship Morpheus, therefore Hades, by holding rituals around empty tombs.


The Serpent Cult has to continually get our permission from us to rule over us. I go in to many reasons why and how this happens in my book Is It Me For A Moment? I assure you I am NOT trying to 'sell it' to you. As I said earlier in this article if you are set in your ways then don't read this stuff. You are wasting your time so please go and buy a hundred poppies and worship Hades instead. I am only here for certain people and they know inside themselves who they are. My books are useless to those that feel nothing about this information. Anyway...

Again the Serpent Cult demand our spiritual surrender throughout the year with Christmas being the biggest act of our spiritual surrender. Is it so hard for you to accept that we spiritually give our souls away in rituals? Is it so hard for you to accept that you have been hypnotised to take part in rituals that you see as being the right thing to do?
You have been led and programmed to take part in such rituals and you are unaware of what you are really doing. If you have read my other stuff over the last few years you will know that I believe our spiritual energy is being sucked out of us during these rituals. Not only that but we actually give the Serpent Cult permission to rule all aspects of our lives, lifetime after lifetime.

Poppy Days are only one way of doing such things. The force behind such scams don't feel things in an emotional way like you and I do. It is simply one big joke to them to see you duped in such a way that you will attack anyone who tries to point out how you are being duped.
Just like Christmas these type of rituals have an inbuilt defence system in place in which the messenger is stoned by the mob for mentioning such things. There is nobody in this world that has more admiration or other emotional feelings for any brave soldiers that died to protect loved ones than me. It is these emotions that have assisted me to write such an article. It is entirely up to you if you take any notice of me. So I happily tell you I believe that by taking part in the Remembrance Day ceremonies we are only ensuring death and destruction will carry on and we are surrendering our spirits to the keepers of the Gates of Hades and I am sorry to say by doing so you are ensuring that you will come back into this world to play the role of slave to the Serpent again and again. It is time to awaken from the trickery of Hypnos and the dreams of Morpheus. I hope I have got through to you. Please take time to do your own research, especially about Hades, and please feed and heal yourselves, I tell you that my words are true and trustworthy and the act of remembrance ceremonies are really only a worship and acceptance of 'Hades'.

I would like to show you another example of how spiritual energy is extracted from the masses by getting them to respect a monument just like we respect the 'Cenotaph' I have said before that if we are conned into worshipping or respecting a monument as an 'idol' then we also unknowingly worship the origins and the creators of the said idol.

I'd like to take you to Moscow, Russia, for a short period. I'd like to mention a stone that was placed in Lubyanka Square , near Red Square, home of the KGB Headquarters.

articles: poppy 4.jpg

The Solvoki Stone outside the Lubyanka
(I wouldn't like to drop that on my toe would you?)

The stone was taken from the Solovki prison camp that is located in the Solovetsky Islands The stone was officially placed there in remembrance of victims that died in the Solovki prison camp at the hands of the Gulag. It is not until you look into the background of such monuments that you can see what is really going on. The Solovki stone is basically just a simple rock and I can see that the Russian public will use it as a symbolic place to grieve in a similar way that we do at our Cenotaph and other monuments.

articles: poppy 5.jpg

The Solvoki Stone from another angle!

Of course on a five sense level there is nothing wrong with using a place to grieve. Indeed Lubyanka Square is also used for many marches that occur in Moscow. Indeed my article on trade unions and May day will show you that Moscow is now full of illuminati monuments and that is what attracted me to the relatively tame looking stone that was placed in the Lubyanka Square.

The story gets interesting when you realise the history surrounding the stone and I am going to mention it to you in the hope that it will fortify the information regarding the real reasons behind the Remembrance Day scam that I have tried to expose by mentioning the Cenotaph, Poppies, Morpheus and the gates of Hades.
Let me first tell you again that the Solovki stone is symbolic for the death and suffering of the victims in the labour camps, and if the history of the Solovetsky Islands only dated back to the early 1900's then the stone would obviously only represent what it is supposed to represent, the deaths of those in the Solovki prison...But it doesn't... and the history of the island and therefore the stone goes back much, much further. Please read this;
The islands have attracted people from the mainland from time immemorial. The first settlers came to the White Sea 10.5 thousand years ago from the East and built their villages in the lower reaches of the river Kem. The numerous relics of the ancient Babylon civilization, mainly the spiral-shaped labyrinths made of stone, have been well preserved on the islands. .

According to the psychologist Vladimir Burov, the labyrinths are the images of snakes guarding the entrance gate to the other world. This version explains why there were no permanent settlements on the islands for a long time. Our distant ancestors perceived Solovki as a border with the other world, and they visited the islands to perform the rituals of communication with Superior Forces. Click Here for full article.

articles: poppy6.jpg

A spiral labyrinth on Solovetsky Islands

It is hard to get information from inside Russia but this information made perfect sense to me. Indeed it is the exact same information regarding the Cenotaph in London in that basically a stone has been placed in the middle of a city and people treat it as a place to honour 'the dead'. In the case of the stone in Moscow the public are duped into using a stone that originally represents, through its snake like stone labyrinths, a border with or a gate to other worlds. This surely is on a par with the Cenotaph 'stone' representing the gates of Hades through Morpheus because they also protect gates to another world.

Can you start to see again that monuments placed in certain area's can have a history we know nothing about? Can you see that the real reasons for having such monuments may not compare with the establishments explanation for having them?
It certainly makes more sense to me that the Solovki stone in Moscow is indeed really a symbolic idol representing gates to other worlds and the stone is far more likely connected to the occult than simply being a memorial stone. It also makes more sense to me, knowing how sick and corrupt the British establishment really is, that the Cenotaph is really symbolism that represents Morpheus and the gates of Hades, the underworld, than a memorial stone. What do you think now I have provided you with the information in this article? Is it all a coincidence? All a delusion in a sick mind is it?

Can you grasp the idea that we are all under hypnosis and blindly carry out rituals that allows a force of alien entities to enslave us? Is our spiritual energy being taken from us when we wear poppies and stay dead for two minutes silence during the Remembrance service?
Indeed have these rituals stopped any wars or reduced the amount of death because of the said wars? You know and I know that they haven't and if things carry on as they are they never fucking will. They never fucking will. We are all being suckered and we are being suckered ALL of the time. Is it my paranoia that has gone out of control and it is making me say these things or can you really sense that you are indeed hypnotised? Is just one small part of you screaming out that you want to be free and break the Serpent's spell that I believe you are under?

In my opinion its time for you to smash open the gates of Hades and free yourself. The only remembrance service you need is the one that will help you remember who YOU really are and not one where you adorn Morpheus with Poppies.

Unless you can break the spell and swing on the Gates of Hades you can never leave this world. Thank you for reading my article. May Love Reign O'er You All

Matthew Delooze
10th November 2007
PS. If you don't think the collective consciousness of the human race, or your individual consciousness for that matter, has been programmed to associate 'Hades' with death then ask yourself what the hell has all the AIDS propaganda and fear spreading has been about for the last 20 to 30 years? Its stuck in your mind! LEST WE FORGET.

What the masses think they get-they get

Hades is Death....

...In your dreams Morpheus

articles: poppy 7.jpg
Photo By Wayne Mason Copyright © Wayne Mason 2007

John Peters on November 10 2007 12:51:12
Wow! Thank you for telling it like it is. The veil of deception is coming crumbling down fast. It's only a matter of time before humanity regains control of itself and remembers who it really is.
gary on November 10 2007 13:58:19
hi mathew,hope this finds you well.a fantastic piece of truth i think,it exposes yet another angle from which we are enslaved through our emotions,enslavement by guilt and fear of questioning "our peers".for 2 years now the poppy has repelled me for reasons i could not or perhaps dare not question,standing at these services had always brought stark visions of being drawn into the abyss devoid of emotion,exactly playing into the hands of the lost entities who seek our eternal enslavement.but the world is waking now.keep smilling ma man:)
Carole on November 10 2007 17:35:10
Hi Matthew - good stuff. I've never bought a poppy and never attended a rememberance service - always had an instinctive aversion although like you I do sincerely regret the death of anyone especially those who believe in their cause. "Lest we forget" has always rung so hollow - more like "lest we remember" and see right through the illusion. Now I know that my instinct was a good guide. Many thanks
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