Local Police Resources Insufficient for Internet Watch
Published 26.09.2008, 18.39
Image: YLE
Chances are slim that district police will be in a position to follow up on the online activities of handgun license applicants. On Friday YLE sounded the opinions of police precincts across the country and found that in general, police felt they would need more staff and expertise for such an assignment.

In Tampere, as in other larger police posts, there is an IT crime unit with access to all Internet sites. However Aapo Nuotio, Tampere Ploice Chief, notes that there is so much online content that can be investigated that it's simply not possible to monitor all that cyberspace can offer.

Officers at the Turku police district say the IT skills, equipment and guidelines needed to do the job are already in place. However, they say that more resources are needed. They add that a big benefit would be to get general tips on online communications.

"Tips are coming in frequently - almost weekly - about all kinds of illegal activities such as violence, but also about child pornography," said Turku Crime Commissioner Jari Virtanen.

However, the Internet surveillance detail is a lot more difficult for smaller police precincts. For example, Riihimäki police say that their officers simply cannot access the Internet using official computers.

Police chiefs in Tornio and Kemi say in their officers can't keep an eye on potentially dangerous online activity at all. The Tornio police station does have an Internet connection which allows access to sites such as Youtube, but there just isn't enough manpower to support systematic surveillance.


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